Janet Jackson Gets Engaged?

Published: Friday 22nd Oct 2010 by Sam

According to reports, Janet Jackson may not be ‘Miss Jackson’ for much longer.

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In Touch are reporting that the 44 year old superstar recently became engaged to billionaire boyfriend Wissam Al Mana.

Al Mana, 35, has been dating the ‘Feedback’ singer since December last year – with many crediting him for helping her come to terms with the passing of her brother Michael earlier that year and the media circus which followed. ‘Soul mates’ are how sources bill the couple.

A 15-carat ring is said to have been presented to Jackson in ‘mid-October’, when Al Mana ‘proposed’.



Congratulations are no doubt in order if this proves true.

Randomness: I am going to need a new Janet LP soon though. Preferably a mixture of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and Darkchild cuts. Although, it would be great to see her spread her wings a bit and collaborate with trailblazing new talent such as the Rico Love‘s and co.

Your thoughts?

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  1. mark October 22, 2010

    hopefully dude also gets her pregnant, she aint getting any younger. and she atleast deserves to have one child god bless em.

  2. Sarah October 22, 2010

    At least Mariah and Beyonce know what real love is. Janet, girl. You just don’t got it.

  3. STONASH7 October 22, 2010


  4. Ladia yates October 22, 2010

    They would have some cute kids….

  5. Kalen October 22, 2010


    K, COOL, BYE

  6. KD October 22, 2010

    Why are people so obsessed with wanting certain celebs to have children. Not everyone wants to have snot-nosed brats that think the world revolves around them crying damn near 24-hours a freaking day. Kids aren’t for everyone and at 44 best believe that any kids Janet Jackson may try to have will be vegetables.

  7. Luv-Lee October 22, 2010


    Janet is much too smart to jump into marriage that quicly. Are these reporting this the same people that was sooo sure that Beyonce was pregnant?? Makes me laugh how people always fall for that. The year would not be complete if we didn’t hear that rumor atleast once. 😆

  8. Luv-Lee October 22, 2010

    *Are the people reporting this*

    It’s early…

  9. Anthony October 22, 2010

    Damn, with his income and her income, they’ll be one of the richest couple in the world. I hope this is true.

  10. 2BAD2BME October 22, 2010


  11. MsTrendy October 22, 2010

    I doubt this happens. Women just take rings now a days.

  12. B October 22, 2010

    This is more than likely……NOT TRUE. Check out the latest issue of Jet Magazine, Janet is on the cover!!!!

  13. J Rock October 22, 2010

    @ Sarah.. just becuz Beyonce and Mariah are married and Janet isn’t doesnt mean that she don’t know what real love is. She has mentioned numerous times she is not beat to get married. She’s been there done that, and who’s to say that Beyonce and Mariah (especially Mariah, have experience true love) You never know what the reasons are for what most of these celebs do.

    Whether this crap is true or not, I am happy that she has someone in her life and she seems happy! Go Janet!

    Now can I get a new album and some hot new videos to go with the new album..(no more jumping from planet to planet though… damn feed back video pissed me off) oh, and another tour! LOL.. that Roc Witchu tour Was AMAZING!!!!

  14. Justsayin October 22, 2010


    What do you mean Beyonce and Mariah know what true love is? Is it because they’re both married? I don’t understand. How would you know that they know what true love is and Janet doesn’t based on reports? Do elaborate.

  15. gdhg October 22, 2010

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  16. QUEEN October 22, 2010

    noooooooooooo…dammit…i jus dont have no chance…billionaire…heck i cant compete. *sad face*

  17. Renae October 22, 2010

    @ KD…..LMAO, yeah I agree, Janet is getting on up there in age. I mean I know people give birth in their 40s but I really don’t see Janet having any kids at this point.

  18. Benjamin October 22, 2010

    This one I’m not buying. With his wealth a big ole’ ring was probably just a jesture, not exactly an engagement. Knowing Janet, she doesn’t seem ready for something like that after only a mere 10 1/2 months whereas she was with JD for 7 years. She may just do like Halle and date forever and may get married in about 5 years. I do believe they are getting serious though. I actually see Beyonce getting pregnant before this happens.

  19. MJfan October 22, 2010

    people, we don’t know janet to say what she will or won’t do. don’t believe interviews, reports, or publicity stunts, because if it’s out there for the public to analyze and ponder over, you can best believe, some public relations agent put it out there, so people can buy her next cd or go to the movies and buy a ticket for that Rainbow movie she has coming out.

    I love Janet and rather she’s married or engaged to her billionaire boyfriend isn’t tyhe issue, the issue is that she’s on that Naomi thing right now, date and have a foreign billionaire sprung over her and buy her luxorious gifts. now if only more black females in the industry would get some sense and go after men with mega bucks, and stop wasting their time with athletes, and low level celebs.

  20. lola October 23, 2010

    These two make an ugly a** couple! Both of them look so dirty and old in this pic. Why were people so harsh on JD for being ugly but haven’t commented on how bony, dirty looking, and ugly this guy is? Janet is scary looking, she looks like one of the characters from planet of the apes. If she’s engaged good for her though. I don’t know why people would doubt it just because she’s only been with this guy for 10 months because there are plenty of stories of celebs getting pregnant and then hurrying up and getting married within 10 months- year or less such as Alicia Keys and Christina Milian. I don’t see her having kids though. 50 is coming to her quick!

  21. Justsayin October 23, 2010

    Lola – STFU and die in a pit of fire. Thanks!

  22. daboss8791 October 23, 2010

    Regardless of rather or not this story is true, it’s good to see Janet looking happy, and with someone who is not going to leach off of her!

  23. friki November 1, 2010

    she denied the engagement rumours already!! maybe she is married………. i think she is sick…dating young men (maybe because the older ones are more mature and will make her grow up to be of her age)…….just wait until next year same time….this guy will be no more…… she love them white tall slim………….. no offense though …..its her own business!!! so sad indeed!!!!!

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