New Song: Tiffany Evans – ‘I’m Every Woman’ (Whitney Houston Cover)

Published: Tuesday 28th Sep 2010 by Sam

It’s been a short while since we’ve heard anything musically from powerhouse vocalist Tiffany Evans. However, the 18 year old has resurfaced under management by Mathew Knowles and Music World (I know…)

While Evans records her sophomore LP (which is set to be released by Columbia Records), it appears her talents are being synchronised with the Knowles’ other business ventures. Indeed, her recently recorded take on Whitney Houston‘s version of ‘I’m Every Woman’ features on the official website of Tina Knowles new affordable clothing range ‘Miss Tina’.

Take a listen to Tiffany’s cover below…

Though the production value was very ‘karaoke’, it’s hard to deny that Ms. Evans’ vocals were off the ricta! With her being just 18 (and already able to blow many a chart songstress out of the water), it’ll be exciting to see what the future holds for her as an artist. For her talent alone, she deserves much success.

As for the song, your thoughts?…

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  1. ~Team Weezy~ September 28, 2010

    She has an amazing voice, but I see she’s ‘attempting’ to channel a certain style in this pic.

    Um, yeah!

  2. S*** September 28, 2010

    LOL @ her manager being Mathew Knowles 😆

    So far I know of…

    Lyfe jennings
    & now Tiffany Evans

    Anyone have the complete list of Careers that he Currently Manages??

  3. james September 28, 2010

    Holy shittttttttttttttttttttt she sound good. Look out Ms Evans is coming

  4. ADE September 28, 2010

    I don’t like this b****.

  5. NUNYA September 28, 2010

    Any artist with blonde hair is going to be compared to beyonce. a short haircut rihanna and so forth. No doubt Tiffany can sing her ass off but she need better material. There are numerous singers who can sing but its all about the material and once again Tiffany need better writers. The song is ok for her.

  6. S*** September 28, 2010

    I never cared much for Whitney’s music.

    For me Tiffany is just Okay. When she was younger she was more impressive since she was so young, now that shes an adult(I assume) shes not all that impressive but yeah Okay.

  7. xedos September 28, 2010

    not everyone with a voice has star quality. this is what ppl keep failing to understand
    you can walk down a block and find 10 singers but only 1 star. I will sign a star over a singer
    any day because this is a BUSINESS

  8. Soulful Roses September 28, 2010

    YAASS! This my girl right here. Loves her 🙂

  9. Blue Kid September 28, 2010

    I love this woman she stood by my guy! Go Tiffany! 🙂

  10. Blue Kid September 28, 2010

    I hope she has something original on her album, and know daddy Knowles is not going to let anybody out shine Beyonce. There may be a bit of conflict of interest.

    I’m waiting for the family to get in so I can see 12 strands!

  11. Blue Kid September 28, 2010

    Tiffany has star quality this girl shines, but is daddy Knowles going to let her shine. I see twinkles of light she sparkling around this girl she a star. Let see how daddy Knowles handle her career.

  12. Blue Kid September 28, 2010

    Peeps need to get in here I’m getting impatient.

  13. harvey September 28, 2010

    Tiffany evens,can sing her ass offf.I love her sing acpella she has an amazing voice cant wait for her new album.

  14. GREG September 28, 2010

    I like Whitney’s version better…this one seems to have to many “effects” going on

  15. Kick The Ear Drum September 28, 2010

    I wonder how her career will be handeled. She could slay everyone especially with the right song. ‘I’m Grown’ was pretty good, so I’d love to see her do something like that.

    Check out:

  16. KAT DELUNA FAN September 28, 2010

    Matthew has nothing to do with Beyonce killing people career.She is doing it really well by herself.Nice cover and pretty girl …good luck to her.

    Kat deluna (Push push single and Inside Out <- check it out)

  17. DANBOFFICIAL September 28, 2010





  18. TheYoungLion September 28, 2010

    The song was originally done by CHAKA KHAN…. not Whitney. This blog has s***** journalism. Tiffany sounds like Jennifer Hudson.

  19. Anon September 28, 2010

    I’m Every Woman was recorded by Chaka Khan and written by Ashford & Simpson. Who doesn’t know that?

