Fantasia Relates Negative Media Coverage To Her African Features

Fantasia has been dealing with severe media criticism following accusations of adultery and her attempted suicide. However, the gifted performer has finally decided to fight back, noting that she is being unfairly sidelined because of her African features unlike her fellow R&B singer Alicia Keys. Check out what she had to say about the issue below:

Prior to her suicide attempt Fantasia Barrino naturally faced a barrage of negative press surrounding her affair with Antwaun Cook and the lawsuit his wife Paula filed against the former American Idol.

But does she think her African and more ethnic features had anything to do with the excessive and sometimes mean-spirited tone of the coverage she received about her personal life? Say, versus the media’s nearly silent stance on the controversial love lives of other female entertainers like Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears or Alicia Keys?

“Yes, I do. I really feel like it does. I was on Nancy Grace, CNN, every gospel station and in every magazine and every newspaper,” she told VIBE about the scandal before her O.D. “It was on. You would have thought I was the President or something.”

But the VH1 Fantasia For Real star says the response wasn’t a surprise because America’s challenged standard idea of beauty is a situation she’s been dealing with since her Idol days.

“I’ve battled and have had to deal with that before. Lord forgive me and I don’t want to offend anybody,” she says, “but when [I did Idol] it seemed like everybody there was Barbied out. Slim, long hair, light eyes, light-skinned. And here I come with my dark skin, full nose, short hair and full lips — it was hard.”

Fantasia says she even believes she’s been blackballed out of red carpet coverage spreads in many popular magazines because of her looks. “They never put me in those magazines [featuring] the red carpet. Everybody there has long hair and everybody is bright-skinned, and I was like,  ‘But wait a minute. They never gave me that.’ That bothered me,’” says the singer whose new album, Back To Me is in stores now. “And then I tried hard to find people to dress me and they still would not put me there [in those magazines].”

But Fantasia says she’s since made peace with her beauty’s place in the industry. “One day I was like, ‘that’s okay’, but I had to get to that point,” she says. “ I am a dark-skinned, full-lipped sister and it’s all right. Brown is in baby, and it ain’t going anywhere.” {Source}

I know that’s right Fantasia! That Grape Juice has addressed this issue several times. Check out our feature article on ‘The Music Industry; Shades of Success’ here.


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  1. piat August 27, 2010

    Speak the truth and same the devil, Tasia. Tasia has a stronger voice than other lighter-complexioned singers/stage walkers but she receives no love. Damn based on audacity to make this comment..I might have to buy her album.

  2. piat August 27, 2010

    same = shame

  3. Lala August 27, 2010

    Yesssss Fantasia!!!!! You better preach girl #truth

  4. J to the Da August 27, 2010

    If anything her “African features” made her story less interesting to mainstream media. It was her reality show, rumored sextape, lawsuit and s****** attempt that caused people to care about her indiscretions. People don’t care about Alicia and Swizz because the majority of white America know nothing about Swizz Beatz and damn sure don’t know of a “Mashonda”, therefore mainstream non-ethnic focused gossip media have no use for Alicia’s drama. But a former American Idol winner who attempts to off herself because of an affair? That’s news. And besides we all know black blog readers stitched that scarlet letter to Alicia’s chest the minute rumors started. As for Britney and Angelina… I’m pretty sure Brangelina have been in every tabloid for the past 5 years. Britney has so much mess in her life KFed was only a blip on her drama radar.

  5. jmoore August 27, 2010

    yess this is very true. I love the new album.!

  6. thekiddz August 27, 2010

    Of course, the issue of skin color would come up. This is why we will ALWAYS have racism, stereotyping and the like. People need to stop feeding this or it won’t go away.

  7. stan August 27, 2010

    imo, while it does have some influence, it’s not the only factor in this situation. let’s face it, this whole thing is a MESS.

  8. AKisdabest August 27, 2010

    Fanny’s story had the most contreversy which is why she was all over mainstream media. AK avoided and NEVER talked bout the situation which is why mainstream never covered it. only black blogs and such got on AK. Bragelina was all over US weekly and people so thats no excuse. when u have a s** tape, s****** attempt, reality show, and etc. it will get more attention than the others. gotta let the color thing go un-noticed even tho it might be true.

  9. Style August 27, 2010

    TRUE IGNORANCE. I’m Sorry but Jennifer Hudson, Precious, WHITNEY got major new coverage and they aren’t light with long hair..ppl use that as an excuse. Fantasia just isn’t popular PERIOD

  10. sickwitit August 27, 2010

    chile BOOM, yo ass tried to commit s****** and allegedly has a s** tape, dont be tryna pass the damn buck…

  11. Mike August 27, 2010

    Smh, nope Fanny thats not it at all.

  12. waltonsdevil168 August 27, 2010

    how about this b**** just tried to off her self just a week or so ago and she out here doing performances and interviews…. ummmm how about we put her in therapy were she obviously belongs…. Im not trying to be mean but its the truth…..

  13. Walter August 27, 2010

    Is this going to lead to another Light Skin vs. Dark Skin debate? I am so sick and tired of dark skin people trying to blame everything on Light Skin people. Like get over yourself.

  14. Problem with color August 27, 2010

    Society has been conditioned to accept light/white over dark since slavery. If people think it does not exist then we will never get past the issue. Fantasia feels that it has hindered her and imo she is not wrong. You can disagree with her but you can not tell her she is wrong for feeling that way.

  15. Jim August 27, 2010

    Fantasia didn’t say that her features are the ONLY reason why she receives so much negativity from the media. It’s only part of it. Also, I don’t think you can compare Jennifer Hudson and Whitney Houston to Fantasia to prove that she is wrong. Whitney and Jennifer do not have the same features as Fantasia, considering they have longer hair and smaller noses, just sayin’…… Also, just because someone doesn’t address their actions doesn’t mean they won’t receive media speculation. In the beginning, Fantasia didn’t even want to talk about the accusations people threw at her, so tell me how she and AKeys are any different, and why AKeys didn’t get the hell Tasia’s getting? The bottom line is that Fantasia has always received negativity from the media since the day she stepped on the Idol stage.

