New Song: T.I – ‘Get Back Up (Ft. Chris Brown)’

Published: Saturday 16th Oct 2010 by Trent

A new song from T.I surfaced moments ago. The track, entitled ‘Get Back Up’, features Chris Brown and will be included on the rapper’s new album, ‘King Uncaged’. Look below for the song:

This is a solid record. The song carries an inspiring message and it is well-framed by radio friendly beat. Brown was a fitting addition to the track despite the unnecessary studio tricks added to his voice. This should have been the 1st single released by T.I from his ‘King Uncaged’ album.

Sidebar: Is it a coincidence that this song is released the same day as T.I’s prison sentencing? Oh please.

Look out for the video to be released soon. It was filmed on October 13th.

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  1. boo hoo hoo October 16, 2010

    Isn’t it suspicious that when rihanna releases her new track. Suddenly Chris is trying to put something out on the same day? That’s messed up.

  2. Tia October 16, 2010


  3. X,Y,”and Z” October 16, 2010


    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT….!!!

  4. yeahUknow October 16, 2010

    yes!! im loving the song *sings* “helloooo out there, can you hear me, this is an sos, to let me be me”

    yes T.I and Chris!!!

  5. boo hoo hoo October 16, 2010

    yes i agree with trent This t.i sentencing song, and he’s apologizing. Yeah this was a calculated move by T.I. But this song is hot nonetheless.

  6. JAZ0195 October 16, 2010

    @BOO HOO HOO This isn’t even chris’ song quit hatin.

  7. JAZYBELLE October 16, 2010

    Kinda like the song but the autotune or whatever the f*** was not necessary.
    The timing is kinda suspect too lol but its a nice song ,the lyrics are on point

  8. DION-ISH October 16, 2010

    Wouldnt it be TI’s Calling to Release the Record…Not CB??

    BOO HOO HOO …..Have a seat Stunt Queen *Flips Bang*

  9. Tia October 16, 2010

    Um Trent baby, you know I’m so down for you but U R so reaching. Chris was on a few Radio Shows yesterday talking about the video they wrapped up yesterday-c’mon son! lol

  10. Cherry October 16, 2010

    Decent track. And FYI this is T.I’s track NOT Chris Brown. I swear some ppl lack common damn sense. Find any reason to drag his down.

    Oh and I”m still hoping Chris Brown’s voice will mature a little more. He still sounds like a t*** to me when he sings.

  11. DION-ISH October 16, 2010

    I Like It.

  12. BEYONCE FOREVER October 16, 2010

    I actually like this song I think I’m becoming a fan of T.i.

  13. yeahUknow October 16, 2010

    oh and no trent, T.I was already planning to release this, they already shoot the video and everything, actually the day of the whole saving the guy thing chris said it in a radio interview he did yesterday

  14. KING CHRIS BROWN October 16, 2010

    I like the song but the auto tune crap is annoying.

  15. Frannie October 16, 2010

    Great song! To the person who said Chris released this the same day Rihanna released hers needs to sit down. This is T.I.’s song…not his. Stop always trying to put those two in the same s***. LET IT GOOOOOOOOOOO. Other than that I love this song

  16. JAZ0195 October 16, 2010

    I’m glad it has a positive message but why are they using all the autotune chris can sing better than this. anyway I still think it’s a great song.

  17. annie October 16, 2010

    Nice song. It’s smooth… some real lyrics.

    Trent they already filmed the video in ATL Wednesday.

  18. karina October 16, 2010

    @ BOO HOO HOO I think ur a solid HATER. Chris brown is still the bomb

  19. TruCBFan October 16, 2010

    I love this song and collabo. Definetly speaks loud and clear on how we as HUMANS none of us are PERFECT and should not judge unless we want to be judged ourselves. “I don’t believe in kicking people when they are down because thats not how you help someone”-chris brown.
    Instead help show them what not to do and how to be better. PEACE!!!!!

  20. Abcd October 16, 2010

    This is a classic. Chris did his thing and TIP is one of the realest n***** walkin.

  21. S*** October 16, 2010

    Meh, T.I, Lil Wayne, Drake ~ They kinda Suck.

  22. LEB October 16, 2010

    I love this song! Go Chirs & TI!

  23. HATIN IS FOR SUCKAS October 16, 2010

    I like it its a nice song

  24. LEB October 16, 2010

    Go *Chris & TI!