  20. aries_BLU September 28, 2010

    Shouldn’t it be Chaka Kahn’s version of I” am every woman”? For Whitney covered Chaka Kahn.

    But anyway, I haven’t really heard anyone being successful under Mathew besides Beyonce (hello Jon B), but she is a talent, and I wish her much luck.

  21. aries_BLU September 28, 2010

    Lol ok others brought it up. Just saying.

  22. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 28, 2010


    WOW!! This girl has an amazing voice. And she is what 18?

  23. Rihannafan4life September 28, 2010

    I dont like this little girl….she need 2 go school and seat her ass down somewhere….

  24. S*** September 28, 2010

    @ Rihannafan4life

    Ofcourse you dont like her, Rihanna Fans are known for Discriminating actual Talent.

  25. Lildaddie10 September 28, 2010

    Go Off Tiff!!! Yassss … The gurls gettin nervous! Sum New Talent C****** In!

  26. Diane September 28, 2010

    No baby, don’t ever try to do Whitney. You would have been better trying for the Chaka version. No. Just plain no.

  27. idrag4mj September 28, 2010


  28. royalkev September 28, 2010

    Wow, I am impressed! I’ve never heard anyone come close to the voice, but I was sitting in awe of her vocals. She sounds like she should be doing the Whitney tributes instead of Monica!

  29. Diane September 28, 2010

    A soprano does not make you sound like Whitney. Hitting the right notes does not make you be able to do Whitney. The reason Whitney “took” this song from Chaka, who Whitney sung backup for, is because of the Whitneyism. Trust, you don’t even start the song like Whitney. Whitney starts the song miraculously, and of course she ends it with the tribute to Chaka.

    Come on Matthew, don’t ever send a bish out the gate trying to do Whitney. Never dammit!

  30. royalkev September 28, 2010

    By the way it says in plain english that she’s doing the Whitney cover. It’s sung the same way Whitney did it.

  31. SWAG-WAVE September 28, 2010

    Lil miss B in training huh? This girl can really sing and has big potential! I see why Matthew was quick to snatch her up. Call Matthew what you will… but look at the path he crafted for Beyonce. This is exactly what Tiffany needed to take her career to the next level.

  32. CONVERSATION CHAMBER September 28, 2010

    Please explain to me how singing “I’m Every Woman” is covering Whitney, when Whitney’s recording of it was a cover? The ignorance of people. Anyone who sings “I’m Every Woman” is cover Chaka Khan — period. I don’t care if they are patterning it after Whitney’s version…it’s still a Chaka Khan original.

  33. FUTURESTARdelux September 28, 2010



  34. KNUCK September 28, 2010

    when you cover someone’s version you are covering THEM, not the original singer.. you all are ignorant.

  35. Diane September 28, 2010

    Where is the gospel undertone that makes Whitney, Whitney? Nobody can touch Whitney’s gospel runs in an RnB song. Mariah ain’t been brought up in no black cherch and that is why she can’t do that thing that Whitney does. Just listen to Whitney’s Christmas Song: And this song is when she is not at the height of her career. As a matter of fact, Whitney’s voice was starting to show signs of fatigue on her One Wish album, and she still killed it.

    When you talk Whitney, you betta talk gospel and you must, must, say the word “lawd” in every song.

  36. WHITE JESUS September 28, 2010

    the transformation begins

    its still whitney’s song when you do a cover you’re supposed to make your own version.

    do it all Mathew do it all

  37. Jessica September 28, 2010

    A cover by definition is a remake of the ORIGINAL song. You can also cover another artist’s cover. There are no laws about that lol. But all this talk about what a cover actually means is ridiculous. WHO CARES! The point is Tiffany has mad vocals and she is going to be very successful in everything she does. God blesses the faithful. Stop blinding yourselves. You are missing her God given gift by making up stupid reasons why not to like her. You know she can sang! Anyone who doesn’t hear what I hear is just weird. seriously weird. I’d like to see all you haters try to sound like that……….. silence……….. is golden.

  38. Jay3088 September 28, 2010

    Nobody can really remake Whitney songs due to her powerful voice, she did a good job but she aint no Whitney.

  39. Anne September 28, 2010

    SAM, why would you consider this a cover of a cover? IMO, based on the differences in the music of all three versions, both Whitney and Tiffany’s versions are covers of the original Chaka Khan song.

