Trey Songz Shouts Out That Grape Juice

Published: Wednesday 2nd Jun 2010 by Sam

Check out R&B star Trey Songz shouting out your favourite site and mine.

As reported, That Grape Juice caught up with Songz here in London yesterday, prior to his sell-out show at the indig02. Be on the lookout for the…ahem… ‘interesting’ interview any day now.

Typically, we asked the questions you really wanted answers to, whether Mr Songz was pleased with that you’ll have to wait and see. Keep it locked!

Your thoughts?

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  1. nothing but my opinion June 2, 2010

    omg hes so fine! ur so lucky!!


    YOU WERE INSULTING THIS F*** FACE ABOUT 3 weeks ago saying how he can’t keep his clothes on……now your interviewing the FLOP ????

    he’s only had mainstream success in the U.S. so Trey needs to check himself because he’s getting a little too big for his boots.



  3. GREG June 2, 2010


    THANK YOU!! Trey is overrated and he really does think he’s R. Kelly (minus the golden showers). His songs are generic, his soft p*** music videos are forced, and his ego is way too f****** big. Personality wise, he is dis-likable. He should be glad that Chris beat Rihanna’s ass. I don’t care how good his current album is. No one was checking for Trey before that Chrihannagate.

  4. yellow June 2, 2010

    you two obviously can’t read, what part of ‘SOLD OUT’ concert don’t you understand?

  5. ch3RRy June 2, 2010

    trey songz is too s***!
    i can see why there are so many haters, but i don’t blame them!
    haters is a sign that trey songz is doing something right

  6. That Cranberry Sauce June 2, 2010

    @Yellow, and? What does “sold out” have to do with anything other than a bunch of horny little kids buying tickets who think it’s attractive….for whatever reason. I, personally, can’t tell if he looks like a damn chicken or bird.

    Also… [strike]F**![/strike] Ha’ yew dewin’ Trey?

    Meanwhile, “interesting?” What did ya’ll ask him TGJ?! I’m kind of excited lmfao.

  7. Janae89 June 2, 2010

    @Ch3rry I couldn’t agree with you more. These haters wish they was trey. I bet you they do


    @ YELLOW As I said before he has only tasted mainstream success in the U.S. ….so he needs to check himself and not let his Ru Paul drag queen looking head get too big for his ashy body……..speaking off his body…the only reason Trey has had any sort of success is because he prostitutes his body in every F****** music video / live performance.

    someone like usher has the “RIGHT” to take his clothes off because he has the talent to back the body up.

    SO…….OVERALL @YELLOW selling somewhere “out” doesnt equate to talent………………… class what have you learned from DANBOFFICIAL TODAY ????……. You’ve learned that Trey songz can’t sing for s***…..and he’s nothing without his gay ass looking body……
    I can’t wait for Trey to come outta the closet so all you desperate slaggy ass women can get a reality check and grow the f*** up.



  9. domonique June 2, 2010

    trey songz is sexi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. fanofafan June 3, 2010

    It’s quite funny sitting here as a ‘slaggy ass woman’ reading all of these haters comments, you can just imagine them throwing darts at a picture of Trey Songz while bashing the life out of thier keyboards with their comments lol. Trey Songz is a VEERRYYY appealling young man to many women ( and men) and yes to be honest that could be one of the main reasons behind his success but he CAN actually sing. If not he wouldn’t be signed, have a Gold selling album and have so many sold out shows all over the world. Even Jay-Z recognises his talent and asked him to go on tour with him when Jay Z can fill an arena with only his name on the ticket. In terms of Trey Songz’s sexuality, it has nothing to do with us, we’re meant to live in a more open-minded world and whatever sexuality someone chooses to be is up to them! The majority of us fans know we’ll probably never meet him but we enjoy his music, ‘soft p***’ videos and his body and looks 🙂 At the end of the day his MAKING MONEY, yous should think of doing the same (possible toward a new keyboard 😛 ) instead of hating on someone who don’t give a monkeys b*** about you!

    Peace and Love – cant wait for the interview!!

  11. David June 3, 2010

    People the Trey is good but they key issue is his ego one gold album which is his third album makes him just the greatest???? HELLLLLLLLLL NAWWWW Kelly went what let me think I believe it was 4 or 6 million first album now thats something to be cocky about. Trey need to get them Sales up before he get cocky a couple showed out shows doesnt make u the business You gotta have the album sales,talent and sold out shows. Jay-Z,Kells & Usher have those rights. Trey gotta get them 1st. He went gold when he go multi-platinum he can talk a little but now just play his role. Because eventually some other R&B cat gon take his place like Chris did to Omari and Trey did to Chris. It all works in a circle. If Trey gonna be Kelly expect golden showers soon lmao

  12. Lala June 3, 2010

    I don’t understand why you interviewed Trey when you really don’t enjoy his music or him as an artist. I like your site and enjoy most of your interviews but I am not looking forward to this one. I am a fan of Trey’s and I see the interview going in an awkward and uncomfortable direction. I see you bringing up R.Kelly and making references to him selling s** in his recent videos. I don’t look at an artist’s current body of work when I judge him/her as a whole I look at everything the artist has done. You can say what you want about Trey but he is a very creative artist from his mixtapes to his marketing strategies. He is popular in the states and his popularity is rising overseas so he’s obviously doing something right! I just hope that this interview was done in good taste but from your previous comments about him I seriously doubt it!

