T.I. Could Face Extended Jail Sentence

Things aren’t looking to good for T.I. The rapper, who was arrested for drug possession along with his wife, Tiny, could face a multiple-year prison sentence. Check out what lawyer Steven Knowles shared with our good friend Billy Johnson over at Yahoo! regarding the situation:

Lawyer Steven Knowles suspects that, if convicted, T.I. could face a multiple-year jail sentence. “This is big-time,” Knowles told Yahoo! Music. “I really don’t envy his defense lawyer.”

Prior to serving three months in the halfway house, T.I. spent seven months in a federal prison in Arkansas for illegal firearms possession and possessing a gun as a convicted felon.

According to the Associated Press, as a condition of his three-year-parole, he was forbidden from committing another federal, state or local crime, or illegally possessing a controlled substance. Drug tests and participation in a drug and alcohol treatment program were also required.

The new allegations will not be taken lightly, said Knowles, a family attorney who has represented Britney Spears and Nicole Kidman, among others. “[T.I.’s] celebrity is not likely going to get him off of this,” he said. “This is now a repeated offense. That’s when even the celebrity get-out-of-jail card is not going to work.”

Knowles believes T.I.’s celebrity will probably ensure a more stringent ruling. “In fact, for them to take it light on him now would look like over-favoritism because he’s a celebrity, and I think, if anything, his celebrity may actually backfire.”

Knowles believes that Cottle, co-star of BET’s Tina & Toya and a member of the ‘90s R&B group Xscape, could avoid jail time because of their children. “That is a big factor when it comes to sentencing,” he said. “I can tell you from my experience as a family lawyer that celebrity or not, courts loathe to jail moms, particularly if there’s not going to be a dad at home to care for the kids as well. This would mean kids would have no parents.”

One important factor in determining a potential sentence will be the quantity of drugs in possession. “If [the] quantity is large enough to be selling or even sharing with third parties, that could make a big difference,” Knowles said. {Source}


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  1. Sasha September 3, 2010

    He was doing good & he ruined it by using bad judgment. He & Tiny both need to grow up.

  2. Malachi September 3, 2010

    Poor Guy! If he never dropped the soap last time, He most defiantly won’t drop it the next time! But We need to get a petition rolling or something!

  3. Mindset212 September 3, 2010

    What an Idiot.! The community had your back… and this?

  4. iLoveXtina September 3, 2010

    SMH a repeated offense is serious. I’ll just send my prayers. He has a great career & he’s letting drugs ruin it.

  5. I’MJUSSSAYIN September 3, 2010


  6. Lady September 3, 2010

    I’m never one to jump to conclusions. Why don’t they do a drug test on him to see if he used them? Also did they ever state the amount was enough to sell? Did he have any money with it? Maybe its just me but he was doing so well before his acreer is going fine and now this???? Something seems off. I won’t judge thi until more details.

  7. SugaBaje September 3, 2010


    I really don’t feel an ounce of sympathy for this dude. Had it been any one of us regular folk, we would have been thrown under the jail. Now he, with a second chance at his freedom, a bustling career, marriage AND the top movie in the country just throws it away doing this s***…AGAIN???? For real tho? Bye boo.

  8. ADE September 3, 2010

    And that’s what his dumb ass gets! You would think he would lay low after just coming out of prison. Talk about making bad judgements, this dude seems to make a lot of them!

  9. rated x September 3, 2010

    I wasnt gonna comment on this b*******, but dang I’m tired of people saying he was set up.
    plan and simple dude is a dumbass ass, and miss piggy aka tiny, is a dumbass X 12 for being a ride or die chick..just for some gucci prada, loui..
    miss piggy, ur ass is 35 damn near 40, with 3 kids, and ass till trying that ride or die s***?

    clifford needs his a** beat, f*** all the people who keeps saying he needs our prayer, that people makes mistakes..
    HELLLO dudes is on probation, hes a** shouldnt be any where near drugs..

    even if he was set up, why the fugg ur ass is any near drugs? drugs thats gonna take ur a** back to prison

  10. PLAIN AND SIMPLE September 3, 2010

    Oh my this don’t look good at all

  11. Oceanmate September 3, 2010

    dayummmmmmmm, unbelivable with a table spoon full of stupid!