  16. Stacey August 27, 2010

    I hate to admit it, but she’s right. Alicia Keys is walking around with a gut full of Swizz and had the nerve to wear a white wedding gown. Clowns like Oprah bowed down to her and she didn’t pose a single question. People like Keys don’t talk about it because she dares anyone to ask her. Say what you will, but in this world, being white or light skinned gives leeway to every type of debauchery with not even a slap on the wrist for the offenders.

    I’m not saying she was right (she wasn’t), but people have not only mercilessly crucified the girl, but are throwing in the worst types of names for her that have nothing to do with the situation.

    I live in the South and am light skinned, and I know for a fact that ignorant people fall for the bullsh1t over and over, and judging from some of the comments here, it doesn’t look like its going to let up.

  17. Kate August 27, 2010

    I don’t think that[‘s the case at all. She’s getting skewered because she does not have enough clout to do anything about it. Oprah and Alicia Keys are big names. They have big fan bases, that most media outlets don’t want to ruffle.

  18. CursiveL August 27, 2010


  19. wow August 27, 2010

    could you please change that to ”west african features”

    there are also big lip-nosed thai’s/chinamen

    nobody in eastafrica looks like that


  20. The Paparazzi August 27, 2010

    Fantasia Stop your s***

    You will not belittle a cause our great Martin Luther King Jr. fought so hard for , for your own selfish needs. So we guess they couldn’t see your skin color when you won ai you are truly a selfish person

    Think about your daughter next time you are so distraught over a man YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR SELF trying to involve black america in this one

  21. SparkD August 27, 2010

    1. As a caramel black American (Halle Berry meets Sanaa Lathan), I can say part of it is true—NOT ALL OF IT, but there is truth.

    2. But, BLACK AMERICANS play a MAJOR part in this. Many of us were ashamed of Fantasia because she met the stereotype of being a southern, uneducated, single mother, who didn’t “fake refined manners” in front of the camera. Black Americans didn’t protect Fantasia and praise her for taking a chance to build a new life for her daughter. We are sooooooooo afraid of perpetuating stereotypes, that we put our feet on the necks of poor blacks—-like Antoine Dodson—which is part of the reason why NEGROES were jumping on the Bill Cosby bandwagon.

    3. We want what whites have so much, that we don’t see it’s a detriment to our community. We have to stay community-minded—-and support each other—even if it’s an inspiring tip or media referral for someone like Fantasia who needed a PUBLICIST the day she stepped on IDOL!

  22. Anne August 27, 2010

    Honestly, I hadn’t heard about the AK or Fantasia situation much in the media. Both seemed to get about the same amount of attention on blogs like this. So, I don’t think Fantasia got main stream media attention until the s****** attempt, which along with the lawsuit, makes her situation much more newsworthy than the AK situation. Also, I don’t see how anyone could suggest that the media has ever ignored any aspect of Britney Spears’ life or the Brangelina situation. I do think it’s believable that Fantasia’s looks may have hindered her in some ways and her features can’t easily be toned down by make-up or a weave like Jennifer or Whitney. But overall, I think it’s the about whether people are into the kind of music she makes. How many light skinned females have dropped like flies out of the business achieving little to no success? LOTS of them. At least Fantasia is still hanging in there.

  23. SparkD August 27, 2010

    If Black Americans were quick to protect Fantasia when BLACK AND NON-BLACK fans say something about her features, she wouldn’t feel insecure.

    I hear blacks calling Fantasia a bumpkin, and whites saying she looks like a fat gorilla. Just like B-Unit fans will jump all over anyone, BLACKS have to be protective of singers like FANTASIA.

    It’s not like she’s a mean or selfish entertainer, she’s just needs direction!

    Hollywood loves stereotypes for Blacks: Fat, Religious & Happy (Gabourey, Queen Latifah, Mo’Nique, Jennifer, ) and Light & Bright (Halle, Rihanna, Beyonce.)

    Super confident black girls like Monique Coleman, who has strong features get ignored for black women who happen to be brown but alter their noses and features (Kelly, Toni Braxton, Whitney, Gabrielle Union) to fit in!

  24. regina August 27, 2010

    if anyone thinks for a minute that if Alicia had a rumored s** tape & attempted s****** that she would not have gotten more coverage, then you are crazy. I am brown sista too. I know the deal but this time it’s a little exergerated, black folks are tripping on Alicia. I still say what punishment should all these women suffer? There is no infidelity jail. If there were, all those athletes blacks love and adore would be in there. That’s the TRUE double standard in this world, only the woman takes the blame in adultery & men can cheat on their wives at nausim and no one cares. Where was all this outrage at Shaq for cheating on Shani their entire marriage? black folks are trippin acting holier than dow all of a sudden about this with all the criminals & cheaters & fornicators we have supported over the years. First people were on Fan, now they have jumped on her bandwagon. Just a fickle as you want to be.

    Besides people, Alicia is an international superstar like it or not & her CD is still selling in other countries. She could ignore the states all together and still make millions with future work. She has never discussed her personal relationships too much.. never announced a boyfriend. peeps just assumed Krucial was. people want her to get blasted or come out teary eyed for them.. that may change but she not about to do it right now so the blogs & peeps are getting ticked.. while she probably continues to makes thousands a year off of ‘Fallin’ alone. She may be a light skinned black but she is also a mega star so if the media wanted to make an example out of someone, guess who’s the best target.. not the dark skinned ghurl, just the one that ain’t a mega star & gave them a lot of material to work with. And while yall complaining, the coverage worked cause she probably selling a lot more this week then she would have without it.

  25. Elite August 27, 2010

    True! She’s truly talented and not ugly at all. I am not sure why people say so much horrible things about her. People did the same thing to Gabrielle Union and I do believe it was because of her darker skin. I wish her success and just wishes she try her best to ignore ignorant people.

