Christina Milian Appears On ‘Good Day LA’

Christina Milian appeared on ‘Good Day LA’ on Friday. The singer promoted her new movie ‘Christmas Cupid’, which premieres tonight on ABC. Look below for the interview:


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  1. Anthony December 12, 2010

    She continues to look s***. Got to love it. I said it before and will say it again, The Dream is a damn fool for getting rid of her with his stupidity. Not only is she beautiful, she has an amazing, captivating personality. I love it. That is the dream for many guys.

  2. sierra December 12, 2010

    its astounding how far shes stretched her “fame” for having one top 5 single

  3. DavidW December 12, 2010

    Did you guys see what The Game said about her in Twitter yesterday? He said “#Ifsantawasblack he would have three HOs – Katt / Ratt Stacks, Superhead, and Christina Milian” smh.

  4. DavidW December 12, 2010

    *on Twitter.

  5. Cici betta cici mimi December 12, 2010

    that pic doesnt look like christina more like fergie

  6. MissImpartial December 12, 2010

    She seems really nice.She deserves to be successful.

  7. Teairra December 12, 2010

    @ Sierra I agree its amazing how far shes come, i belioeve she has like 3 albums out, and a coupple of movies, alot of artists just come and go, shes been around for a while now.

  8. xxx December 12, 2010

    just looked her up – thought she has been a little more successfull – i live in europe and she had a few hits here

    interesting, she co wrote a track for justin bieber, guess she’s stepping her game back up

    and co-sign with the fact of dream being a stupid douchebag – how can you cheat on such a hot woman!

  9. MissImpartial December 12, 2010


  10. Dave December 12, 2010

    Who really cares what the game says? He’s foreverly talking s*** about WOMEN? What heterosexual male constantly goes on about women the way he does? I sense some tea. Like people say, & i hate to say it because I hate the word “n***** are the new b******.” *smh* Christina looks gorgeous, I’m glad she’s over that messy relationship. Just looking on to bigger, & better things. & on top of that she’s just glowing. I’m excited for her upcoming album

  11. Ciana December 13, 2010

    Im only watching the movie for Chad Michael Murray HES FOINE! The white dude from Alicia Keys video.

  12. C-bookem December 13, 2010

    Im not trying to hate because i love her. But no one really know who she is and how her personality is she could be a real b****. But i can work through that, the dream is a p**** for not sticking with her and the baby. its like he didnt try to make it work.

  13. daisy December 13, 2010

    Christmas is coming !! Still alone this year??? Come to

    🙂 _________ Bla c kw h it eF li rts. C” 0- M _________ 🙂

    which gives you a chance to make your life better and open opport unities for you to meet the attractive sin-gles and treat you like a king or Queen. Come to find the special one for the special new year !!!!!

  14. LatreseLive December 13, 2010

    She Looks absolutely beautiful to say she has went through all of that mess and had a baby. Glad she is getting herself back on track.


  15. lola December 13, 2010

    I really wish that people would stop being so judgemental! Do you guys know Christina personally? No, you don’t. So why are y’all praising her like she’s some kinda goddess? Christina is a cute girl, with makeup on, but I find it funny how you guys blame The Dream for leaving her when she was the dumbass who hooked up with a producer, got pregnant beefore marriage, then rushed into marriage to cover it up. I can’t stand Christina because something about her isn’t right. She’s always been trying to get her name known for all the wrong reasons whether it be selling s** or hooking up with music producers. Nick Cannon cheated her on, Dre left her, and The Dream left her. If she’s so perfect, why do all these men don’t think so? Looks can only go so far. The Dream stuck with Nivea for a few years before they broke and and she isn’t half as pretty or “famous” as Christina Milian so shouldn’t that tell y’all something?

  16. aMILIANbucks December 13, 2010

    I love her, she’ so dedicated and hungry. & All-though she hasnt had a hit record, she still manages to keep her self relevant. Unlike most. Not to mention her albums are amazing. (So amazing & Its About Time) Im def. awaiting her return (music). & She’s working on a TV show, and a clothing/Eyewear line.

    & I love how you guys are switching up her pictures finally.

  17. Chirs Brown Owns Yo FAVORITE December 13, 2010

    Chicken head…straight up..

  18. Oggie December 13, 2010

    I like her, shes a hard worker and very talented, despite label changes and the industry being up and down she is still working and keeping herself out there which means she is a true artist, good luck to her and her future

  19. December 13, 2010

    GET EM C. MILLI!!!! iLove this woman!! And, she looks STUNNING!!

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