  25. VA STAND UP!! October 16, 2010

    Dang! I was just in the other post talking hot TGJ should do a post about this! Lol! I guess I’m late!

    I like it,. It’s obviously a song that they both can relate too. TI is speaking a lot of truth on this record, too bad its day late and a dollar short! SMH!

    CB did his thing too, I really like his vocals, but do I detect a bit of auto tune?? Damnit Chris!

    Too bad this song comes out the day he gets sentenced back to prison. SMH! Oh well! I’m not sure if it will be a smash on the charts, but it’s definitely a song with a positive message that a lot of people can relate too. Kudos to Breezy and TI!

  26. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue October 16, 2010

    It’s a cool song.

  27. BoDiddy October 16, 2010

    Telling the truth and it’s T.I. song featuring Chris Brown!

  28. PLAIN AND SIMPLE October 16, 2010


    I like the song alot. Yes this is T.I. song and Chris just ft. on the song. It reads T.I. ft Chris Brown. Just like Emimen ft. Rihanna. So T.I. is the one releasing the song.

  29. Lady October 16, 2010

    LMAO! I just can’t Dion-Ish a Rihanna stan telling Boo Hoo Hoo to have a seat! But really Boo Hoo Hoo its not CB’s song but what does this have to do with Rihanna? Oh alright then…

    OMG this song is giving me life! I love the message! To be honest CB and T.I. give me inspiration espically with this song! It means so much more espically since they know what they are talking about! And I love T.I.

    About T.I. being sentenced. He shouldnt have been rolling around with drugs but the only reason why I don’t care for him being sentenced is because how many times has Lohan broken her probabtion for drugs and what not and only went to jail for like a month? And while T.I. was being sentenced 11 months Paris Hilton was sitting at home chilling sniffing that white stuff. So f*** that.

    I still think this is a dope song. And T.I.’s videos are usually good. And I hate bringing Rihanna into things about Chris but isn’t funny how T.I.’s tracks with Rihanna and Chris have the most meaning? I love Live Your Life too 😀

  30. Montoya October 16, 2010

    “Isn’t it suspicious that when rihanna releases her new track. Suddenly Chris is trying to put something out on the same day? That’s messed up.”

    HOW IS THIS MESSED UP??! This has nothing to do with her directly they both are trying to move on with their careers they are not trying to out do eachother 0_o ?? that makes no sense.

  31. Lady October 16, 2010

    I just love it! Finally something unlike that Wacka Flocka Lame and Soulja Fail s***!

    Something thats a postive message! In life you make bad choices and there is always gonna be people who only wanna see you at your worse and don’t want you to achieve but you gotta learn and get back up! Chris was a PERFECT choice for the chorus on the song(not just because I love almost anything Chris Brown lol)! He knows a little about this himself.

    Its so unfortuanatre about T.I.’s jail sentence but if he takes his own advice in this song he should be fine.

    I think this song will be a smash if released! Its inspirational and relatable. PERFECTION!

  32. Keesha October 16, 2010

    I love this song, not just because Chris Brown is in the song, but because of the message. I really hate the fact that Chris is using auto tune though! He can sing, he doesn’t need it.

  33. True Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Blue October 16, 2010

    @ Lady:

    I love Live Your Life as well.

  34. Lady October 16, 2010

    Oh I ignored the auto-tune. I wasn’t here for that though but I didn’t mind because its such a hot song! But he doesn’t need auto-tune. Atleast he doesn’t over due it.

    The music video was already shot? YAS! I can only imagine what it will look like!

    I remember the song Graffiti Spray(Bonus Track) from Chris’s Graffiti album. It was one of those songs that REALLY made me connect to how the media is towards people like him and T.I.

    This song is like one of those songs to me!

    “If you thought I was perfect I apologize for being human” THE QUOTE OF MY LIFE! YAS TI! INSPIRING!

  35. Lady October 16, 2010

    “No mistake is too great to recover and bounce back”

  36. Keesha October 16, 2010

    And Trent, I agree with you. T.I. should have put this out as his first single.

  37. Keesha October 16, 2010

    @Lady I agree with all of your posts! 🙂

  38. Lady October 16, 2010

    “No mistake is too great to recover and bounce back” THE TRUTH!

    “As soon as you fall down all the haters passing judgement”

    He is PREACHING in this song!

    “Same clown that was Twitpicin at my wedding on the same Twitter page disrespecting” He ain’t NEVER lying!