  26. Imjustsaying August 27, 2010

    HUH??? Sorry, but I really do love Fanny and her new album, but when you talk bullsh!t I’m gonna call you on it. Let’s call a spade a spade:

    “but when I did Idol it seemed like everybody there was Barbied out. Slim, long hair, light eyes, light-skinned.”

    Last time I checked Jennifer Hudson, LaToya London, George Huff, etc were ALL on her season of Idol. And NONE of them were Barbied out. She needs to stop blaming skin tone and blame her own triflin and ghetto-a** actions (sleeping with a married man).


  27. SparkD August 27, 2010

    Anne, there are many light skin singers who faded into obscurity, but they are given a chance
    Many women who look like Fantasia wouldn’t even be considered.

    And there’s a HUGE difference between Whitney and Fantasia’s look—-and seeing some black entertainers like Whitney in person, who happens to be lighter than she appears will make you think again about throwing every women darker than caramel into the same spectrum.

    Whitney had to be “whitened up” vocally and in her early videos. Fantasia didn’t change her gritty southern church background, so she’s forcing us to accept her. It worked for Missy Elliot early in her career.

  28. OKKKKKK August 27, 2010


  29. abcdefg August 27, 2010

    I think some people after American Idol was over was disappointed with Fantasia’s debut album it didnt sound the same as she did when she won AMerican Idol…

  30. SparkD August 27, 2010

    ABCDEFG, Fantasia’s first cd from J Records sold 2.7 million—-but the promotion was a MESS!

    They waited until the next year to promote her trying to depend on Christmas sales. And J Records fumbled around with her singles.

    Carrie Underwood sold well the first time because her cd has all-around good material and she was released the week of the Country Music Awards.

    J Records cared more about big name producers than quality—and her debut wasn’t bad at all. Boo to the defunct J Records on Fanny’s debut!

  31. Imjustsaying August 27, 2010

    @ SPARKD…

    “Many of us were ashamed of Fantasia because she met the stereotype of being a southern, uneducated, single mother, who didn’t “fake refined manners” in front of the camera.”

    ummm….she IS southern, uneducated (at the time) and a single mother – so how is that a stereotype? That’s just the plain old TRUTH…


  32. Juney August 27, 2010

    If Alicia Keys was named in divorce papers that included s** tape allegations it would have been a huge story. Alicia didn’t compound her bad behavior with salacious tabloid fodder and a pity party s****** attempt. Damn, does Fantasia ever blame herself for ANYTHING??

  33. SparkD August 27, 2010

    IMJUSTSAYING, Black folks didn’t not protect her because she met those stereotypes.

    It’s the truth, and black Americans were acting like it was a Scarlet A.

  34. JAYLA August 27, 2010


  35. jonberry August 27, 2010

    OMG, someone BRAVE enough to TELL THE DAMN TRUTH! I know this will cost her ALL but I am going to purchase her CD anyway! She will really need fan support after making these statements! I find is offensive that the supreme B**** NANCY GRACE and the carp media can single Fantasia out but not Alicia Keys, Angelina Jolie, Brit-Brit! Lets go back even further! What about:

    A) KATHARINE HEPBURN (The Great KATE) and married lover SPENCER TRACY

    B) BARBARA WALTER (wawa) and BLACK married lover U.S. Senetor EDWARD BROOKE.

    C) ELIZABETH TAYLOR and then best friend Debbie Reynold’s husband EDDIE FISHER

    D) JACQUELINE KENNEDY ONASSIS and her married lover who was by her side and STILL MARRIED when she died Jan 1994!

    Why are these women STILL BEING REVERED? Do all or STFU about it!

    **If you need further proof just look at the difference made between the way SERIAL WIFE BEATERS: EMINEM, SEAN PENN, MICKEY ROURKE, MEL GIBSON, STEVEN SEAGAL, TOMMY LEE, CHRISTIAN SLATER, etc. are treated and their careers heavily supported by the media and 21 year-old Chris Brown who had 1 fight with an abusive lunatic!

  36. SparkD August 27, 2010

    John Berry, please add Charlie Sheen and Ozzy Ozbourne

  37. cash August 27, 2010

    Fantasia is speaking the truth on so many levels, when i saw how much coverage she was getting i was shocked. I could only think of AK when i thought of this situation and how everyone tried to defend her, i couldn’t understand how a singer who sung about woman empowerment got away so gracefully with what she did to Mashonda’s family. A lot of black men and women will not accept a darker girl, and when a girl is mixed but looks to white (Mariah Carey) she is not always accepted either. Mariah has always said she has dealt with racism for most of her career and life. Either your to light or to dark, thats how it is.

  38. ILOVEXTINA August 27, 2010

    Alicia Keys didn’t try to commit s****** . & where was she when all the news turned into “See What Crazy S*** Britney Did Today”? She took over 2008.

  39. SparkD August 27, 2010

    ‘Scuse me!

    Did anybody read the BLACK and NON-BLACK messageboards when Fantasia was on American Idol.

    I heard so many self-hatred (Blacks) and racist (non-black) comments that it unbelievable to see the kinds of hatred this woman has endured.

    You can’t rule out that HOLLYWOOD rejects Fantasia’s look even when AMERICA voted her as a The Idol!

  40. jonberry August 27, 2010


    I will say that the Britney coverage was crazy! I think that they were really trying to push her to s******! IMO.

  41. knicole August 27, 2010

    REAL TALK.. Fantasia usually never looks glamorous on the red carpet. Her glam squad allows her to wear outfits that are ill fitted.. too tight. She doesnt carry herself well. she should take a page out of Whitney Houston’s book who we now know is pretty hood.. get a new stylist and learn some basic etiquette. I understand the whole keepin it real thing but .. Fantasia needs to learn decorum and develop a personal style that is above what the everyday people are doing. You are a star.. so go act like one.

