New Video: Ray J – ‘Last Wish’

Ray J is making the most of the buzz generated from his Vh1 reality show. The R&B singer has just released a video for ‘Last Wish’ which serves as the 1st single off his ‘Raydiation 2’ album (in stores in 2011). Check out the visual below:

This was a good video with an interesting plot. Ray could have easily taken the route of the typical R&B male singer which includes standing half naked in a room with a black backdrop and flexing is muscles with a bucket of baby oil but instead he chose to make a clip that brought the song to life.

What is puzzling, however, is Ray’s singing. After all these years he has shown little growth as a vocalist. In fact, he still uses auto-tune to help him hit notes that most other singers would find easy.

Maybe he should consider spending less time in the club and ask his sister Brandy or his close personal friend Whitney Houston to show him how to carry a tune. Useful advice.

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  1. Destiny’s Trash December 6, 2010

    he should just f*** chicks in black videos. M***** face!

  2. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 6, 2010

    I still don’t understand how he and Brandy are related, when she is one of the best vocalists EVER and he sounds like an electrocuted rat! His voice isn’t even listenable at times!

    Nice video, though.

  3. RikQy.Legendnation December 6, 2010

    I disagree, i actually LOVE this track. It serves as the sequel to the previous single “One Wish” from the Raydiation album back in 08. His vocals complement the track very well.

    Whats funny is him saying how Brandy is jealous is of him, yet u can CLEARLY hear the brandy influence on his vocals.

    however, you would think that someone whose sister happens to be one the greatest vocalist of our time, would serve up better vocals than his, but still in all, I like.


  4. Robier December 6, 2010


  5. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ December 6, 2010


    Yes! Although he’s an extremely crappy singer, IMO, you can definitely hear the Brandy influences on his vocal style. Especially his “attempted” ad libs on “One Wish”!

  6. Infamous Doll December 6, 2010

    I actually really liked the song. Good job s*** chocolate!!!

  7. royalkev December 6, 2010

    I thought this was pretty decent. I tend to like some of Ray J’s music sometimes. I think he is rather limited, vocally. I have to agree that he didn’t evolve and grow into a better singer, which is disappointing. Still, even now and then he gets his hands on something decent.

  8. Boricua December 6, 2010

    Vocals have never been Ray’s selling point lets be honest…
    At least this is an actual R&B song – not more of the same electro dance garbage.
    Give credit where its due.

    Auto tune doesn’t help anyone hit notes they couldn’t before. It simply cleans up the pitch of existing notes…

  9. Dae’ December 6, 2010

    I love this track, love the lyrics love the video I like the fact that somebody sat back and thought of a concept. People can say what they want about Ray but he sells singles. I’m just saying.

  10. arfa December 6, 2010

    Wheres s** tape part 2? That should boost sells lmfao!

  11. Heaven December 6, 2010

    This is garbage. I hear far too many off key notes and unevenness even for a studio voice. For him to compare his voice or career to Brandy’s is a bigger farce and she should have punched him in the nose.

    He’s not even that cute for all of this hype. He’s best known for a sextape, dating older women, being a w**** and what else?

    What is his string of hits? Name them please. His family (mother) and hanger ons are doing him a big disservice to continue to pump his head full of b*******. Brandy leaves him in the dust on her bad day. He’s a big FAIL.

    Yeah that’s how I really feel.

  12. likeCAESAR December 6, 2010

    Damn…did he ever go thru puberty? And Brandy is jealous of you Ray J? You should have know that us Brandy stans aint having it. We’ve tolerated you for long enough and now its time to nail the coffin on your career cause you’re getting beside yourself. Damn….Chris Brown is less nasal…and thats huge! Sonja needs to give you a reality check!

  13. jewelz December 6, 2010

    how many wishes this n*gga need?

  14. SPREADDAWORD December 6, 2010

    Trent you bugging, for real! It took me forever to stomach One Wish, his vocals were so crappy on that song, but on this one he has definitely improved, and yes you can absolutely hear Brandy’s influence on this song. But, then their dad trains them both vocally so that’s understandable, and the song is dope, I don’t know what the rest of you are hearing, but I give him a thumbs up!


  15. SPUNKYPOOP December 6, 2010


  16. TIMMI December 7, 2010



  17. NUNYA December 7, 2010

    Ray J can sing and some people still dont like his attitude and him f****** kimk. The video was not expected and the song is good.
    As much as some people on here like trey non singing ass, and some of yall talk about Ray J, oh please, Ray J sound better than alot of singers in his age range.

  18. Ayo December 7, 2010

    I really like this, saw some Entrapment inspiration and you can definately hear Brandy’s influences. I disagree with Trent in saying that he hasn’t improved I mean from one wish to this, for me there is a vast improvement. I don’t understand how people can say that Ray can’t sing, I mean his nasal tone may not be for everybody but he can for sure sing. All in all a it’s a solid R&B song and a refreshing change from all the dance crap out there.

    P.S. Ray J and Brandy are siblings and they love each other and even though he made that stupid statement about her being jealous of him I am sure the have since made up, so stop pitting them against each other its sad.

  19. MISHKA December 7, 2010

    The song is good but he needs to come up with a smash R&B hit .

    Since Usher, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown went pop, the male R&B scene is kinda empty . It’s time for the other singers to take a shot.

  20. C-bookem December 7, 2010

    i think reality tv is fake they just needed something to go with for this season so it wont be like the last but yall know whoever is a brandy stan that she dont like it when yall talk about her brother. im not a fan of ray j either and he dont have the greatest voice but it works i was waiting for something like this from him unlike that rap stuff he has been doing lately hope the rest of his album is like this and not tricking people into a good single to buy a $9.99 cd that has crappy rap songz tthat talk about nothing. when they could use it for gas lol but i think he is in good hands with darkchild behind him

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