New Song: Diddy-Dirty Money – ‘Love You No More (ft. Drake)’

Published: Thursday 26th Aug 2010 by Sam

Though their ‘Last Train To Paris’ LP has yet to depart, Diddy-Dirty Money are pressing on with yet another single from the serially-delayed set. Cue ‘Love You No More’.

Featuring man-of-the-moment Drake, the Electro-R&B ballad is the mixed, mastered and renamed version of previously heard track ‘Hurt’

Check it out below…


In giving credit where it’s due, Diddy has delivered ten-fold with the sound he had been proclaiming ‘Last Train To Paris’ boasts – with ‘Love You No More’ serving as a shining example. From it’s unique production (incomparable to anything else on radio), to Dawn actually getting some shine (!), the song is a winner.

Its only misstep being the “overcooked” / indistinguishable nature of each of their vocals. For despite giving the song many a spin, it was only in the latter listens that it became apparent that it’s Diddy ‘singing’ the hook, as opposed to Drake; and whether Kaleena is on the track at all is anyone’s guess. Still a very solid effort.

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  1. True Blue August 26, 2010

    Since he can’t be bothered with Janelle Monáe, I can’t be bothered with his flop projects.

  2. MoMo84 August 27, 2010

    Why did Diddy say he can’t be bothered with Janelle Monae?

  3. ~TeAM WeeZY~ August 27, 2010

    I wasn’t gonna listen to this until I read that my girl Dawn is actually singing and she SERVED!

    I REALLY love this song. Dawn made the song. I so LOVE her! It should have been only her and Drake. I could have done without the unrecognizable voice on the hook (Diddy).

    If she sings this much on the album, then I MIGHT just cop it, but I’ll have to think hard about it since ‘Diddy’ is in the mix.

  4. True Blue August 27, 2010

    @ Momo84:

    I didn’t say that he said he couldn’t be bothered, I’m saying that due to his lack of effort in promoting her, he obviously doesn’t want to be bothered with her.

  5. MilkieWayy August 27, 2010

    This song is HOT!! I’ve been lovin’ it since back in Nov. Sidenote: Kalenna sings the bridge, after Drake’s rap.

  6. cash August 27, 2010

    this song is OLD as hell, from last year.

  7. Boricua August 27, 2010

    Anyone notice its been pitched higher than the older version?

  8. Moore Neverson Minaj♥ August 27, 2010

    i love them, but this song is OLDDD !!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. NICK August 27, 2010

    I LOVE EVERY SONG THEY HAVE LEAKED !!! (this song: original HURT) GREAT !!! HELLO-GOOD MORNING, LOVE COME DOWN, & I WANT YOUR LOVE IS HOTTTTT TOOOOO, I know it will be a good cd, people just dont like DIDDY! haha, BUT I like these girls, cute look-LUV IT !!!!!!

  10. aries_BLU August 27, 2010

    The one that came out last year was so much better than this version. This sounds un-mastered, and horrible. No one is going to buy a ticket to get on this train.

  11. IMO August 27, 2010

    ewww, I like the other version better, but why released this when it’s been out since early this year, if people weren’t feeling it then, what makes them feel people going to jump on it now. Though I do like original. if yall watch diddy ustream, it seemed he lost interest in lttp. someone asked him about the train and he said he aint talking about the album anymore, that we would just have to wait til it comes out. he was saying as if he was frustrated with the album having no release himself.

  12. phard August 27, 2010

    Diddy give it up already. No one in their right mind would buy a cd where you are the artist. Give Dawn and Kaleena a whole song by themselves and i may consider giving this “group” a chance.

  13. ILOVEXTINA August 27, 2010

    Diddy should just step aside & let another talented, REAL, male singer be a part of this group. Let someone else have some shine

  14. V August 27, 2010

    This is old downloaded it months ago. Hot track though

  15. SVN August 27, 2010

    Some of you are bugging. I love the sound and vision of this group. It’s so great for “Black music”.

  16. OOL UH UH August 27, 2010

    Um, this is NOT Electro-R&B!! I don’t even know wtf that means but anyhow, DIDDY is a frigging punk. He claimed the LTP was supposed to be this electro, funky, blah blah blah. LIES!! Everything that they brought out sounds like old Total material. It’s really sad but Diddy is outta touch with good music…..unless it’s for Jay-Z (American Gangsta). I dunno but I think he should let the cage bird (Dawn) free. He is stealing her youth away from her, in the industry with his bull sh*t. The girl is a talent. She could be tearing it down, right now. Her album this fall would be exciting. I would need her elsewhere than Bad Boy though.

    Either way. Listen to this mix tape he released last year. This is the direction LTP was to go in. He backed out and went for Angles and that other crap. Heard it Before!

  17. los August 27, 2010

    I think kellenna sings after the drake rap….her and dawn have similar tones

  18. Soulful Roses August 27, 2010

    DAWN! 😀

  19. Anon August 27, 2010

    This song was featured on several blogs last fall.

  20. Michael August 28, 2010

    I can say this is a cool “FRESH” track; when it first leaked the link was removed right away so I hadn’t her it until now! IT’s sound cool, all of the parts blended well.

  21. BoredAtWork August 29, 2010

    Janelle Monae serves!

  22. BoredAtWork August 29, 2010

    She doesn’t need no damn Diddy- her whole thing is already sick. As for the people who are missing it- I say too bad for them!

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