Kelly Rowland Hits The Studio With Jermaine Dupri

Published: Sunday 5th Sep 2010 by Sam

Kelly Rowland‘s label appear to be sparing no expense when it comes to the recording of her 3rd studio album.

Full story below…

The LP, which is set for release later this year, already boasts production credits from the likes of  Ne-Yo, Stargate, The-Dream & Tricky Stewart, and David Guetta – and can now count hitmaker Jermaine Dupri amongst them.

Speaking on Twitter yesterday the producer, who crafted smashes such as ‘We Belong Together’ and ‘Confessions’, said:


It certainly will be interesting to see what Kelly and JD are cooking up. For, those “samey” Mariah-ballads aside, Jermaine is quite the versatile producer (see: Janet’s ‘Rock With You’).

On another note, it sure would be great to see what time-line the label are working with. As, with no “proper” US single to boot (videos and all) plus the fact she’s still recording, that pencilled-in November release for the US is looking a little far-fetched at this point. Especially if a “two-singles prior to release” set-up (aka “the smart set-up”) is the route they are planning to go. Here’s hoping the US incarnation of the album (the more Urban flavoured version) gets a release this side of Christmas…

Things appear to be on-course for the European market, though. ‘Commander’ was a top 10 smash in many a territory, and ‘Forever & A Day’ looks set to follow suit (the video for which is set to première within the next few weeks). What’s more, Universal Music UK have confirmed to us that the album is set to hit stores here on November 29th.

This ‘era’ has been quite the roller-coaster…and the album hasn’t even been released yet. That said, it’s all still to play for – and if there’s any justice in the world, Ms. Kelly will win…

Your thoughts?

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  1. lyric “commander” lee September 5, 2010

    im all for it – i wish i knew the time line behind the album too as far as release dates and and videos and everything but hey i guess i just have to wait and see – bring on the fire ms kelly

  2. Emily September 5, 2010

    People need to understand the Ms.Kelly can’t just rush a project like this she has created two totally different lanes for herself. she’s trying to cater to the needs of both with this album and stuff like this has to be planned out at first they had a plan she was going to release a album with a mix of both. But you have to remember we have the enternet so we all know everything that goes on almost she just got signed this year and started working on the album late last year/early this year by herself before she was even signed to Universal paying out of pocket for david and rico. I guess they realized after seeing the resonses that if she’s going to cater to both dance fans and Urban she’s going to have to fully take it there and not throw nothing together so I guess the label is paying for these producers. so respect her for taking her time to organize her album and promotion.

    Something difficult and different like this takes planning and a lot of didication and focus. here’s to hoping she pulls it off to the best of her abilities I’m looking forward to hearing all of Kellys music.

  3. Last s*** on earth September 5, 2010

    HOT BOILING MESS !! The album won’t be out until 2016 !!

  4. One Black Apple September 5, 2010

    Kelly and her camp shouldn’t have confirmed any release date before she was done recording. Take a look at how Beyoncé and Matthew do it!
    A Month before the actual release date, They release a statement announcing that Beyoncé is releasing an album and on the day of the announcement we get the first single.
    That’s how all artist should do it.
    Don’t give us a date a year* before you start recording the damn album. You can’t predict the future!!!

    (* Ciara I’m looking at you)

  5. Last s*** on earth September 5, 2010

    @ one black apple


  6. Nathan September 5, 2010

    I hope this album will get an official release date bcoz we have no news about this project.

  7. ADE September 5, 2010

    @ One Black Apple…I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’m so tired of artists giving us release dates and then they end up pushing it back by Months! That s*** don’t wash with me and it’s annoying as hell.

  8. KD September 5, 2010

    One thing is for sure this album is going to be expensive (paying “hot-shot” producers, 3D video’s et. al).

    Hope she and record label have enough money to play with because I do not see this album being a money-spinner @ all.

    Just my opinion you are free to agree or disagree (to all those that love throwing labels around).

    That is all.

  9. That FLOP Juice September 5, 2010

    Sam, everyone knows that you get paid by the label of Kelly. You can’t be serious. Kelly Rowland is irrelevant in the indusry.
    She said almost a year ago that she had finished her record, and she is doing recording sessions still… That means that the whole material is -STILL – a huge flop.

    Commander is not a hit anywhere… Just ask people in the streets, have you heard the new KR song? Of course they don’t. (Most of them event don’t know who is Kelly Rowland. ‘O the Beyoncé back up singer’)

    Beyonce is preparing the release of her new record this fall. She will get the hype and the glory, while the million times delayed and million times re-named Kelly Rowland record will be a huge flop. A flop you have never seen before….