  13. Jazza June 3, 2010

    I completely agree with ‘fanofafan’ and all other users who support Trey and his work. His haters actually amuse me. I think it is completely unfair to judge him based just on his third album. He is not all about s**. His first two albums go in depth about the struggles, his love for women (considering that he was raised by women because of a lack of a father figure, his admiration for them is backed up) and his ambition to make it. But at the same time, both albums unfortunately went unnoticed. When he sung about reality and his love for what he does, no-one believed him. When he sung about s**, everyone was on him. Leave him alone. People call him conceited because he is setting goals and achieving them – unlike some of the fat a*** wipes on here who have nothing better to do than to argue otherwise. He is generous, very involved in several charities, loves his fans and keeps connected with him, unlike some today and gives his all in everything that he does – branching out and attracting the attention of anyone wise enough to listen to him. I think he shouldve been recognised for his indisputable talent a long time ago, but I am glad that finally people are seeing his potential to remain one of the best in this industry. I will be disappointed if there are any questions about R-Kelly on this interview, I cant friggin stand the paedophile as it is, and to compare them is a bit of an insult. On a couple of the songs, his vocals are reminiscent of R-Kelly, but that is because he studied under him as a child, and was inspired by the fact that R-Kelly was ‘accepted into the hood’ because at the time when R-Kelly was at his peak, listening to too much rnb wasnt seen as good. Yeah – I have done A LOT of research on Trey. (obsessed? yes. ;P)
    And I’ll just re-iterate wtf would Jay Z ask him to be a supporting act if he wasnt good enough? SO WHAT if he hasnt sold as much. I am not surprised – illegal downloading has really crippled the music industry recently so if you can sell any records today, that is a damn sure sight of achievement. PLUS, David, R-Kelly didnt just get famous off of his own back. He was in a group, got popular, THEN LEFT to pursue a solo career. Same for greats like Michael Jackson – was in group, got popular, than left. Same for Beyonce and several others. Trey started alone and will finish alone – in music anyway. ‘Say Aah’ has already gone platinum. 🙂 In short: He is great. He is staying. I’ll continue to support he and his music for years to come. I hope he attracts millions more fans. Love, love, love his work. More than the ‘neighbours’ will know his name.

  14. fanofafan June 3, 2010

    @Jazza, NICELY SAID!!

  15. lisa June 3, 2010


    I won’t dispute Trey’s talent but he is arrogant and sometimes disrespectful. His fake attempt at a beef with R. Kelly made him look stupid and desperate to sell more albums. His sexuality is neither here nor there but he tries too hard to come off as some ladies man. He also thinks he’s the best looking man, calling himself “a s** symbol”. True s** symbols don’t refer to themselves as such. He needs a reality check. Ego is UNATTRACTIVE and will eventually hurt an artist. He doesn’t have the amount of talent or industry achievements to act so high and mighty. Jay Z only invited Trey on tour because he doesn’t like Chris Brown. Trey can sing but he doesn’t have the voice of an MJ, R. Kelly, Maxwell, Joe, Stevie Wonder or John Legend. He’s generic and his music is forgettable. Trey is just the hot artist of the moment.

  16. aa88 June 6, 2010


    I’ve always noticed how Trey Songz has been one of the most disliked R&B singers from 05 to now. I remember folks saying (back when he first came out) I don’t like that lil skinny boy, his music ain’t that hot, ain’t nobody gonna play him on the radio like that. THEN when he switches it up and releases more sexual singles, now he’s changed and is fake, etc… First of all, if you all would stop simply listening to the radio and actually listen to his cd’s you’d realize he doesn’t JUST sing about s**. With that being said, Ready was not the first time he started singing about s**, he’s been singing about s** since his first cd (I Gotta Make It). I do actually favor his first cd more than the others (even tho I like all 3), because I do prefer his old school soulful sound.

    I didn’t find his interview cocky, just kinda straightforward. I’ve seen more interviews with him where he was much more energetic, humble, and nice than stand-offish. And you never know, maybe he reads ya’lls blog, and returned the ass hole tendencies to ya’ll.

  17. the best there is:) September 7, 2010

    you hatin ass women need a f****** life, Trey is doing his thing but there’s always a DIRTY THIRSTY b**** waiting to bash a fine hardworking black man..give some respect to not only self but to people who are actually doing something productive in life rather than selling drugs or being addicted to them:)

    I APPLAUED Trey for everything he do/does.

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