  40. michael September 28, 2010

    She can sing but she is neither Whitney nor MONICA!! They both are more powerful and Monicas tone is DELICIOUS and SWEET!!!!

  41. TheYoungLion September 28, 2010

    Chaka Khan >>> Whitney

  42. rray81 September 28, 2010

    YESSSSSS something to get excited about I love Tiffany her voice so amazing BTW the pic is old she’s way sexier now anywho she is here to stay Matthew is going to take great care I believe that don’t get mad TIFFANYISCOMING

  43. Miss Chick Boom September 28, 2010


    That was FANSTASTIC

    I can see her becoming a big star. She has the talent and she has the look. Now all matty needs to work on is giving her the “it”.

    It would be great if Beyonce actually became her mentor.

  44. KS September 28, 2010

    Phenomenal singer. Beautiful girl. Great spirit.

    She will be a FORCE

  45. Landen September 28, 2010

    Just Learned of this girl last year.

    She os one of few people in the

    industry today who give you shivers

    when she sings. SHE KILLS THE MIC!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. KS September 28, 2010

    lol @ Rihannastanforlife or whatever saying Tiffany Evans should go to school and seat down

    The term is “sit down” Tiffany graduated high school early while you obviously haven’t finished.

    The cover talk is interesting. Arrangment and delivery wise was it more in the vein of Chaka or Whitney

    Tiffany Evans is a little contrived. Sometimes studios over-control powerhouse vocalists, but Tiffany Evans can def do Whitney. Look up “Tiffany Evans , I Have Nothing” on youtube. Acapella with great vocals and strong emotions

  47. GROW UP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!! September 28, 2010

    She has a great voice

  48. GREG September 28, 2010

    Doesnt matter if Chaka recorded it first, Whitney took that song into stratosphere just like she did I will always love you and The Greatest Love of All……damn whitney has been remakin everybodys songs….lol

  49. Diane September 28, 2010

    Artists think just because Whitney has a new voice, they can now try her catalog. No one ever attempted her catalog beforehand. Bish, sit down! Whitney is still alive. She’s the type of artist you attempt to cover after their passing. Don’t be disrespectful like Bey was to Etta James.

  50. Bryant Shines September 28, 2010

    hated it

  51. Diane September 28, 2010

    I’m sure that she is a likable and beautiful person, so I don’t want to personally attack her. I am attacking the decision by management. Monica pays a respectful tribute to Whitney; even she will not record Whitney. During the Classic Whitney live concert, Whitney mentioned that she never attempted to sing a Dionne song, until that night, which I believe was Alfie. Matthew needs to show some respect. I’m sure the artist is only thinking of putting out a great record in Whitney’s honor. However, management should know better.

    Some things should be left alone, or at least waited for at the right time.

  52. rob September 28, 2010

    vocally she is just on another level to her peers , she could be the next whitney houston , but they are not giving her the songs that utilise that amazing voice , see promise ring, she should really be signed to j records they know what to do with saaaangers

  53. Sarah September 28, 2010

    Whitney songs aren’t hard to sing. Why do folks think so many people on Idol did cover versions of her songs?

    Sorry but Whitney’s catalog is not difficult, which is why singers like J.Hud, Christina A, Monica, can cover her songs because they are better suited for their vocals.

  54. TaeBr33zi-Rowland September 28, 2010

    She sounds JUST like whitney!

  55. Anne September 28, 2010

    Can’t believe anyone would think she sounds like Whitney. She sounds good but there will never be another Whitney. BUT, I don’t think the song is off-limits (@DIANE); maybe if it were Whitney’s originally that would be different but this was and still is Chaka Khan’s signature hit song (that’s why Whitney at least put her in the video and repeats her name in the song). If Whitney can re-record it then so can Tiffany.

  56. Diane September 28, 2010

    @Sarah, Yes, artist can hit Whitney notes, but nobody can do Whitney delivery. There is more to singing than hitting a note. No one phrases and run like Whitney. And Whitney’s tone is bar none.

  57. Diane September 28, 2010

    @Anne, Tiffany is not trying to sing it like Chaka, she is trying to sing it like Whitney. Therefore, this is a Whitney cover.