  12. rated x September 3, 2010

    for people whos still NOT GETTIN IT

    clifford and miss piggy was pull over for making a wrong traffic turn..and when they got pull over, the cops smell weed.. now since T.I is on probation, the cops can search his a** without probable cause.
    in searching T.I and Tiny and every body else they found weed, X…now clifford probations terms states, he CANNOT HAVE, BE NEAR, ANY TYPE OF ILLYGAL DRUGS..so drug test or not hes a** might still go to prison,not jail

    so which part is still hard for the ones who still claimed he was set up, to understand.
    even if he pulled over because he was black, where te hell the drugs come at? are we gonn blame the cops for the drugs too?

  13. Tlov224 September 3, 2010

    @ Rated R I completely agree. TI needs to get it together. That was not a mistake it is just plain stupidity!!!

  14. X,Y,”and Z” September 3, 2010

    @Rated X Sept 3rd 1:21 am 2010 —

    Not all “terms of probation” are cut-and-paste. If your lawyer is any good, there’s alot of “leeway” that can be given/negotiated! And from what I’m reading, that guilty-plea is sealed, so no one knows, under what terms those are.
    And if YOU don’t know someone is/was “holding,” how can you be held accountable for THEIR actions?

    I don’t know, both you and I are speculating. But I’ll tell you what, no matter the outcome, he’ll not get the “sweat-heart” deal Charlie Sheen got. Charlie’s NOW the highest-paid actor on TV; “fallout/backlash”, what fallout/backlash….? …2 1/2 men, has since enjoyed, record-setting ratings! But here we are, quick-to-throw one-of-us, to-the-wolves!

    Do you REALLY think “Mel ‘Lethal-Weapon’ Gibson” will do ANY jail time …??

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  15. X,Y,”and Z” September 3, 2010

    Funny how TGJ will post this and the preceding post ’bout T.I. and his recent troubles. But they had NOTHING ’bout ‘Takers’ going #1 nor CBreezy having the #1 song in the country!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT ..!!

  16. JAZ0195 September 3, 2010

    I like Tip in all but he needs to get it together. I mean how many times is he going to get arressted?

  17. rated x September 3, 2010

    @X,Y,”and Z”
    I see your point..but once ur being arrested like 6,7,8 times and ur a convicted felon..the if i didnt know he had drugs on him thing, doesnt apply to u in the law..
    and keep in mind that T.I was released early for his federal gun charges..no good lawyer out there can convince a jury that his a** didnt know hes homies had drugs on them..
    and also the smell of weed in the car…
    NOPE ……hes a dumbass

  18. rated x September 3, 2010

    and the difference between Mel gibson, charlee sheen and T.I…is that, theres no proof that charlee beat his wife, just her words against him, yes he has a history of drugs, prostitution, but domestic violence nope..so most jury is going to look at that..
    now, with Mel…he already managed to make his baby mama look like a crazy gold digger….this is a man world,,,so dude might get a pass..

    but T.I knows hes a** is black, knows hes a felon, knows the police, FBI, ATF, watching his every move..so hes a dumbass for letting himself get caught period…
    do that s*** at home…

  19. NikkiIsChillin September 3, 2010

    I’m so disappointed in him and for him. I really respected how he and Tiny seem to have been working on being a stable, loving black family. It sucks that he just got out of jail and didn’t seem to honor the loss of his family, his freedom and his time. I’m going to keep his family in my prayers.