    And CHEATING IS WRONG.. dont blame your backlash on hollywoods standards. Alicia Keys is gonna get hers.. dont worry. Get it together TASIA!!

  42. jonberry August 27, 2010


    It was ugly for Rubin Studered (sp?) & Jordan Sparks as well! I am not a fan of the show so I tried not to watch or read much about it especially once the tone turned rude and very ugly against individuals based not on their talent or lack thereof!

  43. Roonie August 27, 2010

    Some of y’all are real stupid. The scorned wife but that ish out there on purpose — two weeks before Fannie’s album dropped to try and derail her success and humiliate her. Mashonda put her business out in twitter and on black blogs, but did the mainstream media pick that ish up, hell no. When Media Takeout was saying Fannie was pregnant while during the color purple, mainstream media picked that ish up. When Alicia Keyes gets pregnant by a man who is not yet divorced, did mainstream media pick that up? But they ooh and ahh over this bish getting married in a white dress to a man with a gazilion baby mommas!!! Some of you bishes need to step back and look at your self as well. Fantasia knows white folks aren’t going to love her, but she expected her own folks to protect her. What she got instead was the field hands and house servants picking at her carcass (B*****, YBF, Media Takeout )more than Massa and the overseer.

  44. SparkD August 27, 2010

    Roonie, ***hand claps*** on your comments on Blacks not protecting her.

  45. Celeb Psych August 27, 2010

    Something in the milk is not clean!

    The s****** attempt brings alarm to many factors that people are ignoring. It was either staged for publicity or Fantasia is suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder – classified by the swinging moods from a manic (excited or elated) state to a severe depressive state.

    My diagnosis is solely based on the fact that it is not normal to try to commit s****** 2 weeks prior to an album that you have coming out and promote while making public appearances and be mentally healthy.

    I am worried for her and I hope she will be okay. On another note African Americans need to understand that we as a people especially our celebrity figures are not allowed the same pass for our indiscretions as others. America loves a comeback from who they choose. i.e. Lindsey Lohan will be in everyones good graces before Chris Brown reaches the end of his road to redemption.

  46. cash August 27, 2010

    @ CelebPsych i hope your not serious, sounding that stupid. When someone is trying to commit s****** the last thing on their mind is the outcome and how it will effect others. And what do you mean not normal, last time i checked everyone who has ever tried or committed s****** didn’t have a album coming out, their is no normal. Do you believe she thought “hey, my album which is getting rave reviews is coming out, let me wait to the day after its release” Fantasia said, many times in recent interviews it was more then just the affair, it was years of built up stress and hurt. She wanted to get away from it all; Now that, is what pushes most people who try and who have committed s******.

  47. Roonie August 27, 2010

    Celeb Psych you hit the nail on the head. She is clearly bipolar. Publicly animated, privately depressed and sinking further everyday. If you read the LATimes article you will see the build up to the crash which unfortunately coincided with the release of the album. The horrible Twitter campaign some internet bullies undertook to drive her off was also a big part. If you read her tweets before she signed off, it will break your heart (if you are a compassionate person). If you are an asshole, you will laugh and cheer. The real unfortunate part is that she clearly feels compelled to go out a promote this cd, because guess what, J Records is probably ready to drop her like a hot potato and she has to feed all of those trifling mofos in her family and revive her career.

  48. chile please August 27, 2010

    Fantasia is missing the whole point
    The story blew up because she was an American Idol winner
    She was chosen by America to represent
    not saying it should be that way
    She put the relationship out there and it blew up in her face
    She was not featured on the red carpet out of respect not disrespect
    95% of the time she was a hot ass mess
    throwing up a rockstar sign
    Nobody wanted to exploit her for foolishness
    Fantasia is a beautiful girl and she makes herself ugly
    but I will give her this much she is looking better lately

    Now I feel bad for her situation a little bit
    but Tasia please stop putting everything on everybody else take some responsibility
    put on a dam bra, stop putting ugly tatts everywhere,
    stop wearing to tight clothes
    began to thank God for all the talents and blessings you have
    acknowledge you got caught up, fell in love, and exposed

  49. SupaCi August 27, 2010

    Patti LaBelle is LIVING testament of this.

    Patti has been in the game for over 40 years and she STILL doesn’t have the same success, sold as many albums or is as celebrated like her lighter counterparts such as Aretha Franklin, Diana Ross or Tina Turner. The same goes for Gladys Knight.

  50. Kelly August 27, 2010

    I am very disappointed in Fantasia for trying to play this card, the coverage had to do with the fact that she is an American Idol Winner, who was voted in by the American People and anything that she does is news, not to mention the woman named her as the cause of her break up, this has nothing to do with the way that she looks., and finally she tried to kill herself that woudl have been news if it was anyone else, she needs to stop this and she needs to be quiet, she is starting to make a fool of herself. I think fantasia has been trolling these black blogs and saw all this ignorant talk about complexion and light skinned dark skinned and decided to jump on it. Any other artist/star that was in this situation witht the same circumstances would have had the same coverage. SMDH!!

  51. Michelle August 27, 2010

    @roonie, because AK was not out there telling her business and she was not out there talking trash to the mans soon to be ex wife, not to mention those two had been seperated for two years waiting for their diviorce, totally different situations. Please!!

  52. Mary August 28, 2010

    @stacey, your comment is ignorant, did you ever stop to think that the reason that Oprah and no one else with good sense asked Alicia about it is because they did there research and realized that there was not story there. You folks got what you wanted to get from what the sconed wife said and what the black blogs gave you, but a simple three minute search woudl have shown that Swizz and Mashonda had been seperated and it had been confirmed by their publicist before AK even came into the picture. Just think about this TMZ is the sleeziest gutter rag out there and they did not even touch it. Why because they knew that there was no story there, and they do not discriminate against anyone , they put everyone on blast and you know that had wind of this, it’s been all over the web for almost two years people, you choose to believe what you are spoon fed. I choose to believe only what I know as fact, the rest is gossip until it is proven. Fantasia continues to run her mouth and make herself look bad. i was behind her and hoping that things would work out for her, but these comments are very dissapointing.

