New Video: Janet Jackson – ‘Nothing’

The video for Janet Jackson’s ‘Nothing’ – the lead single from the ‘Why Did I Get Married Too’ soundtrack premièred a few moments ago. Check out the Tim Palen directed clip above…

As much as we support Ms. Jackson, if this wasn’t a recession-special I’m really not sure what is. Terrible. I mean I wouldn’t be surprised if her outfit costs more than the production budget. Sad, as the song is actually one of her best offerings in some time – yet the video definitely takes away from it. She only just gets a pass because a) it’s a soundtrack single and b) she’s never served up anything as atrocious as this for her own projects – and hopefully never will. Awful.

‘Why Did I Get Married Too’ hits theatres in the US today!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Dilla April 2, 2010

    This is definitely better than the snippet we saw the other day. Bravo Janet.

  2. YouPutTheLimeInTheCoconut April 2, 2010

    Oh stop it Sam, it wasn’t THAT bad, lol. A very plain, simple easy idea. Given she could have done a little more than walk around, but the clips from the film made the video a decent watch. To call it “terrible” and “atrocious” though is overdoing it a little, I think. 😛

  3. Misty April 2, 2010

    What do you expect? Its not her solo song its for a SOUNDTRACK, and I think its great. It makes sense to not put so many clips in so they don’t reveal too much of the movie. Ad Janet looks and sounds beautiful..great job!

  4. OPTICAL April 2, 2010

    Well this cured my insomnia.

    Still love her though. Hope she releases a new album!

  5. Stoney-Brie April 2, 2010

    i appreciate this, it’s a soundtrack, it doesn’t need those expensive Janet videos, or choreography and more, it’s so much better than i expected, i loved!

  6. movieman April 2, 2010

    poor janet how the mighty have fallen o well maby she will do a 10 minute video with ciara lmao this b**** is over

  7. geeMan April 2, 2010

    Her name alone grants better treatment then this I am sorry this video screams low budget and recession just like most videos nowadays unless your name caters to the young and kiddie market. But nonetheless it Janet so she gets a pass.

  8. I’m just saying April 2, 2010

    You know, people keep saying “it’s a simple video because it’s for a soundtrack,” but explain to me why she had much better videos for “Again” and “Doesn’t Really Matter” — both of which for were soundtracks also?

  9. hihihihi April 2, 2010




  10. me April 2, 2010

    Nice song and nice video

  11. HUMANA HUMANA April 2, 2010

    Oh wow. A Barbara Walters’ Special, feat. a special host, Janet Jackson.

  12. yesyes April 2, 2010

    well in defense of Janet you should bare in mind this is just for a movie soundtrack…and how many of them get actual videos anyway?!

    Your expectations are obviously set way too high…

    Having said that it does look REALLY cheap. When you have a limited budget why not stick to a limited theme?! I dunno why the director felt all the slicing of the film and the spinning ‘mirrors’ were necessary….

    She could have been wandering on a beach, or through some fields with a few aerial shots–on second thought that probably wouldnt have been cheaper 😆

  13. Renee April 2, 2010

    I like the video and song. Not every video has to be bid budget and so forth. Everything was nice.

  14. tee April 2, 2010

    I like it! Not overdone, goes well with the song/ If a certain someone else would have done this it would be a masterpierce in your eyes..smh

  15. jonstrax April 2, 2010

    I think it goes well with the song tbh. What do you expect her to do have a dance break down in the middle lmao. <<<< please suport my new entertainment blog

  16. Tete April 2, 2010

    @hummana hihi and I’m just saying- lmao

    You all had me rolling but the video is a slow cut it doesn’t require “nothing ” big.. “nothing but Janet a camera and a background is needed. Why should she spend her money on a expensive video so yaw can Nick pick that please getnover it u will glimpse at this once and roll

  17. Nik April 2, 2010

    Again, and Doesnt Really Matter – were actually put on her albums even though they were for the movies. Thats the difference here. ‘Nothing’ WILL NOT be on her album so why put a lot of money into a soundtrack single?

  18. Dev April 2, 2010

    The styling is really bad. Why would you match your wig and outfit? Why that colour or cut? nothing about this video is appealing, it doesn’t make you gravitate towards the film. Janet like Ciara and Lopez are not great singers. What made them is a sound that was unique to them, but now they’ve become commercial people are turning to artists who can sound better doing it. Dancing isn’t enough.

  19. B April 2, 2010

    @I’m Just Saying:

    1. the Again video was really for the janet. cd, not Poetic Justice. Yes, the song was “inspired by the movie” but the single wasn’t even released until later that year. And the video that most people know doesn’t even feature the movie.

    2. Doesn’t Really Matter was done for a Big Budget movie. Everyone knows that Tyler Perry Films don’t have big budgets at all.

    I will say that it could’ve been better, but I don’t hate it. I will also say it should’ve been better because it’s Janet. She gets hated no matter what and this video doesn’t really help that. But in any case, when Janet gets back in the studio and releases her first single for her cd, I’m more than confident it will be not be anything as low budget as this.

