Hot Shot: Lady GaGa Signs Autographs In Austria

Published: Thursday 11th Nov 2010 by Sam

Peep Pop phenom Lady GaGa was snapped signing autographs for fans in Vienna, Austria last night. The hilarious shot ironically comes after the singer filed a restraining order against a crazed fan – who threatened to shoot her in the head. Yikes.

Your thoughts?

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  1. TheTruth November 11, 2010


    I Wonder….who will sell more… Rihanna’s “Loud” …or Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”

  2. Sabrina November 11, 2010

    She looks cute.

  3. GIMMIE DAT BASS November 11, 2010

    F*** this attention W****! She is sooooo f***** UGLY. Her music is soooo generic!

    @THETRUTH I hate Rihanna but I’d pick her over Gagme ANYDAY!

    It pisses me off how Gagme cant even sing as well as Ciara or dance as good yet she gets so much praise forher generic trash. THIS is whats wrong with the world!

  4. Ugh! I Can’t! November 11, 2010

    @GIMME DAT BASS Are you kidding me? Ciara can sing better than Lady Gaga? Chile, since when?! lmao I like Ciara. Her music is cute, but lets be serious! Lady Gaga is an amazing singer. You should view some of her live performances.

  5. GagaisLove November 11, 2010

    Since when Ciara stans are coming for Gaga? Lol, Sit down.

    Yes Ciara dances better than Gaga, but Gaga can actually SING. and BETTER. <3

  6. giovannidayevid November 11, 2010

    Lady Gaga looks so elegant in this picture. Love it!

    By the way We ALL know that Lady Gaga’s album will sell at least 3 to 1 to Rihanna’s album, I mean don’t get me wrong Rihanna’s music is cool, but Lady Gaga’s music is EPIC. . . I’ll be buying both though, and as far as Ciara’s album I’m glad that @GIMMIE DAT BASS and 17 of her friends will be buying Ciara’s newest album cause the rest of us for damn sure will not. <3

  7. Traci Summers November 11, 2010

    ^^^^deeeeeeeaad i cannot

  8. giovannidayevid November 11, 2010

    ^^^^Then Don’t.

  9. Rihanna’s Dutty Red Wig November 11, 2010

    Ciara? The same b**** that’s taking Rocsi’s place hosting 106 & Park? Girl please, I don’t like Gaga either but to try and bring Ciara’s flop ass into it…SIT YO ASS DOWN!

  10. GIMMIE DAT BASS November 11, 2010

    YES Ciara sings way better than Lady Gaga. Ciara made her way into this industry based on talent ALONE. Gagme had to changed her entire sound, image,etc. In order to sell records. She’s a gimmick and im willing to bet money Born This Way will flop.


    I’m not here for generic b****** who can’t sing or perform their way out of a paper bag.

  11. giovannidayevid November 11, 2010

    @GIMMIE DAT BASS – You must either be the most ignorant non informed person on the planet, or Ciara’s crew must shell out a lot of money for you to give them promo cause Ciara and Gaga are not even comparable. Gaga is a Bentley, and Ciara is a Chrysler 300 on dubs. Both nice but most people would opt for the Bentley. #JusSayin

  12. lostonez November 11, 2010

    I like both Gaga & can sing n one can dance so if they both was combine then that will be a force but since that’s not the case..Gaga is much more talented than ciara..yes ciara can dance but gaga can sing n perform..

  13. DION-ISH November 11, 2010

    “Rihanna’s music is cool, but Lady Gaga’s music is EPIC”

    I Really dont see anything EPIC with Gaga’s music, its no different then Kesha IMO. I Consider epic music to be Radiohead, Madonna, Linkin Park, and even Rihanna (Theres no denying the epic masterpiece that was Rated R).

    Too Me Lady Gaga’s music is just COOL. OK. But i will say some Performances Ive seen from her are EPIC, Some of her Outfits are pretty insane. But thats about it, not the music….

  14. monique November 11, 2010

    thts the price of fame :(, i pray tht this nvr hppns

  15. DION-ISH November 11, 2010


    As for the restraining order…IM NOT SURPRISED.

    Gaga has set up this persona like she’ll die for her fans and all that extra s***…and she has fans who TRULY believe that s*** as we can all see.

  16. giovannidayevid November 11, 2010

    its Lady Gaga’s lyrical content that makes her music epic, and I can agree with Madonna because she writes her own music, however Rihanna has not written ONE of the tracks that she has ever sung, but you still cant deny that her music is infectious. A lot of people don’t really understand the magnitude of the lyrical content and imagery that Lady Gaga brings to the table that’s why people who can only see the shallow conceptual-ism of music generally don’t really like her, as for Ke$ha she is just a blatant rip off of Left Over Katy Perry tracks, Rihanna’s McMusic style [a la disposable songs that have as much impact in a persons future as McDonald’s Happy Meals] and Lady Gaga’s quirky conceptual-ism. Biggest irony is that the hate and love that Gaga gets is one of the main reasons shes a MEGA star, she does things to stir up a reaction, and haters just cant stomach the fact that she moves units even in a down economy she’s a megastar.