  53. Roonie August 28, 2010

    @Michelle – how do you know what Fantasia said to the soon to be ex? I guarantee you, if some one comes at you wrong, you will come back. But we only have one side of the story — the scorned wife. Fantasia wasn’t out there telling her business. Do you think she was telling Media Takeout, the YBF and B***** her biz? No, it was Mrs. Cook and her team leaking this ish. Again, Mashonda put her biz out on Twitter and Nancy Grace did not run with it. Swiss Beaks has baby mommas falling out of his ass and Alicia’s pregnant behind is being glorified as a beautiful bride. Swiss Beaks owes a gazillion dollars in back taxes but they are a beautiful couple.

    P.S. Alicia writes veiled love songs about her love for a married and they top the charts. How is that for putting your business in the streets and talking mess to the ex?

  54. Roonie August 28, 2010

    @ Everyone – Why is Swiss Beatz declaration that he was separated validated and Antuan Cook’s disregarded?

    This is how this ish is going to play out. By all accounts ole Cook was a habitual cheater. During the divorce proceedings, the many women ole boy has been with during the course of the so called marriage will be revealed, invalidating Paula Cook’s claim that Fantasia caused the demise of her marriage.

    Also, Alicia and Beaks will break up with him asking for spousal support.

  55. WHITEJESUS August 28, 2010

    the only person that brought up color was her also if this is true why did she win American idol her ”color” should have stopped that too.was it her color that made her have a child at fifteen when she couldn’t read.this ignorant ass trick tried to kill herself over a married man and expects the media not to pay attention.

  56. Richard T. August 28, 2010

    She is right. Totally right. The media perpetuates the european standard of beauty but black folks do it too. Sometimes I have been both horrified and embarassed by the manner in which Fantasia has been talked about on the internet and even here. It is shameful. It’s true that if she were lighter skinned she would have been given a pass as Alicia Keys had. I don’t care how you cut it and explain her situation [Alicia Keys] was the same as Fantasia’s. In the short time Fantasia has been on the scene she has had many acomplishments and successes but you would never know because all folks want to concentrate on is the negative. She is the only Idol and female singer currently who gets crapped on a regular. The hatred and total disregard for her feelings is just riduculous. How she has managed to stay sane through it all is a miracle. Like she said you all comment about the way she talks (like no one else speaks with a country accent and pronounces words in that manner) or the way she dresses or the fact that she sweats when she sings (who doesn’t sweat on stage when they don’t have a fan blowing their long luxurious hair) or that she takes off her shoes (who cares….I still haven’t figured that one out) Joss Stone does it all the time and no one makes a remark. Or that she is ghetto (checked with some of the rap artist lately) . What is it? Why such hatred? What is her crime? She is only trying to do the same thing that her peers in the business do. Has she created some of these problems for herself sure she has but that is her own private business. Her only obligation to the public is to deliver great music which she does. Even now in her darkest hours you all continue to hurl insults towards her when really no one knows what truly happen and it really is none of our business. Fantasia what you should do is tell your detractors to go to hell and keep on keeping on. Since you can’t I’ll say it for you, all you HATERS that make those incredibly disparaging and ignorant remarks GO TO HELL!!! She is just trying to make her mark in this wretched world. Give her a break like you do the others.

  57. Minniemerle August 28, 2010


  58. WHITEJESUS August 28, 2010

    black people should protect her from what herself.there is nothing we can do if she decides to take somebody else’s man and then attempt s****** over another man that is not even her’s.

  59. Anne August 28, 2010

    People Alicia Keys did not try to commit s******, the two stories are no longer on the same level. Gabrielle Union is dark skinned but she’s not getting much media attention over the Dwayne Wade affair. Face it, it’s the s****** attempt that put Fantasia on CNN and Nancy Grace.

  60. jonberry August 28, 2010

    Disgusting biased ass Nancy DisGrace & the rest of the media attacked Fantasia long before her sleeping pill moment! Alicia Keys should have suffered some backlash although I am a fan of her music. Ppl like her that tramp Tara Banks and disgisting crack smoking prositiute (per Kitty Kelly) Oprah Winfrey get on my nerves espousing sisterhood while sleeping with another women’s husband!

  61. Lisa August 28, 2010

    Whitejesus you know exactly what is implied when someone says protect someone else come on. You all act like she killed somebody. Is Antwan Cook your man? She is not the first or last to have an affair. No it was not right but that is between her and the God she serves. We are not her judge or jury. No one here has the power to condemn her. In addition to that, everyone who has made a comment has done something they are not proud of or worse. The difference is our shame, guilt, nrevous breakdown etc., was not televised for all to see. You all are hypocrites. Lying, stealing, cheating on your taxes, s** outside of marriage, drugs, etc. (you get my point) it’s all the same type of thing. Since everyone wants to be “morale and righteous” there are no levels of sin. No degrees of sinning. It’s all relative. So she was with a man who claimed to be separated, many of us have fallen prey to that. She is a wonderful person, her indiscretion does not make her evil. Give her a break. Go crap on somebody else for a while as someone said she has had it for 6 years. Enough already. Leave her alone. Hurling insults at her is not going to change the situation. Half of ya’ll commenting have done the same thing. Cut her some slack. Sheeesh.

  62. Celeb Psych August 28, 2010

    Roonie thank you for understanding the sense I was trying to make with my comment of her suffering from Bi-Polar Disorder. Her mental health maybe at stake.

    I was unaware of the cyber bullying, I dont think people understand how serious that can affect a persons mental health as well.If this is all for publicity then shame to her if not, I pray that she gets the support and comfort she needs to get better.

    In no way can someone go from committing s****** and be “mentally healthy” two weeks later. I think she is sitting on the wrong couches talking to the wrong people if you get my drift.

