Aguilera Begins Recording New Album; Channels ‘Stripped’

Published: Friday 5th Nov 2010 by Sam

After tanking in rather spectacular fashion earlier this year, Christina Aguilera is hoping the masses forget about the bomb that was ‘Bionic’. For, The singer recently confirmed that recording has commenced for her next studio album.

Full story below…

Speaking in the December issue of InStyle magazine, the soon-to-be-divorced diva said:

“This is sort of left over from the Bionic phase” said the mother of one while giving Instyle a tour of her wardrobe. “Now I am actually in the studio recording the next album which has a different vibe, so this is already old news (laughs)”.

“(I think now) we’re back to going a little deeper” she added, “in the vein where I recorded my Stripped record, which was very personal and more introspective” {Source}

Granted no one actually bought ‘Bionic’ to begin with, Christina should have little problem deleting it from the history books. That said, I’m rather excited to see her return to the tried-and-tested success that was the ‘Stripped’ formula. Beyond being one of her most commercially successful LP to date, the album is widely regarded as one of the best of the 00’s.

What’s more, one can only hope that she’s able to spin the professional and personal drama she’s experienced this year into songs which will help folk identify with her again. For, amidst the shock-and-awe tactics she employed last go round, she made it quite easy to forget that she’s a gifted writer – something many a Pop pretender could only wish for. Hence, Ms. Dirrty needs to play to her strengths and stop ‘Not being herself tonight’. As, people simply want the opposite.

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  1. carl November 5, 2010

    THANK F***! being the classic album that it is I’m really happy, although I’m sure she said Bionic would be the same?anwyay this has me looking foward, Stripped is one of my favourite albums of all time so I’m hoping for a more R&B feel.

  2. GangsterA November 5, 2010


  3. Becca November 5, 2010

    I hated Bionic at first, but it is really solid. If a newcomer released it, I would be very impressed.

  4. 123456 November 5, 2010

    “Widely regarded as one of the best lps of the 00s”…:WRONG is her worst critical acclaimed album. NEXT

  5. hermes November 5, 2010

    glad that Sam didn’t start talikng s*** about Christina….@123456 Stripped was first bad acclaimed by critics then things changed and it is still her most successful album!
    I’m also glad she understood she can not take anther 4 year break to give birth to a new record…she has to focus on herself and her wonderful voice!!

  6. Boricua November 5, 2010

    She can’t recreate stripped. That was a moment of perfection. Hopefully she’ll give us something close. Wonder if she’ll get back with Scott Storch?

  7. dante0127 November 5, 2010

    Stripped is an amazing cd, the only one of hers I own.

  8. Becca November 5, 2010

    dead @ the people who read this blog using phrases such as “bad acclaimed”

  9. Sarah November 5, 2010

    Ha! I knew it! Bionic bombed badly and with her pending divorce, it is no surprise that she’s in the recording studio to do another album.

    Her ass couldn’t wait another four years this time.

    She wants everyone to forget about the horrible era that is Bionic.

    I also agree with the person who said she can’t re-create Stripped. Especially without Scott Storch, who did the bulk of the songs.

  10. Dave November 5, 2010

    I bought “Bionic”, it was a great album. Nothing bad about it at all, b****** just didn’t buy it *shrugs*. Anyway… new album *will have that one too* I hope it’s different than “Stripped” like it’s not “Stripped” to the T, because she’s an artist, she shouldn’t always be about sales. Just make a great piece of work. Because I already have “Stripped”, I don’t need another one

  11. gdhg November 5, 2010

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  12. the kiddz November 5, 2010

    I bought “bionic” and I enjoyed the ballads immensely. I don’t understand why she needs to look to the stripped era for success. There is no point trying to recreate the past, her fans will only be disappointed when the new album isn’t what they were promised. Stripped is a great album, but i already have it….two actually lol.

  13. Soulful Roses November 5, 2010

    “Stripped” was a great album. I hope the album this time around is better than that. She just has to have faith, and challenge herself. She can do it!

    And I believe people need to stop being sheeple, and have their own mind. Do some people really listen to what critics say? If you want to have your own opinion about something go out and buy the album for yourself, and listen to it. Most of the time, the albums they praise are usually the ones that arent all that to begin with…

  14. divadevotee November 5, 2010

    I really annoys me when an artists references an old, successful, album when comparing it to their new one. It sounds desperate. I would think that if you were a true artist you’d only want to go forwards, not backwards. Never the less, I’m still excited about a new album. Bring it on xtina.