    The T.I. and Chris haters are gonna be mad. People hate the truth! If the haters don’t get the message that everyone makes dumb choices in their life and you shouldn’t judge after this than you get the Breezy #STFUFACE! Who mad???

  39. JAZ0195 October 16, 2010

    Even sandra rose said she like chris’ part. It was like wow. lol

  40. Lady October 16, 2010

    “hello out there…can you hear me? its an SOS to let me be me”


  41. Carmen October 16, 2010

    Chris alwasy uses autotune so whats the problem now?

    I love the song.

  42. Lady October 16, 2010

    October 16, 2010 at 3:28 am
    Even sandra rose said she like chris’ part. It was like wow. lol
    Sandra Rose is a shady woman! She is one of those people they were talking about in this song.

    “Same clown that was Twitpicin at my wedding on the same Twitter page disrespecting”

    Meaning shady ass bandwagon hoper she can sit back down. She’ll be calling Chris everything but a child of God by next week.

  43. Lady October 16, 2010

    From Sandra Rose’s site:

    “This song is fiya! I actually like chris brown’s part, and normally I hate anything he sings.”

    I really dislike this woman but…. F.A.M.E.


  44. Blue Kid October 16, 2010

    I almost fell out of my chair when I read Dion-ish tell boo boo to have a seat! ROFL!

    You go Dion-ish! I love his song, this is on my to buy list.

  45. iLoveXtina October 16, 2010

    I like it. Needs to grow on me a bit more.
    i like T.I. & his positive messages but his actions overshadow them at times.

  46. Kris J October 16, 2010


  47. Blue Kid October 16, 2010

    Rihanna fans agreeing with Chris Brown fans

    Lawd is there a full moon out! ROFL!

    But I like it! 🙂

  48. Keesha October 16, 2010

    @Blue Kid I know right? I like it too though.

    @Don-ish Thank you for calling the hater out. 🙂

  49. Keesha October 16, 2010

    @Kris J *DEAD*

  50. Blue Kid October 16, 2010

    @ Keesha

    Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have these type of post more often?
    I think it would be really nice if we could all give a fair opinion on our fav’s with out fighting.

  51. rick October 16, 2010

    I like it, but face it. The US is into dance music now. This won’t make it anymore. Maybe 2 or 3 years ago, but not now ):

  52. Soulful Roses October 16, 2010

    I love songs that have a message. Well done Chris&T.I! 🙂

    But I just hate the fact that autotune was used…ugh! Chris doesn’t even need it.

  53. Lady October 16, 2010

    It has a solid chance of making it. Chris brought the Urban FLavor back a bit with Deuces. I’m not sure how it will do when its all said and done but it peaked #14. And thats just a song that had been out for FREE months before offical release and from a mixtape. So I think Chris has gained alot of respect with the Urban audience and can help T.I. make this track go further. Thats just my opinion. I mean his last Urban single was pretty successful when it really was never meant to be. Dance Pop, etc is all people care about because thats all artist are doing!

  54. Big Red October 16, 2010

    Hey everyone! I love this song for the positive message that was delivered and, as a few have stated, a video has been done and I look forward to seeing it when it’s released.

  55. Lady October 16, 2010

    “you can love me or either leave me before you judge me just let me be me”


  56. boo hoo hoo October 16, 2010

    @ bluekid I don’t give a rats ass what you and dionish thinks. I am entitled to my opinion and comments however way it goes. If she want to side with you rihanna haters that’s on her, cause you guys sure as hell will turn on her tomorrow. LMAO at haters trying to call ME a hater.

  57. Keesha October 16, 2010

    @Blue Kid It definitely would be nice, and I hope it does happen in the future.

  58. Keesha October 16, 2010

    LMBO @Boo Hoo Hoo I am definitely not a hater, but you most certainly are. 🙂

  59. VA STAND UP!! October 16, 2010

    @Lady: OMG I effing Love that song! It’s actually just callled ‘Graffiti’ though! I think that was one of CB’s best records he ever recorded! He really opened up on that track and let his emotions speak! It was such a beautiful record and to me it should have been the title track to his album. But I am sure if he had released it the critics would have torn into him accused him of playing victim. SMH!

    Graffiti was such an underated album. *sighs*

    I don’t agree neccessarily agree that “No Mistake is too great to great to recover and bounce back’, there are plenty of things that I thjink are far from mistakes and are unforgivable such as (murder, r***, molestation. etc. ) but I do believe that TI and CB are capable of redemption. Especially CB! Since he was sentenced he has met all the terms and conditions of the his probabtion. He hasn’t gotten in trouble ONCE, (unlike Lindsay, Paris, TI etc.) so it is clear that he is taking his probation seriously and has learned a valuable lesson. He has more than proven that he deserves a second chance.

