That Grape Juice To Interview Ne-Yo

Published: Tuesday 13th Jul 2010 by Sam

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That Grape Juice are pleased to announce that we’ll be interviewing R&B star Ne-Yo here in London this week.

The  award-winning singer-songwriter will be in town promoting his new single ‘Beautiful Monster’, the video for which is set to première any day now.

Have any questions for Ne-Yo? Be sure to drop them in the comments section. As usual, only legitimate questions will be considered.


Tidbit: Click here to read our EXCLUSIVE preview of Ne-Yo’s new album, ‘Libra Scale’.

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  1. “Dj Y2k Malone” July 13, 2010

    congrats you guys keep getting the interviews


    why is his head shaped like a coffee bean ?


    ha jokes, seriously I’d like to ask if theres anyone who he would like to collab with ?

  4. V.P.M July 13, 2010

    What album of his was the most enjoyable for him to make?
    Does he plan to start his own record label in the future?
    What would be his dream person to write for & his dream person to collaborate with?
    What inspiration brought about the concept for this album?

  5. royalkev July 13, 2010

    How does he feel about In My Own Words(his first album) looking back at it?
    Do he feel like his abandoning his R&B following that he established in the beginning?
    Which current male artist music do he prefer Chris Brown, Trey Songs, The Dream or Ryan Leslie?
    Which other current songwriter/producer does he respect most Darkchild, Timbaland, Pharrell or The Dream?
    Which female was his favorite colloborator?

  6. Bacqui July 13, 2010

    1.Did Def Jam pay him to trash Chris Brown?

    2.Whats wit da ugly bald head?,,in short, Got hair?

    3.Is he goin to wife his pregnant video h**?,,Does he believe in condoms?

    4.Is he still sucking Jay-Zin’s shoot blanks d***?

    5.Does he still consider himself da king of RNB? Is da name Usher Raymond ring a bell?


    F@CK HIM AND ALL HATERS!!!,,,Just hugged a hater today did u?

  7. Bacqui July 13, 2010

    BOOOOoooooOOOO! Got hair and heart?


    F@CH HIM AND ALL HATERS!..Just hugged a hater today did u?

  8. Topman July 13, 2010

    What’s his relationship with Beyonce now like after the whole ‘Irreplacable’ fiasco?
    What inspired him to join the large number of artists currently singing about monsters?

  9. Steffon July 13, 2010

    Ask him why he chose those 2 dumb ass songs for singles!

  10. LUV-LEE July 13, 2010

    TGJ, please ask Ne-Yo:
    – Is he aware that Michael Jackson referred to Ne-Yo as someone who really understands song writing?
    – Please ask Ne-yo any questions about Michael Jackson and working with him (respectful questions of course 😉 )
    – Please tell Ne-Yo that Luv-Lee LOVES him!! 🙂
    THANKS!!! 😀

  11. Last Boy on Earth July 13, 2010

    Ask him where did he get his passion of writing because he is one of the best songwriters from this generation.

    Don’t ask him how it was working with Rihanna because everyone asks him that and like every star, he loved it.

  12. mr.M July 13, 2010

    always interviews with z-listed ppl


  13. EXPOSED July 13, 2010



  14. Bacqui July 13, 2010

    1.who got more hair, him or John Legend?

    2.whose d*** did he suck,Jay-zin or Kanye Wecko?

    3.Is he gonna wife dat pregnant video h**?

    4.does he still consider himself da king of RNB,does da name Usher, Chris Brown and Trey Songz ring a bell?

    5.who died and named him da best songriter/producer?


    I swear I hugged a hater today,i feel good! HATE IS FOR SUCKERS!!!

  15. @VannaEnvazion July 13, 2010

    he look like a damn catfish, but congrats on the interview

    follow the hottest go go dancer..

  16. juanele84 July 13, 2010

    1. Which, of the songs you’ve written, are you most proud of?

    2. Is there any artist you’d like to write a song for and haven’t had the oportunity yet?

    3. Who of the artist currently out there do you respect the most?

  17. florida_girl July 13, 2010

    @Topman…I want to know the same thing.

  18. BORRIZ July 13, 2010


  19. royalkev July 13, 2010

    @Topman, me too! That’s a good question.

  20. X,Y,”and Z” July 13, 2010

    @Sam —

    What defines, connotes or-even ‘draws-the-boundaries-around’ — a “legitimate question?” If I had, put-to-you, to ask Neyo:

    Why did you finally decide to “join” Camp-Fenty? — Would THAT be a “legit question”?
    Did the fact that you, contributed to “Rated R,” have-any-to-do with said “joining Camp-Fenty” …? — Would THAT be “legit question?”
    So now that you’ve joined Camp-Fenty, could-you-ever-look-Chris in-the-face? — Would that be “legit question?”

