Kelly Rowland’s Talks New Album, Label & Much More

Published: Saturday 15th May 2010 by Sam

Our good friend Billy J over at Yahoo Music caught up with international star Kelly Rowland in Los Angeles last week. The Destiny’s Child alumni spoke on a number of topics including her forthcoming new LP, signing with Universal Motown, her new found sassiness, recording new track ‘Grown Ass Woman’, and much more. An awesome interview, I must say. Check it out below…

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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  1. beyoncebreezy May 15, 2010

    Kelly looks great.
    can’t wait for the album

  2. Chinny May 15, 2010

    Did she say “Its hard to make Janet look beautiful” in the first interview?

  3. Last Boy on Earth May 15, 2010

    I hope all this hype will be worth it..

  4. MeMe May 15, 2010

    She looks relaxed, happy and finally at peace..I remember times when i found it hard to watch her say a word cause Bee would always “eye” her..”like; dont u say something stupid kelly!”

  5. Lyric “Commander” Lee May 15, 2010

    to chinny she was saying it in a sarcastic way like it doesnt take anything to make jaent beautiful because she already is and about the interview i peep it last nite on and i llloooovveeddd it – the best Us interview focusing solely on her and its about damn time – the hype will def be worth it and i can’t wait

  6. GangsterA May 15, 2010

    She looks hot cant wait 4 the album

  7. pjayy May 15, 2010

    ii cant wait for the album!!!

  8. geekays May 15, 2010

    well thankz mrsgrapevine for posting ,,,mwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to kelly rowland i lhuv yhuh big time,,,as a fan i’m waitin’ to buy de record…mwaaaaaaaaa

  9. rihannastan May 15, 2010


  10. illcity May 15, 2010

    gosh rihaanna…ms forehead s*** my GOD. riri stan i like her yes bt mary j s finer dn her n i cnt shout. go lick sour soup. u nid it.

  11. illcity May 15, 2010

    ms kelly s so hot…riri had to perform as her as a tribute to dc. b**** shut ur 4 lips up n remain a virgo

  12. MONE May 15, 2010

    Great interview! I wonder if Yahoo music is hiring! Looking for music industry job leads. Anywho, I am definitely anticipating Kelly’s record. Bring on September!

  13. trucie May 15, 2010

    LOL I just love the fact that this chick can speak so well. OMG has anyone ever heard Beyonce use such a variety of words to convey her thoughts and or appreciation if ever. LOL you would think that beauty alone was everything. Beyonce is immensely talented but the girl has yet to give a good interview not filled with gaps or confused looks and responding to questions not even asked. Even when the group was together, they always let Beyonce speak when Kelly and Michelle are way better speakers than her. My five year old god son speaks better than Beyonce Knowles. You would think that all the money and time Mathew has stolen from others that he could have used some of it to get his daughter a good English tudor. LOL Do the damn thing Miss. Kelly. So glad her new label is being so good to her. And she seems to be such a sweetheart and so appreciative. WIsh you nothing but the best Kelly.

  14. ico May 15, 2010

    Great interview!
    Go Kelly!

  15. NikkiIsChillin May 15, 2010

    This was a great interview. I enjoyed listening to Kelly. I can’t wait for the album.

  16. Stoney-Brie May 15, 2010

    @ Chinny she said “like it’s hard to make Janet beautiful” do u think the interview would have been posted if she said what you think she said? lol

  17. Stoney-Brie May 15, 2010

    i agree with everything you said @ Trucie!

  18. DOB May 15, 2010

    @Chinny- She’s was saying it’s not hard to make Janet Jackson look beautiful, but that the director still did a great job lighting her well. It was like she saying “he made her look great…as if it’s hard to do that.” hope I explained that well. There was no shade though. It was a compliment.

    I like Kelly Rowland a lot more these days now that she’s not on Beyonce’s tit 24/7.

  19. Dave May 15, 2010

    The woman is beautiful, intelligent, humble, she’s GLOWING, & in CHARGE! Love her, can’t wait for the album. I agree, awesome interview!