  17. TAMED BEAST November 11, 2010

    I hope he gets her ass and leaves her brains on the sidewalk.

  18. TAMED BEAST November 11, 2010


    Yeah her lyrics are so damn infectious.

    We all know she was talking about sucking d*** in “Poker Face”

  19. Aryo November 11, 2010

    born this way > basic instinct > loud

  20. DION-ISH November 11, 2010


    Oh Really?! ROFL .. I Cant.

    Half of that and the vocabulary was NOT needed.

    When has Singing about Bubble Dreams and Disco Sticks become some epic lyrical content?! and your a fan of Grace?! Really *Side-Eye*

    And um Rihanna has written more then half of her records on Rated R, including the best track Fire Bomb which is 10X better than anything Gaga has EVER written.

    IF anything Gaga’s music is what you refer Rihanna’s Too. NOBODY will EVER Be takin seriously in my book when they praise Gaga’s Music then Trash Rihanna’s, Really?! Gaga’s music is NO DIFFERENT from Keshas!

    Describe the Meaning of Alejandro to me please?!

  21. Aryo November 11, 2010

    can yall stop draggin ur discussions to the loud goat?

  22. DION-ISH November 11, 2010


    Girl LOOK who you stan for?!?!

    YOur not worthy at ALL and your opinion on nobody does not matter when your fav is S***

  23. DION-ISH November 11, 2010

    Gaga has EXTREME brainwashed, Bandwagon Fans its not even funny.

  24. Dias November 11, 2010

    Gaga is a clown. What goes up must come down. She’s been over-hyped & over-exposed.

  25. DION-ISH November 11, 2010


  26. GagaisLove November 11, 2010

    So you just said Born this way will flop?… LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL it’s so hilarious coming from a Ciara stan

  27. GagaisLove November 11, 2010

    ”We are not just Art for Michelangelo to carve, he can’t rewrite the agro of my furied heart”

    Genius lyrics are coming for the next album.

  28. DION-ISH November 11, 2010



    Somebody come get me off the floor …..(trying to hard at its BEST)

  29. giovannidayevid November 11, 2010

    @ DION-ISH

    At the end of the day album sales equal the amount of success that an artist has, and that is what indicates FACT in this world not opinions honey. FACT IS Lady Gaga sold 11 Million albums on ‘The Fame’ alone, ‘The Fame Monster’ has sold 4 million copies, and the fact that she is currently the record holder for singles sales as EACH one of her singles has sold at least 4 million copies. . . For a debut artist thats amazing, and that shits all over Rihanna’s Rated R.

  30. tiff November 11, 2010

    Gaga shits on ur irrelevant favs!

  31. DION-ISH November 11, 2010

    OK But you DO know The Fame Monster is apart of the The Fame!

    And far as Sells and Success HELL YEA The Fame Monster is Far more successful and we ALL know why that is!!

    Rated R’s far as the music and artistic vision and quality shits over The Fame/Monster IMO

    I Want to know WHAT OTHER POP ARTIST can take a risk like RIhanna and do an Album like Rated R?! (besides Xtina, Madonna whom have) Anybody can do the tracks Kesha and Gaga do and its an instant SMASH. Its Electro-Pop.

  32. vegasgirl November 11, 2010

    It’s unfortunate that the crazy “fans” exist, every famous person probably has at least one the smart ones do something about it. Gaga is so big she probably will attract more than a few crazies though.

    Don’t know if Gaga will sell more but best believe she will get a HUGE promo push ( as has Rihanna, no matter what sam and trent say). Gaga’s music is probably not timeless but neither is RiRi’s, in fact this has been the “darkest” decade for music I have seen, admittedly I haven’t been around that long. I fully expect none of the music being played currently will be considered classic. this is only addressed to those having another discussion about Gaga v RiRi.

    But Gaga will be remembered because in this very dry time, she has made major cultural impact. I support her because of her talent and ridiculous work ethic, which does trump most of her contemporaries.

    The Ciara fan that said Gaga had to change imaging and sound to make it…are you serious? Ciara is in constant fluctuation to find what works, don’t be mad that Gaga’s worked.

  33. DION-ISH November 11, 2010

    Rihanna has a song on the 500 greatest songs of ALL TIME

    Rihanna records are covered and sampled left and right from Pop to Rock to Hip Hop artist


  34. Ch… November 11, 2010

    This b**** is a tragic ass mess!

