Hot Shot: Drake In GQ Magazine

Published: Tuesday 16th Nov 2010 by Trent

Check out Drake’s special cover of GQ magazine. The ‘Over’ rapper has been selected as one of the publication’s Men of the Year. {Source}

What do you think of the pic?

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  1. XTINA IS GODTINA November 16, 2010


  2. annie! :] November 16, 2010

    cute <3 he's aging really bad though… he could pass as mid-30s in this picture.

  3. blonds November 16, 2010

    thats obamas son, swear down!

  4. Howw November 16, 2010

    AWw he’s so cute 馃檪

  5. nayah82 November 16, 2010

    He looks older than 23 y/o. I don’t know why some girls get so crazy over him, he not even cute. Brown/dark skin brothers look sexier.

  6. Rihsus November 16, 2010

    Why does every gay man think all man are gay?????

  7. 24monden November 16, 2010

    New single: R. Kelly – Love Letter

  8. Fatima November 16, 2010

    He’s such a goober. And I love that about him.

  9. Doofus November 16, 2010

    Rhisus…because ALL men are…

  10. Jeff November 16, 2010

    Syndrome Face

  11. chile please! November 16, 2010

    @ nayah82 I agree with you %100. It ain’t nothing cute about this dude. He looks like the son of the Joker! That big Chester The Cat from Alice & Wonderland smile. I just can’t with him!!! Boy bye……you & your autotune singing ass!

  12. the kiddz November 16, 2010

    I think he’s cute

  13. Rebecca November 16, 2010

    Best I’ve seen him….noice!

  14. magdalena November 16, 2010

    i’m not crazy abt his looks…

  15. RICAN_STAR November 16, 2010

    cute in a weird odd little way id hit then id drop him lol

  16. NO! November 16, 2010

    I’m sorry but those crows feet aren’t cute! I’m a really over Drake at this point!

    Who got NEXT?

  17. ??? November 16, 2010

    This look like a school picture real duffy bah! lmfaooooooooooooo

  18. Mely B November 16, 2010

    Do any of you remember that actor named Billy Zane? That’s who Drake reminds me of when he grins full out like that – he’s so much sexier when he does his “seriously sincere” look.

  19. RosaRubbel November 16, 2010

    Forgive me, but he reminds me of a rabbit in this picture.

  20. Lebz November 16, 2010

    *bring it on movie quote*….Smile…..arg! Dont smile! He seriously doesn’t look good while dispaying the ivories! He is really just regular looking! If he was darker skinned nobody would pay him mind but he is talented nonetheless!…so WERK B itch

  21. tmm09 November 16, 2010


  22. Dummies November 16, 2010

    Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh that dreaded smile LOL

    *Ha Ha Ha I got you now Batman*

    LOL ! ! ! LMFAOOOOO ! ! ! ! !

    Just saying 馃槈

  23. ME November 16, 2010

    Lol he’s confused wheather he wantes to be a hard rapper or soft R&B singer either way he needs to decide NOW!!!!

  24. ChEeRfUl CyNiC XD November 16, 2010

    hes so not good looking I like his music though

  25. arfa November 16, 2010

    He’s so ugly!

  26. Mr.S** November 16, 2010

    He looks great. F*** what you Superficial people have to say. What is Ugly or Pretty ? Only thing ugly to me is these queen sized attitudes you f*** be throwin.

  27. Bbcocochannel November 16, 2010

    The man is 24 but he look like he’s 34!!!! Crazy!!! He doesn’t look like a Denzel Waahington but at least he ain’t no camel faced Jay Z. I still cannot get me head around why Beautiful Bey would get married to him must be love/illuminati. Anywayz I love you Drizzy, along with Breezy, Trigga, Bow Wow… All you fine young things…
    #ThingsUsEnglishShouldn’tSay… Why is the Queen the Qeeen when she don’t help me in anyway. Ugh…

  28. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ November 16, 2010

    I don’t think he’s physically attractive but I love his personality and swagger, although he is a bit of a dork at times.

    I usually like his smile but here he looks rather weird. YIKES!

  29. LARISSA JONES November 16, 2010

    He Just aint PHOTOGENIC, thats all.
    I’m not saying that he is hot in real life, but he is average.
    …It aint all about looks, it can sometimes be how a person carries themselve i.e SWAG, the way they talk etc etc. All these things a photo CANNOT capture. Like someone said he aint that cute but his personality compensates that.

  30. Ene November 17, 2010

    @Mely B, I thought that he looked like Billy Zane the first time that I saw him. I think that it is those deep dark eyes and eyebrows and shape of face also. I see a little of his uncle, Larry Graham of Graham Central Station and formerly of Sly and the Family Stone in him also.

  31. KELENDRIA ROWLAND November 17, 2010


    Support Ms Kelly!

  32. VA STAND UP!! November 17, 2010

    LMAO @ the comments. Yeah this pic is something else. Lol,

    @Larrisa Jones & Amazing Lee: Exactly!

    His personality and swagger are attractive, but his face…not so much! He is just a real odd looking dude. My friend saw him in person when he performed at VCU, and she said he was much cuter in person. I guess he is just the type of dude that can never take a good picture.

    He does look a hell of a lot older than some damn 24 too. I can’t believe I am older than him. *shrugs*

  33. iLoveXtina November 17, 2010

    He’s aiiiiiight, but i found him better looking on Degrassi!

  34. Dan November 17, 2010

    Scary… he looks like he has downs.

  35. Jo November 17, 2010

    He looks like a Na’vi to me. He could be human. Im ambivalent.

  36. Gotdamn March 14, 2011

    Every picture i see drake take when he smiles he got that frog thing goin on man i swear

  37. raydell chapman June 28, 2011

    i think he looks f***** s*** as hell. dont care wat the hattaz say. i love you baby

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