  20. Lady September 3, 2010

    X,Y,”and Z”
    September 3, 2010 at 1:47 am
    Funny how TGJ will post this and the preceding post ’bout T.I. and his recent troubles. But they had NOTHING ’bout ‘Takers’ going #1 nor CBreezy having the #1 song in the country!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT ..!!
    Yeah they did earlier today in the post about CB releasing a new single….

  21. Lady September 3, 2010

    I still will wait to judge. I’m sorry I can’t just bash him even though he was wrong I have to have further info like this seems dumb. Why would you do that TI? You have the #1 movie in the country you just got your career back and this isnt your second chance you are like on your fifth. But I always pray for people who can’t seem to get it together everyone needs prayer.

  22. #Fact September 3, 2010

    It’s time our judicial system end the favoritism they’ve shown celebrities, who have committed crimes, through the years. No one should be above the law, and when celebs commit crimes, guess what, they should be subjected to the same due-process that’s reserved for us regular folks.

    TI inflicted this situation upon himself and I think it’s time that we show people like him, narcissists, that they’re not above the law. It pains me to see that his children have him as a role-model, he failed them in a major way.I suggest the judge throw the book at him.

  23. Robier September 3, 2010


  24. Imanni September 3, 2010

    I LOVE TI with ALL MY HEART and I will continue to listen to his music and be a fan BUT I have to agree with @RatedX and @#Fact this is getting RIDICULOUS. Didnt he just get out of jail. Hes already f****** up. COME ON MAN!!!! Dont you have like 6 kids. Whats gonna happen to them if theyre BOTH locked up. It annoys me that he doesnt think. But what ANNOYS me more(I dont mean to bring other artist in this post but I have to make a point)I was just on twitter and I see tweets saying “Chris Brown beat up a girl he got a second chance”. What part of FIRST TIME OFFENDER dont ppl understand. CB never had no legal trouble before the incident and as of right know hes been staying out of trouble. Will he make it to 5yrs? HOPEFULLY. Im not a mind reader HOWEVER I can at least see hes trying. I THOUGHT TI was trying but I guess I was wrong. IDK hopefully things work out for them BUT if it dont I wont have 1 once of PITY for neither of them SORRY

  25. BENJAMIN September 3, 2010

    Multiple jail sentence, if that is what it is gonna take to smarten him up, serve it to him cold and unfried. The man is blessed with the finer things in life most of us poor people dream of, and he blows it and takes it for granted. The lawyer is right, the “celebrity-get-out-of-jail-free” card wouldn’t be a good look, as if it wasn’t a good look already. I’m sick of this bull in Hollywood, when average people get busted for this everyday and go straight to the pen because they can’t afford a $100,000 lawyer. He’s had his chances, I have NO remorse. Time to pay the piper shorty.

  26. JonBerry September 3, 2010

    Okay now the b******* begins. Can you let a person be innocent until proven guilty! There is just something about this situation that does not sit well with me. There were just randomly driving a car at night with rolled up tinted windows and the police smelled and spotted weed? This just sounds crazy to me. The type of drugs they supposedly had seem odd to me as well! The media rattailed off several different types of drugs. I just hope this crap is not true. Things were looking up for the two of them damn their children will be devastated.

    And leave Chris Brown out of this. That kid should have never been penalized to the extend that he was. The fake ass media and nasty feminist activist did all they could to turn 1 fight between 2 ppl into abuse all about 1. 5yrs probation is ridiculous for a fight in which Rihore admitted she started! Eminem is a serial wife beater and drug addict but hey isn’t he on tour with Gay-Z just having a ball? And hasn’t he just gotten away scott free? Life is very much greener on the otherside!

  27. Hip Hop police September 3, 2010

    Exactly if Chris does something now, U bet his a** will be in jail. He got a stiff punishment for 1rst offender celeb. He’s on probation and u have to be on ur P’s and q’s. TI obviously elieves he is above the law to be as stupid as doing drugs while driving around in a maybach.

