Sneak Peek: Michael Jackson’s ‘Hold My Hand (Ft. Akon)’ Video

Published: Monday 6th Dec 2010 by Trent

Here is a sneak peek of Michael Jackson and Akon’s ‘Hold My Hand’ video. The song serves as the 1st single from the late King of Pop’s controversial new album, ‘Michael’, which will be in stores on December 14th. The preview can be seen below:


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  1. Momo Luve December 6, 2010


  2. Momo Luve December 6, 2010


  3. FUTURESTARdelux December 6, 2010

    Love that song, shame Akon had to ruin the vid with his ugly self… Can’t wait to hear MJ all over Radio again though. RIP King of Pop forever x

  4. trucie December 6, 2010

    Seriously just got chills from the preview. OMG. I cant believe this man is gone. He has been such a major part of my family history. My brothers grew up imitating him. School performances and all.

  5. GoGoFenty December 6, 2010

    I’m excited. It seems well done, not just a slideshow of a video but they’ll be using MJ clips to create a new video

  6. iRIDE4cici. December 6, 2010

    I can’t help but feel as though gimmicks are well into play with this whole album. It’s just money-hungry execs milking the hell out of this man’s death. I love Michael Jackson more than anyone could ever fathom, so that’s why I die a little on the inside whenever I think about this album.

    I don’t care what anyone says, that’s NOT Michael singing….they may have thrown in a few oohs and aaahs from the real King of Pop, but they found a really good impersonator that sounds ALMOST just like him.

    Trust me, there are millions who try to impersonate him.

  7. Mischa December 6, 2010

    @iRIDE4cici get over yourself. This is not a gimmick. It’s Michael. He has a whole library of music that we all have not heard. Your problem is that his cd is being released the same day as Ciara which going to be major completion for her. Just admit it! I buying this cd on December 14.

  8. UGh December 6, 2010

    I ♥ u Michael

  9. Whateva December 6, 2010

    Love MJ forever, but doubt the vocals on this song were his. Just not sure. Filthy $ony execs are promoting the hell out of this album but didn’t do a thing for Invincible while MJ was here. Strange.

    I will not support $ony.

    Love you MIchael!!!

  10. the kiddz December 6, 2010

    I haven’t even listened to the song. I can’t bring myself to do it.

  11. Geronimo Deuces December 6, 2010

    i wanted it to only be mj no akon, no lenny kravitz no nothing…….

  12. (LIL KIM/ BEYONCE / GAGA) STAN December 6, 2010



  13. yeah? December 6, 2010

    am i the only one that noticed that this doesn’t sound like a true michael song? and i’m not talking about the vocals. in every mj song, there’s something there that makes it an mj song. idk what it is- maybe it’s the production, or the composing, or maybe it’s just his spirit. but i don’t think that if he were in charge of this song it would’ve sounded like this. maybe it’s just not innovative enough. i seriously don’t know what it is, does anyone else feel the same?

  14. james December 6, 2010

    I just wish that they would wait till his kids grow up a little bit and our able to have a say and craft the musical legacy that they want there father to have. This album is NOT Michael and tittling it as such will not make it so. It just doesnt have his stamp on it. It will always be missing something and that is his spirit

  15. FEDF December 6, 2010

    dat video is so cute i miss mj …x

  16. YEAHYEAH December 7, 2010


    LOL, you think Michael Jackson is a FLOP? Hater, you know nothing!

  17. YEAHYEAH December 7, 2010

    The video is perfect. It really shows how human Michael was, and not the freak that is discussed in the media.

  18. Kimberly December 8, 2010

    I absolutely LOVE this song and can’t wait for the album. The video looks like it will be amazing (as usual). For those of you that don’t think that the lyrics are actually Michael, think again. It is definitely Michael’s voice. Michael and Akon were working on this song BEFORE Michael died. Akon put his final touches to it recently, but Michaels part was done last year before he died. I can’t wait to hear more songs from Michael’s VAST music library. He has hundreds of songs recorded that no one has ever heard before, so don’t be surprised if you don’t hear more Michael songs in the future. I think he would be happy with the way the song turned out. I think it is beautiful and it warms my heart everytime I hear it.
    RIP Michael. WE all miss you greatly.

  19. burimi December 9, 2010

    I can’t wait to see it all.Great video i like the script and colors in the video

  20. Pina December 9, 2010

    Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!! I LOVE MICHAEL JACKSON.

    God, I LOVEEEEEE his voice. My heart bursts for Michael. I miss him so much, so so much.

    I Love this song. It makes me feel like he’s still here. The video touches my heart – to see beautiful, gorgeous, s***, shy Michael in all his Glory. He had such a BIG heart and this video embodies that. I can’t wait to see the entire thing and to buy the album on Dec. 14th.

    Michael always said he wanted his music to live – and now it is. Love you MORE Michael!!

  21. on facebook December 14, 2010

    when i die me and michael are going to be together were going to live in heaven forever MICHAEL J JACKSON WILL LIVE 4EVER LOVE MICHAEL!!!

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