New Michael Jackson Album Cover Revealed

Published: Thursday 4th Nov 2010 by Trent

Epic  Records will be releasing a new Michael Jackson album entitled ‘Michael’. The record hits stores on December 13th and will be preceded by the single ‘Breaking News’ which was recorded in 2007. Expect the song to hit the airwaves on November 8th. However, if you can’t wait for the release of the LP then tune into for a teaser of the project.


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  1. jeremydante November 4, 2010

    ummm… this new or old material?

  2. FUTURESTARdelux November 4, 2010



  3. A.M. November 4, 2010

    I like it….. 🙂

  4. Lala November 4, 2010

    Amazing…. LOVE IT!!!!!

  5. Beysus November 4, 2010

    SMH at the industry still trying to make money off of MJ.

  6. Huh? November 4, 2010

    SMDH at Epic Records 4 whoring dis Man in his death….

  7. Forever Michael November 4, 2010

    I thought Epic Records is now Sony. Are they trying to pull a fast one? I would normally support any and all things MJ, but I just refuse to support $ony. There is controversy surrounding this CD anyway. Rumors have surfaced that some of teh vocals done on some tracks were done by an imposter. Oh well….one can expect anything from $ony.

    Luv you more MJ!

  8. dee November 4, 2010

    i’m sooooo excited. i love the cover . it will be under my tree!

  9. Stoney-Brie November 4, 2010

    ok the fans want the music..

  10. hat wearer November 4, 2010

    umm did they alter his nose on the main pic????

    i mean in the original pic his nose was bigger than…

  11. the kiddz November 4, 2010

    I don’t like the center picture, but it’s nice overall. Still not buying it. I already have all of his material, released when he was alive.

  12. *(SHE’zADIvABUtIMtHAtBItCh)* November 4, 2010

    …Minus the BIG Picture I think what they were going for is nice…..Him in the Turtle Neck 1900’s Marie Antoinette look is not working for me….The rest is nice…they should have just put all his Album Covers on “This” Cover….

    …I say gather different Artist to Re-Do his songs minus that T-Pain S***…Real people that supported him before his death: Destiny’s Child…N’Sync…Chris Brown…Usher….Pink…Britney Spears…..Whitney Houston….Mariah Carey…Diana Ross….Prince..ETC…..That would be nice 🙂

  13. Carl November 4, 2010

    Its just a rehash of last years album with a new cover.

  14. lovelarah November 4, 2010

    No representation of Micheal actual color….whats up with that?

  15. pinkpop November 4, 2010

    dont like it…should have used a “white” michael since that was what he wanted to be and looked like for most of his latest career

  16. Rated X November 4, 2010

    why cant they let the man rest in peace..?

    when he was alive, everybody and their mama was judging hin, now suddenly they give a f***?

  17. REASONABLE VOICE November 4, 2010

    Is that the same day as Ciara? :O

  18. Nicole November 4, 2010

    LOL. Leave this man alone and let rest in peace. This exploitation is damn right disgusting.

  19. Nicole November 4, 2010

    LOL Why is that flopping t***** coming into convo @ Reasonable Voice


  20. Fan November 4, 2010

    Yes, this is a new album (meaning new songs lol). Most of the songs on this album were pieces Michael had plan on releasing before his passing. I look forward it hearing it!

  21. bababu November 4, 2010

    the cover is awful. It could have been done by anybody…. They shoulda used an unreleased neat 2002-2010 picture, reflecting the new work!

  22. CONVERSATION CHAMBER November 4, 2010

    Not a fan of posthumous albums, put together from old (unfinished) vaulted recordings. The Tupac-ization of Michael Jackson begins.

  23. Blue Kid November 4, 2010

    Sad that they are pimping this man in his grave.

    RIP MJ!

  24. _yezzir November 4, 2010

    Poor Ciara 🙁

  25. UGh November 4, 2010

    I love MJ but i don’t like the cover. Since MJ didn’t have a say in this album and since ppl are still milking him for his money i will not be checking for it.

  26. DJ November 5, 2010

    I love MJ and I will buy the album.