  58. Diane September 28, 2010

    If she sound so much like Whitney, why didn’t she sing an original song and let the public say, “Wow, she sounds like Whitney?” She didn’t need to sing a Whitney song in order to sound like Whitney. She should have sung her own song and then let the public determine whether she sounds like Whitney. Does she sound like Whitney on other songs or only when she is attempting to sound like Whitney?

    Pause, no hate for the artist.

  59. Chulo September 28, 2010

    not a fan

  60. Diary of a Young Black Asshole September 28, 2010

    you have to bring it…when singing one of Whitney’s song..she cracked out but the womans voice is AMAZING…

  61. TheMan September 28, 2010

    When Whitney remakes a song its over, it becomes hers, THATS how you do a remake. There will never be another Whitney and people do her songs on idol because Whitney’s songs shows off vocals unlike any other Diva’s except maybe Aretha. Although there have been some great attempts at Whitney of course no one can completely nail whitney because she sings every song differently with each performance.

  62. Sean September 28, 2010

    like many above, if you’re gonna pride yourselves on being a music site, and an R&B / Hip-Hop at that, then get your facts right. I’m Every Woman is Chaka Khan. Whitney even yells out her name a few times on the recording. Just sayin’.

  63. CJ September 28, 2010

    i think she did good. although its hard to really listen to the song without comparing it to the original. i mean come on its whitney. but i think she did a pretty good job.

  64. NESSA September 28, 2010

    Her Manager is Mathew Knowles smh…. She an’t coming out till Beyonce has kids…. Good luck 2 her

  65. Tru Voice September 28, 2010

    CHILE NO! Nothing like Whitney, more similar to Chaka’s version with the dated production. Good voice, horrible production. But She did cover Whitney’s VERSION, Her vocals are mimicking Whitney’s, especially on the High Bridge and adlibs. But this version, no. They need to come harder with production for her voice. Tiffany deserves better.

  66. Tru Voice September 28, 2010

    This is how you cover someone’s song:

    And be real y’all, Without Whitney making that song extremely popular, no one would car about Chaka’s version. Whitney mad ita hit and a classic and made people REMEBER Chaka’s version. For Chaka, this was a modest hit, that’s all.

  67. Robier September 28, 2010

    Uhh she can sing…. Voice is pleasant and very nice and powerful but under Matthew Knowles she will FAIL…….. ASK SUNSHINE ANDERSON

  68. dunster September 28, 2010

    Nah, i like Tiffany but this shows that Whitney was a great singer because this doesn’t touch!

    To be honest, nobody cares if you can sing anymore, its all about image and songs.

    I await the day when real singing comes back

  69. antertain September 28, 2010

    She TORE IT UPPPPPPPPPPPP from the bridge onwards

    POWERHOUSE youngster.
    I hope Tiffany and Karina Pasian can carry the touch 4 the young SANGERS

    Very Good Job Tiff E

  70. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) September 28, 2010

    @Bluekid wavn hi.
    BTW who is that DEMON in your avatar……..ROTFL!!!!

  71. Junior in Jamaica September 29, 2010

    Decent attempt but nobody has s*** on Whitney’s cover, not even Chaka.

  72. Goodas September 29, 2010

    No one can ever touch whitney in her prime!
    The bodyguard whitney slayed every female singers life!

  73. stan September 30, 2010

    Yea Whitney’s cover of this song is way better.. But we don’t know who Tiffany is showing tribute to. Whitney or Shaka? Anyway I think she can sing, its just nothing really special about her, that will make her a star

  74. kiaaa fxkN C bABi ;* October 14, 2010


  75. Shaquita October 24, 2010

    Yall are dumb, talkin about she jockin rhianna swag! NO! Have u seen the promise ring video? She had theat hairstle whith one side kinda shorter than the other before rhianna had it! during the time that vid was out i never heard anyone say i want my hair like rhianna’s, i heard “I want my hair like the girl in that promise ring video”…

    But anyway she can sing, i have been listening to her for like seven years now…YES, SEVEN YEARS…Star search baby!

  76. jamise November 13, 2010

    Hey Tiffany keep up the good work since you came up in the music industry I belive that your gonna be a great singinger.just keep the good work and i love your songs i can listen to your lyrics and relate to what you been through.and im trying to get up where you are im going to keep on dreaming and OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR HAIR WATS TTTT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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