Ne-Yo: “If Rihanna Can Forgive Chris Brown Then So Can The Rest Of The World”

Published: Tuesday 20th Jul 2010 by Trent

Our  friend Billy Bush over at MSN sat down with Ne-Yo to talk about the issues facing Chris Brown on his way back to the top. During the discussions Ne-Yo revealed that he felt Brown deserves a 2nd chance, stating that “if Rihanna can forgive him then so can the rest of the world”. However, the singer was clear to point out that if Brown ever repeated his actions then he should be “blackballed from the world”. Peep the footage below:

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  1. BeyonSLAY July 20, 2010

    A leopard never changes his spots… Chris Brown will always be a woman beater.

  2. DizzyGuy1985 July 20, 2010

    I agree with him. But I’m sick of hearing about CB. I think he is talented.
    But at the end of the day the media and world are very fickle. One day they love you and the next they don’t. He will be back on his game when it is time.

  3. Drop top girl July 20, 2010

    Omg… shut the hell up!

    Forgive, don’t forget, and move on! I wish Chris nothing but the best.

  4. Drop top girl July 20, 2010

    Chris won’t ever put his hands on a woman again, best believe that this past year and a half taught him a huge lesson. He knows if it were to happen again it will be 10x worse. Chris is good, and he will be on top again one day!!

  5. ClassyC07 July 20, 2010

    Let CB live is life GOD washes away all sins the the people in the world! Smh Let it Go everyone makes mistakes!! I wish him nothing but the best

  6. Go-Xtina July 20, 2010

    Neyo just wants some d***.

  7. FreshUrbanEnt July 20, 2010



  8. royalkev July 20, 2010

    Ne-yo save it! This guy has no idea what side of the fence he’s on. I don’t even think he should speak on the matter anymore, next time he’ll throw him under the bus again!

  9. DROPPIN BOMBS July 20, 2010

    Woman beater/flop

  10. tee July 20, 2010

    ne-yo can have a seat
    Why? because its not his business,Neyo needs to stop being so fake and always talking about someone.Why dont he talk about himself?Like why he wont come out of the closet smh
    Neyo has a new project coming out and thats what he should focus on.Not chris,rihanna,usher ect. smh
    I love neyo’s talent but as a person he really seem shady and i cant deal with that

  11. enufalready July 20, 2010

    Not sure what it is exactly but NE-YO is starting to really work my nerves. How about say something positive and keep it moving.

  12. Blasian July 20, 2010



  13. Janet July 20, 2010

    Ne-Yo makes a good point, let him try to redeem himself/learn from his mistakes. If he does it again believe me I will most definitely be the first one off the Chris Brown bandwagon. On a side note I just want to say that I love Billy Bush… hot and a good interviewer lol.

  14. truthfully July 20, 2010

    Ne-y needs to shut up using chris’s name t stay relevent….

  15. RosaRubbel July 20, 2010

    Mind your own business, Ne-Yo. I think Chris is marked as a ‘Woman Beater’ for the rest of his life. When you talk about Chris there’ll be always people whose 1st thought is ‘Oh the woman beater’. You can’t erase that from him. I’m not interested in his person, I’m interested in his music. People on the outside shouldn’t care about those incidents, because they’ll never know the exact truth.

  16. wtf July 20, 2010

    is chris brown and rihanna the only thing neyo talks about??? gosh i have never heard anyone talk about this old story so muchhhhhhhh….

    i guess the those 2 are the only ones who make him relevant yet none could give a f*** about him..smh

  17. Soulful Roses July 20, 2010

    Ne-Yo is bi-polar. One minute he’s throwing shade at Chris, and the next minute he’s his friend and supporting him. In all honesty, he should just hush on the whole siuation, because he comes off as a fake individual.

  18. Sa_diamond July 20, 2010

    I agree with comments from NEYO 100% I just dont like those comments coming from him
    hes always saying something about someone. Just shushhhhhh!!!

  19. Blasian July 20, 2010

    Why wait for Chris Brown to do it AGAIN?! The next time the girl might end up DEAD!

    Chris Brown knew putting your hands on a woman is WRONG!

    His Mom went Through the samething

    And his reason of doing it was his BLACKED OUT? WTF!

    Chris Brown stated on The Tyra Show ” I will never put my hands on a woman, I seen my Mom go through DV”

    And his actions have showed me that he hasn’t change , crushing out thr Radio DJ, saying F the Music Game on Twitter , acting like a child etc. Chris Brown hasn’t changed

    I’m Happy ppl shout his ass out!

    DV is not a joke Chris Brown could’ve killed Rihanna . Women die from that everyday.

    Chris Brown needs to be where he is today ALONE!

  20. Blasian July 20, 2010

    NE-YO is crazy didn’t he say he didn’t know if Chris Brown crying on the BET Awards was REAL? Okay then NE-YO SHUT THE HELL UP!

  21. Acynicsdream July 20, 2010

    Neyo is right. Rihanna is NOT dead and she has forgiven him. People actually do change.

    AND he apologized yet, we are still giving him giref. Why not focus this attention on Mel gibson who reportedly beat his jumpoff. And leave chris alone.

  22. piat July 20, 2010

    Ne-Yo is one of Rihanna’s trusted songwriters…he wrote “Take A Bow”, “Unfaithful”, “Russian Roulette” and now folks want him to shut up now. He, Tricky Sean Garrett and the Dream are supposed to be penning her next album. Her fans need to not bite the hand that feeds them all those good Ri-Ri songs.

  23. Ankka July 20, 2010

    why on earth are people talking about this 1 hit wonder Christine Brown??
    you know what they say: ONCE A WOMAN BEATER , ALWAYS A WOMAN BEATER!!!
    5 years from now Beat-Her-Down Brown will still be an irrelevant F-L-O-P !

  24. Anonymous July 20, 2010

    Ne-Yo needs to worry about this awful music he’s been releasing lately. He’s on his way to a FLOP!






  26. Addie July 20, 2010

    the level of maturity really shows in some of these comments. *rolls eyes*

    as much as Ne-yo annoys me & flip flops on Chris’ side, he’s right. MOVE THE F*** ON. Chris Brown did nothing to any of you so to hold a grudge on him for something you had no involvement in is stupid! He said his apologies & he doesn’t continue to carry himself as a, what you say, “womanbeater”. He didn’t kill anyone, calm the f*** down & let the man live. If Rihanna can move on, than I don’t understand why Chris Brown is being denied that right as well.

  27. Marquis / Ciara STAN/FAN July 20, 2010

    Team Brezzy!!! lol People Have For Gave Chris WHO Ever Did Not Is Just Ignorant !

  28. Soulful Roses July 20, 2010

    I thought the Rihanna stans were boycotting this site? Looks like that didn’t last long.

  29. Darren July 20, 2010

    please… that f**’s career ended months ago.

  30. sthu July 20, 2010

    UMMMMMMM A MIstake?????? No one beats, bites, chokes anyone by mistake!!! It is always intentional. He has no right to speak on behalf of Rihanna. Nor does he have the right to speak for the world. He can speak for himself. I hope he never has a DV incident because now he is on record to his past of witnessing this first hand with his mother.
    (sounds so familiar)
    People forgive, however CB makes it impossible to forget with his antics, tricks, bipolar behavior, and childish behavior.
    I think he faked the tears, performance EBT awards and the best part of the tribute he wasn’t even in (the suits with the lights was breath takingly awesome). I found the blubbering disrespectful to Michael Jackson and his talent. The dancing was OK but cleary the guys that danced with him kept up. SO?????
    The bottom line is people are past the beating he gave Rihanna. no thanks to his fans. Its just that people dont like Chris Brown hes not a likable person. He doesn’t know who he is so he cant reveal that person to society. too wissy washy

  31. Addie July 20, 2010


    Your comment was very ignorant, especially the “beating up a young beautiful woman” part. so are you saying if he did that to an “old ugly woman” his actions would’ve been just as right? you are a perfect example of the immaturity & lack of sense in this world.

    & btw, his career is greater than whatever it is you’re doing in life. so sit. you have no room to be hating.

  32. Blasian July 20, 2010



  33. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    STFU looking at that picture you look like one big white homo. And I thought all of you were boycotting this site. What happen to you guys hate page on this site. Oh I know no one is going there so you come back here.


    Just can’t stay away.

  34. geronimo deuces July 20, 2010

    Rihanna doesn’t have a choice coz even if she doesnt forgive him the public will….. remember guys she is not the world.

  35. t July 20, 2010

    i like cb- rihanna will get hers.

  36. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010

    Look like all the paid goons are out doing their hate thing which they were paid to do. I wonder why you guys did not comment on Rihanna post yesterday playing with herself?? Oh that’s right you are not getting paid to make comments on her nasty ass. Just Chris

  37. Blasian July 20, 2010




  38. thatgrapejuicesucks July 20, 2010



  39. I GO HARD July 20, 2010



  40. I GO HARD July 20, 2010



  41. I GO HARD July 20, 2010



  42. I GO HARD July 20, 2010



  43. CB STAN July 20, 2010

    He will be known for his MUSIC, his DANCING, his MOVIES, his STYLE, his TALENT. That happened over a year ago, it’s something people won’t forget, but should forgive. I’m not saying what he did was right, I do not condone that at all. BUT you don’t know them and you don’t know what exactly happened. It’s between them! Did he do something to you? Exactly. Everyone deserves a second chance. What if you made a big mistake in your life? You would want a second chance, too right? Nothing different, we’re all HUMAN. If you can’t forgive someone then you have no heart.

  44. I GO HARD July 20, 2010



  45. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    Yes what Chris did was wrong we all know that. You want him to be put in jail, then Eminem, Charlie Sheen should have gone to jail for really beating their women not once but many many times . Eminem almost killed his wife and the media/police know all about it. So why he’s not in jail? Because he WHITE? And there’s another Mel Gibson what?

    Another thing your girl Rihanna singing with Eminem a women beater of all times and you just love that right?

