New Video: Jazmine Sullivan – ‘Holding You Down (Goin In Circles)’

Published: Monday 30th Aug 2010 by Trent

The video for Jazmine Sullivan’s ‘Holding You Down (Going In Circles)’ just premiered. The song serves as the 1st official single from her upcoming album, ‘Love Me Back’, due this fall. Check out the clip below:

This was a simple video. The 90’s house party throwback scene was fun and it was great to finally see Missy after all this time with her being in hiding. Good stuff.

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  1. Tiff August 30, 2010

    I like the song..not the video.

  2. Phabo August 30, 2010

    LOoooooooooooooooVE IT!

  3. Brandy = DA TRUTH August 30, 2010

    Jumpsuit lol sorrry HOT MESS love the song though!

  4. NICKY August 30, 2010


  5. UKkingsman August 30, 2010

    She needs to drop 20lbs!

  6. lisa August 30, 2010

    good video great song lovin it get em jazmin!

  7. JAYLA August 30, 2010


  8. BROCKAURWORLD! August 30, 2010


  9. truthis August 30, 2010

    I loved the video..different from whats playing now!

  10. G August 30, 2010

    Video And Song : Cool ! Nothing too much , just what it needs ! LOVE IT !!

  11. Spunkypoop August 30, 2010

    shout to my baby AUtavia in the video…Love you girl. It’s a hot song. Video was alright.

  12. 2TRILL2DEAL August 30, 2010


  13. ChrisLee August 30, 2010

    It’s only me or is something wrong with her eyes???

  14. MrIncredible August 30, 2010

    dumbest video everrrr

  15. So Me August 30, 2010

    I love this song, and i liked the video. This is the best that she’s looked in my opinion.

  16. incognegro August 30, 2010

    Trent, bless your heart, you are sooo British!!!! (disclaimer: this is not a jab at my Brits, 9 times out of 10 being British is fly-er than bird poop, but in this particular instance…no so much. Let me explain…)

    First the throwback scene is the 80’s…no one was walking about with Hi-top fades, bamboo earings, and rope chains in the 90’s…at least no one who was up with the times. Secondly, the dance scene is a homage to the American cult-classic House Party, starring Kid-N-Play (who were two huge rap artists during the 80’s)….it’s shocks me that you didn’t see that Trent, but then again…back to my initial statement…bless your heart lol.

    On a different note, I thought the video served its purpose. No major frills-and-thrills, the song is strong enough on its own. I cannot wait for Jazmine’s new cd – the girl is a talented writer and singer (did you know that she wrote a large part of Monica’s “Everything to Me” and sang background), and if her last album was any indication, I am sure that this one will not disappoint.

  17. yesyes August 30, 2010

    i like the song, but thevideo DOES NOT GO! & I hate when videos dont match the song!!

  18. Dave August 30, 2010

    I lurved it. Simple, but perfect!

  19. ico August 30, 2010

    good video great song

  20. TheBaddestBitch August 30, 2010

    Jazmine <3

    The video is simple but i loved it especially the 80's throwback with the break dance moves: jazmine can dance! lol

    I hope J records will give her more money though because it was a bit low budget when you compare to her other videos, and lol @ the product placement with Nevo

    But whatever she does, i'll support her, she's amazing and SOOOO needed in the industry.

    True talent, not sellout and smart!

  21. PLAIN AND SIMPLE August 30, 2010

    Love the song nice upbeat sound Love seeing Missy

  22. Randy August 30, 2010

    Like the song, video wernt horrible or nuttin. i need to try this nuvo now im intrigued 🙂

  23. VA STAND UP!! August 30, 2010

    Well I looove this song! This has been my Jam for a minute now. The video was decent, nothng spectacular but it got the point across.

    Her wardrobe however, was a different story! She looked a hot mess in the video, from the hair, to the glasses to the clothing. It just wan’t cute. The wardrobe people did her dirty big time. SMH! Still love Jazzy though.

  24. Si August 30, 2010

    I love the song and the video… Jazmine is an awesome singer and a true rnb artist. I only hope for big things for her…. she should be HUGE!!!!

  25. LBnon August 30, 2010

    I love the video…pls idiots…comment on the video or song and not the other topis (weight and ect).

  26. Oceanmate August 31, 2010

    Love loved this song, vid OK

  27. Nicole August 31, 2010

    Love this song! Its cool to see Missy again.

  28. stan August 31, 2010

    like the song, video is ok. love the cameo by pepa, though.

  29. Ciara’s Left Bollock August 31, 2010

    I love this song so much and although the video is nothing special I think it served it’s purpose.

  30. Soulful Roses August 31, 2010

    AMAZING! FUGGIN’ AMAZING!!!! Your favs could never…Go Jazzy 😀

  31. WHITEJESUS August 31, 2010

    missy was unnecessary

  32. dboy August 31, 2010

    missy please drop a hit soon

  33. credits August 31, 2010

    i love the single cover. it’s has a nice abstract feel to it. so retro.

  34. EVA August 31, 2010

    @ INCOGNEGRO- B**** PLEASE! The first House Party movie came out in 1990 which had that particular dance scene in it and YES i know Kid n Play came out in the 80s.. i suggest you state your facts before trying to act all cute up in here cos it looks like the only person who has egg on their face is you lol ….BLESS YOUR HEART LMAO!


    It was cool…

  36. incognegro August 31, 2010

    @ Eva, great point I must concede…the movie was released in March 1990…but guess when it was filmed??? Not 1990 babe…unless you know of movies that take only three months to be filmed and released…but that’s just technicalities…so you had a point…almost.

    However, if you checked your facts, all the acts that were featured in the video were from the 80’s….Pepa from Salt-N-Pepa, Dougie Fresh, etc. The fashions were all from the 80’s as well (i.e. bamboo earrings, hi-top fades, rope chains). The whole theme of the video was the 80’s, and how would I know…I’m an 80’s baby.

    So Eva…before you get to running off at the mouth, defending people who you may or may not know…check your facts. Egg in my face…hardly sweetheart, I’m a vegetarian…don’t do meat in any form….but bless YOUR HEART for the offer…with your young ass!!!!

    Thought you were checking someone…but who’s gonna check me boo??? Lmao….certainly not you 😉 *walks away laughing hysterically*

  37. incognegro August 31, 2010

    Just to beat the s*** out of a dead horse Eva (and I’m not referring to you as a horse…that reference would be a donkey, particularly an ASS)

    Think links details how the director of the film, Reginald Hudlin, wrote the first version of this film as project in 1983 for his class at Harvard College. Look at that….1983…Bless your heart Eva!

    Okay…I’m through…all in good fun Eva 😉

  38. notadummy August 31, 2010


  39. Bran ‘nu September 1, 2010

    Love it

  40. BEYONCE 4EVA September 4, 2010

    love the song but these R&B girls got to do better with these CORNY ASS video..they all a mess…from MONICA on down…HURRY BACK BEYONCE WE NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. fenny October 29, 2010

    your voice is amazing Jazz i’m a huge fan

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