  35. giovannidayevid November 11, 2010

    @Dion Ish

    I’m glad that you have opinions. Unfortunately your opinions do not intersect with fact, they are in fact juxtaposed with the truth, and when both are tested for validity your opinion [as amazing as you may think, and others may agree with.] Is not fact.

    The Fame Monster is a separate entity than The Fame, although you can purchase them together as The Fame Monster Deluxe, but they are in fact two separate pieces from Lady Gaga.

    There are 499 other songs on that list, but if she is not number one on the list, then ultimately it doesn’t really matter.

    I am more than able to admit that Rihanna has catchy music, and that I do enjoy listening to it, I’m just reverting to my original point that Rihanna, Ke$ha, and Ciara are artists that have been created by the music industry, none of them were artists before their record deals, none of them play any instruments, and none of them composed their songs before their record labels decided to give them writing credits just as a luxury.

    People that don’t understand Lady Gaga’s music are people who are ignorant to listening for the deeper meaning in the music, and are stuck in the past and don’t want to move forward to the future, and embrace new things.

    Regardless Gaga is still the best out there as of now, and not because her style is the best, or her voice is the best, but because she has brought something new to the table, and she relentlessly stands by her songs, her lyrics, her fans, her style, and who she is as an artist.

  36. Beyonce OWNS your Fav. November 11, 2010


    I like Gaga, but what exactly has she bought to the table that is “new”?

  37. DION-ISH November 11, 2010

    OK First Can you stop with the Fake grammatical s*** …This is TGJ.Com Sweetie not a NY Post Article!

    Every FUKIN Mainstream artist Under the sun is a product of the Industry! Gaga is NO EXCEPTION. The Thing is we have ACTUAL proof this bish Changed her whole image, look and sound JUST to attain Fame. Where exactly is this proof? It came out of her own MOUTH!

    Gaga does not fool me for one second and your not going to convince me to anything that i haven’t already heard from the same delusional brainwashed “monsters” of hers who proclaim the same s*** everyday!

    I Respect Gaga and shes DEF made a Name for herself and filled yet another void in the Industry along with Rihanna. Katy, etc. BUT the fact that her stans and s*** talk as if shes some great force w/ artistic values and lyrics is Baffling! This b**** sings about Disco sticks and Bubble Dreams over a typical electro beat….She aint Radiohead!

  38. GangsterA November 11, 2010

    She looks a mess that hat is so ugly

  39. tokyodiamondz November 11, 2010

    Gaga is the BEST! F*** what anyone has to say about her. I’m also a Ciara fan but how dare you come for Queen Gaga…. #UTRIEDIT! SitDAFUCKDOWN! We love you Gaga! <3

  40. giovannidayevid November 11, 2010

    @Dion Ish

    The fact that you cannot acquiesce to the fact that Lady Gaga is a megastar, she is out performing all of her peers, and that speaking as if you are pre-pubescent child [unless you are one.] using the latest street colloquialisms lets me know that nothing you say is of merit, it’s only to get a rise out of other people. I am now done responding to you.

  41. DION-ISH November 11, 2010


    Um Didnt a Rih Navy already Slay the Individual that tried This…

    #NEXT lol

  42. Ladia Yates November 11, 2010


    B**** that is proof h** screen captured from the actual site.

    So Boo try me.

  43. Ladia Yates November 11, 2010


    What do you mean by “outperforming”.

    Do you mean sales wise or stage wise?

    Because if you mean stage wise, that is not happening.

    If you were to put Beyonce and Lady Gaga in a performing contest. Take away all the theatrics, crazy costumes, and choreographed dance routines Beyonce would come out surpreme.

    Unlike others i.e Lady Gaga, Madonna, Janet, Britney, etc. Beyonce does even have to try. SHe doesn’t need all the complicated choreography because she has natural charisma and energy. Just giver her a Mic and the rest will be taken care of.

  44. ilovextina November 11, 2010

    Her lyics aint s***. She’s nothing without the beats or the repetitive catchy hooks.

  45. FUTURESTARdelux November 11, 2010

    She’s going for Jackie O but looks Jackie Oh no…

  46. SunDee November 12, 2010

    that Crazed Fans is scary!!!
    I hope many Gaga stans here still think Rational…
    well it’s getting messy tho’.

  47. QueenofPopJanet November 12, 2010

    I think Lady Gaga is a fad. She probably has one more hit album in her, and then it’s curtains. She’s too much of a “character.” Cartoons like her don’t last the long haul. The public will move on from her like they did the Spice Girls. In the end, she has and will have nothing on the true queen of pop: Janet Jackson!

  48. ERIC November 12, 2010


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