  46. I GO HARD July 20, 2010


  47. I GO HARD July 20, 2010


  48. Keria July 20, 2010

    I agree with the first statement but Ne-Yo who the f*** are you to be saying someone should be blackballed from the world if he does something again (Which will not happen). I wonder if you think other celebs should be blackballed from the world for their repeated offenses. So if your man Jay Z stabs a man again he should be blackballed from the world. I wonder how you feel about Terrence Howard since you fancy him so much……….. Ne-yo is fake and Chris’ aunt said it herself. Ne-yo only hops on board with what’s in. 2 weeks ago the thing was “Were Chris tears real or fake” Ne-yo jumped on that with hidss commment “i dont know” Right now the thing with Chris is forgiviness. Everyone’s saying Chris should be forgiven (but your opinion doesnt matter unless youre Rihanna) But before the trending thing with Chris was to throw him under the bus. That’s what Ne-yo did after the incident happened. I understand you and Rihanna are close and whatever but so was Kanye. Kanye didnt follow the trend ofwhat’s in. Like a week after the incident he was the first to come out of the Jay Z camp and say “Rihanna is like a sister to me” he also say on NATIONAL TV to leave Chris alone but for some reason that was blocked out. hmmm I wonder why >_> Kanye was never fake and back in January him and Chris were in Paris and Milan for fashion week.

  49. X,Y,”and Z” July 20, 2010

    … That interviewer “had an agenda!” He didn’t like Neyo’s first answer, so he asked, in a different way; then again and again!

    Neyo, as most now-relate, is seen as a someone who’ll change his mind and vacillate on said issue, again-and-again; from-day-to-day!

    Here’s how I’d answer HIS/THAT question: “Didn’t/hasn’t America given Charlie Sheen “chance-after-chance”; hasn’t HE been offered “redemption-after-redemption?” Wasn’t it Charlie Sheen’s X-Wife, and former-Bond Girl, Denise Richards, who-said-that Mr. Sheen shoved-her-to-the-ground, while-SHE-held their infant-child, in-her-arms?
    “… Bad-boy Chalie Sheen,” even-after-revelations, ’bout HIS holding-a-knife to-the-throat-of, then threatening and assaulting, the current Mrs. Sheen, STILL enjoys record-ratings for HIS TV-sit-com show! That’s right! … You read-it-correctly: Charlie Sheen’s popularity has YET to diminish! … Oh, and Charlie Sheen is TV’s HIGHEST PAID-ACTOR …!!!!

    Here’s the ratings for Mr. Sheen’s TV sit-com show – “Two and a half men”:

    And it was, the aforementioned Denise Richards, who has publicly-announced, along-with several of Mr. Sheen’s X-GFs/Wives, they’d “make-themselves available” to the Aspen, Colorado Prosecutor, should a “reference/testament” to/of Charlie’s character, or lackthereof be needed!!
    … ’44 y/o Charlie Sheen’s misogyny’ is DECADES-LONG AND WELL-DOCUMENTED!!! Why is-he-SO-deserving, of redemption and NOT 19 y/o Chris Brown?

    That interviewer is a hypocrite, an ignoramus and-certainly-without-question: a racist …!!
    … And Neyo was “said-interviewers-equal”, but-more-so: ignorant, inaccurate, foolish and unobservant of-the-most-obvious; the-most-contradictory; and the-most-worthy to-be-highlighted/and-put-on-blast …!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!

  50. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    We all know what Chris did was wrong so what are you saying? OMG for crying out loud!!!

  51. Keria July 20, 2010

    oh and I forgot. So Ne-yo what do you think of your sister Rihanna working with Eminem; a REPEATED OFFENDER of whooping his Girlfriend’s ass and bragging about it. How ironic? So should he be blackballed from the world……………………………….. *this is for Rihanna stans too and anyone else*

  52. geronimo deuces July 20, 2010

    they are giving away her tickets over here in Toronto canada 🙂
    beyonce, alicia never gave away hers

  53. CIARADABESS July 20, 2010

    I can honestly not give a s***!! if the music is good it is good.

    Chris Brown’s music is ok, his last album was horrible. But just because this situation happened doesn’t mean i will not give him a chance. However, musically he’s just not doing it for me lately. But that doesn’t mean he’s not talented. Hopefully his next album is better.

  54. SHOTS FIRED July 20, 2010



    YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DON’T PUT MORE MONEY INTO THEIR POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    IM OUT.

  55. thatgrapejuicesucks July 20, 2010

    @ plain and simple-

    why you got the throw the RACE card? It’s not about the color of the skin. Celebrities get off too easily b/c they got money and pay people to keep their mouths shut!

    Eminem has already paid his debt to society and got his s*** together. He came back HARD as hell. The difference between Eminem and CB are Eminem recognized his mistakes, took a break, took care of his business and then came back, CB however, showed no remorse for what he did b/c all he cared about was his career and how much it got affected and attempted to make a music comeback just months after the attack happened. Eminem has 2-3 years gap between his albums.

    Point is CB tried to come back too soon while the world was still mad at him. He’s a wimp, a p****, a little b****, spoiled selfish little brat who thinks he’s the next MJ.


  56. The AlexanderTG July 20, 2010

    OK like the issues around this are just so complicated, and be honest, none of us knows exactly what happened that day. You may say he got off lightly because he was a celeb – maybe that’s true – don’t know. Overall though I think Ne-Yo got this right – its pretty much exactly what I wrote weeks back on this site – forgive him this time, but don’t forget and then if he does it again you just put his b*** in jail and throw away the key – and yes the same thing should happen to Gibson tomorrow if that tape is proved to be for real (maybe just do it anyway cause he seems to be a racist s.o.a.b.) And this is coming from a fan of RiRi’s and from a girl – so I know how intimidating guys can be when they’re mad.

  57. geronimo deuces July 20, 2010

    X Y Z

    true they should focus on them whites – charlie sheen & mel gibson

  58. Ok July 20, 2010

    THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @CIARADABESS!

    “I can honestly not give a s***!! if the music is good it is good.

    Chris Brown’s music is ok, his last album was horrible. But just because this situation happened doesn’t mean i will not give him a chance. However, musically he’s just not doing it for me lately. But that doesn’t mean he’s not talented. Hopefully his next album is better.”

    Exactly how i feel!

  59. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! Eminem was on drugs very heavy. That’s why he took that break. And for that song that Eminem and Rihanna you know that one tying his girl to the bed and setting the house on fire. You know the one that says ( you going to sit there and watch me burn) yes you know the rest.

  60. Michele July 20, 2010

    I get sick of hearing people say “he showed no remorse”…just because you didn’t see him remorse in public doesn’t mean he didn’t remorse…you don’t know what this dude went through behind close doors…you don’t know what he’s going through now!

    People have different ways of showing there emotions…and I’m glad that Chris keeps a smile on his face…if he was walking around in public sad and feeling sorry for what he did you guys would laughing and joking, saying “that’s what he gets” “he deserse to be miserable”…so just shut the hell up and stop commenting on what you know nothing about.

  61. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010

    oops! (You going to stand there and watch me burn )

  62. Strawberry July 20, 2010

    What I find sad is the fact that no one wants to talk about Rhiannas’ behavior. People should keep their hands to themselves, be it man or woman. Everyone gave her such an easy out from her own actions it wasn’t even funny. No, he should not have hit her, but she should have kept her hands to herself to begin with. We can call names and throw shade but in the end they will do what they will do.

  63. X,Y,”and Z” July 20, 2010

    @Thatgrapejuicesucks —

    … Are you clairvoyant? Are you a “Psychic Friend?” … No? Then how in-the-hell do you know, what Chris Brown is thinking or feeling? And “The White Rapper” didn’t “take time out, for any said soul-searching,” as it pertains to HIS misogyny; NO! He took 2-years to get-off Cocaine, Extasy, Alcohol and-any-said combination of the aforementioned!

    So please, you’re not fooling anyone; “The White Rapper” got-off, as Charlie Sheen did, as did “Jessie ‘Nazi Salute’ James” has, and-as-surely-will “Mel ‘Lethal Weapon’ Gibson”, all- because-of the-very-same-reason “The White Rapper” sold the numbers-HE HAS: BECAUSE ALL OF THE SAID-MENTIONED WHITE MEN ARE: WHITE MEN…!!

    And before “The White Rapper” gained ‘fame and fortune’ as “the gimmick rapper”, he was beating-on/abusing HIS wife! So any assertions to/of his 2-year absence, due to HIS substance-abuse are false and-if-told: untruths; if-not outright-lies and-are-said to cover the MOST-obvious-fact: “YT” will always-forgive and ‘support their own,’ while “WE” don’t, “consider ourselves-worthy,” of said forgiveness; said kindness; nor said humanity …!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!

  64. thatgrapejuicesucks July 20, 2010

    @ plain and simple-

    are you really that stupid?

    I did not specify exactly what Eminem did wrong. I clearly stated he f’d up and one point in his career, took a proper break, got his s*** together and came back HARD as hell. Eminem recognized his mistakes and that’s why he went into rehab and even reached out to Elton John for support. At one point, Eminem couldn’t even stand gay people but he’s changed a lot over the years and now he supports gay people. He even said so himself. Eminem showed remorse for his actions. CHRIS FLOP didn’t and still doesn’t. All he cares about is his career!. Before Eminem released “Relapse” last year, it had been 5 years since he released “Encore”….Now that 5 year break shows you that Eminem was getting his s*** straight..

    I feel sorry for you that you cannot recognize that!

  65. Trucie July 20, 2010

    @ T, u mean she hasn’t already?

  66. nick July 20, 2010

    f*** all yall rasict chris brown haters charlie always hit his wife and he about fortysomething chris brown is a kid he was only 19 when it happen that one time you haters life must suck if you cant forgive

  67. piat July 20, 2010




    Chris had a number of things working for him to why he got a lighter sentence —>

    1) He had a good attorney
    2) First-time offender for any criminal charge
    3) The victim ‘s legal team worked with Chris’ legal team for a plea deal. If the victim’s legal team didn’t want the plea deal, her team could have declined it and forced a trial.

    DV charges and the punishment vary per state so know your own state laws before saying that Chris Brown would have been in jail for years. I worked for a DV agency in Georgia and first-offenders of DV don’t always get jail time.

  68. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    Drugs is a powerful somethimes it takes that long to clean up. But the fact still remains his song with Rihanna toward the end is showing some kind of DV.

  69. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    You got that right it’s different from State to State

    Rihanna wanted that 50yards away order removed, but the judge said no. If Chris was that bad then why would you want it removed?

  70. Soulful Roses July 20, 2010


    Just quit it with your foolishness, you CRAZED Beyonce stan. You wouldn’t dare type down all the crap you did if we were talking about Jay-Z. You can find him smacking up a women at your nearest Youtube channel. If your going to be oh so against violence be against all of it, because your being a huge hypocrite, no?