  15. the kiddz November 5, 2010

    I find it quite sad that she would call this “era” a phase. As an artist, you should be proud of your work, whether it is commercially successful or not. It just goes to show she was didn’t really have any hmmm “attachment” to the material. And call me late, but where is Scott Storch?

  16. donnellsol November 5, 2010

    she doesn’t talk to him anymore cause he started feelin himself too much, when stripped practically launched his career. i dont think she was disowningthe bionic phase, i think she just used poor choice of words. i still think she should release just one more single first. the first two went #1 on the billboard dance charts but noone gives it credit. burlesque is what screwed up bionic b/c she spent all er time on burlesque and tried to squeeze bionic out. she could’ve waited. and she always waited 4 yrs b4, so thatz not y bionic failed. the first single was solid but the video should’ve been thought out better. plus the gaga stuff. the odds were stacked againt her and i knew since keeps gettin better that this would happen. things seem to be going great now so hopefully that’ll be the start of a great new album.

  17. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ November 5, 2010

    Bad idea Christina. I hate it when artist try to recreate a once successful song/album to try and make up for their lack of success at the moment. To me, it screams desperation. ‘Stripped’ is a classic album for her and shouldn’t be revamped in any kind of way. And I actually liked ‘Bionic’ because she was WAY more restrained. I agree with @TheKiddz, her saying that ‘Bionic’ was a phase indicates that she wasn’t connected to it at all. That’s similar to what Brandy was saying about ‘Human’. Because of it’s lack of success, she wanted to ‘forget about it’. ‘Human’ was AMAZING and it was her best album lyrically and emotionally as well as vocally IMO. Artists should really take into consideration about what’s important to them in this industry, either it’s expressing themselves through the art of music or being successful and making money.

  18. Xtina_Amazinglera November 5, 2010

    Christina never said she wanted to recreate Stripped. She says she will make a “deeper” album like Stripped was. THAT’S ALL SHE SAID!

    I can’t wait for the new albums! The more Aguilera music I get, THE BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Musically, Christina can do NO WRONG.

    Bionic is still a bad@** album. It’s not Christina’s fault if people have horrific taste and didn’t purchase her album.

    Christina is EPIC.

  19. Tommy November 5, 2010

    Thank God, Xtina!!

    Stripped is, without a doubt, one of the greatest albums of all time for me. Everything about the record is the epitome of musical greatness; it’s deep, relatable, thought-provoking, emotional (uncomfortably so, at times – “I’m OK”), but there’s also a lot of cool, upbeat tracks on there like Dirrty, Can’t Hold Us Down and Get Mine, Get Yours. It showcased Christina doing what she does best and really proved why she is leagues ahead of just about every single one of her contemporories, certainly vocally and also in terms of raw, musical talent.

    Don’t get me wrong, I liked Back To Basics (Bionic was a bit s***, however) but she really found her niche with Stripped; and if her comments are anything to go by, I think she realizes this. She needs to go back to that soulful R&B/Hip-Hop sound (Bionic proved she should stick to the more soulful, more urban genres) and bring back the big Diva-vocals. She held back WAY too much on Bionic and an Xtina album is not an Xtina album unless she’s screaming, belting and throwing whistle-notes and crazy-ass adlibs and vocal runs around the place. Most importantly though, she has to recapture the maturity and relatability that her last album was almost completly devoided of; Stripped was deep, it had a message. Bionic did not.

    Anywho, if she managed to get Linda Perry, DJ Premier and Scott Storch (Ha!) all back on board as her producers for this album, that would also be incredible.

  20. iphone November 5, 2010


  21. raraskils November 6, 2010

    after two flop albums, lets hope she learned her lesson
    and finally gives us the classic follow up to stripped we’ve all been waiting for.

  22. 2BAD2BME November 6, 2010


  23. LTM November 6, 2010

    Thank lord!! Out of heartbreak comes inspiration. hopefully she teams up with Linda Perry again and leaves the sexual bith act at home. i cant wait!!!!

  24. KristoPhro November 12, 2010

    I am excited to hear that she’s back in the studio. ALL of her albums are great but I think everyone can related to Stripped and that is why people say it her best body of work. I honestly liked Bionic. Five of my favorites are Monday Morning, Glam, Desnudate, S** for Breakfast, and NMST!!

  25. Georgie Vanandel March 30, 2014

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