    Why should I, as a black-male heterosexual, be concerned with-what-you — as an ambiguous, misguided, and-with-your-support-of/for-Rihanna/as-you’re-of-Camp Fenty, perceived as anti-Chris Brown/”anti-black male” — will-have-to-say, regarding love, relationships or the general condition/flight-of the Universe (as-we-know-it), as we’re hurled through time-and-space t’wards dimensions-unknown …??? <–Would that be a "legit question?"

    Do you think anyone takes your supposed "marriage/baby-father status" as-nothing-more –than-cover for your "self-hating (OF YOUR)black-penis sexuality?" — Would that be a "legit question?"

    Do-you-at-times, wish-you-could, as-dose-Tyler Perry : "Don the finest-in-Women's-Wear and "Window-Shop Buckhead's-finer Haute Couture-Haberdashery …??" <–Sam, "legit or not?"
    Do-YOU-think, as-most-find-suspicious: "The Dream" — his relationship with Christina Millian "was-ONLY-cover??" <–Sam … well? … "Legit or not?"

    Are you a "Top" or a "Bottom??" … If you were a "Top," would you have "thought twice" 'bout throwing-your-support behind Rihanna, and joining "Camp-Fenty," as-you-did? <–Sam; "Legit or not?"

    And finally, Neyo, do you often wonder why, your sexuality comes-into-question, as it most-often does? … Do you find yourself cheering-at/for, and/or talking-to, "the Media character," in Tyler Perry's movies? … Do-you-make-it 'without-fail', in-front-of-a-television, never-to-miss, not-even-one-episode-of Oprah? … Do-you-find-yourself implicitly/absolutely-agreeing-with-Rihanna "and-think-she", or-ANY-in-possession of-a-Uterus, unable-to-do ANY-wrong? … Neyo, if you've answered YES, to even one, of said-posed questions …. my-dude, you-is-GAY …!!!!! " … Top, Bottom or 'Versatile'; gay is gay!!"

    So Sam, whatcha think? "…Legit-or-no … ???"

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT!!

  21. “Dj Y2k Malone” July 13, 2010

    who do he thinks deliver his songs better Rihanna or Beyonce?

  22. Last Boy on Earth July 13, 2010

    @x,y and z
    it takes one to know one and your obssession with Chris Brown doesn’t help either.. what happened to you? were you picked on the school when you were a kid? your parents died? your father r**** your mom? your father abused you? or did you really born this way? get a therapist, it will only help you because no one that is sane would say that you are normal

  23. TheBaddestBitch July 13, 2010

    Ok my turn:

    1) When did you realize that you had songwriting skills?

    2) Which artist you dream to duet with?

    3) How do you see yourself in ten years?

  24. Eddie whitfield July 13, 2010

    You’ve worked with many artist and have wrote some big hits? Who would you say is the most professional, likable, and persistent?

    You’ve wrote hits for both Beyonce and Rihanna? If Beyonce and Rihanna asked you to work on a whole album which one would you choose?

    What can we expect from this album? What was your inspiration for this album?

    How do you feel about artist who cross over? Do you feel that you are crossing over?

    Why do you think it is so hard for R&B artist to make a name for themselves in today’s industry?

  25. DJ Taj July 13, 2010

    As a fan of his newer “dance” orientated material such as “Closer” & “Beautiful Monster”… I would like to know it he himself is a big fan of dance music and if so, what dance artists/producers/remixers he’s a fan of?

  26. ADE July 13, 2010

    @VANNAENVAZION, Catfish? LMAO hilarious!

  27. ADE July 13, 2010

    @Eddie, damn those questions are the same ones I had in mind! Oh well you beat me to it lol 😀

  28. Luv-Lee July 13, 2010


    Please don’t ask Ne-Yo how was it working with Michael. That’s a typical question that everyone knows the answer to. Ask him more detailed questions about his admiration for Michael, please. Also, can you please ask Ne-Yo if he is a trained dancer, or does his ability just come naturallly. Thanks again TGJ!! I can’t wait for this interview!!! 😀

  29. stan July 13, 2010

    are you ever going to do r&b-oriented records again in the future?

  30. X,Y,”and Z” July 13, 2010

    @Last Boy On Earth —

    But why haven’t you ask the other 4(5, including mine) other post/bloggers “that-very-same-question?”