    And the nerve of Rihanna stans crucifying Chris for his actions, but in the same breath sweeping Rihannas violent actions under the rug like dust. I just can’t with some of you all….

  71. Oh,brother! July 20, 2010

    I dont like that Ne-yo feels he always has to talk about everyone else but,I do agree with what he said here!

  72. piat July 20, 2010

    There were a number of factors that could have caused Eminem to change his lifestyle…
    1) One of his best friend’s Proof died
    2) He saw other friends die due to drug addiction
    3) His daughter and other children he is caring for….

    mind you Eminem is finally getting his life together after turning 37 years old. Eminem has been publicly rhyming about killing his baby momma and harming other woman like his own mother since he came on the scene at the age of 26 years old. Thank God he is changing his life around but Eminem is just a sinner who has fallen a number of times and has been given the grace by the media to redeem himself.

    The truth is rappers are usually consider “not too nice” guys anyway so if they commit a crime or do something else immoral, then they are not de-bunking the media’s point-of-view of them. R&B and Pop artists are held at the higher standard from rap artists.

  73. Keesha July 20, 2010

    Soulful Roses
    July 20, 2010 at 5:45 pm
    I thought the Rihanna stans were boycotting this site? Looks like that didn’t last long.
    Anyway, I didn’t watch the video, but I just want to say that I was one of the people who did feel that Chris should have taken a break. But on the other hand, I’m just a fan, and I don’t have any control over what Chris does It’s only up to him. Yes, I was disappointed and shocked that he had ever thought to put his hands on a woman, but I realized that I cannot be mad at him forever. I totally agree with Ne-Yo, if Rihanna can realize that what she went through was a lesson not only for her, but for Chris as well, and other people who are going through similar situations, and she can also move on with her life and forgive those that have hurt her, then I have absolutely no choice but to move on from it, especially, since Chris did not hurt me.
    I’ve already said this ^^^ before, many times before actually. It’s sad that some people seem to enjoy holding Chris down.

  74. X,Y,”and Z” July 20, 2010

    @Piat —

    I’ll tell you just-what Chris, “had going for him” and why, he “only got probation!”
    This is what TMZ had said, quoting RIHANNA’S OFFICIAL-STATEMENT

    “We’re told Brown’s people have consulted with outside legal eagles — including law school professors — who have said Rihanna’s own aggressiveness takes it out of the felony category. Sources say Rihanna was the first one to strike — slapping and striking Brown “numerous times” while he was drivΩing, after seeing the text message from another woman. We’re told much of this is reflected in the official police report based on what Rihanna told cops. As a result, they say, this is not a case that demands a felony plea.” <<– Here's the link:

  75. kiki July 20, 2010

    The thing is, no one needs to forgive him… we have no personal connection to Chris Brown. What he did was despicable and many of his old fans have just moved on. There really is no coming back from what he did. If we forgive him or not is irrelevant to his career because none of us will ever be able to forget that horrifying picture.

  76. X,Y,”and Z” July 20, 2010

    @Plain and simple —

    Most people forget, that it was Rihanna herself, who tried to check-into the very same Midtown, NYC Hotel, Chris WAS ALREADY IN-RESIDENCY-AT! They’re pictures of him, “running outta-there” after he got word, that she’d checked in. And that “situation” was referenced by his lawyer during Chris’ Larry King interview!

    I just don’t know how-many-ways to say the same thing — Rihanna became jealous of Chris and started the drama by wilding-out on him, while he drove; more TMZ said-relating info:
    “The big question — will Chris Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, cross-examine Rihanna. As we reported, Rihanna was aggressive with Brown in the car, striking him repeatedly after seeing a text message on Brown’s phone from another woman.” <— Here's the link :

    So we-can-all-now, just see Rihanna, as the-lying; no-talent, do-any-to-stay-relevant; soon-to-be-has been; had-to-sell-her-CD-for $0.99; has-to-how-cancel-concerts; fast-becoming-irrelevant-opportunist that she's well on-her-way-to-becoming …!!!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT!!!

  77. jenn July 20, 2010

    Rihanna is R&B’s Good Girl Gone Bad. And we like her that way! Rihanna has been singing professionally since she was 16. Now you can hear her unique soul sing out at concert events all across the country in her Last Girl on Earth Tour, which began on April 16, 2010. has unbeatable tickets for Rihanna’s current tour.
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  78. bobs July 20, 2010

    You mean scraping his way up from the crusty bottom don’t you?

    This boy couldn’t even deliver A SINGLE LIVE NOTE at the BET awards tribute to MJ. And sorry, but LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE is hitting #1 on the HOT 100 next week, and that’s only gonna make us despise Mr. Brown all the more. And rightfully so.

    Chris has been replaced by Jason DeRulo, Justin Beiber and all the others that sound all the same and deliver the same pop crap.

    Look to DANCING WITH THE STARS as your final option, Chris.

  79. Misty July 20, 2010

    Neyo should just keep quiet on the subject but its true. We are not Rihanna so why should we be more upset than her? Nor are we God to decide whether or not Chris should be forgiven. Let’s just let his talent speak for itself. Some of you may think that personally he’ll never be capable of changing, but at least give him that chance to prove that he has.

    Ne-yo needs to focus on talking about his singles tho, cuz right about now I’m not checkin’ 4 him and he’s using Rihanna and Chris’ names to boost himself up and stay relevant. Maybe he should just stick to a silent task…songwriting!

  80. Nanci July 20, 2010

    And ya’ll gettin’ mad TRUST Rihanna would be with Chris right now if not for her label and Jay-z tellin’ her it would f*** up her money! She doesn’t have a mind of her own! And she definitely didn’t leave Chris to “save lil girls’ lives” She is a mess and just as much to blame as Chris

  81. X,Y,”and Z” July 20, 2010

    @Kiki — (Eardrum-shattering Buzzer-sound) ….. WRONG ..!!!

    Chris has NOW over half-a-million Twitter followers! Chris had sold-out ALL-OF-HIS recent Brasil concert/tour dates! … Not 24 hrs AFTER that MJ tribute, he gained over 40K Twitter followers! And he’s STILL, after being black listed, able to generate web hits and make news!

    During “Graffiti’s initial release,” he had only 170K Twitter followers! I can say, with most-certainty: if “Graffiti” were released today, it’s sales would be “dramatically different!”
    And I “beg-to-differ”: Given the very-nature of “pop culture”, given America’s collective Attention Deficit-Disorder; given Charlie Sheen and “Mel ‘Mad Max’ Gibson’s” now well-documented and yet-still-unfolding transgressions, “Chrianna will be forced out-of/from the National-Conscience/Psyche!!

  82. piat July 20, 2010


    Stephen G. Hill vouched on his twitter (@ stephenghill) that it was Chris’ live voice singing “The Way You Make Me Feel” at the beginning of his performance. Chris can sing at a higher register (The Way You Make Me Feel) as well as sing at a lower register (which is needed to sing “Man in the Mirror”).

  83. Lori July 20, 2010

    Chris Brown fans….Please stop wasting your time arguing with rihanna stans…it pointless…they want to see Chris fail and that all…but they are not GOD so they can wish it, hope for it, speak of it, sing about it, but as long as his fans keep him encourage and keep GOD first…Chris can have all he had before and more.

    Lets end the arguements they will forever hate Chris for no reason…only because of the incident with his famous girlfriend…but none of them really cares about DV

    Go over to twitter or some of his other fansite and chat with the other fans…we all have the same in common.

  84. X,Y,”and Z” July 20, 2010

    @Bobs —

    The fact STILL-REMAINS: “Rihanna is now canceling HER concerts and her tour, is in serious jeopardy of “running completely-aground!” … And yet-worse, she’s-now making-herself-out-to-be – the Industry’s laughing stock and “washed-up 22 y/o …!!” … Not-too-long-from-now, Rihanna and Lindsay Lohan will be guests on “Celebrity Rehab,” and will require Dr. Drew’s round-the-clock assistance for their near-fatal bouts of narcissism and “ambition-exceeding-talent career-ending syndrome …!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!!

  85. X,Y,”and Z” July 20, 2010

    @Lori —

    You’re soooo Right!! But I’m wondering, why is the “The Rihanna Navy” now running-aground? Why aren’t they “out-and-about,” at the local Homeless/Battered Women’s Shelters, Bus Depo, Hospital Emergency Rooms – any place where there’s a “captive audience” – were they can sell ‘The Last Girl On Earth’ tickets ….??

    … Just sayin’ ….

  86. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010

    @XY &Z

    Oh yea!!!! I remember when Chris was at the hotel and Rihanna found out he was there and here she come. I always wondered what that was about. Her coming there.

  87. X,Y,”and Z” July 20, 2010

    @Plain and Simple —

    … “That was about”: Chris laying some “WICKED CJ” on Rihanna and her forgetting “good or bad” bout ‘Feb 8th-09 Chrianna,’ that’s what THAT was-all-about …!!!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT… !!

    P.S. — I’m giving serious-consideration to going and seeing Our Boy, down in Ja, for the upcoming concert-series they’re having down there!

  88. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    totally agree 100%

  89. Soulful Roses July 20, 2010


    You do realize thats Eminems song right?

  90. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    Oh WOW I wish I could go see him, DAMM!!!

  91. RihannaRapeMe!! July 20, 2010

    Rihanna stans want to see chris brown fail? Well theres a limit for “failing” but chris brown surpassed it lool!! its called:


  92. Sunshine July 20, 2010

    What’s more interesting than anything is the photo of her face was reported by Smoking Gun to have been a cropped photo from the officers on the scene. It’s funny how this never hit the media, folks took that picture and ran with it when it was Smoking Gun that clearly stated there were many photos taken of her and cropped on a computer within the LAPD which sparked an internal investigation (BS). Why, do u think the DA kept rejecting this case in the beginning when the photos were already submitted the first time to the DA office? Only when her photo became public the DA took this case. Chris was ill advised and he should have taken this to court on what he thought was love has destroyed him in many ways.

  93. piat July 20, 2010

    X, Y and Z…. you should go and get some video footage for #TeamBreezy who can’t be there. Chris is known to get his “flex” and “wine” on and I would die if he performed to these two songs:

    Major Lazer (sic) –>

    Mad Cobra –>

  94. Yellow Gorilah July 20, 2010

    FORGET WTTTF!! Who the HELL is going to FORGET! ..Nobody will ever FORGET!