    I’m rooting for TI but he has a lot to prove! This song is the TRUTH but he has to put his money where his mouth is. A lot of people believed he was a ‘changed man’ when he got out the first man. The public embraced him again and helped make hs movie go No. 1, then he turns around and does some stupid ish again! It is gonna take a lot for him to redeem himself again. So once he gets out, lets see if he can make it 6 months before getting arrested again.

    The song is still hella ironic giving that he is going back to prison. It’s like he didn’t take his own advice! I wonder when he actually recorded the song, before or after his arrest.
    I hear he is trying to appeal the decision. I think he should just serve the 11 months and get it over with.

    I wonder what is gonna happen with TI’s album now. Will it still come out? Will it be pushd back until he gets out?? He has released several singles that have failed to make a huge impact on the charts. I think this is probably the best track I have heard so far. I’m glad they did a video for it! Can’t wait to they release it on iTunes! Hopefully it will do well on the charts!

  60. VA STAND UP!! October 16, 2010

    @Carmen: CB does NOT always use autotune!!

    Say Goodbye
    Take You Down
    With You
    No Air
    Glow in the Dark
    Too Freaky
    No Bullsh*t
    Like a Virgin

    …….and the list goes on and on! He has already proven that he doesn’t need auto tune that’s why people have pointed it out, it was useless for this song. He DOESN”T need it!

    @Boo Hoo Hoo: It’s called punctuation and grammer boo….try it!

    Lord I really hope all of the RIh stans stay in school! They all need it so bad! SMH!

  61. boo hoo hoo October 16, 2010

    @ VA stand up that’s the best you got? this is not Language Arts its TGJ and i’m not writing a report, nor am I trying to impress any of you guys, so i think i will keep putting my thoughts down just the way i like. Plain and simple without any spell check or grammar check. It is what it is. As long as you get my drift. It ain’t that serious. So do you spell check and grammar check all of your long rambling paragraphs? LMAO at you being so dedicated to getting things just right to post on a blog. Better don’t let me catch you slipping up on your comment section, better keep it tight girl. Cause i’ll clown your ass so hard, you’ll wish you never brought up punctuation and grammar.

  62. boo hoo hoo October 16, 2010

    @va stand up and isn’t grammar spelled grammar and not grammer. Now what did you say about staying in school? LMAO at the english professor slipping up. Trying to school me and can’t even school yourself. It’s always the ones trying to come off as intellectual who end up making themselves look the fool.

  63. Lady October 16, 2010

    I don’t agree neccessarily agree that “No Mistake is too great to great to recover and bounce back’, there are plenty of things that I thjink are far from mistakes and are unforgivable such as (murder, r***, molestation. etc. )
    I disagree. Murder, r***, and molestation aren’t mistakes. Those can’t even be compared to a 19 year old beating his Girlfriend one night. That stuff is on a different level of nonsense in my eyes. A mistake or something to be learned from is something Chris did. When talking about murder unless you are one day a careless driver and hit someone than I can’t find any forgiveness for murder. R*** is sick. Its like you a desperate and thirsty to a whole ntoher level. So when he says “no mistake is too great to recover and bounce back from” those are automatically NOT included because thats on a whole nother level than of fooling around with drugs, getting arrested, etc. To do those things you have to be REALLY REALLY sick in the head to a point you probably won’t bounce back and learn. R***** need SERIOUS help on a different level. And murders are just cruel. I don’t think those people were to be represented in this song…

  64. Kathy October 16, 2010

    I like the early 2000 vibe this song gives me. Could we loose the auto tune already, it’s really annoying! I love the message, and it’s solid, others said a video has been shot, we’ll see how this song plays out on the charts.

  65. Kathy October 16, 2010

    “As soon as he falls down, all them haters pass a judgement…”

    “Tryna dash them haters same time as the cop lights”

  66. ERIC October 16, 2010

    dO you imagina this man hitting hot 100 number 1 while In jail? XD
    i’ve always liked his music, his rap are so effortless, relaxing and cool.
    this song is DOPE! “champion no matter what”

  67. Keesha October 16, 2010

    “@va stand up and isn’t grammar spelled grammar and not grammer. Now what did you say about staying in school? LMAO at the english professor slipping up. Trying to school me and can’t even school yourself. It’s always the ones trying to come off as intellectual who end up making themselves look the fool.”

