New Song: Alexandra Burke – ‘Start Without You’

Published: Saturday 5th Jun 2010 by Sam

A new Alexandra Burke song has surfaced in the form of the summery ‘Start Without You’. Produced by hitmaker RedOne, the track is said to be Burke’s next official single (the album on which it features – her US debut or UK sophomore currently being unknown). Take a listen below…

Ah Alex! This is a tricky one. I say this as Ms. Burke nails the verses, riding the breezy production with uncanny ease. However, all that goodness builds up to an undeniable cheese-fest of a chorus; which is kinda unfortunate.

Still, if paired with a decent enough video, Ms. Burke may be onto another hit…in the UK (as much as we love Alex, this is not gonna float in the US). Not bad, not great either.

Randomness: Does this remind anyone else of Ace of Base?

Hit or Miss?

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  1. h June 5, 2010

    NOOO!!!! Such a perfect string of singles… then this.

  2. Rob June 5, 2010

    omg noooooo jesus noooo what the helll her working with redone is not good at all, her voice is too good for this

  3. spread the love June 5, 2010

    I love this! its going to be the summer anthem!! ITS LIKE ‘HIPS DONT LIE’ its fun, loud and s***! loove it! i wonder who the rapper is?? love the reggae vibe to it!! LOVE IT!

  4. Jay June 5, 2010


  5. ADE June 6, 2010

    OK it started off well and I like the Island flavour it has, but it quickly became background noise. The chorus is f****** dreadful!

  6. Rob June 6, 2010

    if she starts whining in the video n propa skinning out , this could help the song , i remember when i 1st heard bad boys n broken heels i HATED THEM , Then the videos killed it , and this song is definetly radio friendly , i dunno i think it will do well in the uk , but i need a bit more edge for her to go the u.s with

  7. Huss June 6, 2010

    1 word: PHENOMINAL!! she does it again!! sounds soo different to every single track that is out in the charts!!!
    Just makes you want smile and dance and shake your booty 😉 love it! and I agree it does remind of ‘hips dont lie’ this diva is soo versatile!

  8. JOE June 6, 2010

    I love the campness in this song, its soo great and catchy mmmmm.. reminds me of the carnival which i cannot wait for!! love this its soo good didnt expect her next single to be like this… love the risk she took & will do well for sure…

  9. DANNY June 6, 2010


  10. Waddie G. June 6, 2010

    It sounds good to me. US would like this, but not as a debut single to introduce a new artist…sounds forgettable for someone of Burke’s caliber.

  11. Jay June 6, 2010

    Come on MIA where are u? i thought u would have been waiting for something to do with Alex so u can post some s***.

  12. Topman June 6, 2010

    Is RedOne or whoever wrote this serious? Alexandra should be getting better material than this! This is just as ‘meh’ as Broken Heels.

  13. SparkD June 6, 2010

    Mix “Take Me There” by Mya and Blackstreet with “Hey Baby” from No Doubt!

    Love Alex, but I’m like: “Are you serious?”




  15. Boricua June 6, 2010

    What the f*** is this tosh??

  16. OddOne June 6, 2010

    Crap. What ever happened to the release of the utterly monumental ‘The Silence’?

    Quite a mis-step there Ms. Burke.

  17. MizzCutie June 6, 2010

    Loves It 🙂

  18. BENJAMIN June 6, 2010

    It sounds ok, sounds like she is trying to capitalize off of “Rude Boy” though.

  19. JonathanGardnerTV June 6, 2010

    Sounds like a World Cup song to be quite honest LOL…still it’s MUCH better than JLS’s new single :\ but I was expecting something much stronger…it’s a good idea, the whole island vibe and that but the hook is so cheesy it sounds like something you’d hear at a World Cup match :S

  20. JonathanGardnerTV June 6, 2010

    I’m sure there are better songs she has made that are to be coming out 😀 Pleeease lord I beg you!! Make sure Alex comes with something HOT!! In fact, please make Michelle Williams come back sooooon!! She’s amazing in theatre but I’m missing her music, UNEXPECTED was soooo f i y a h (as were her previous albums) and I need more more more (how do you like it? how do you like it? – lol remember that song anyone?)


  21. lalalalalala June 6, 2010

    Sorry alex, as much as I love you, i have to say this song is gonna be a flop. Silence as the next single please!!!