    I would understand if he said FORGIVE but FORGET never! Nobody will ever forget what he done to her. So can we please stop saying forget. Some people have forgiven him ok a very few people but a lot of people have not.

    To be honest he was not that great.. He was a good M.J wannabe but that is about it.
    His music is very Cheesy RNB. He was not like Usher or nothing how many number 1s does he even have. His biggest fan base I would say is America outside of America his fan base is very small Compared to others. So his talent might not be great enuff for him to make a come back his songs are not that great for him to make a come back..but hey only time can tell if he will ever make a come back but i doubt it!

    But for me I have not forgiven YET!.. But I Will NEVER FORGET! Sorry
    The Accident will forever now stick with him that is what he is most known for Beaten up Rihanna so he will have to work hard for people to just FORGET =|
    Sorry I’m Just angry at the fact that some people are telling others to FORGET like it was nothing. I’m sorry that is some b******* Rihanna fans will never forget so deal with it!

  95. GangsterA July 20, 2010

    Ne-yo sound fake choose a side and stick to it

  96. chris is a hero July 20, 2010

    if chris had been an island man she would be dead dead dead and gone

  97. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    WOW!! Do you mean to tell me that you did not know that Chris was singing MJ song live when he came on stage?

  98. Soulful Roses July 20, 2010


    Wow…I didn’t know that…

  99. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010

    @Yellow Gorilah

    Who the f*** cares if you forgive him or not. So BYE

  100. caribbeans should B forced to date only each other July 20, 2010

    I personally would never be with a Jamaican man…. Most of them who come here from Jamaica are looking for someone to use and take advantage if not infect them with H**/A***. My girlfriend was with someone who is Jamaican, and he messed her over BAD. He messed up her credit by getting her involved in a scam (She didn’t know it was a scam til it was too late). He always acted like he was mad at the world. I REPEAT, I am not saying ALL Jamaican men are like this, but MOST of them are.

    I am not even going to lie—I won’t mess with a west indian man to save my life and I am west indian! I have had to deal with (on top of everyday relationship problems) being drug in the middle of scams and also physical abuse. The last straw was when my last boyfriend was behind my back getting stolen items sent to my house. The police came to my door and he was sitting right on the couch and denied everything even though they said they would put ME in jail!

    I also think I had one boyfriend who tried to use witchcraft on me because of some strange stuff I found out about.

    I ONLY deal with African American men now and things have been going MUCH better
    It’s true… I know a lot of jamaican men (Not all, but most of them) are A*** infested… I remember before I got saved for real, I was messing with this Jamaican guy who moved here to NY from Jamaica just about a year or two before, and once, when we were intimate… he rolled over and told me, “I have A***”….. Then I just looked at him with TOTAL shock on my face…. and he waited about close to what seemed like forever and told me he was just joking…. But I don’t think he was…. I have been tested several times before AND after then, and the tests come up negative. >>

    I had one boyfriend who I found out was doing God Knows what back in Jamaica. I told him I wanted to use condoms and he had the nerve to slap the crap out of me. He slapped me so hard that blood came out of my nose. The only way he left my house is because I grabbed the phone and pressed 911. He jumped up and left.

    I’ve also have had my feel of being involved in scams by the men I was dealing with. I myself never do anything to break the law, but the men I was involved with was deep in the crap and when the police came into the picture I was left out to dry and I was innocent.

    I have been dealing with African American Christian men and I have had MUCH better luck in my life.

    I think it has a lot to do with the poverty and lifestyle. Almost everyone wants what the people in America has in terms of wealth. They might not want to say it but they do. To be honest it’s not just the men who are not worth much either. I have female family and old friends that I do not even talk to because they are always on a scam or worse.Some of the women can be just as underhanded because of the men. But back to the men, I think what women in the US don’t understand is the west indian man’s mindset. Many (not all) are terrible liars and cheaters. The violence is another thing too. I always tell the few American friends I have made here to NOT get involved with a man fresh from the Islands. You are playing with fire.

    One of my co-workers was dating a man from my homeland–Jamaica—and she told me she thought he was cheating. I told her to just pay attention and if she catches him in lies, then he probably is cheating. so the next week after she told me this, she comes to work with stitches in her forehead. She privately told me that she followed him and caught him going to another woman’s house and when she approached him as he walked to the doorway, he punched he to the ground. Sorry to say but he was illegal so calling the police would do no good.

  101. ElijahHeartsCiCi July 20, 2010

    The ritard stans is really scared of CB’s return haha

  102. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010

    @Yellow Gorilah

    Who the f*** cares if you or Rihanna fans forgive him or not. We just don’t f****** care.

  103. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    You are saying this to say what? I’m lost

  104. Yellow Gorilah July 20, 2010


    The only people buying Chris Brown songs are that lil small ass group #TeamBreezy and The rest of the world don’t care about him. So you really do need people to forgive him because if nobody forgives him aint nobody going to buy his s***. Then he will get Dropped by his record deal then No more Chris brown for you to get horny over, SO HA!

    Your acting like Chris brown is back on top Where is he on the CHARTS! dont think that Fake ass B.E.T performance has saved his carrier because it hasn’t .

  105. The AlexanderTG July 20, 2010

    Well I like to think of myself as a fan of hers rather than a stan ( others might disagree 🙂 ), but for me I’ve got no fears of his return. Personally I hope he gets his life together, learns from all this and moves on. I used to like a fair bit of the stuff he did in the past and I hope he makes more good stuff in the future. If he turns out to be more successful than her in the future – again that’s no problem – as long as she makes songs I like and I can get them off iTunes I’ll be happy – its not that important to me that what I like is liked by the majority of others.

  106. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    Neyo is so damn fake! He is still throwing shade at Chris even through this pretense of trying to act like he know what stank a** Rih-Ho should do!…What is hella real is this: That bytch is the one that needs for Chris to forgive her because she fought him while he drove so I’m sick of ignant people like Neyo talking about what she did when the whole truth has not been released.

    Neyo is a dirty somebody! What he is doing is “reminding Chris haterz about that incident by constantly bringing up the incident,he ain’t slick.I have a good guy friend who is a hellafied queen and that is the kind of stunt he would pulled! Neyo wants Chris!

  107. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    Don’t tell me anything about Chris career. It’s none of your f****** business. Why are you here shouldn’t you be over at Rihanna’s page looking at her playing with her p**** with the mic???

  108. piat July 20, 2010

    @Yellow Gorrillah

    Chris Brown is great friends w/ Polow Da Don and Lil Wayne both of these persons have record labels…..even if Jive were to drop him, he would be eventually re-signed by another record label. And again, you don’t need a record label to drop a mixtape.

  109. Blasian July 20, 2010


  110. piat July 20, 2010

    In Ne-Yo’s defense, everytime he is asked about Chris it is the interviewer (i.e. Billy Bush) who ask the question. People know how close Ne-Yo was to CB and Rihanna so they are going to ask his opinion. Unless he tells his publicity handlers that he refuses to answer any more CB questions, the interviewer will probably continue to ask his opinion. I just ask for consistency when Ne-yo does answer.

  111. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    The only people that feel they are in a position to mark Chris for life as a woman beater are people ‘that think they God”.Instead of you fool a** hypocrites worrying so much about the imperfections of Chris,worry about your own! You know you got some which is why you focus so hard on Chris.

    I will bet that the main bytches be it male or female that call Chris a woman beater have beaten people your damn selves and guess what so has your funky nasty h***** laden drag queen Rih-Ho!

  112. Jazzybelle July 20, 2010

    @ caribbeans should B forced to date only each other

    Anyway Doesnt Neyo have an album coming out ??
    Why dont you talk about your album dude ?

  113. Ladygaga is queen July 20, 2010

    @yellow gorilah yo dumb ass cant even spell career so sit da f*** down b**** where you at on the charts

  114. GOD July 20, 2010


  115. Ladygaga is queen July 20, 2010

    @Yellow Gorilah you cant even spell career so sit da f**** down

  116. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    Neyo is like the typical Rih-Ho stan! Mel Gibson is in the news right now for rendering his baby momma snagger tooth but of course his Black a** ain’t gonna say shyt about that! Like most Black sellouts he has been taught to believe that if the same act is committed by a Black or White person,that the Black person act is somehow worse! Why don’t he gather up his nutz and talk about Mel or Charlies! He don’t have the damn balls,I can’t stand that dude,he is corny and he is a hater!

  117. Ladygaga is queen July 20, 2010

    why are my comments not showing up

  118. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    @ Geronimo Deuces..That’s right,that ho is not the world.I also wanna say that the world is not pre occupied with Rih-Ho as her stans are.Rih stans seem to think that everyone in the world is against Chris!

  119. Sunshine July 20, 2010

    Another thing I find interesting as well is the fact that in January 2009, TMZ ran a story about Rihanna slapping Chris at a club and he walked away. Bystanders saw this happen know one did anything he walked away. The person that wrote the article and the commenter’s laughed at him. TMZ stated that where the police station Chris turned himself in (LA) that they don’t make mug shots public but why Lindsay Lohan mug shot was posted within hours this morning didn’t she turn herself at a LA police station. Rihanna (supposedly) photo was made public against the police procedures why wasn’t Chris mug shot posted as well? It took high status celebs to publically attack Chris before the public jumped on the bandwagon.

  120. S*** July 20, 2010

    You’re most likely to lose an argument with this group because of the pure delusion, (or whatever they’re often sippin’ on). This group often Internet searches Rihanna’s name in hopes of getting in an argument with someone (See: Beyonce Stans). They lurk on people’s pages and then send their “navy” to attack. The Rihanna Stans love their girl (for reasons unknown), but often they take it above & beyond the extreme. They’re sometimes better than Rihanna’s own P.R. They bring up Billboard & RIAA stats in every argument (See Also: Beyonce Stans). Some people in this group make fake hate pages and swarm the comment sections of blogs to start s***. They make up stats when they’re losing an argument. They won’t ever admit to losing an argument, opting to push their point to till the break of dawn. Rihanna Stans are sneaky and often bandwagon with individuals who share the same enemies they do. Word of advice, don’t argue with this group, it’ll just be a headache and time wasted.

  121. Sunshine July 20, 2010

    @S***….that blogger broke down all the artist stans/fans to a tee, I see a great future for that site…lol

  122. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    My biggest issue is that Chris has such bad management.If he had a good PR rep,they would be getting out the info that TMZ wrote.If he had a good PR team,they would point out that Rih-Ho was the aggressor and that she hit him while he drove,which made her a danger to not only them but everyone else on the road.Chris has one sorry a** management staff because they ain’t doing shyt for him!

