New Video: Lil’ Wayne & Nicki Minaj – ‘Knockout’

Published: Sunday 30th May 2010 by Sam

Despite being behind bars, Lil’ Wayne continues to make his presence felt with the première of the video for new single ‘Knockout’. The Nicki Minaj assisted cut serves as the latest release to be lifted from Wayne’s Hip-Rock LP ‘Rebirth’. Check out the so-so song and its accompanying clip above…

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  1. nothing but my opinion May 30, 2010

    Three Words = Hot A$$ Mess

  2. evening May 30, 2010

    ummm ok

    i really wanna burn Nicki’s multicolored wigs, and why does she try so hard to act weird? It’s not cute, just strange

    As for the song, its alriiiight

  3. thatmangojuice May 30, 2010

    what is this

  4. S*** May 30, 2010

    TRASH, I cant stand these 2, & Drake makes 3.

    Hip Hop may or may not be dead but its definitely on Life Support…

  5. LOS May 30, 2010

    YEA def not feeling this …but it is what it is…but i do like drake though…and nicki is cool at times….but drake is good he may be in ur face a lil to much being on every song but he makes quality music for the most part….some of there stuff seems more of a gimmick sometimes

  6. NICKY May 30, 2010

    Nicki Minaj’s buzz is dying.

    After the flop single, Massive Attack and her being kicked off Rih’s tour, things have been looking quite dull for her.

    They should have struck when the iron was burning hot. All her single features have been flops except for MY CHICK BAD.

  7. Darren May 30, 2010

    not into it. Nickis voice is so cute in this song but they made it way too obvious that they were going for a younger, mostly Caucasian audience. They might as well have put the jonas brothers in the video…

  8. _NoBitchAssNess May 31, 2010

    Cool song. ALRIGHT vid. Nicki STILL the baddest!

  9. MV May 31, 2010

    Hmmm, Nicki didn’t make enough kissy faces at the camera and Wayne didn’t put enough auto-tune on the auto-tune.

  10. miss humble May 31, 2010

    excuse me while I barf – WWAaccccckkkkkkkkkkkk!- okay (sigh) thats better…

  11. The Guy May 31, 2010

    Oh wow, “once you go back you ‘ll never go back”? The song is lame yo!! Also, white people aren’t into Little wayne. Why do I say that? Most of them are into Lady Gaga.

    For you haters, dont be mad its My freaking opinion!! =)

    Yes, I am white.

  12. ~Team Weezy~ May 31, 2010

    The video is garbage, and the song is just okay. Too much freakin’ auto-tune! There were only a few songs on “Rebirth” that I really liked anyway.

    @The Guy

    Just because you’re white doesn’t mean you can speak for the entire white race! White people are very much into Lil’ Wayne. Every Lil’ Wayne concert I have attended, looks like a freakin’ Taylor Swift concert! The arena is usually 80% white! No lie! And there are no ‘white’ opening acts! Just him and his Young Money crew. You sound ignorant because you’re implying that because white people are into Gaga means that they can’t be into Wayne or any other artist for that matter. Smh.

  13. KOKO May 31, 2010

    SELL OUTS!!!!!

  14. The Guy May 31, 2010

    @ Team Weezy — first of all dude you’re talking about a very SMALL percentage of whites. We call them “wigger” here. The vast majority of whites arent into little wayne. Go around the suburbs and ask if they’re into him, you will be VERY surprised at the responses. In fact, I think the only rapper they’re into these day is.. Slim shady.

  15. Reasonable Voice May 31, 2010

    @The Guy

    You don’t have to go around the suburbs to poll, Weezy’s numbers tell the story. His last tour grossed over 40 million. So yeah, there are plenty of white and other non-black people into him. You think The Carter 3 went platinum in one week because of black people alone? The #1 consumers of hip hop are white males. That’s why Eminem sells the way he does.

    Anyway, I like the song better than the video.

  16. Reasonable Voice May 31, 2010

    “After the flop single, Massive Attack and her being kicked off Rih’s tour”


    Now, now, you know she wasn’t kicked off the tour. However, putting together some kind of set based on the tracks she been featured on and touring with Rihanna would have been a good look for her in terms of exposure and buzz. On the other hand, If Massive Attack is any indication, then yeah, she really should be using the summer to work on her album, because she had no hit singles of her own to sing on Ri’s tour.

  17. MUSIC LOVER May 31, 2010

    Are her tits real? Seriously what is real on her?

  18. Rashaan May 31, 2010

    WTF was this! Man that was not what I expected! I agree HOT ASS MESS!

  19. stan May 31, 2010


  20. imelveezy May 31, 2010

    i don’t like the video but i’m still loving them

  21. FactBeeRocks May 31, 2010

    love her simply bcos shes cool,unique and different, dont like the video tho

  22. kev May 31, 2010

    @ The Guy… What the hell does Gaga have to do with any of this?! That’s so random and you sound very ignorant assuming Wayne’s fan base is only “wiggers”!… (which is still a very offensive term that insults black people). If Wayne didn’t appeal to whites, then I doubt he would have sold millions, had such a successful tour or have made the cover of rolloing stone. You don’t prefer to listen to him, but many caucasian people still do! So you might want to wait until a story breaks on Gaga and knock your self out there! Leave the posting on this story to people that have something to say that relates to Weezy right now!

  23. CH3RRy May 31, 2010

    this is not hip hop, this is HIP POP right here!!
    seriously, i like both of them but this video and song is a hot ass mess

  24. Tiff May 31, 2010

    I really dont like this new rocker ish. I get trying something new but this…aint it.

  25. Last Boy on Earth May 31, 2010

    I love the guitar riffs, other than that, pure trash

  26. Educated Diva May 31, 2010

    This is so wack!!!

  27. Educated Diva May 31, 2010

    @ DARREN

    cosign 100%

  28. raychel May 31, 2010

    I dont understand why nicki minaj is still alive in the rap game. shes DYING.
    smh.. NEXT

  29. HaterShiELd May 31, 2010

    Welp not to be a fish out of water……but I actually liked it lol. Video could have been better but I like the song for the most part….:)

  30. ~TeAM WeeZY~ May 31, 2010

    Thanks @Reasonable Voice!

    @The Guy

    You sound so foolish! So because some of those white people are Wayne fans implies that they are somehow ‘white n******’ (wiggers)??? IGNORANCE!

    Wayne’s tour was one of the highest grossing tours in 2009 and he has THE BIGGEST SELLING ALBUM in 2008! And that didn’t come from just appealing to blacks but all races! He made really smart moves prior to the release of the “Carter 3.” The entire year of 2007, he appeared on almost every artists’ songs/singles, from Gym Class Heroes, to Shakira, to Enrique Iglesias, while still appearing on major hip hop artists’ music. Not to mention, his most successful single “Lollipop,” which was extremely mainstream, went 4 times platinum and was in the top 5 of the Rolling Stones list of best songs of 2008! In addition, his fansite (Lil Wayne Headquaters) is ran by 4 white guys in which 3 are from Europe! So I guess they are ‘wiggers’ too huh??? Smh. You should really check the facts before you speak about something you obviously know nothing about!

  31. RoyalFlush23 June 1, 2010

    Nicki is the doing it real big right now and she doesn’t have an album out. Props for changing the situation and bringing the bad boy to the bad girl. Puff still making moves, get him to the greek is crazy funny

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