  22. Kearx June 6, 2010

    I like it

  23. pookie June 6, 2010

    dinah king much

  24. Alex June 6, 2010

    At least its not as bad as Broken Heels…

  25. Scotty June 6, 2010

    i didnt want to like this song because its so cheesy and everybodys slatin it but i do! i wish she’d never released broken heels and released this in its place

  26. Zoli June 6, 2010

    Kinda retro, but I love it!!!

  27. Tha Phoenix June 6, 2010

    I love you Alex, but I don’t love this. It is beneath you.

    That is all.

  28. Sam June 6, 2010

    The song is obviously a grower but for Summer it is good for Alex to move in a different direction and show versatility.I know alot of people hated the All Night Long remix and are now in love with it.The same will happen with this songs once the video is out and she starts performing live.

  29. _NoBitchAssNess June 6, 2010

    Not too sure about this. I mean, it’s alright but nahh… Sounds like a kiddy tv show intro.

  30. Ben June 6, 2010

    Alex is just showing that she can do alot of different styles pop, dance, carnival tunes and ballads.People are always saying she is not original and there is nothing different about her but who can get away with so many different styles and do it so well.

  31. Roya June 6, 2010

    Love this its simply amazing! whats in the charts that is like this?? needs abit of polishing and this will be A-CLASS standard work! well done Alex B.

  32. MIA June 6, 2010

    She needs to start sucking somebody’s c*** for good songs cuz she’s fallen off LMBAO. Thats what flops do, f*** for hot tracks. ask Joss Stone, Cassie and Chrissy Milian they know whats up LAWL.i’m sure she take to it like duck to water she’ll get down to business to save her flop career no probz LMAO.

  33. Sally June 6, 2010

    Mia/Toya is so desperate and how sad that she always sinks to being vulgar as well as stupid.It is just that she has been hoping Alex’s career would be dead by now and she is still having hits and will do with Starts without You.Love it.

  34. Zoli June 6, 2010

    God, I’m totally in love with this track! 😀

  35. Fashions With Marie June 6, 2010

    Love the top that Ms. Burke is wearing in this picture. Could you please tell me where I can find this top?

    Thank you,
    Fashions With Marie

  36. Fashions With Marie June 6, 2010

    I received several emails from people asking where can they find the top that Ms. Alexandra Burke is wearing in this photo of her?

  37. Mahesh June 6, 2010

    Wow looking at the comments everyone hates it or loves it. I personally love it, it reminds me of the beach or a theme aprk nice an relaxing 😀

  38. Kyus93 June 7, 2010

    I love it!!!!

  39. Beangelic100 June 7, 2010

    I love it, great summer tune.

  40. Geeebeee June 8, 2010

    If I am being honest I love alex soo much And really enjoyed her performance at the summertime ball on sunday but yet I don’t think she has yet been given material tht will really help set her explode in other countries all tho her songs have been hits and great tunes only one/two of them have hit the number one spot nd tht was only there for a week.s
    Simon better start giving her better material or other wise people are gonna start to loose intrest in her which will be such a shame cause she is one of the countries best singers nd could give any star a run for their money ;s

  41. Mal June 8, 2010


  42. JOE June 13, 2010


  43. JOE June 13, 2010


  44. cazz July 6, 2010

    what a load of garbage it sounds like a cbbs song and she should stop wearing those shorts with thunder thighs like that

  45. toni July 11, 2010

    best song she has had out,, proper summer time music x

  46. cazz July 12, 2010


  47. kaliyah July 17, 2010

    I love ur new song alexader. when are u going to sing in birmingham ?

  48. kaliyah July 17, 2010

    really good song !!!!

  49. pep July 24, 2010

    used the iko iko song your grandpa my grandma by the dixie cups as the sample for the chorus. Its driven me mad trying to work out what it was.

  50. Heather August 5, 2010

    Lol Yes sounds sooooooooo much like ace of base,very cheesy but strangely i love it!!

  51. paul August 12, 2010

    iko iko.sound familiar?

  52. tbone27 September 7, 2010

    the chorus is Horray Horray a happy holiday by Boneny M

  53. Spuds September 18, 2010

    me and my dad love this song, we just cant get it downloaded. helppp anywan ?

  54. lill October 12, 2010

    please someone tell me where she got the music from for this song.

  55. chris October 13, 2010

    dear sir madem
    i would like to use this picture in my GcSE year 10 work and i need your premission due to copy right law. it would be convient if you’d like to get back to me as quick as possible, thanks

  56. jeff September 23, 2014

    Ya beat me to the punch.

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