  123. Soulful Roses July 20, 2010

    ROTFL!…..@SecretVoice is going INNNNNNNN……


  124. Just Being Honest July 20, 2010

    OMG where still on this this happened a year n some change ago and ppl are still busting his balls about it he’s human…. not god WE AS HUMANS MAKE MISTAKE!!!! like i never made a big deal about it u guys get to wrapped up in celebrity lives instead of ur owns he has moved forward so stop acting like he’s going to make the right decision all the time ….dam i mean millions of women around the world get slapped up but u wanna start a movemeant and carry on when chris brown does it what about all those other women out there NO ONE and i repeat NO ONE makes a big deal about it but rihanna gets beat down and ur guys wanna hunt the man down ….smh society is all messed up

  125. Just Being Honest July 20, 2010

    @ sunshine …yea ur right she did slap him but u guys got to remember he also slapped her lil brother in the face with a GLASS BOTTLE so shes agressive …

  126. ADE July 20, 2010

    Ne-Yo needs to shut his trap, no one gives a flying f*** about what he has to say

  127. Sunshine July 20, 2010

    @Secret Voice… That’s not for his PR team but his lawyers which his lawyer said from the jump he wanted to plead guilty. Chris really thought that Rihanna was going to have his back let’s be honest no one would take a felony charge on their first offense unless there was some sort of arrangement behind closed doors and he was left out in the cold hence her 20/20 interview.

  128. Sunshine July 20, 2010

    @Secet Voice…and I will add , I agree Chris management team have done nothing for him.

  129. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    @ Soulful Roses, sometimes I will get slightly worked,up,LMAO!

  130. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    @ Sunshine..Girl I hate to say it but Chris sure was stupid to take the full brunt of that situation when he knew she was the one that initiated the aggression.

  131. kanye shrug July 20, 2010

    ehm it wasnt stupid of him to take the brunt. if he wouldve said that she initiated it then he truly would look mentally ill.

    he will be back. people will miss him. i wish the mess would stop though, matrix, mon copain, not a good look.

    whatever i guess

  132. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010

    @Sercet Voice

    We can say that Chris should have talked but life is funny soon the world will know the truth because a sercet is no longer a sercet when someone else knows. Trust me there is someone or people out there that knows the truth.

    Well I have to go finish what I was doing before 6:00

  133. bobs July 20, 2010

    Chris was not singing at the MJ concert. AT ALL. Please. He was barely dancing.

    Also, Rihanna canceling concerts in the mid-west is a sign of her career running aground? Eminem and Rihanna are about to claim the #1 spot on the HOT 100 Thursday. That’s TWO MASSIVE #1’s this year alone – and sold out concerts across the world. Her current image is too edgy for the bible-belt. So that’s the price she pays for taking artistic risks with her music.

    It’s a little sad and pathetic how everyone defends Chris Brown. A woman beating loser who makes P*** POOR music. Poor dumb lame girls who have a crush… Just transfer you pathetic stanning to Jason Derulo.

  134. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010


    Listen since you love Rihanna so much, why don’t you go on her page and talk nice things about her and watch her having s** with the mic. Because at this point who cares what you say or think. But it seems like you are so worried about him the way you going on and on about him. But wait there are other pictures that your #1 star Rihanna have with her p**** hanging out. Do you want to see that one.

  135. bluekid July 20, 2010

    They are afraid over their at Def Jem, Team Rihanna & Def Jem thought Chris Brown was over, they thought they had murdered him career wise.

    They are afraid and we will see why soon!

    Chris Brown is fixing to resurrect from the dead!

  136. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010

    @Bludkid hi!

    I heard that.

  137. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    @ Plain and Simple….I think for me I may be a little cynical because I just don’t trust the media! They know the same shyt we know about that ho but won’t report it and people are so damn stupid as we can see in these Rih stans,they will believe what they want regardless of the truth. ‘A fool will believe a lie even if they have access to the truth’!

  138. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    @ BlueKid….I sure as hell want to believe you! Please do believe it!

  139. Sunshine July 20, 2010

    @Secret Voice….I agree

  140. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010

    @Sercet Voice

    You are so right

    @Bluekid sorry I spelled you name wrong

  141. Secret Voice July 20, 2010

    LMAO @ Plain and Simple! She looked a scorching mess letting that funky nasty diseased rotted pussay of her hang and I mean litterally hang out!

  142. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 20, 2010

    @Sercet Voice


  143. bluekid July 20, 2010

    @ Plain and Simple

    Believe what I’m saying, it is the truth. Chris Brown is quite and they are scared. They told Rihanna after that fiasco that Chris Brown was done. They promise her that Chris Brown career was over.

    They are using this to see the reaction of people/fans, I wish I was on line when this first came out because I would have shut it down. They plan to use this incident between Chris Brown and Rihanna for the next year. JayZ & Def Jem got money riding on Rihanna, Neyo and Kanye is apart of that Team Rihanna. They are spending big on her next album, I’m predicting a major flop for Rihanna, a major flop I say!

    All the p**** in the world isn’t going to get Def Jem their money back and you can’t stop the forces. When the forces are against you, there is nothing you can do. Rihanna next album is going to be a cross between Brittany Spears & Aliyah. Sounds good! But she want be able to deliver it live.

    They are scared! The resurrection of Chris Brown is going to be more than they can bare.

  144. bluekid July 20, 2010

    Neyo, just like any other gay man is going to take up for his bi-sexual counter part Rihanna. Rihanna has no regards to her p****, anybody can get it, Rihanna is a carpet muncher at the end of the day it’s not where her p**** has been, it where her mouth will be, that is why she has h***** sores on her lips.

    I love Trent and Sam, but I try to stay off of Rihanna post, because she is so irrelevant to me. All she has is this fiasco she had with Chris Brown. This is no longer a media event, its a fan fight affair. As long as fans love Chris Brown there will be post wars and as long as people hate Rihanna there will be post wars.

    What Def Jem and Jay’z/LA Reid fail to understand blogger ‘s will fight on the blog, but want go see that cows concert. On toya there are like 3 people that are fans of Rihanna, most here are Beyonce fans. About 3 Rihanna fans LOL! They will probably beef up Rihanna stage back ground trying to hide the fact that she can’t sing.
    The economy is getting harder and they are cutting off unemployment insurance, I’m telling you next year people are not willing to spend money on some chick with a mic in her p****.

    Rihanna Team is scared.
    Neyo needs to mind his own business, in Africa they are hanging people that has his demeanor.

  145. bluekid July 21, 2010

    To try and recoup their money they are hoping to bring out a major hit album for Rihanna, as they said a Micheal Jackson hit. LOL!

    They will start throwing out the kitchen sink , Chris Brown, everything, I’m saying everything to use to sell this next album. Once again this w.h.o.r.e will run Chris Brown threw the hot charcoals. As some say, she was the one that was hit, so she can say it all she wants, true Chris Brown gave her that power and only the Lord can take it away. Neyo playing God, Neyo needs to set down before some one forget he’s straight and gay bash his a**.

  146. Soulful Roses July 21, 2010


    You speak truth, but you are funny as hell…. 🙂

  147. bluekid July 21, 2010

    Rihanna is a weak black woman, she has know back bone! I put this in the Lords hands, because American black like Neyo, JayZ, Rihanna, Beyonce are stupid.

  148. bluekid July 21, 2010

    Soulful Roses

    July 21, 2010 at 12:04 am


    You speak truth, but you are funny as hell…. 🙂
    In the real, I be telling people things and I be truthful and they practically be on the floor laughing.

    I’m not even trying to be funny! I don’t understand

    I’m serious too! I’m glade you got a laugh! 🙂

  149. Secret Voice July 21, 2010

    Thank you Sunshine and Plain and Simple!

    @ Bluekid……………..Girl I fell out laughing when her label tried to compare that ho to Michael Jackson! Somebody is on that stupid stuff for real! It’s like people think people are supposed to feel sorry for her because she lost a fight that she started with a then man-child!There are women and some men who are really dealing with domestic abuse but honey she ain’t it!

  150. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 21, 2010


    I don’t care what they pull, the people really got a taste of her ass already. She really showed the world what she is really made of.

  151. yuuuy July 21, 2010

    I feel Ne-yo is being such a hypocrite it’s like there are so many things out there that could make one believe Ne-yo hates Breezy, as for those who say Chris is and will always be a woman beater then I guess Rihanna is and will always be a sister cruching a glass over her brother’s head!!!

  152. LyfCherisher July 21, 2010

    I think that honestly, God’s time is the best 4 CB…Its not longer anyone’s job to descrimin8 or judge..He said soory and i believe now the world knows he meant it…We should all get back to living our own lives and let him do the same if he’s [rayed abwt it then God’s 4givness is all that should matter…We cant judge cus we aintperfect…all works in progress
    Forgiving him might help him not make this mistake again..

  153. Badd July 21, 2010

    This is getting to be ridiculous.
    Neyo just did this so he could be apart of the
    whole things and give himself some needed publicity,
    Why is he still talking about the Rihanna/Chris incident ???
    It’s OVER !!!
    The world has already forgave him.
    (Not sure why it took so long..because
    it wasn’t totally on him…..,,
    But that’s a whole new post.)
    He performed on the BET Awards.
    & it’s done.

  154. noodles July 21, 2010

    DV is not a joke. We all know that. But why can’t we give Chris a second chance to prove himself? Some will say he’ll always be a women beater. But you know what what he did was DEAD wrong and it happened once. Since then he hasn’t laid his hands on anyone. I remember I saw the video of this lady cursing him out calling him all sort of names that he later on said he heard but decided to keep it moving…anyways the point is if he was really abusive and such a women beater he would have whooped that lady’s ass for example. Is it really true that Chris can’t change his ways? Who are you to say that? You sound so dumb when you make statements saying he will always be the way he was that night. It is VERY possible to change your ways. Thats like saying a drug addict can’t be clean. If you are really serious about changing your ways you can be who you want to be. And who are ya’ll to say he isn’t serious? I’ve seen nothing but good progress reports from him in court. He seems pretty serious with getting it together. So for anyone to say he’ll always be that person he was Feb 8 2009 is just b******* to me cuz you don’t know that. Yes DV is a serious issue. But if you take it so seriously why aren’t more people worried about getting these young men help so they can be better people? We never seem to take that seriously. We always wanna point fingers and call these men all types of names but these men aren’t gonna change if we always put them down and write them off for a horrible choice they made. And I think with DV we should focus on getting victiums help and getting the men some consueling. When you catch something like this the first time before it continues I think it makes it possible for change to happen. Chris deserved alot of things for what he did. But he doesn’t deserve to be lonely and not have a second chance a living his life. If you don’t like him who cares just stop trying to suggest what he will be in the future. And I’m not even gonna bother with the flop comments lol. All I know is I agree if he EVER does this again its a wrap but you can’t write someone off for this espically when they seem to take it seriously. I think he is doing fine with coming back lately. I’ll always be rooting for him.