  63. Hope August 28, 2010

    Celeb psyche I am a social worker (I really am) I don’t think she said she was mentally healthy. What she said was she has a job to do and people who depended on her. Is she emotionally ready for the media and outlets like this, hmmmm, that is the question. Only she knows the answer to that. You know that each case is different. However, time will tell. This article in my opinion, indeed has some validity to it but it also sounds as if she is learning to express her anger and frustration (thank you life coach) and that seems to be many years of bottled up anger and resentment. Some folks would call that a breakthrough. But folks looking to find fault in everything she does will of course see it as a negative. I am a huge fan of Fantasia’s but I am hoping that when the smoke clears and the mob grows tired of crucifyng her and finds another poor soul to torment that she will have learned the art of saying “no comment.” She does not owe anyone an explanation. But because her livelihood depends on a fickle population of folk, she unfortunately has to kiss ass. I completely understand. Some of the folk commenting here have never given Fantasia the time of day before this. I will even go one step further and assert that most folks commenting didn’t even know who she was. You gotta give her her propers baby girl put on her big girl panties and is facing the music alone. Where is Mr. Cook?

  64. Celeb Psych August 28, 2010

    Lisa darling your comment is perfect and flawless while being amazing.

  65. Celeb Psych August 28, 2010

    @Hope you seem like a very sweet person and the kind of fan/supporter she needs, but all of this while a tv show and album and publicity junkets makes me wonder a little you know? I do get what your saying about the struggle she is going through atop all this but that a lot for one person, enough to hope its a publicity stunt alot of it is false. You hear it all the time but those record labels are horrible, I cant beleive they would go through with the release after all the drama. She is expected to do really well, so hopefully that will lift her spirits.

    Cheers Darling!

  66. Sanging August 28, 2010

    If you dont have the looks you need to back that up with something else – brains, smarts, and doing anything you can to exceed expectations and not make dumb ass moves. Oprah is dark, fugly, fat, etc. but she isnt stupid and comes off well mannered, smart, and well spoken. Peeps overlook the physical factors if you something else that more than counteracts that stereotype. Fantasia doesnt. She not only matches the stereotype but totally lacks the other factors by making dumb ass moves which reinforces the perception peeps have of her. That’s her issue. Get some class, manners, and brains! Start by dumping that fucktard Antwon Cook or what ever the minimum wage worker does… that’s a start!

  67. Hope August 28, 2010

    Celeb Psyche you sound like a sane rational person and I appreciate that. I don’t think it was a publicity stunt I just think the weight of all that she has to deal with and then receiving notice that she would be part of a lawsuit sent her over the edge. The industry is cutthroat and cold. They do not care about Fantasia. What they care about is how much money she will generate from this CD (which by the way is dynamite). Also Fantasia is in love with her craft, her job. Her bread and butter. I think Fantasia just suffered a mental break (obviously) from not being able to process properly all of what is happening in her life. Again I understand that her situation stems from the choices she has made which we all are guilty of making bad choices It’s like a woman who was molested at the age of 5 by a trusted family member but never tells and in her late 30’s begans to act out and tries to commit s****** because she keeps getting into these crazy relationships with loser abusive men. Because what, she never dealt with the situation. At 39 she is forced to face her demons. That sounds personal right??? It is. He who is without sin cast the first stone. No one can throw because we all F_C_ up.

  68. leenggggg August 28, 2010

    WAIT< HOLD UP PEOPLE who died and made you JESUS we all are human and we fall down and try to get up so just give her a chance she have not done anything that no other human havent done so to all the haters bow down on your knees and deal with your own problems and let JESUS deal with her this is one problem that you should not worry about while you need to be straighten out your own mess…….

  69. leenggggg August 28, 2010

    HOPE YOU SEEM LIKE A VERY SAIN PERSON Thank GOD you made a point that i couldnt have said better myself….GOD BLESS YOU…

  70. Hope August 28, 2010

    Sanging…see this is what I’m talking about. You chide her for being the “stereotype” while you are perpetuating the stereotype as well. In other words your manner of speech could be considered “ghetto.” How dare you make an assumption about a person you don’t know. Folks in the souh would not consider her “ghetto.” In fact she is actually charming and by the way she has accomplished her goal of obtaining her GED and quite frankly she is quite eloquent in her interviews. She actually speaks better in public than some of her industry peers. Some of ya’ll think you are better than her and you’re not. Fantasia is a sweet, beautiful young woman with a heart of gold and a engaging and wonderful spirit. However, she does not need you or I to validate her and the sooner she gets that she’ll be fine. She has class, brains and manners. The audacity of you to pass judgement on her. What have you done to help someone? Take a look at yourself before disrespecting someone else. You don’t have the right.

  71. Sanging August 28, 2010


    Ur a moron. Besides, she’s not 39, she’s 26. b. 1984. That erases the credibility of your argument. Pot meet kettle. Exactly what I’m talking about – no brains or smarts. Next.

  72. justbecause August 28, 2010

    First , Fantasia is right and that is the truth, The News media was clovering her story before the sucide attempt. They where all over her and the story before she took the pill
    if you can remember Nancy Grace and Cnn talking about it before any pill or hospital.
    beside it wasn’t just media or light skin vs dark skin or the cooks. it was years of everything that came over this girl. like I the word said judge and you will be judge and you with out sins cast the first stone. And my chirstian friends you should know this. Fantasia is not the and never will be the only person on this earth that have dione something might be wrong I am guilty of it and everyone else. One sin is no bigger than the other. So I say to Fantasia God kept you here for a reason and you know what it is. Love yourself and your daughter and even your haters As the word say your enemies will be your foot stool.

  73. WHITEJESUS August 28, 2010

    if you want to take other womens men then have the backbone to take the blow back .this is not the first time.

