Hot Shots: New American Idol Judges Unveiled

Published: Thursday 23rd Sep 2010 by Sam

As earlier reported, diva Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith’s Steve Tyler were announced as two-thirds of the all-new American Idol judging panel. Peep pics of Lopez and Tyler (along with original judge Randy Jackson) at the show’s press conference today below…

Randomness: The judging panel isn’t the only major change in this the show’s tenth season. Now featured as an in-house mentor will be Interscope head Jimmy Iovine. What does this mean, you may ask? Gone, according to reports, are the weekly themes. Instead individual acts will be honed to be great in the genre of music which suits them as an artist. What’s more, Interscope in-house producers  such as Timbaland and Polow Da Don (as well as other label figures) will be working with the contestants each week to ‘up their everything’ (posture, vocals, artistic growth etc). The heavy involvement of Interscope (a subsidary of Universal Music) comes on the heels of the label replacing long-time Idol collaborators Sony Music as the winners’ label.


Sounds like Idol may actually be worth the watch this go round.

Your thoughts?

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  1. LOL September 23, 2010


  2. True Blue September 23, 2010

    Well, Steven Tyler being on the panel will ensure good ratings.

  3. Kevin September 23, 2010

    they seem to be genuinely trying to revamp the show……good for them

    they still have nothing on what X Factor could become if done right.

  4. Jeff September 23, 2010

    J.lo Looks so F****** Hot!

  5. ~TeAM WeeZY~ September 23, 2010

    Interesting. I like the idea of bringing in actual producers to assist and guide the contestants. i also love the idea of catering to the contestants own musical style instead of having ‘themes’ each week which is the dumbest idea EVER considering the winner will only have ONE true musical style as an artist.

  6. Trent the R***** September 23, 2010

    Xfactor UK sucks again this year. The talent is worse. I dont see how xFactor US will do any better than Idol when it’s the talent pool that sucks. I couldnt careless who the judges are. If the talent is good then peeps will watch. It pretty much sucks when your scouring at the bottom of the ocean for any snippets of potential artistry.

    Agreed, J. Ho looks the hot MILF. Too bad her talent doesnt match! However, removing her clothing would be talent enough for Penthouse. Truth!!

  7. harvey September 23, 2010

    Dame J.Lo looks so dame s***…Steve tyler seems like he will be such a funny judge im so gonna be watching.

  8. Trent the R***** September 23, 2010

    Sony/BMG is the winners’ label for xfactor US, Sam. Blame Cowell’s relationship with Clive Davis. I’m def. watching Idol cause of Steven Tyler. This guy doesnt hold back and has a smart mouth! Check his interviews, lol. He’s the only judge that really deserves to be there. Dude is an inductee of RRHOF. Whereas, J. Ho hasn’t even won a Grammy and Randy is the token black dude as usual. WTF.

  9. Diane September 23, 2010

    Just like In Living Color where the African-American dancer never left the show because she probably didn’t get the opportunities like the other dancers. Do you guys remember the African American dancer from in Living Color? She was the best dancer, however, she never got the opportunity to leave the show.

    Randy is still an Idol judge because he is not getting the opportunities as his white counterparts.

  10. FUTURESTARdelux September 23, 2010


  11. Diane September 23, 2010

    It’s not a good look for Randy. Yessa Massa, anything you say, I’ll stay on Idol because my phone isn’t ringing.

  12. Trent the R***** September 23, 2010


    LOL, stop playing the angry black chic!! Randy never left cause his contract didnt end this season. If he quit Idol can sue him and if Idol cut his contract they have to pay big. So best thing is just for his black ass to stay put which he did! True, not like the dude has great opportunities even if they did buy him out. And both Tyler and J. Ho’s contract is only for a yr. I’m betting cause Idol could be canned after this year.

  13. rican_star September 23, 2010

    ayyyy enough with the whole blacks not getting opportunities come one seriously they all ova r&b hip hop mags and look at the roster for Def jam everyone black ton of black artists where the hispanics Jenny is the only one thier and nothing great since Big Pun died and who takes pitt bull seriously besides all his club music randy still on the show cuz he never really made a big name for himself to be able to really hold down his own show if he acted like a r***** like simon maybe but randy does a good job and seems like a important pillar of the show! and who lets go my sexii puerto rican princess i got that good s*** lol

  14. S*** September 23, 2010

    Congrats to her, I actually used to be fan but Now I consider her washed up & completely out done. She should Retire but She wont give up will she. I guess when everything else goes to S*** just be a Judge or on Dancing with the stars to help sustain some form of relevance.

    I just hope Idol doesnt think she will be bringing in any ratings cause there in for a rude awakening. I find it funny how they dont hire judges who can actually sing themselves…

    Man, Who am I kidding? J-NO only used to be successful because of her LOOKS/Image until she got replaced by 2 other B******: Shakira & Beyonce~ Both have Jlo’s Looks but only they have actual TALENT. Rihanna has officially stolen J-Ho’s Spot & unfortunately her career will NEVER Recover!!

  15. iLoveXtina September 23, 2010

    WTF? Is J. Lo really 41? She makes other b****** out here look twice their age

  16. Sarah September 23, 2010

    Jennfifer looks old in the face. She lost her stunning looks.

  17. C.cruz September 23, 2010

    I think they made great choices tyler is well respected throughout the industry as an artist/writer/performer and j.lo is an american idol comming from nothing to having platinum cd’s, box office hits, apparel, fragrances etc….shes a seasoned professional and the two will give the upcoming contestants a chance not only to become an artist but go beyond that and brand themselves something the previous idols havent done much/ any of….i havent tuned into AI for the past 3 seasons but im actually really interested to see how the shows gonna evolve with interscope and the new judges in the picture…

  18. O LeDoIt September 23, 2010

    Seems very interesting. im def goin to watch this season. i wish i was on the show

  19. Jasmine September 23, 2010

    I agree with Diane but your comment is very harsh. Do you expect Randy to quit and not keep getting that contract check in this economy? If he did he would be dumb. I guess J.Lo is the new Paula Abdul. I just hope J.Lo acts like herself on the show and not putting on the fake persona she sometime does. I also think they need to have a 4th open chair for guest judges on the show to keep it interesting. Also who is replacing Simon, because we all know Tyler is an old-school rocker (aka party hard and play harder) so he could not be “mean” all the time like Simon tried to be.

  20. madison September 23, 2010

    werk jlo….the diva is back!!!!!

  21. madison September 23, 2010

    livin for jlo right now!!!!

  22. egialbania September 23, 2010

    omg lookk jlo she is so young so fresh beatiful i love you jlo and f*** you haters go awayy haters muther f***** hatersssssssssssssssssssss

  23. um ….no September 23, 2010

    once again j Lo’s 1 fan that changes screen names to keep commenting the same b*******!! j lo has some delusional fans the chicks 15 min been up I’m pretty sure her next stop will be dancing with the stars. 🙂

  24. Maybe September 23, 2010

    I hate this show and always have! Now that super producers Polow Da Don (my guy) and Timbo are on board this might be worth watching this year. Simon and what’s his face the host (I really can’t stand him) use to get on my nerves! I might be able to stomach one but never both.

  25. Robier September 23, 2010

    so now they wanna be more like x factor???? hmmm

  26. RICAN_STAR September 23, 2010


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