  155. StayMad July 21, 2010


  156. Really July 21, 2010

    Black women will never learn. Keep defending CB’s actions.

  157. bluekid July 21, 2010

    @ Secret Voice & Plain and Simple

    Anybody with a mind can see that Rihanna is a joke and it has nothing to do with domestic violence, it has everything to do with Rihanna career and Def Jems money. It must be a sad day in hell that all a couple of black men have in mind is how to destroy a young black mans career, not to say he gave them the power to do so. But the Lord will intervene at some point in time, and that’s what frightens them the most.

    You don’t see it now, but one day that felon conviction will help Chris Brown in a might way and all these gays talking down on him are going to wish they where felons at the end of the day because that will be the only thing that will save their a**. I’m talking way over some head, but those in the know, know just what I’m talking about.

    Cocaine is a powerful drug, and at the end of the day I will have more money than Rihanna.

  158. Really July 21, 2010

    BTW – Rihanna will have her 7th Billboard Hot 100 #1 song on Thursday. Just saying. You can hate her all you want but she’s still prospering. Haters never prosper.

  159. LyfCherisher July 21, 2010

    Ani1 who’s still mad is just tryin 2 do rihanna’s job of hatin on a really talented boi who made an honest mistake for which he has apologised…If he was ur son, u wudnt want ppl to stayy mad @ him…jus cus he’s a celeb dont mean he’s not human & eligible to make mistakes thats what being young is all about…makin mistakes and learnin from them….Sometimes life dishes you these things that turn u upside down just so you learn to live the right side up..thats wat CB’z been through…plus it aint ur bizness to be mad…

    Ne-yo just wants to have a voice…which isnt necesarry
    Rihanna just abused the sympathy evry1 gave her by going a a f*** spree and now it seems that she is takin a downward spiral….What ever happnd that nite remmbr- it takes two to tango….thats that!

  160. noodles July 21, 2010

    July 20, 2010 at 9:50 pm
    You’re most likely to lose an argument with this group because of the pure delusion, (or whatever they’re often sippin’ on). This group often Internet searches Rihanna’s name in hopes of getting in an argument with someone (See: Beyonce Stans). They lurk on people’s pages and then send their “navy” to attack. The Rihanna Stans love their girl (for reasons unknown), but often they take it above & beyond the extreme. They’re sometimes better than Rihanna’s own P.R. They bring up Billboard & RIAA stats in every argument (See Also: Beyonce Stans). Some people in this group make fake hate pages and swarm the comment sections of blogs to start s***. They make up stats when they’re losing an argument. They won’t ever admit to losing an argument, opting to push their point to till the break of dawn. Rihanna Stans are sneaky and often bandwagon with individuals who share the same enemies they do. Word of advice, don’t argue with this group, it’ll just be a headache and time wasted.
    OMG I read that on this one site before lol! Its so true! I love how they always post her Billboard facts when we are talking about chris on a career comeback on a CHRIS BROWN post lol. Like who cares! Its pointless to argue about careers with Rihanna stans. They’ll always bring up old news instead of something in the present. Thats how they sleep at night.

    Rihanna forgave him so who are we not to? I’ll wait….Cuz it seems I can never get an answer to why we can’t frogive a guy that Rihanna and God forgave. People can change. I’m pretty sure we have all done something in our lives that we wouldn’t want to be remembered for. Probably you too have done soemthing at a young age that was wrong and haven’t done it again. But you wouldn’t like to be labeled for it even though you are no longer that person would you? Why is that so hard for people to understand. Say you stole something from a store I guess and you no longer steal. Is it fair for me to label you as a theif for the rest of your life even though its not a contiunued pattern? Smh. Just pray he can change his ways if you’re serious about DV.

  161. LyfCherisher July 21, 2010

    Im nt defending his actions I ws very dissappointed and thought he knew better but obviusly he didnt so he must do the time which he is and life must go on…4 him too..Trust me I kno domestic violence… I come 4rm a country where its like a part of ur marriage certificate i dont condone it…but i beleive in God so i know there is forgiveness

  162. bluekid July 21, 2010


    July 21, 2010 at 1:10 am

    Black women will never learn. Keep defending CB’s actions.
    Black men come from black women, so you dirty white cracker go to hell with that zhit. A black woman love her child just has much as she loves her self.

    And why is white folks taking up for old fart has cracker Mel Gibson.

    You damn right we are going to take up for ours you white bytch.

  163. noodles July 21, 2010

    Isn’t Love The Way You Lie Eminem’s single? What does Rihanna having her 7th number one single (even though the credit really goes to eminem for this one) have to do with anything? Lol. And thats why you don’t argue with Rihanna stans. I have nothing against Rihanna but her stans are a mess lol. You can throw her numbers in my face all day and you can throw past album sales in my face until the day you die but what does that matter? I live in the present of CB’s future. You can say he is over if thats what helps you sleep but it always sounds like the ones who say that are trying to prove it more to themeselves then to the fans….just saying lol. I wish everyone good luck.

  164. bluekid July 21, 2010


    July 21, 2010 at 1:12 am

    BTW – Rihanna will have her 7th Billboard Hot 100 #1 song on Thursday. Just saying. You can hate her all you want but she’s still prospering. Haters never prosper
    We don’t hate her we hate you!

  165. bluekid July 21, 2010


    July 21, 2010 at 1:12 am

    BTW – Rihanna will have her 7th Billboard Hot 100 #1 song on Thursday. Just saying. You can hate her all you want but she’s still prospering. Haters never prosper

    If Rihanna doing so good why is she canceling concerts and going to smaller venues???????

  166. bluekid July 21, 2010

    This is killing Rihanna and you are making Chris Brown relevant with this zhit.

    Like anything else you Team Rihanna is going to turn this lemon in to lemon aid for Chris Brown.

  167. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 21, 2010


    Oh yea this is killing her because I know she or someone in her Camp read these blogs. Drake said it they do read some of the blogs.


    Why is eveybody saying that Rihanna # whatever. When I last looked the song is Eminem’s song which she ft. on.
    You really must want Rihanna’s p**** hanging ass.

  168. X,Y,”and Z” July 21, 2010

    @Really —

    Is she really-on-HER “7th Billboard Hot 100 #1 song?” … AND SO WHAT? Why do you feel so-compelled to share such extraneous information with us? … It sure ain’t helping Rihanna, did it help her sell ‘Rated-R’, or help-her fill those “supposedly sold-out concert-venues?” … NO …!!!

    Truth-be-told(?), Rihanna is a LOSER! Rihanna is a Money Loser! After the publicity, and near-sainthood given-her, resulting from ‘Feb 8th-09 Chrianna,’ and-her-THEN having to sell her CD for $0.99?! And now, the-fact-that she can’t even downsize her concerts(?!), she’s canceling ’em, OUTRIGHT …!!!!

    @Blue_Kid, Plain and Simple, Geronimo Dueces and the rest of TeamBreezy, I hope y’all are noticing this: Rihanna is canceling her concerts OUTRIGHT; she’s-NOT-even “downsizing to smaller venues,” she’s canceling ’em OUTRIGHT!!!
    I read the Neilsen TV-ratings for her 20/20 interview, do y’all know, 8-million people watched THAT interview? I mean, I’m left awe-struck by-that-one most-cogent of fact: 8-Million watched you, and-you-THEN are-forced-to-sell-your CD for $0.99; and-now, you can’t sell concert-tickets …?!

    Listen-to-me, after all that-was-given Rihanna; after all the Million$ spent by Def Jam, only-to-now have ‘Rated-R’ flop and have ‘The Last Girl On Earth’ Tour fail as-IT-has; if YOU were a financier, would-you-NOW back/underwrite/finance Rihanna’s NEXT CD or Tour? I know, given “Brand Rihanna’s poor ROI” (Return On Investment) I wouldn’t …!!

    I’ll close by saying this: Take a good-long look at Rihanna; fill your-eyes-up, she’s NOT “long-for the Pop-Culture Landscape!”

    … Can-anyone-say “Alexis Jordan …!!!”

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT … !!!!

  169. bluekid July 21, 2010


    O’ Yea, they read these blogs it was me that told them right here on TGJ that Matt Kemp had another woman on his myspace page. LOL!

    Yup! They read the TGJ! I’m pretty sure Neyo people is reading this, like he’s God, get out of here with that zhit Neyo, It wasn’t your a** that forgave him in the end it was the Old mighty white man him self, you know the one, Yea!

    I’m trying to be talk clean, but Neyo makes it so hard, like he will give the okay to banned Chris Brown.

    When the White man who runs the zhit of all zhit says let it go you know Neyo you got to let it go. You are just trying to put your five cents in something you have no control over. So sit your raggedy gay a** down and adopted that baby and pretend like you are a man getting some p****.

    Neyo, you say you’re straight but your eyes say you gay and your lips say I’ll suck a dik in a minute! Get out of here with that zhit you will have your turn in the fire of fu@kups, just wait your turn it’s coming. I bet you want to be forgiven just like Kanye West ah!

  170. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 21, 2010


    I like Alexis Jordan she can really sing and dance plus she’s very pretty

  171. bluekid July 21, 2010

    @ X,Y,”and Z”

    I agree with you 100% ROFL “Alexis Jordan”!

  172. Steez2010 July 21, 2010

    I guess the USUAL SUSPECTS are back from out of hiding, LOL! Don’t you guys have better things to do than stalk Chris Brown posts? That is a serious question for the slow ones…

  173. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 21, 2010


    Yep that f** got the e-mail/twitter fron his camp about what the blogs are saying about the shade he throw at Chris. Now he is here again for what the damage is done already.

    Ne-yo how’s Toyko getting any hits lately. You know young boys.