  27. True Blue November 5, 2010

    @ Rated X:


  28. Andrea November 5, 2010

    Can’t wait!!

  29. Hit’em November 5, 2010

    I will Buy any and all things Michael and so will his Millions of True Fans. You damn haters are mad because he is going to destroy any and all things thinking their an entertainer. You can bet ya last on that b******. The King Lives On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. fdgf November 5, 2010

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  31. BENJAMIN November 5, 2010

    It;s like a Dangerous Cover revamped, but the center photo is very disturbing for some reason. I kinda wish they would have went with a simple image, with a simple background. They are doing too much here. I’m still curious of the songs that will be on there. I don’t like how Sony is marketing this man even in his absence wither, but I wanna hear those songs. I just hope there is no stupid TPain or Kanye West remixes on it though.

  32. CONVERSATION CHAMBER November 5, 2010

    Shut up Hit’em, you’re not a critical fan at all. You’re a zombie. A “how high should I jump?” lemming. I’d sooner turn off the radio than be the type of brainless stan that you are. Yeah his new album will sell…because too many of his fans are like you: random sheep, who will go wherever they are led.

  33. BENJAMIN November 5, 2010

    Meant to say “either” instead of wither, sorry.

  34. latin86 November 5, 2010

    Cool cover but there’s hardly any 90’s mj on it like an image from scream video? Still veryeager to get this LP

  35. Bobby D November 5, 2010

    I agree with the earlier guy…why no representation of his more recent image (bleached out skin?)

  36. S*** November 5, 2010

    MEH, Why dont I prefer MJ’s Music?? Hes not even in my top 10. I just saw the SAME OLE SAME OLE from him time & time again. & I hated his VOCAL STYLE o bits with those little Exclamation sounds he would never stop doing, Ehh, Hehe Etc ==>>

    This Album is a horrible idea, If his main music wasnt “ALL THAT” then why would his Leftovers be worthy at all. OVERRATED to me Kinda… Always been just OKay to me. : /

  37. S*** November 5, 2010

    I appreciate some of his music I guess but MJ just Never really did it for me.

    Now KID MJ was a different story, thats when he really was The S***. I swear he was THEE BEST Child Singer there Ever was then but WHAT HAPPENED??

    Listens to ‘BEN’

  38. lakstar November 5, 2010

    i think its amazing! very MJ, i love the robot michael in the top right corner of the cover, from the moonwalker film!

  39. bips November 5, 2010

    @ s*** i suggest u to put out the s*** that still in your ears!!!!!!as mama jackson used to say if u have nothin interesting to say ,don’t say anything in other words STFU!!!!!

  40. KD November 5, 2010

    When exactly are these bloodthirsty record label execs going to stop miliking this guy. How many more Michael Jackson greatest hit compilations (with one new reject track from 2007 thrown in as an incentive) are going to be released? I wouldn’t be suprise if some of these record label execs conspire to kill mega-artists with the hopes of major coinage at the end of it all. Sickening!

  41. M November 5, 2010

    As a MASSIVE fan I am excited about the fact we get to hear new music but there is also a part of me that feels Michael was such a perfectionist it’s a shame he can’t control or give his approval of what goes out there now!!!! But u know what it’s Michael Jackson for god sake….. it’s bound to be good music.

  42. jasmine November 5, 2010

    i dnt like the center pic…it barely looks like him.! nd idk..the cover kinda puts me in the mind of the cover of the jackson’s album victory..i think it was victory..! but anyway..i dnt wanna buy the album if its so much controversy involved in it..bcuz who knows.? it could be an imitator’s voice or they could be using machines to have a identical sound tu mj’s.! but anyway, R.i.P mj nd to the media…LET THE GODDAMN KING REST IN PEACE.!

  43. lynn November 5, 2010

    If this album becomes huge,..can it beat Speak Now on first week sales?

  44. ELLA November 10, 2010


    You always rear your ugly head when it comes to MJ. Get a life. He stays on your mind. You wouldn’t know good music if it was shoved up your ass.

    Bey Bey Homemaker did all those performances/promotional stunts for I am. Susha Feerce. It only sold 3 million worldwide. FAIL!!

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