  10. Waddie G. September 5, 2010

    She should have had a U.S. released single already. No single in the U.S. means that Universal is not confident in her marketability here. All they need to do is ask Def Jam how they worked it for Rihanna.

  11. quanberg September 5, 2010

    Well I have a few things to say – 1. She only once had an album name and then changed it after all of the negative feedback. “One Woman Show” never left Kelly’s mouth and was a rumor. 2. Commander is a hit, look at the charts assholes. 3. She has been doing some major promo lately. 4. I know Kelly has got to be tired but she’s doing things right. 5. She will push through and wen she does slay the haters gon be hanging with their mouths open. 6. She has it going on appearances appearances appearance !!! 7. Wait and See she is so bringing it this time around !!! I love you Kelly !!!!

  12. That FLOP Juice September 5, 2010

    Beyoncé is laughing somewhere. I think she will release her record on 29th November too… 😉 maybe a week sooner or later…

    But Beyoncé will kill Kelly on the charts.

    @ Quanberg: Christina Aguilera also did tons of appereances with a good album, but it was not enough. And she is more talented and more famous than the DC alumni back up singer 😉

  13. That FLOP Juice September 5, 2010

    @ KD

    Agreee. 100 % agree.

  14. Kevin September 5, 2010

    simply put, there should have been no speak whatsoever of a release date until she had finished.

    it would have been much better if she had finished recording everything and then talked abotu a release date/title.

    How interesting/exciting would it be if we were hearing of these colabs, but yet to hear about a possible album name/release?!

    JD, The Dream, David Guetta… That’s all interesting and exciting, but the fact that she should have had her album out by now ruins all of it.

  15. TaeBr33zi September 5, 2010


  16. quanberg September 5, 2010

    Hold up you all are bringing her down, maybe she was ready to drop the album, but then wat happened, u the fans/haters criticized her work. Commander, Grown Woman, Rose Colored Glasses, Forever and a day, all her work has been criticized from the beginning. but the minute B releases anything its an instant hit whether or not it sounds good. So now Kelly is refocusing and reworking and even though ya’ll gon have something to say. I love all three ladies and own all of their cd’s. I preferred “Unexpected” over “I Am Sasha Fierce” but wat happened u guys threw michelle under the bus and B walked high on her pedestal. Michelle has got range and has proven that over and over again. but the minute B screeches its beautiful. There are notes that are very unflattering wen beyonce sings. But who the f*** cares cause u treat her like a god. I will go to a club any day and dance my ass off to Commander and We Break the dawn. So shut the hell up and instead of criticizing Kelly u support her and buy that album wen it does come out I know I am !!!! She can sing !!! So bring it kelly and forget the haters !!!!

  17. Jamie September 5, 2010

    It’s amazing how bothered the haters get when TGJ has good news to report about Kelly. SHM. I’m still getting my five copies.

  18. dboy September 5, 2010

    i agree , she should have US single by now
    as for hater, get lost if hate kelly n luv bee so much , go to her post or website, we dont need ur negativity n nothing u say wil make us love kelly any less


  19. kelly stan September 5, 2010

    I know thats right gett them str8 kelly rang is better than chris, she flop dont means kelly gonna be one and chris is jus pop trash! lol

  20. ONLYGODKNOWS September 5, 2010


  21. GangsterA September 5, 2010

    smdfh shes still recording a mess

  22. los September 5, 2010

    Kelly Rowland album is going to be so good I cant wait to get this album!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Robier September 5, 2010

    People are gonna TIRE of this s***.

  24. nayah82 September 6, 2010

    When is she going to release this s***, i mean it feels like is been five years in the making.
    Kelly please hurry up and drop the damn album already, before Queen Bey comes back.

  25. Janet J. September 6, 2010

    Jermaine Dupri and Kelly Rowland should re-record “UNITY” together … her best ballad eva !!!

  26. KD September 6, 2010

    To all the people shouting “OMG Unity needs to be a single” from the rooftops, agreed it is a GOOD song, but you have to have some serious star power to make a GOOD song a hit, heck X-tina’s “You Lost Me” is a GREAT song but it wasn’t a hit and didn’t help the album one bit.

    In conclusion: The song UNITY will not salvage the soon to be DOA album that is getting too much TLC.

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