  174. geronimo deuces July 21, 2010


    July 20, 2010 at 11:34 pm

    @ Plain and Simple

    Believe what I’m saying, it is the truth. Chris Brown is quite and they are scared. They told Rihanna after that fiasco that Chris Brown was done. They promise her that Chris Brown career was over.

    the fooled her, remember how she was laughing at chris? the swine flu joke? i feel sorry for her

  175. BENJAMIN July 21, 2010

    I am a fan of Neyo, but I believe he is wasting his time talking about Chris Brown, and should be talking about his album. And can we PLEAZZE drop this damn issue.

  176. Secret Voice July 21, 2010

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest1

    It’s funny to see these ridiculous a** Rih-Ho stans cry and moan while saying Chris fans defend his actions yet their azzes are mute on the fact that she hit him as the aggressor! I make no apologies when I say ‘I have no sympathy for a dumb bytch that starts a fight with a man taking an a** whooping because she should have known better than to be hitting the man in first place!The aggressor is never a victim but what they are is a “damn fool” especially if they end up getting that a** kicked!

    What is hella real is that the people that call Chris woman beater don’t give a damn about Shaniqua getting her a** kicked by LeRoy down the street,so what makes this h***** infested bytch so special? NOT A DAMN THANG!

  177. Secret Voice July 21, 2010

    Hypocrisy at it’s finest !

  178. Secret Voice July 21, 2010

    Someone ask “Can we drop this issue?…Honestly if Rih-Ho had come out and told that she was the aggressor as was stated in the initial statement and also if the media had reported the story FAIRLY,I don’t believe it would still be a touchy issue…

    To see a bytch who knows damn well she initiated the event sit on her ripe a** and pretend to be a victim does not sit well! It doesn’t sit well to see her stans sit on their dumb azzes and talk about ‘how wrong it was for Breezy to have hit her while saying nothing about her hitting him.I can just see that funny looking ho “purposely crying real loud” simple because she Chris wanted another woman!

  179. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 21, 2010

    Nothing good is going to come out of this for Rihanna. I don’t care how much money JayZ/DefJam put into her. They are going to see KARMA knocking at their doors. Look It started already just look at her concerts.

    They are showing a mug shot of Lohan. I wonder why we never seen Chris mug shot? Was it because his face was bad also. Someone is going to get that picture just like they got hers and post it all over the web.

  180. bluekid July 21, 2010

    @ Geronimo Deuces
    they did more than fool her, they lied to her! Neyo & JayZ told her Chris Brown career was done. They got their lynch men on here trying to bad mouth Chris Brown, but I got the Snapple that will put their a** in check.

    I will use it when needed, cocaine is a hellava drug, ask Rihanna!

  181. geronimo deuces July 21, 2010

    cocaine is a hellava drug, ask Rihanna! – LMAO

    poor thing, and also I dont see her covergirl commercial anymore i guess its DONE

  182. geronimo deuces July 21, 2010

    sorry its not done its a WRAP : )

    its cb turn to laugh

  183. bluekid July 21, 2010

    Shirley Sherrod was harassed, fired and discriminated against because the media took her words out of contents. Chris Brown is being harassed for a crime that took place that he did not start. Rihanna needs to come forward and stop the hate between the fans.

    It’s not Neyo places to speak on this matter, but Rihanna, all this fighting back and forward on the internet will not make Rihanna relevant. It’s hurting Rihanna and making Chris Brown more and more relevant. The more they keep beating down Chris Brown more and more white entertainers come out the wood work with worst behavior. LOL!

  184. bluekid July 21, 2010

    @ Geronimo Deuces

    This fighting amongst the fans has hurt her more than anything. Rihanna needs to come out and put a stop to it, her remaining silent will only hurt her more.

    You’re not bankable when there is so much turmoil surrounding your name.

  185. bluekid July 21, 2010

    @ Geronimo Deuces,

    Good night Geronimo Deuces 🙂

  186. geronimo deuces July 21, 2010

    good night bluekid its 12am here too c u tomorrow

  187. Keesha July 21, 2010

    Yellow Gorilah
    July 20, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    The only people buying Chris Brown songs are that lil small ass group #TeamBreezy and The rest of the world don’t care about him. So you really do need people to forgive him because if nobody forgives him aint nobody going to buy his s***. Then he will get Dropped by his record deal then No more Chris brown for you to get horny over, SO HA!

    Your acting like Chris brown is back on top Where is he on the CHARTS! dont think that Fake ass B.E.T performance has saved his carrier because it hasn’t .
    You don’t get what @Plain and Simple is saying. @Plain and Simple is saying that no one cares whether YOU forgive Chris or not.

  188. Keesha July 21, 2010

    Ladygaga is queen
    July 20, 2010 at 9:22 pm
    @yellow gorilah yo dumb ass cant even spell career so sit da f*** down b**** where you at on the charts
    Exactly! LMBO!

  189. Keesha July 21, 2010

    July 20, 2010 at 9:50 pm
    You’re most likely to lose an argument with this group because of the pure delusion, (or whatever they’re often sippin’ on). This group often Internet searches Rihanna’s name in hopes of getting in an argument with someone (See: Beyonce Stans). They lurk on people’s pages and then send their “navy” to attack. The Rihanna Stans love their girl (for reasons unknown), but often they take it above & beyond the extreme. They’re sometimes better than Rihanna’s own P.R. They bring up Billboard & RIAA stats in every argument (See Also: Beyonce Stans). Some people in this group make fake hate pages and swarm the comment sections of blogs to start s***. They make up stats when they’re losing an argument. They won’t ever admit to losing an argument, opting to push their point to till the break of dawn. Rihanna Stans are sneaky and often bandwagon with individuals who share the same enemies they do. Word of advice, don’t argue with this group, it’ll just be a headache and time wasted.
    Exactly! A bunch of delusional idiots! LMBO!

  190. noodles July 21, 2010

    July 21, 2010 at 6:01 am
    Yellow Gorilah
    July 20, 2010 at 9:00 pm

    The only people buying Chris Brown songs are that lil small ass group #TeamBreezy and The rest of the world don’t care about him. So you really do need people to forgive him because if nobody forgives him aint nobody going to buy his s***. Then he will get Dropped by his record deal then No more Chris brown for you to get horny over, SO HA!

    Your acting like Chris brown is back on top Where is he on the CHARTS! dont think that Fake ass B.E.T performance has saved his carrier because it hasn’t .
    You don’t get what @Plain and Simple is saying. @Plain and Simple is saying that no one cares whether YOU forgive Chris or not.
    “Where is he on the charts?” FAIL! Go check boo boo. I’m not saying CB is number one right now but atleast he still makes it on the charts! And horny over? HA! Sounds like someone is in denial lol. You along with all the other negative posters seem a little scared about the after math of this “fake ass performance”. If you were that confident you wouldn’t post basically the same words on where his career stands over and over again. You forgiving Chris doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Espically where forgiveness counts in life.

  191. Keesha July 21, 2010

    July 21, 2010 at 1:12 am
    BTW – Rihanna will have her 7th Billboard Hot 100 #1 song on Thursday. Just saying. You can hate her all you want but she’s still prospering. Haters never prosper.
    Um, no one is hating on Rihanna, at least I’m not. Good for her for getting a #1 song. The whole world will rejoice at her getting her 7th #1. Yay!
    You get what I’m saying?

  192. Keesha July 21, 2010

    July 21, 2010 at 1:28 am
    Isn’t Love The Way You Lie Eminem’s single? What does Rihanna having her 7th number one single (even though the credit really goes to eminem for this one) have to do with anything? Lol. And thats why you don’t argue with Rihanna stans. I have nothing against Rihanna but her stans are a mess lol. You can throw her numbers in my face all day and you can throw past album sales in my face until the day you die but what does that matter? I live in the present of CB’s future. You can say he is over if thats what helps you sleep but it always sounds like the ones who say that are trying to prove it more to themeselves then to the fans….just saying lol. I wish everyone good luck.
    I’m right with you on that Noodles 🙂

  193. noodles July 21, 2010

    And after watching the video of what Ne-Yo said it really just puzzles me about the people who feel Chris deserves to be hated and lonely. SO much about stupid comments like that truly puzzle me just like Ne-Yo said. I have seen people who work wit hsituations like these but they are willing to let him move on and give him one more chance. Why is it people with an intelligent look on situations like these (not to say some of you haven’t been through it though) can actually be forgiving. But simple basic hating ass people who post on blogs all day wanna hold a grudge? So I’m foing to really take in what Ne-Yo said this time because he has seen domestic violence but he can forgive and let Chris have one more try at proving himself. I have yet to find an intelligent answer on why thats so hard to do? Not to be mean or sound like a jackass but he didn’t beat your ass. And its not to be funny cuz its serious but if Rihanna can move on why can’t the world? Like seriously…and when you ask serious questions like that all you hear is…..crickets!!! Because of course there is no reason for people not forgiving Chris Brown. He still says many stupid things out his motuh sometimes (like most young people do) but people fail to realize alot of men placed in his situation wouldn’t have owned up to it. Chris never denied what he did. He never made any excuses for his actions (even though people claim he did all the time…but yet when I ask when….CRICKETS!) he takes the punishments he got seriously and most importantly Rihanna forgave him. I don’t know when we all missed the part when she said it but she said this a while ago. So whats with all that Chris Brown is just this horrible guy that deserves to be hated by everyone and be lonely stuff? I truly don’t understand can someone explain? ….don’t worry I’ll wait for an answer because I know it will be good lol. Domestic Violence is serious but I think for all the ones still hating on him they don’t really think about the situation in whole they just want something to hate on thats all I think that is. I’m not saying he is an angel or the sweetest person on Earth but why write him off as a bad guy at such a young age without giving him a second chance and FORGIVING(like alot of people get in this world)? I’ll wait…..oh wait I forgot the only words we seem to know these days are “women beater, fist, flop, etc.” nothing serious can be discussed without those words and immature names. I see when dealing with the type of people who still hold this grudge you’ll get a response with those type of words. Smh. And then people have the nerve to sit here and try to smh at who someone supports. You look stupid judging someone on their flaws trying to define them but really that only defines yourself!

    Sorry for the long post lol.

