Katy Perry Performs On Letterman

Published: Wednesday 25th Aug 2010 by Sam

Pop starlet Katy Perry stopped by the David Letterman Show last night to promote her new LP ‘Teenage Dream’, which hit stores this week.

Peep Ms. Perry’s performance of the album’s title track, as well as her interview (in which discusses her Christian beginnings, her Pastor parents views on her image, and her upcoming marriage to Russell Brand) below…

Teenage Dream


Though a great interview, the same cannot be said for ‘that’ performance. She may have got out of bed in the morning, but her voice clearly didn’t. Disappointing performance.

Still, it’s doubtful she’ll be fretting too much; one-day sales show ‘Teenage Dream’ to debut atop of the Billboard 200 next week.

Your thoughts?

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  1. teflon boy August 25, 2010

    She’s as bad/good as I expected her to be. Lol u make it sound like she HAS a voice to leave in bed.

  2. Beyonslay August 25, 2010

    Shes definitely just a studio singer. She doesn’t translate well live. I think she is soo pretty tbh!

  3. Ugh August 25, 2010

    Same thing every time. Can the interviewers find something more interesting to ask?

  4. deejaybaps August 25, 2010

    ekkkk katy perry is not good live sad when you cannot back up your good pop music with live performances

  5. OLW August 25, 2010

    well she imlproved since her debut but it still not that good…
    anyway 1 thing I like to say about this is that… I never can unstrand the lyrics when she sings live… she chew the words everytime !

  6. rob August 25, 2010

    she has improved but she def need some training but shes not terrible , she has a great voice she just need to learn to control it

  7. Vince August 25, 2010

    Its makes me laugh when white singers get a free pass and no insults when they sing so poorly live.Just this past week both Taio Cruz and JLS have had nothing but insults for poor live performances.What is all that about?

  8. TheBaddestBitch August 25, 2010

    I gotta admit she improved…it wasn’t a bad performance.

    But still her music is whack and she can thank her boobs by the way.


  9. Joey August 25, 2010

    wow.. Love her new album, but she talks so loud.. it’s almost annoying!

  10. KRS0822 August 25, 2010

    f*** that bytch she’s nothing but another devil worshiper

  11. DizzyGuy1985 August 25, 2010

    Everytime she sings these songs she sounds bad. Even Cali Gurls she sounds bad. She thinks she is fooling someone like I was born yesterday. Well b**** I stayed up all night and I know better.

    She is autotuned like a mug and she thinks that people won’t notice it live. I like parts of her CD. But her performance was bad.

  12. Beysbetter August 25, 2010

    What are yall talkin about…Katy Perry has a raspy tone. That’s just the tone of her singing voice…i don’t think it’s bad. Alot of singers have raspy tones…I think it sounds raw i like her voice alot.

  13. stan August 25, 2010

    she needs to stop calling herself a “singer”

  14. FUTURESTARdelux August 25, 2010


  15. GangsterA August 25, 2010

    i think she did good i love her voice and her new album shes great stop bitching

  16. Nothing But My Opinion August 25, 2010

    horrible performance.

  17. BEESWAX August 25, 2010

    She’s from the same skool of sing talking and auto tune as Brit Brit!! Singing at 9 in the church, mehhhh bland!!!!!! Every kid sings at 9 in the church… who caresss!

  18. BENJAMIN August 25, 2010

    It wasn’t that bad, I actually thought it was good, compared to that horrid rendition on the T*** Choice Awards. It still amazes me how she drastially transitioned from being a Christian singer, with strong Chistian parents, to singing about kissing girls and wearing cherry nipple bras, still wants to claim some of her Christian roots but wants to critize Gaga in her own parallel. But hey she’s a California girl, so what do ya expect. She cute and adorable, so I can’t grind on Katie. I actually like her album, very poppy, but easy to listen to.

  19. Dave August 25, 2010

    It wasn’t that bad. Sure it wasn’t her best, & she was on quite the few parts, but it wasn’t horrific.

  20. UMYA August 25, 2010

    Why is she shouting ?
    This song sounds better with live instruments though.
    She didn’t sound that bad though. I mean she isn’t exactly threading Rihanna/Ke&ha waters LOL.
    Album is still trash tho.

  21. MUSIC LOVER August 25, 2010

    I thought that performance was good. She’s a beautiful girl.

  22. DallasUCMR August 25, 2010


  23. Jaz August 25, 2010

    every time i hope she does better…i don’t know i love her album but live isn’t her thing i guess

  24. TR August 26, 2010

    she was ok..not horrible! but i dont like how she had that gliter mic ..glitter mics are only for my Mimi lol

  25. Carol August 26, 2010

    Yeah – based on the studio recordings, she does have quite an amazing voice. I don’t know if those are tampered with to make her sound better? So maybe she just needs more help with controlling her voice live – maybe her nerves are somehow distracting her from being able to give better performances?

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