    So far, of the 26, I now-see-posted, 4 are questioning/need clarification-of/on Neyo’s sexuality and 3 others have some mention ’bout Chris Brown!

    And IT-WAS-Y’ALL “Camp-Fenty(ites),” who, only-months-ago, bragged-bout “Neyo being on Rihanna’s side!” … So you can F***-OFF!!!

    … Let me TRY to-get-my-head-around this: Your name is “Last Boy On Earth!” (Scrolling-up) I see that your question for Neyo is-in-regard-to Rihanna; no-surprise-there! But yet, you’ve sought to-single-me-out and-try-to “call-me-out …?”

    … Take your self-righteous, hypocritical ‘Rhianna-worship’ and stuff-it-up that “Eastern European-Sphincter” of yours!
    If Neyo didn’t want anyone to “NOW-question him,” he shouldn’t have shot-off HIS-mouth, as-he-did!!! His name wouldn’t be “well know on/by” or those “lingering rumors would-he-now, be-forced-to-explain” … nor evade!

    In-any-case, my questions for Sam, to ask Neyo, STILL STAND and I’ll-wait-to-see, if Sam “keeps-it-real ..!!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!!

  31. S*** July 13, 2010

    Ask him why he gives all the good S*** to Rih & Bey But saves the RUBBISH for himself??

  32. Gary July 13, 2010

    How do you keep this good and classy boy image while still being frankly succesful ?


    Who is your favorite artist to work with

  33. Last Boy on Earth July 13, 2010

    @x,y and z
    why do you care about his sexuality? mind your own business and get a life and Portugal is southwest Europe, not eastern Europe and btw, you seem to know alot about gay men for a straight guy and as a bisexual man I don’t like to see Oprah, my father is straight and he likes to watch Oprah, if I were you I would be less American and would cut off those stereotypes, the stereotypes that the Americans give to people are dumb stupid and laughable

  34. Brandon July 13, 2010


    While your first two albums were strictly Rnb, your last two albums have had a much bigger pop sound. Would you still consider yourself an Rnb artist or are you going the ‘international’ route?

  35. Ms.Potter July 14, 2010

    @ Eddie

    That 2nd question was the exact question I was going to ask.


    Here’s My other question.

    What advice do you give to up and coming writers?

  36. X,Y,”and Z” July 14, 2010

    @Last Boy On Earth —

    Let me tell you something, those “rumors” bout Neyo been-there since day-1! This is “no new-mud, being slung or recent-hate!”

    And if Neyo didn’t want anyone to “talk ’bout him,” he shouldn’t have “jumped-on the ‘bash- Chris bandwagon,’ as-he-MOST-CERTAINLY-did, not-long-after, ‘Rated R’ being-released!” He should have mind HIS-OWN-business and KEPT HIS-OWN MOUTH-SHUT!
    So now, you know what? Since he “invited-himself-in,” he’ll NOW FELL THE HEAT! And if what I said offended your most-cultivated “Iberian sensibilities” , you’ll-do-well to surrender said “affections” at-the-door and shuffle-your-ass back-on-over-to Rihanna daily!

    … Let-me-say, but-again, IF NEYO DIDN’T “TAKE SIDES”, I WOULDN’T BE-HERE-NOW, posting “legitimate questions!”
    And-it-seems that you “of Camp-Fenty” should “bear some responsibility, yourselves!” It was y’all who bragged-and-boasted that Neyo, was-then, “down with Rihanna; thereby, rollin-with Camp-Fenty!” … And-y’all-know what-else? … I-AT-NO-TIME, heard Neyo make any-such: “Public-Declaration of Neutrality; Call For ‘Evenhandedness’; or even offer Olive-Branch held-in-hand-below, as White-Dove flew-above!”
    …If anything, Neyo “stoked the flames of hate,” with his much publicized “siding-with Rihanna!” But, as I’ve said, now-it-is-HE who MUST feel, what must now be “discomfort” and eventually, searing pain!

    … Stay tuned, I’ve got Neyo, Kelly Rowland, Kellis, “The White Rapper” and-still-your-much-beloved-Rihanna squarely-in-MY-crosshairs ….!!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT…!!!

  37. IMISSDANITYKANE July 14, 2010

    What does he think of Rihanna as a talent…..honestly? Mainly her vocals?

  38. Mia Danielle July 14, 2010


    What advice does he have for singer/songwriters looking to break into the industry?

    How is this album different from his previous 3?

    Do you feel that R&B artists are selling out by making crossover or pop music?

    What rituals or traditions do you have when songwriting?

  39. Lyo July 15, 2010

    What’s your relationship with Brandy, were those songs you did with her meant for an album?

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