  194. The AlexanderTG July 21, 2010

    OK – as one of her more ‘normal’ fans (I hope) of course she was wrong to instigate the whole thing in the car, but it was probably just a spontaneous outburst when she saw the text message – was Chris cheating on her or not, I’ve no idea – but that’s obviously what she thought. BUT, that doesn’t dissolve Chris of all responsibilty – basically he over-reacted and used a lot more force on her than she’d used on him. Does every girl who ever slaps a guy deserve to be beaten up? – you guys have just got to remember that the force you might use on another guy is going to cause a lot more damage to a girl. If I was to apportion blame I’d say it was maybe 33% RiRi’s fault and 67% Chris’s.
    Still like I said before I just hope they both get on with their lives and I wish suceess in the future for Chris just like I do for RiRi

  195. AUTUMN July 21, 2010

    i’m sorry….if YOU were to apportion blame? WHO are you??? How did you come up with such specific numbers?…you don’t know anything about what happened in that car…please pull out a chair and use it


  196. noodles July 21, 2010

    I don’t give a damn who started it anymore. I’m a big fan of Chris. And well Rihanna….I really don’t give a f*** what she does but I don’t hate her. Its just so old lets all be reasonable! 2 stupid young people let a situation get out of hand that night. They BOTH did some things that shouldn’t have took place. But s*** happenes. And when it happens your life doesn’t stop. You make the most of your mistake and own up to it and move on! Wtf do some of ya’ll look like calling Chris and Rihanna all these names? If their was an award for a horrible person I don’t think Chris or Rihanna would win that award lol. Some of ya’ll posting this dumb s*** would! Move on!

  197. The AlexanderTG July 21, 2010

    The numbers weren’t meant to be specific I meant like 1/3 to 2/3rds ok. Who am I? – nobody, somebody – just like everyone else here I guess. And of course I don’t know exactly what went on in the car – just from the police reports like everyone else. Just my opinion that’s all – I’m not like setting myself up as some supreme court judge or anything. Just seems to me RiRi came off worse that day from what I’ve seen – and yes of course I know Chris came off worse overall for over a year now. The key point I was making was that guys being on the whole a lot stronger than girls need to know their own strength and not go overboard – if they do they get more of the blame. Just my opinion that’s all

  198. Secret Voice July 21, 2010

    @ AlexanderTG….No offense but I ain’t even trying to hear what you are saying! Like any other Rih-Fan or just a Chris hater,you are acting like it’s okay if a woman hit a man and then you wanna cry foul when a man hit the woman back! Truth is, NO ONE should hit the next person.Chris may have over reacted but he reacted to and ACTION that was put upon him by Rih-Ho! I am sick and tired of people acting like that bytch was hurt so bad,when infact she was hit in a car while Chris was driving .There are women who are dealing with real abuse that required long hospital stays and they were unrecognizable!

    Rih is just a dumb bytch that started a fight with a man and the bytch lost the fight abd then tried to play the ultimate victim.Now you can think she is the ultimate victim all you want but I am not the one that thinks that!

  199. Renae July 21, 2010

    What about Charlie Sheen????? Chris Brown deserves a chance, and why are we still speaking on this. Black people love to hold one another down, but will support others who have done the same or worse.

  200. PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 21, 2010


    Everyone that gets arrested get a mug shot picture and the media make sure it’s viewed by millions. Now the world never saw Chris mug shot picture, WHY? Is it because his face was so brused up and they knew that Rihanna could not say this was DV? but they made sure they showed the world a picture of Rihanna.

    Ms. Lohan mug shot picture is all over the web. Where is Chris mug shot picture?

  201. IMAFANOFBOTHENDOFF July 21, 2010



  202. bluekid July 21, 2010

    RiRi ain’t brave she just a w.h.o.r.e, all w.h.o.r.e.s put on a front of bravery, because they got to get out, on that street corner and sell! sell! sell!

    And that is what RiRi is doing selling that p****!

  203. yuuuy July 21, 2010

    @royalkev I know rite!? the last time I checked he said what breezy had done wasn’t to be forgiven and to be forgotten, then b4 he said breezy smelled bad, then said with you was the same beat he’d used for one of his songs!! Srly maybe he’s just in love and was rejected by breezy (oooh gosh I’m being mean!!) but srly he needs to take a position and shut up!!!!!

  204. The AlexanderTG July 21, 2010

    If you re-read what I said and what you replied we’re not so far from saying the same thing. Like I said what she did was wrong and like you agreed he maybe over-reacted. Like others have said that’s why he wasn’t treated as harshly by the law as he would have been if he’d started it. The fact that he’s been treated harshly outside of the law by the media and so on is another thing and I think the media have been way over the top and out of line. As I said I wish Chris every success in the future – so no I don’t hate him – I don’t see why I should hate someone just because they have problems with someone whose music I like – and if he brings out new stuff that I like I’ll buy it just like I did his old stuff.
    To be honest I don’t know – maybe you’re right on this – on the balance of probabilities I don’t tend to go with the ‘he was stitched up’ conspiracy theory, but hey that’s just my opinion – I’m no wiser than anyone else.
    Sorry guys if my comments make me sound like some kind of feminist man-hating b*tch over all this – they weren’t meant to – I thought I was being fairly reasonable.

  205. yuuuy July 21, 2010

    Gosh I’m such a huge fan of Brown’s and a hater of Rihanna’s (becase I think she doesn’t deserve have the credit the public gives her whether it’s for her career-cos she can’t sing- or for her victim position cos she isn’t) Chris was DAMN wrong to beat her up, I know none of ’em but I THINK Brown’s over reaction was just a result of months of accumulation with her attitude!! I guess all I’m tryna say is that this incident hasn’ t changed how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Brown’s music as much a it hasn’t changed my HATERY for Rihanna’s!! NOw it has only increased the feeling I have that she is such a hypercrite, cos she says she’s forgiven him but never looses a chance to talk about that (like on GMA, just the day her album was out, she decided to open up and say he had no soul in his eyes for heaven’s sake who says that!!???) As for C.Brown I think he needs to learn to stop his spontanous reactions on twitter LOL!

  206. Thawane July 21, 2010

    Wow!!! I agree with the NE-YO Chris deserves a second chance to Rihanna, he missed more every human makes mistakes, and Rihanna just would not stay with him on account that she did not want to lose the fame, but if she returned with him, she did not lose its fame because her fans would be on her side all the time, but unfortunately she does not think so, then that leaves her with a baseball player who ever hit a woman, and let’s see if it lasts the dating … And Chris Brown ball forward as the queue goes ……………………

  207. Keesha July 21, 2010

    @Noodles I agree with everything that you have said. 🙂

  208. Fu@K NE-HO July 21, 2010

    I am sick of flip flopping Ne-Ho pick a lane driver and stay in it! When Eminen beats his wife no one complained. When Charlies Sheen shot his wife, no one complained! When Steven Seagal beat his wife Kelly Lebrock no one complained. When Sean Penn beat and r**** icon Madonna, no one complained! Now, when 19 year old Chris Brown has a fight with a fool who hit him 1st HE NEEDS TO FOREVER WATCH HIMSELF? What type of b******* it that? I HATE YOU NE-HO, can’t wait until your double life is finally exposed. GAY-ass…

  209. @PLAIN AND SIMPLE July 21, 2010

    VERY WELL PUT! WHERE IS CHRIS BROWN’S MUGSHOT? I have never heard of the police being able to surpress both a mugshot and the 911 tape an eye-witness who actually called the police made. This is one of the biggest cover-ups I have ever seen! If everything was as she claimed …”I did nothing” of course this was right after she told Diane Sawyer..”SO WHAT IF I DID HIT HIM DOES IT JUSTIFY WHAT HE DID TO ME?”! Then why not realse the eveidence so we can all see! This entire situation is simply B******* plain and simple! The media said they wanted a new black male to hate and selected a teenager to be that victim! Oh well, life in America.

  210. breezy September 25, 2010

    so i here ppl always exposing his mistakes wat abt de gud dat he did y cant they b established nd i fully coincide wth neo that chris really needs a second chance nd plz ppl dnt b just into pplz music bt dislike their persona the persona dat is unliked is the one that creates pplz wth hate that is wrong hes a person just like evry body it doesnt mean dat if u r popular u hav 2 b hundred % always right

  211. Memi October 10, 2010

    Why ya people do this, All da time CB this CB that I’m tired of it Ya know Chris Brown. Is a
    F****** Joke. Try to Brain wash people so we can buy his Lame ass Bullshyt Cds Oh I don’t think so just stop it I don’t care about dis anymore niether does any body. Ya people just so Stupid let a Child or Skool boy mess up ya lives and look at da children there crying cause of that com’on Please. Pittiful! Just Pittiful! Chris Brown Go Kill You’re self Jump off da cliff do something Stop brain whashing people and Leave those Kids alone They don’t need You’re Imatureness not even my Brothers. We don’t Like U U is a Joke a Disever and U and Oprah, Oprah needs to whoop You’re ass and if U even think about laying you’re Mead beating fingers we will find U and Kill U And datz All!!!

  212. Memi October 10, 2010

    He’s a F***** up Kid this b**** Ain’t Matuer nor a Man. Between the Situation
    Of Chris Brown & Rihanna that could been Avoid but he wants 2 be a P**** about it
    N beat Rihanna’s ass. And then want Us as in Adults be nice 2 him and all this and why
    The CDs WHY he has no beats no Rythem and try 2 Rap one of Lil Wayne’s Lyrics A Milli
    S.A.D He needs his ass whooped bottom line no Questions Ask!!!!!! Chris U need to face
    Reallity and think before U ReActed to Petty S***. I’m not da type of Person that’s going
    Sugar Code Anything If U do stuff and know we get upset about it Why do it. Ya people
    Don’t know what ya doing letting this Self called Man into some s*** ya don’t want 2
    Be in. Teenagers these dayz when they ever going 2 learn. Oh about NeYo ya need 2
    Leave him alone he’s just Expressing his feelings, Chris Brown is greedy when something
    Goes wrong with the Radio Stations and why they not playing his music he gets and n
    Cussing them out its just making it worse on him N that’s why we don’t respect him
    I don’t like CB never did if someone kills him or himself and be on the News I’m Happy
    I don’t care I don’t. So go f*** off wit dem lame ass beats and trying to rap N being
    Somebody that You’re not that’s You’re problem.

  213. peterson November 4, 2010

    chris brown is a inocent
    about Rihana

  214. vania February 5, 2011

    it is over now. . . . . .i now that he was sorry but hey you cant say it was just his fault rihanna did something to SO.. . . . . 50 50. . . . . i no he was sorry i still love you

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