  74. Hope August 28, 2010

    Sanging…poor, poor demented soul. It’s people like you that keep the mental health profession alive and well. I did not say she was 39 sweetheart I know she is 26. However, that post was not meant for you. I addressed you related to the attack you made on Ms. Barrino’s character. Reading my dear is fundamental. See already karma is at your back door. SMH. You assign labels to Ms. Barrino (again you don’t know her) when you failed to read and understand what was SPECIFICALLY written to you. The post about the 39 year old was for someone else and was a comparison of….oh forget it, it was not for you. Go back and look at what I wrote to you…better still I’ll just post it here:

    Sanging…see this is what I’m talking about. You chide her for being the “stereotype” while you are perpetuating the stereotype as well. In other words your manner of speech could be considered “ghetto.” How dare you make an assumption about a person you don’t know. Folks in the souh would not consider her “ghetto.” In fact she is actually charming and by the way she has accomplished her goal of obtaining her GED and quite frankly she is quite eloquent in her interviews. She actually speaks better in public than some of her industry peers. Some of ya’ll think you are better than her and you’re not. Fantasia is a sweet, beautiful young woman with a heart of gold and a engaging and wonderful spirit. However, she does not need you or I to validate her and the sooner she gets that she’ll be fine. She has class, brains and manners. The audacity of you to pass judgement on her. What have you done to help someone? Take a look at yourself before disrespecting someone else. You don’t have the right.

    That was for you. Now listen…PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NEVER, EVER, NEVER THROW STONES. You’re sad. So sad.

  75. Sanging August 28, 2010


    STFU. Go preach with Jerry Falwell. Have a nice evening. Unfortunately peeps with greater than a 6th grade education dont agree with you. Must be a “southern” thang… lol.

  76. Hope August 28, 2010

    Sanging…I can always shut em down with a well thought out post that usually ends with a frustrated, what did you say? Oh yes, “STFU.” That was really intelligent and well thought out. In my opinion you just showed your true colors and Fantasia is by far classier than you will ever be. Oh by the way don’t get mad at me because you can’t decipher (look it up) what comments are meant for you as opposed to others. See how it feels to be put down and made to look foolish in front of folk. Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, have compassion and feel for them. Since you mentioned Jerry Falwell let me leave you with this…The bible says, Judge not lest ye be judged. For the measure you judge with you shall be judged by. I’m paraphrasing but I THINK you get the meaning. If you don’t shame on you. May God bless you and show you the same mercy and grace you have shown me and especially Fantasia. Karma does not just apply to her. What you put in the universe comes right back to you. Peace.

  77. Terrell August 28, 2010

    Lol at the pathetic people making excuses trying to deny that what she said is true. She ain’t lying. I double triple dog dare anybody to name one dark skinned female celeb in America who doesn’t have some long weave and a thin nose that is regarded as a s** symbol. You can’t cause she don’t exist. Fantasia ain’t lying, African features are so frowned upon that even African women are bleaching their skin to be lighter.

  78. linda August 28, 2010

    Tasia is absolutely correct, blacks themselves frown on a dark skinned people, its all a legacy from slavery, the light skinned were treated better than the blacks given land, better housing, better jobs… its still going on today, a black female artist will never have the same success as her lighter counterpart. everyone is blogging about Paula beauty, what beauty – her lighter skin and more ‘European features.’ its a shame we have all been conditioned to believe that unless we have a hint of Asian or European features we are ugly. bull s…t . Tasia is a beautiful black woman. There is no denying Tasia has been singled out because of her looks.

  79. Fanny August 28, 2010

    Fantasia YOU ARE THE BOMB. You got it going on. You are beautiful girl and put on a fantastic show ……I loved you on IDOL. Loved the short hair-do. Randy was correct for you are the bomb. Looking good girl. Keep it UP. Love the down beat soul in your performances. Lot of feeling. 🙂

  80. Pinkcookiegoodies August 28, 2010

    I have to agree with her. America’s standard of beauty is so cliche and monotonous it’s just dead. I’m happy that Fantasia has the BALLS to speak her mind and not worry about the consequences.

  81. WHITEJESUS August 28, 2010

    so she should be a s** symbol um how about she be your s** have control of your choices her too in regards to the unavailable men.

  82. Georgia Darling August 28, 2010

    There is some truth to what Fantasia says. I’ve heard more blacks talk about her looks than whites. Serena Williams used to be called all kind of names. India Arie didn’t get any recognition by the Grammy folks the year she was in the same category with Alicia Keys. Color is an issue, but as Fantasia said it’s not the only issue. But I want to correct one thing. The media didn’t cover it, but Switz Beats or whatever his name is, his former wife was very public and she definitely called out Ms. Keys as a home wrecker, but Alicia has connections. What’s more true than the color issue is that if you have clout and power the media will tip toe all over the criticism.

  83. Rated x August 28, 2010

    Fantasia, I’m going to need for you to shut the hell up and sit your a** down, and take care of your daughter.
    Skin color had NOTHING, I mean NOTHING, to do with people bashing Fantasia.
    shes not the first black woman who was or is semi famous, who slept with a married man before..
    the reason the media on her a** like that, is because she tried to play the victim, after we all know what her triffling a** did.. she knew COOK was married, she knew what she was getting herself into.. and the worst thing is, she got a tattoo of the dudes name on her body where everyone can see it..that is some triffling s***…
    and the fact that when people start calling her a** out, she denied that she even knew who he was..bish knew what she was doing

  84. Rated x August 28, 2010

    I hate when triffling bishes, do stupid s***, and when they get caught, they blame everybody but themselves..
    I have zero sympathy when it comes to fantasia, she has a daughter for god sakes, and she decide to put her self and her hot c****** before her own daugter..
    and the bish is still dealing with the dude..get the f*** out of her, with the because im dark skin people tends to judge me moore crap…

    whether yall want to admit or not, switz and his wife was seperated..yall wanna get on alicia keys, the bish didnt put a gun to switz head, hes a grown ass man..hell even mashonda said herself they were seperated but trying to make s*** didnt work.
    but yall blacks(light skin, dark skin ) always wants to make s*** more than it is..
    alicia keys never tried to kill herself over a dumbass man, and even after that let the dude move in with her..thats why the media not on her ass like that…