  20. SPRING May 15, 2010

    amazing interview… beautifull spirit… cant wait for the album//

  21. Rashaan May 15, 2010

    great interview…I love Kelly,,,she is a beautiful person!

  22. peace May 15, 2010

    this was a great interview. =)

  23. yes May 15, 2010

    grown ass woman i cant wait!

  24. Renee May 15, 2010

    @ Trucie

    You’re right about about Beyonce’s speaking skills. She is dreadful to listen to in an interview. But some performers are great at their craft, but not good at interviews. Beyonce even said it herself she doesn’t like to give speeches or do interviews.

    Kelly was great in this interview. She is obviously in a really happy place and I am looking forward to her album. I never cared much for dance music, but I can’t help but remain intrigue with Kelly’s new music. I loooove Just Whisper, Smooches, Commander (the urban and dance version). I know her album is going to ge hot 🙂

  25. LOSO May 15, 2010

    YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I cant wait to hear Grown Ass Woman and I am definitely looking forward to this video for Commander and this album!!!! Kelly has stole my heart this time around and I cant take it back. I know this album is going to be a must-have this year because she is finally happy. She looks amazing in that interview and she is rocking her real hair and still looks beautiful. I am loving this remix I got for free when I pre-ordered my copy of Commander yesterday on her site.

  26. Salsa May 15, 2010

    I liked beyonce’s interviews I think it’s cute how nerveous she is. I didn’t like how she use to eye kelly when they gave group interviews because Kelly is the best speaker of the trio. Who knows why beyonce thought Kelly would say something dumb. I have never heard her say nothing dumb before. But I love all three and I really loved this interview I will never understand why people call kells boring she has so much life and spirit. she makes me hyper watching her
    I want to hear the Neyo song so bad.

  27. SparkD May 15, 2010

    Wow! She gave TLC their props!

  28. tera May 15, 2010

    rihanna stan when u talk abt baby girl i mean kelly on her blog we goin to lash out and address haters riri in no way shape or form beautiful as kelly last boy on earth all the hype is goin to worth it because here in jamaica kelly is tearin up the place we luv kelly give her to us any day commander smooches and love takes over tearin up the place like crazy every station play kelly right through the day people requestin kelly like hot bread cant go through the day unless pple here get what they want a kelly rowland song if she check it out its amazin how jamaicans luv her so much especially smooches is tearin the radio station every single request for the day its just smooches kelly is shutin it down in jamaica every time her song play the radio personalitys on all the stations said luv kelly baby kelly ave it lock in jamaica we r crazy over her kelly beautiful with a passion classic like the girl in the magazine skin tone beamin like diamond girl pretty like new money just make kelly shutin down for 2010

  29. tera May 15, 2010

    yes and loso the rest we dont talk abt grown ass woman we talk abt baby girl this goes for the rest of fans fr now on its baby girl

  30. Orville May 15, 2010

    I am hoping Kelly ditches the R&B sound and just do dance music! Dance music is just amazing and this album should do well in Europe!

  31. DJ May 15, 2010

    Some of you ppl are so ridiculous no wonder I never come on here.


    I love how you make a whole negative post about Beyonce when it suppose to be about Kelly. You probably go to every Kelly post bashing Beyonce.

  32. Alex Grey May 15, 2010

    Created a team organized to promote the dissemination of “Commander”, car-Chief of the third album from Kelly Rowland. Want to join? Just register and start following orders

  33. mary May 15, 2010




  34. prince kaleo May 15, 2010

    Kelly said ” Like it’s hard to make Janet Jackson look beautiful’ meaning Janet is so beautiful that she hardly needs any extra work done on her to make her look beautiful you know? Kelly is a huge Janet Jackson fan lol…

  35. Gucci May 16, 2010

    Now you know the stans are out of their mind when you post an interview and they start commenting about the girl’s spirit and holiness. i don’t get why the Kelly stans are ALWAYS so insecure about other artists (Rihanna, Beyonce) that they have to bring them up in every posts. Girl, can we stay on topic…? No? Kelly is doing all of these low budget interviews, her people need to buy some airtime on Good Morning America or something girl…

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