‘Michael’ Tracklist and 1st Single Confirmed

Published: Friday 12th Nov 2010 by Sam

Pressing on through the drama, the Michael Jackson Estate in conjunction with Sony Music have announced the official tracklisting and lead single for the King of Pop’s first posthumous LP ‘Michael’.

Peep the press release after the jump…

MICHAEL Album Track Listing Unveiled

New York, NY – The first official single from the forthcoming Michael Jackson album MICHAEL will be released globally on Monday, November 15th at 12:01am EST. The song entitled “Hold My Hand” will be unveiled on www.michaeljackson.com and for sale digitally thereafter.

“Hold My Hand”, a duet with Akon, is a song they recorded in 2007. A handwritten note from Michael belonging to his Estate indicated his desire that “Hold My Hand” be the first single on his next project. However, in its unfinished state, the song leaked out in 2008. Akon recently completed the new and final production of “Hold My Hand.”

Akon comments, “The world was not ready to hear ‘Hold My Hand’ when it leaked a couple years ago. We were devastated about it. But its time has definitely come; now in its final state, it has become an incredible, beautiful, anthemic song. I’m so proud to have had the chance to work with Michael, one of my all time idols.”

On December 14th, Epic Records in conjunction with the Estate of Michael Jackson, will release the much-anticipated new album MICHAEL. The album contains ten tracks, produced by an esteemed group of producers along with Michael Jackson. While primarily focused on songs that Michael worked on recently, there are also earlier compelling tracks.

MICHAEL is the first release in nine years of new material by one of music’s most beloved icons whose artistry continues to touch new generations of fans. The album marks another release under the new agreement between the Estate of Michael Jackson and Sony Music announced in March that continues the label’s 35-year relationship with Michael and his music. During that time, Michael sold hundreds of millions of records, had 13 #1 singles and released the pop culture phenomenon “Thriller,” which remains music’s all-time bestselling album with more than 100 million copies sold worldwide.


1. Hold My Hand (Duet with Akon)
2. Hollywood Tonight
3. Keep Your Head Up
4. (I Like) The Way You Love Me
5. Monster (Featuring 50 Cent)
6. Best Of Joy
7. Breaking News
8. (I Can’t Make It) Another Day (Featuring Lenny Kravitz)
9. Behind The Mask
10. Much Too Soon


With reports suggesting the track at the centre of the controversy, ‘Breaking News’, is to be refined by its producer Teddy Riley, yours truly will make a marked effort to listen to the ‘Michael’ album with an open mind. If it’s good, if it’s not. It it’s not, it’s not.

At the end of the day, it’s the only avenue providing new Michael material – the immediate desire of many a fan after his passing. It’s handling may be questionable (silly “suits”), yet what’s the alternative? Hence, I say sit back and enjoy what’s on offer – and come to one’s own decision as opposed to feeding into this mass hysteria – potentially passing over some great material in the process.

Speaking of great material, having heard ‘Hold My Hand’, the King of Pop may be cruising towards another chart topper. Amazing track.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Speechless November 12, 2010

    If you say its a great track then Ill believe you. Id love to see Michael in the #1 spot even if he’s not here to enjoy it with us.

  2. lakstar November 12, 2010


  3. B**** & COMPLAIN November 12, 2010

    MEH, Why dont I prefer MJ’s Music?? Hes not even in my top 10. I just saw the SAME OLE SAME OLE from him time & time again, Same Dancing Spins & Turns, same Singing, music & same everything!! & I hated his VOCAL STYLE to bits with those little Exclamation sounds he would never stop doing, Ehh, Hehe, Etc ==>>

    This Album is a horrible idea, If his main music wasnt “ALL THAT” then why would his Leftovers be worthy at all. OVERRATED to me Kinda… Always been just OKay to me, Never was really all that impressed or blown away by anything he ever did. : / I actually see Chris Brown more impressive on stage since hes so young. Hes a Great dancer NOT Singer. Everything about MJ has always felt just OK to me, His Music, Singing, Videos. The only reason he got PPL to FAINT was not because he was so great but because Ppl LITERALLY associating him as a GOD!!, Like they really did think he was Magic & that was only because he bleached his skin (or it changed color nontheless) Since he looked so different from everyone else they Falsely associated him as aa Alien from different planet PPL thought for some reason that he was the 2ND coming of CHRIST!!!

    I appreciate some of his music I guess but MJ just Never really never did it for me.

    Now KID MJ was a different story, thats when he really was The S***. I swear he was THEE BEST Child Singer there Ever was then but WHAT HAPPENED??

    Listens to ‘BEN’

    (SideNote: Compared to WRINKLE-Donna MJ was FAR from Over Rated, Now that no talent Trash-Music b**** was REALLY OVERRATED, POP Queen my Ass ==>>) Beyonce, Britney, Rihanna >>>)

  4. Chippy November 12, 2010

    @B**** & Complain, u suck! If you cannot see that Michael is/was a musical genius and a beautiful person then that is your loss.

    90% of the world population can see, hear, feel this.

    I guess you are part of those 10% who are too dead inside to be moved by magic.

    Anyways, I think this album is a bad idea. Michael was such a perfectionist, he would never approve this project. Furthermore, the cover art looks so cheap. It doesn´t represent him at all. bleh

  5. EddyParis84 November 12, 2010

    can’t wait 🙂

  6. bips November 12, 2010

    @ chippy don’t waste your time with b**** 6 complain he7she post exactly the stuff one week ago that w**** just looking for attention!!!!!!as for mikelong live to the king!!!!!!!!

  7. tom November 12, 2010

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  8. Beyonce OWNS your Fav. November 12, 2010


    Didn’t you already post that in another MJ post there is no reason to do so again.

    Anyways, I am still contemplating about buying this album because of the whole fraud thing with the voice. I really hope that it his and not some wannabe.

  9. garen November 12, 2010

    Where’s “a place without no name?” That track is Mike’s lane. The “new” producers worry me doing Mike’s stuff w/out him. They like to push things in a direction that doesn’t lend itself to classic material aka autotune, flash in the pan, etc.

  10. Jean alchemist November 12, 2010

    Mj lives 4 ever!,if bad is remixed all over again by david guetta,i will buy!/follow me on twitter=just search 4 nyrhue

  11. BENJAMIN November 13, 2010

    I don’t think I’m buying it. I heard “Hold My Hand” over two years ago. This was not the gameplan for this album announced earlier this year. They were supposed to release songs(finished, not incomplete) from sessions of the 80s, 90s, and beyond that weren’t heard. Not demos he did within the past 3 years, and then throw some other artist on there to cover his missing parts, and then add a collaborator. I don’t like it when they do this to artists who have passed on, and they add rappers and other singers for a wack ass collabo. Reminds me of the 2Pac and Biggie albums in the past couple of years. Not by a longshot when MJ was alive would he record with 50. I am TRULY disappointed. I’ll just live with the memories. Sony is really making my stomach cringe.

  12. len November 14, 2010

    @B**** & COMPLAIN

    You and “S***” are the same person. Clearly delusional as f*** and downright stupid. Go worship Beyondfake and SHUT THE F*** UP!!

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