  20. NICKY22 April 2, 2010

    sam, have you ever seen “exhale, shoop” by whitney houston

    its basically the same thing.

    a song from a soundtrack and just showing whitneys face and shots from the movie. its simple.

    however, janet needs a new outfit and new wig. because both were not the business.

  21. Black April 2, 2010

    Video sucks and yo know it

  22. geronimo April 2, 2010

    @ IM just saying

    Its recession time…..

    thatgrapejuice: post some chris brown news pls…. he had a party or video yesterday and was inviting his fans.
    Go chris go

  23. niki April 2, 2010

    Sam sit yo ass down. I am telling y’all he is biased when comes to the ladies. Janet is 44 yrs old.she is beyond grown. I am loving my younger artist right now,but I am glad Janet is not doing all the c****** poppin. Janet has made her mark. She should just enjoy herself. She does not have too prove s***

  24. Qtis April 2, 2010

    We miss Michael because Michael would NEVER allow himself to be represented like this. Michael would spend his own money to make sure he put out a great product. This is a cute song but Janet has clearly fell off because back in the day she would make a ok song come to life by making a great video.

  25. matty April 2, 2010

    i honestly love janet, and this was a way to simply break her down, away from the choreography and i think that it was put together really well.

    also, the way that it was portrayed with the color and the scenes from the film made it low budget, but it was classy, and i love the way janet looked too!!!

    janet is amazing! <3

  26. geronimo April 2, 2010

    I dont like her top

  27. djy2kmalone April 2, 2010

    sam stop lurking around on the Janet classic forum stealing our saying be orginal

  28. stan April 2, 2010

    janet… nooooo…

  29. SOOS April 2, 2010

    I am absolutely not a Janet fan, but this is a nice song and it os growing on me since the first listen.

    The video is good enough for a soundtrack single.

  30. jonstrax April 2, 2010

    Soundtrack singles don’t really get remembered, so it’s no surprise she didn’t pump a lot of money into this project

  31. Blasian April 2, 2010


  32. Allan April 2, 2010

    Stop comparing the days when label company’s paid for videos. Yall stop downloading on the internet and you will get bigger videos.

  33. Mike April 2, 2010


  34. Daniel April 2, 2010


  35. ChrisFresh April 2, 2010

    i actually thought it was an emotional video.. and im glad it didnt give too much of the video away.. imagine this song playing in the ending credits of the movie.. def gunna b a tear jerker.

  36. TRUTH April 2, 2010


  37. Caitlin April 2, 2010

    I like the video. Yeah it’s simple, but it wasn’t on her budget.

    Miss Jackson if ya nasty!



  39. koko April 2, 2010

    Minus the hair and wardrobe the video is perfect for the song and movie. Love the song, good to hear Janet like this again.

  40. La’Wayne April 2, 2010

    i like it a lot

  41. Ben April 2, 2010

    Kinda boring, but I like the clips, and I like her chemistry to the camera.

  42. AC April 2, 2010

    For all the complainers: We are lucky to even get a music video for this song and that Janet is actually in it (remember Luv Me with Shaggy and Best Things In Life Are Free with Luther???). Janet is not currently being backed up by a record label, so I imagine the money for this video either came out of Janet’s pocket or Tyler Perry’s (maybe even Jermain Dupri’s?).

    To everyone pointing to Again and Doesn’t Really Matter: Again was not exclusively for Poetic Justice; it was present on the janet. album and released as a single specifically for the album, which means the record label was supporting it. While Doesn’t Really Matter was explicitly for Nutty Professor, it was a big budget movie (84 million) and the song was on a physical soundtrack that was released by Def Jam. Meanwhile, the budget for Married Too is 3.5 million.

    I’m not saying this is the best video ever made, because its absolutely not. I am not digging the outfit and Janet needs to get rid of that wig (but she still looks drop dead gorgeous). The editing could have been a lot better. Some of the shots were too long.

    Nevertheless, it serves its purpose. Its a simple video, less says more. Its made for the movie and compliments it nicely. I love the beginning segment, and the part where they show the scene from the movie and Janet’s walking across the scene and we see her silhouette. I thought that was cool. I liked the use of mirrors and reflection. It sets the right mood and tone.

  43. ~TeAM WeeZY~ April 2, 2010

    This was really bad. There is in no way an excuse for ANYONE, I mean, ANYONE, to create a video such as this one, even if it is JaNeT. I am a fan and I love her dearly, but some people should just be honest, because the fact that it is for a soundtrack is no excuse for a “not so good video”. I mean if you don’t have the time or money to do at least a decent video then, um, maybe it just shouldn’t be done! PERIOD! I still love Janet though, nothing could ever deter me from being a fan of hers, I just have to be honest.



  44. algie April 3, 2010

    love the video.its very simple yet classy at the same time.this video reminds me how alluring janet’s eyes are

  45. Luv-Lee April 4, 2010


    I am so GLAD I saw the movie FIRST before I watched this video or any promotion for the movie. The movie was a complete surprise and I had no idea what was coming next. I love surprises in movies. All that promotion they did gave the whole movie away!! Glad I avoided it.

    The video is OK. Its is for a soundtrack. It’s not like it was for her album. She looks stunning as always.

  46. Corey April 5, 2010

    After seeing the movie the song and the video fit perfectly!

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