    I do wonder does he have a curfew and restrictions on where he must be and what he must be doing. I also wonder how much drugs was found because that matters too and I wonder was anything found in a drug test. Good thing they didn’t find a concealed weapon in that vehicle.

  28. Simply Phillip Brown September 3, 2010

    I see TI getting another year, maybe 3 at the most. Trust me, his legal team, is getting it together now, there probably in a meeting …discussing every available option……that is what lawyers do.

    Please remember, money talks. they will push for him to get the least amount of time possible.

  29. stan September 3, 2010

    i’m going to wait until there’s more details.

    BUT ti is fcking dumb for doing that s***. HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. i mean seriously, this guy just got out of jail. jeeeez, come ON.

  30. Jasmine September 3, 2010

    He was charged wit possession not intent to so even though it was less of a crime than selling drugs he knew he would get arrested if he got caught. He should have had enough sense not to be driving. If he and Tiny are on drugs they could have been doing that at home not driving with the drugs in the car. He could have easily got one of his friends on payroll to pick up the drugs and bring it to them at home but he and Tiny are dumb.

  31. VA STAND UP!! September 3, 2010

    SMH! I knew was real bad. Even though we don’t fully know the whole story or what exactly was found in the car, this is a real bad look either way! Dude just got out of prison on some some serious weapons charges and no doubt the terms of his probation must be really strict. I don’t doubt that he has a hell of a lawyer, but I don’t see how he can avoid jail time. I wonder what is gonna happen with his album.

    He had been having such a good week with ‘Takers’ going No. 1 ( I guess he was out celebratng that in LA) and now this! SMH! Everything was going so good for him! I really don’t feel sorry for him though. I just can’t anymore! He was sooo stupid!

    The main thing I am worried about ( I know this is selfish) but TI said in an interview with BET after ‘Takers’ came in at No. 1 that they were gonna be working on a prequel to ‘Takers’ . If he goes back to jail then production for the movie might be pushed back. Since he was a producer they will have to hold off until all of his legal troubles again.

    Luckily with all of his legal troubles (and CB’s) ‘Takers’ did really well. People supported it despite his legal trouble but now with his most recent arrest people are probably really sick of him. Even his fans are sick of hm, myself included. Who know is they will support another movie. *sigh*

  32. Godney September 3, 2010

    I thought he was singing about moving on from his past and starting a new life in his last album. Guess he couldn’t after all.

  33. Veebz September 3, 2010

    They need 2 grow up and think about there kids

  34. Renae September 3, 2010

    Can’t feel sorry for T.I. on this one, and Tiny is just as stupid. Come on now, someone has to be smart, you are on probation stupid. And you basically got a “get out of jail free card” for the previous crap you did because a regular joe would be serving darn near life for those charges. Some people just can’t stay away from trouble.

    No compassion from me, hope the mom’s do a great job raising your children cause you were stupid. And females, being down for your man does not mean support negative behavior. Two dummies should not be in a relationship because someone has to be smart.

  35. Bluekid September 3, 2010

    Yes, I’m sadden by all this T.I and Tiny, neither one was thinking, they got to relax, to comfortable. L.A is not a town for black celebrities to get comfortable, L.A. is the devils play ground.

    T.I. and Tiny was out having a good time, looks like they where going to have a private party and have themselves a real good time. They where being watched, it was just last week Faith Evans was caught with drugs.

    Damn! Damn! Damn! I still will support T.I. it wasn’t like he was hurting anybody but himself. I hope he learns something from this and I hope Tiny will grow up and be a better mother to her children, including the child she has named T.I.

    Damn! Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have been on probation for years and broke their probation how many times 1, 2, 3, ..etc… and never did no more than 10 days in jail.

    T.I. I wish you and Tiny the best and I pray God sees you out of this mess!

  36. Luv-Lee September 3, 2010


  37. JonBerry September 3, 2010

    @X,Y AND Z,

    I agree with you about serial wife/women beater and consistent illegal drug user ,Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen has never and will never see the inside of a jail cell for any extended period of time. Even during his multiple arrests I don’t think he was ever caged!