    It’s funny because even though you were trying to make @VA Stand Up look like a fool, you ended up making yourself look like an even bigger fool. You were the first one to post a comment on here, failing to realize that this is T.I.’s song, not Chris’, trying to start something as always. That’s what true fools do.

  68. Jay2010 October 16, 2010

    Get back to jail

  69. MICHKA October 16, 2010

    The song is great !!!!

    It has a Ne-Yo vibe in it, that’s the kind of chorus he loves!

    I think the adding of studio tricks Chris Brown ‘s voice comes from the fact it’s so easy for Chris to outstage the lead singer on his record . “No air” anyone?

    My guess is they make him sound juvenile ’cause he’s supposed to be less important on the song. They can keep trying though.

  70. lol October 16, 2010

    its good bc of chris browns chorus, TI whatever, most of the beat is whack

  71. lottie October 16, 2010

    This is an inspiring song for the youth as well as adults…we gonna make this #1!!!!!!!!!!

    The world needs to hear this!!! NO ONE IS PERFECT! WE ALL ARE HUMANS! I LOVE IT!

  72. boo hoo hoo October 16, 2010

    @keesha are you VA stand up? I knew it was t.I’s song all along, Chris is a feature, and I wanted to say what I did just to start ish with Chris. So that’s how much you know. Not because its T.I’s song means chris couldn’t have had anything to do with the timing of its release. People feature on songs all the time and they can have an input as to when a song is released, because its a team effort. So they both could have discussed and decided on the release time and date. So in other words you are saying that you are a bigger fool for trying to argue with a fool right?

  73. UMMM…………… October 16, 2010


    WTH are you talking about? This is T.I.’s song and Chris is a feature you know considering your “queen” Rihonald “stay living” on someone elses track!

  74. UMMM…………… October 16, 2010

    This is a great track! I LOVE IT!

    Ppl who deliberately start sh*t with others need PRAYER! Then maybe an @ss kicking! I am tired of the #WALLPAPER in all of our lives!


  75. monique October 16, 2010


  76. Lady October 16, 2010

    October 16, 2010 at 6:43 pm
    Obviusly you “give a f!ck” if you took time out of your life to click on this post and comment. LMAO!

  77. Keesha October 16, 2010

    @Boo Hoo Hoo ?????? Your post made no sense whatsoever. Why would Chris tell T.I. when to release his own song??? And on top of that, why do you think that Chris is trying to compete with Rihanna or anything that she is doing??? You just continue to prove how much of a fool you really are.

  78. Oceanmate October 16, 2010

    @boo hoo WHY ARE YOU HERE going around stiring up shyt lost again on a TI and CB post when yo a** should be on that Red headed Rude girl’s post. No one would say bad things about your fav if you would STFU!

  79. Hot damn October 16, 2010

    @keesha and Oceanmate, why don’t ya’ll kiss my ass. Boo hoo hoo will say what the hell she pleases. Who gon check me boo?

  80. Hot damn October 16, 2010

    YOu can’t tell people where to be, if boo hoo hoo wants to be here she can be, don’t ya’ll be all over rihanna’s post?

  81. Hot damn October 16, 2010

    @boo hoo hoo I wish these b****** would try to run me off a post. The amount of time they spend on a rihanna post. SMH. They just mad cause you’re going in on they boy, that’s what they do to rihanna daily. How does it feel now?

  82. boo hoo hoo October 16, 2010

    @hot damn don’t worry boo, I ain’t going nowhere. These fools trying to call people out they name, like pot calling the kettle black. Look in the mirror guys, you’ll see foolish looking right back at ya. Now off to make trouble in the other CB post. WHere the party at?

  83. Keesha October 16, 2010

    @Hot Damn I never said that @Boo Hoo Hoo couldn’t post on a Chris Brown post, I just said that he/she/it is making himself/herself/itself look like a fool, just like you.
    And have fun @Boo Hoo Hoo. It’s a shame that this is how you have your fun. Your life must really suck then. 🙂

  84. boo hoo hoo October 16, 2010

    @ keesha aren’t we doing the same exact thing? Except you hate on rihanna and I hate on chris, So does that mean your life sucks ?

  85. loveablekidd November 3, 2010

    this song is great so motivational:))

  86. MARQUITA November 23, 2010


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