  85. OhyesIdid August 28, 2010

    Dear Lord, please bless Fantasia. She has made a mistake as we all do and people are treating her as if she were a leper. Only you have the power to condemn her but people are trying to act as if they are you. People fail to see a young woman who is hurting but also a human being who is subject to making decisions that may not be in her best interest. Please silence those who feel they have the right to call her out of her name, make sweeping judgements and assumptions about things they have no knowledge about nor is their business. Please don’t judge them as harshly as they have judged her. I pray that you put up a hedge of protection around Fantasia and protect her from folk who want to see her fail. Lord right now in the precious name of Jesus I pray that you will forgive her and let her know that it is alright for her to forgive herself and move on with her life in spite of the mean, hateful, despicable things people have said here and in other outlets. Let her know that her life is worth something and she is loved by many who do not judge her. Lord please hear this prayer as it is my desire to see Fantasia at the top where she belongs and deserves to be. Her destiny is to sing. Please protect her as she moves toward being one of the greatest talents of our time. Please p**** the hearts and minds of those who seek to destroy. Help them to understand that the grave they are digging for Fantasia may just be for them. This is my prayer for Fantasia in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

  86. OhyesIdid August 28, 2010

    Anybody who thinks color/race does not matter anymore I invite you to take stroll to any place in the internet community and see how folks talk about Mr. and Mrs. Obama simply because of the color of their skin. No white president and first lady in history has had to side step such ignorant, stupid racist remarks. Wake up and smell the coffee. As someone already said RACISM is ALIVE AND WELL in 2010. If you have not experienced the sting of racisms effects consider yourself lucky. Some of us know all too well the sting and unfortunately a lot of it comes from our own people. Black folks have no concept of what it means to support each other. Other races do. We waste time maligning each other and making sure we keep our foot on one another’s necks. Really, the other races don’t have kill, alienate and blacklist us, we do it to each other just fine. So yes, her remarks were spot on correct. Like it or not, she has spoken the truth. I heard somebody say “the truth hurts” it most certainly does but that’s reality in American 2010 or should I say welcome back to 1962.

  87. chris brown (no not that one) August 29, 2010

    I am shocked and this actually hurts my feelins cause Fantasia is beautiful to me (I am caucasian btw).

  88. BoredAtWork August 29, 2010

    @Regina and @JonBerry really hit the nails on the head with the whole thing about the double standards we feed into. There is no way any of us (black or white) can doubt the fact that light skinned black females definitely get a better *chance to make it in the music industry vs. our darkskinned sisters. Now whether they get to make it far is contingent upon their actual talent (except for riri she just needs to look good) so when we speak on Alicia, Bey, and Whitney, we are talking about some of the most stellar singers and performers of our time.

    As a fan of Alicia, I have to admit that she was clearly handed her throne after dropping ‘Fallin’. Does anyone remember the Grammys after Songs in A Minor was released- she not only dominated but completely shut out India Arie who at the time was critically acclaimed for ‘Video’ and the rest of her album, and also up for as many awards as Keys; Keys took ALL OF THEM! This is the perfect example of the color bias we’ve created.

    That other double standard we clearly feed into is the fact that black male athletes and mostly any white man can get away with anything from beating, cheating, lieing, etc. and we still will regard them as the ‘best of all time’ (I say we speaking in general of course). This is an issue that needs to be explored- why does so much crap come down on successful woman (black, white, purple, doesn’t matter)? As a man, I say kudos to Brit, Angelina, Alicia, and Fanny for going out and getting what they want- that’s what men do every day and are revered as dedicated, convicted, etc. (lol) while these women who do the same thing are called everything in the book (well you catch my drift). Look at how we did Alicia n Fanny after finding out about their lovers. And I like the fact that it was brought up that the world came down on Breezy for fighting crazy RiRi but Em, Shaq, Kobe, Mel Gibson, etc. can all whoop ass, take names, and still be considered kings of their respective industries. I’m not saying these guys weren’t critiqued in the media but at the end of the day, it was over, and quickly. It’s like you have to meet a certain taxbracket before its okay for you to do bad things and it be okay.

  89. Orville August 30, 2010

    I agree with Fantasia! Alicia Keys had an affair with a married man BUT the white media NEVER covered the story. However, the black press did! Don’t you think it is ODD that Alicia Keys doesn’t get called a homewrecking w**** but Fantasia does? What is the difference? Oh yes, Fantasia is correct, Alicia Keys is more palatable to the mainstream she is light skinned, mixed race, with long hair. Alicia Keys is also PART WHITE!

    However, the dark skinned black woman Fantasia she is scorned and given a hard time. Not fair and total double standards!

  90. joey August 31, 2010

    Fantasia is crazy as h&ll! Her skintone has nothing to do with this one. She got press ’cause her life was filled with s**, an affair and a near death experience. America is fascinated by one of those things, but to get all three at once! She gave the media a field day with her effed up life!!!!

  91. g-star September 2, 2010

    fantasia is a beautiful african american, and all yall on her a** need to leave her alone.
    people makes mistakes. wow i’d expect whites to be talking shytt about fantasia but it seems to be that blacks are. but all i have left to say is HATERS!!! fantasia girl brush that shytt off ur shoulders and move on, because at the end of the day u the rich one living in a expensive crib. while all the other haters aint!! hahahaha… all you can really do at a time like this is laugh, cuz shytt u geting paid and doing what you love.

  92. Incredible September 7, 2010

    I have read SANGING’s remarks and determined that like many other racists, SANGING has discovered a new KKK hood, the internet. Read between the lines people a lot of these people making remarks on here are whites in hiding. They spend all of their time figuring out ways to degrade blacks. This website and other like it are venues for their hate. Read the remarks made about Fantasia and other dark blacks’ features. Please do not waste your time responding to them. We only wished they had really hated our black features then our black female ancestors would not have had to suffer the indignities they suffered at their racist , r***** hands.

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