    Anyway, we should just wait to see what is actually going on. We far to often in this/other societies just take oneside of a story and run with it as though it was the GOSPEL TRUTH! I find it hard to believe that he would just throw all he has accomplished in recent months away both personally and professionally to use a or several drugs in this case. I’m going to wait and see! I hope for his family’s sake things are different.

  38. X,Y,”and Z” — September 3, 2010

    @RATED X September 3, 2010 at 2:08 am —

    “Now, with Mel…he already managed to make his baby mama look like a crazy gold digger….this is a man world,,,so dude might get a pass..and THEY BOTH WHITE.” <—ARE YOU FOR REAL/ARE YOU INSANE/HAVE YOU LOST TOUCH WITH REALITY…??

    The "extortion case" against Oksana Grigorieva, has YET to be presented to the DA! Mel Gibson had offered her $20-Million for her silence AND joint-custody of THEIR child, a stipulation that came AFTER the initial agreement was drawn up. SHE DECLINED! If SHE was indeed a "gold digger", you'd think that $20-Million would have been enough and she'd have took it, agreed to the shared-custody and ALL would have been good!
    But again, I'll reiterate, SHE DIDN'T! So, stop with your rumor, speculation, gossip, and asinine-conjecture!

    But what is NOT rumor; what is NOT gossip; what is NOT speculation or in question:

    1.) Those audio tapes, which present Mr. Lethal Weapon "at HIS realest!"
    2.) Those medical providers who've again-and-again stated that indeed 'Mad Max' knocked the teeth out of the mouth of Ms. Grigorieva.
    3.) Those pictures showing her broken/damaged teeth/mouth.
    4.) Those most-incriminating text messages sent by Mr. Gibson: "yesterday, I wasn't good for you, I'm sorry" "Did you go to the dentist, did you get them fixed?" "Can I see you, I'd like to apologize to you and the children" …etc…etc…etc ….

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT..!!

  39. NAS ( B Rockah Stan 4eva) September 3, 2010


  40. TreyStylz September 3, 2010

    Point Blank….lock his ass up and forget him. His music sucks now, his wife is ugly, and to top it off, he violated probation…F*** THAT N****!!! Chris Brown, he paid his dues and stayed the hell out of trouble!!!! what does TIP do…get caught with some Meth…I could care less if he used it or not…DUMB F***!!! F*** him, f*** his career, f*** King, TI vs. TIP, Paper Trail, and this new album too…f***** lame…F*** HIM!!!

  41. Robert September 3, 2010

    @X,Y, and Z

    C Breezy does not have the #1 song in the country he has the #1 song on the R&B charts which is a specific, minor chart just like the club charts, rock charts and country, etc.. The Billboard Hot 100 is where its at and where someone could tout having the top song in the country like Eminem and Rih for the 7th straight week with “Love the Way You Lie.”

  42. X,Y,”and Z” September 3, 2010

    @Treystylz September 3rd, 2010 @ 6:35pm — It was T.I./Idris Elba/CBreezy who single handedly marketed that movie to a LARGELY Urban-audience. It was said-trio whose efforts made THAT movie the #1-Movie in ALL of the United States Of America …!

    Much, in the same way the mainstream cares nothing ’bout Charlie Sheen’s past transgressions, which spans DECADES, I care nothing ’bout the personal “fau pas” of the artists I support. NO, I don’t want to see them self-destruct. NO, I don’t want to see them languishing-endless behind bars. But if America can disregard Charlie Sheen/Robert Downey/Sean Penn’s …”misgivings”, THEN I, can forgive, accept and even find merit, while demanding better of T.I. or those who fall-frail to their humanity!

    …The nights NOW-grow-dark, as the days become short, hopefully the streetlights will reveal my way; and THERE, but for the grace of God, go I …!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT …!!

