Preview: Tiffany Evans’ ‘I’ll Be There’ Video

You can now preview the video for Tiffany Evans‘ new single ‘I’ll Be There’ ahead of its release this coming Monday (December 6th). The moving ballad serves as the lead release from Evans’ as yet untitled sophomore effort (due next year).

Trailer after the jump….

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  1. BEYONCELOVER1993 December 5, 2010

    Love Her and This Song

  2. So Me December 5, 2010

    Shes beautiful cant wait to see the vid, and i love the song too!

  3. Music Lover December 5, 2010

    wow.. this looking good.

  4. I HATE CIARA December 5, 2010


  5. Jeremy Danté December 5, 2010

    good for tiffany; glad to see her back.
    & major for her to be signed with columbia.

  6. Yellow Gorillah December 5, 2010

    I still don’t like this B**** after she came for my Fav

  7. amirah kingston December 5, 2010

    shut up b**** ass haters she looks gorg is comin to slay bitchesss believe it or not.GAGGGG

  8. UGh December 5, 2010

    she might have thrown shade but she was telling the truth

  9. luvmedj December 5, 2010

    I don’t really care for the song, it comes off boring and not really 1st single material. But watever, glad she’s back. I like her.

  10. CiCi Downing December 5, 2010

    Tiffany! Keep up the positive work and never ever change for anyone or feel the need to take off your clothes..we are not buying keri hilsons album just bc she is in her dex dosent sell…sorry about that..but i hope you and karina do good..even though its probably going to be hard in the music biz…man…also, i follow you on minute youre talking about GOD then the next your cursing…you cant do that man..c’mon thats not right now..well anywho GOD BLESS

  11. Ty Taylor December 5, 2010

    Im glad she is doing her THIS TIME…i dont know what her situation was with Ciaras old mgmt..but yeah..this is positive

  12. DION-ISH December 5, 2010


    Im still Confused by What she was supposedly telling the truth about?? She was basically talking out her ass about something she new nothing about out of hatred for Rihanna. Why she dislikes Rih sooo much? WHO KNOWS.

    But i wont give her the attention she was DESPERATELY looking for.

    I also find it funny how she responded literally minutes after the Release of RR. and Rih didnt respond til like months later becuz she was asked (and she literally spoke about TE for 2secs) and even then TF responded immediately lol no life Haters are the biggest Fans!

  13. Terrell Vanity December 5, 2010


    the song isn’t boring, it’s very inspirational *no shade or anything* but obviously you don’t know REAL music, i must admit most music in this industry today is good to bump only momentarily, and after the song has been in circulation for about 4 months, then people began to say i’m tired of that song i don’t want to hear it. Where as this song will go down in history.
    Keep in mind that when people comment on blog post it’s not personal (or it shouldn’t be), it’s just opinions, so people calm down.

  14. Crack is wack December 5, 2010

    She is boring and as evil as hell,,,next

  15. luvmedj December 5, 2010

    @TERRELL Just because I don’t care for a song has NOTHING to do with me knowing REAL music. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, you like it, I don’t. Doesn’t mean i don’t know real music. This is a poor single choice, maybe it will be a grower *shrugs*. I bought her last album…I’m a fan. I jus don’t care for this particular single choice.

  16. SundayNews December 5, 2010

    @ Dion-ish You ARE giving Tiffany Evans attention. You’re writing in a post about her, she is not writing in a post about you.

    She was talking about Rihanna’s song which Rihanna didn’t write so her comments weren’t about Rihanna so for Rihanna fans to hold spite is dumb as dog s***.

    It’s her opinion that she made at what 17 years old. It’s not that serious. “Your fave” is not your sister or your mother.

    She looks pretty in the video and so far it seems like the video will add to the drama of the song.

  17. Thriller Killer December 5, 2010

    she’s not going to go far she’s signed with Music World Entertainment that’s Beyonce’s father company this will be the end of Tiffany Evans that was a smart move….lol

  18. Chiiiiiile! December 5, 2010


  19. TBA December 5, 2010

    my goodness @ihateciara all that hate is such an ugly quality… u seem bitter

  20. ANte December 5, 2010

    Omg u haters so tiff doin her thang
    cant wait to see this monday

  21. AinthatsomeSHHH December 5, 2010

    I love this!! Tiffany Evans will be real music real talent for 2011. This video will make things happen for her!! Love you Tiff

  22. Xavi December 5, 2010

    Dead @ all the hate because Real Talent came for NO Talent………

    I love Tiffany and this song…..can’t wait to see the full video

  23. eric December 5, 2010

    The song requires more attention than I think most radio listeners are willing to give, but the important thing is the song’s substance. She’s off to a good start and with a much better image this time around.

  24. tyler December 5, 2010

    will yall shut the f*** up with you don’t know real music s***

    ok i love keri hilson out of everyone but ppl don’t think she make real music

    ppl dont think beyonce make real music]

    or alicia keys or kesha or rihanna or katy perry or mary j blige etc..

    everybody is gonna have a different opinion so ALLL music is real. Everybody is touched in soem form or way even by kesha.

    my friend waas talkin bout s****** all the time but when Kesha song We are who we are comes on she gets happy.

    everybody got opinions. there are alot of folks who say r&b is a bunch of boring s*** and some say it about pop rock and country.

    How would you feel if i told you ok because you don’t listen to opera you don’t know real music

  25. Yellow Gorillah December 5, 2010


    This has nothing to even do with her music it is her personalty
    yes b**** can sing but she has a NASTY attitude which will not take her a long way
    b**** needs to sit her ass down and take some Humble pie!!

  26. Keepin it 100 December 5, 2010

    The girl can saanng!!! She’s a beautiful girl as well…. she’s grown so much since tht Tyler Perry movie!

  27. GoGoFenty December 5, 2010

    OMG Rihanna fans should be ashamed of themselves. Ya’ll make us all look like idiots.

    Tiffany Evans cleared that s*** years ago.

    Someone even asked her if she liked Rihanna on twitter and she said yes, her have song is “Question Existing”

    ” I know that yall probably got the wrong impression about me and Rihanna but I REALLY LOVE HER. I never did not Like her…its just that I said somethings that was really misunderstood and it turned out to be taken the wrong way.Not what I expected. So I really don’t want you guys to think that I do( not like HER, the person or many of her songs).That’s not the case Please let’s just get pass the whole issue and we can all get along.

  28. amirah kingston December 5, 2010

    oh so she has a nasty attitude cuz she stated her OPINION????WOW….LOL U dont even know her ur just mad cuz she told the truth SO SIT F**…AND GAG AT HER COMEBACK CUZ OBVIOUSLY ALOT OF PEOPLE LOVE HER….AND WANT HER TO SUCCEED WHICH SHE WILL ALL GOOD THINGS TAKE TIME.F*** OFFF HATERZ UGHHHHHHH

  29. GoGoFenty December 6, 2010

    And Yellow Gorillah how can you say TIFFANY EVANS has a nasty attitude because she expresses she believes in God and expressed how messages in music can get taken wrong? There’s nothing wrong with that.

    You’re always on here calling people names and passing judgements. You have a nasty attitude.
    Rihanna would give you a big “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa” at you’re thinking you have a right or reason to talk s***

  30. Jerri January 26, 2011

    I’m really diggin’ this video… I was able to watch it on her official website

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