  43. X,Y,”and Z” September 3, 2010

    @Robert Sept 3rd 2010 7:29 pm —

    I guess somehow “R&B money” ain’t as good as “Top-10 money,” eh? And if THAT rational holds(?), I guess Urban money/support, which made ‘Takers’ #1 isn’t as good as “Mainstream money,” right?


    “The stylish crime thriller Takers scored an upset victory last weekend taking first place on Monday after final grosses showed a slight edge compared to Sunday’s estimates. Sony’s heist pic may slip to around $13M over four days and raise its 11-day cume to $40M.”
    >>Have a read, here’s the link:http://www.boxofficeguru.com/weekend.htm

    Also, there appears to be some “discrepancy” regarding the budget/production cost, it’s $20-Million – NOT 31! <-Hollywood always trying to throw shade, I swear!

    X,Y,"and Z" — OUT …!!

  44. Michael October 16, 2010

    I’m sorry but if this is true, I support sending TI to jail for the next three year or more, if he hasn’t learned from his previouos jail time, then at this point he should serve the time. I’m a T.I. fan but if he continues to break the law, then he should do time.

  45. Cliff Martin T. November 5, 2010

    I don’t normally blog about b*******, but I ended up on this site reading about a co-worker of mine while surfing the web. Just to be clear, I’m a 38 year old white man from Atlanta, and am actually one of the several producers on the film ” Takers”. I couldn’t help but notice all the ignorant misguided “GOSSIP” on fellow “above the line” co-worker and friend Mr. Harris. Just to clear the air, though I profited from my work on the motion picture Takers, I can assure you, Takers was not, and never will be, the number one movie in America!!! Not even close!!! I’m thrilled you enjoyed it, ” X, Y,”AND Z” “, but the saying ” the number one movie in America” is a term we use loosely in the movie business! You see, every movie trailer “preview” you see on tv says that to create excitement! And at the time the term is used, it’s not breaking any laws, for it’s an accurate statement at that very PERCISE second/minute. You see when a movies released, NO two movies are released at the exact same time, hour, minute, second. So for that VERY BREIF moment in time, Takers was the number one movie in America! Start paying attention to all trailers ” previews” you see on tv, THEY ALL SAY THAT, to create hype! Also, I’d like to add, Mr. Harris was an EP, on Takers, not a PRODUCER! EP stands for EXECUTIVE PRODUCER! Which means he didn’t really have anything to do with the movie making process besides acting, he just voluntarily throws money at the project to get a credit as executive producer. Thats the role of an EP, individuals who help fund the project, FYI. I just felt compelled to educate an argument that was completely false stated and wanting to clear things up for the conversations above were headed nowhere! As for Mr. Harris’s current status of inmate day 4, I believe he does deserve to be punished for his actions, but honestly feel his punishment was much to harsh!!! And to set the records striaght on the celebs and whites get off easy in the system, it is Mr, Harris’s celeb status that got him such a harsh deal. The courts have to set an example, for people like Paris and Lohan as celebs have gotten off way to easy. It just sucks Mr. Harris was the target of that pursuit! FYI I will not be continuing to respond to any responses that may arise to my post. Just thought I’d drop some knowledge. Oh if you’d like to know what a number one movie looks like foreal, check out titles such as, The Socail Network, and Christopher Nolans Batman franchise, and of course, the most over rated film in my opinion, Jimmy Camron’s Avatar epic. Those are number ones, not bubble gum pop culture packed bank heists, with rapper wanna be actors! Chris brown isn’t actor, he’s a cash cow! ( popular name to draw in the money to the box office) Without Mr, Harris and Mr. Brown, Takers would have made maybe maybe 12 million tops! Which IS NOT GOOD, in the film industry! Example: 50 millions good, 80 millions great, and GOOD is 90 million in higher, as all the titles I named have done so or better.
    Thanks for reading, hope this piece helps educate the unknowings of your remarks.

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