Nelly & Kelly’s ‘Gone’ Most Added At Radio

Published: Friday 21st Jan 2011 by Sam

Almost 10 years after their record-breaking smash ‘Dilemma’ topped charts globally, Nelly and Kelly Rowland look set for notch up another hit with their new single ‘Gone’.

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Upon its official radio release this week, the Jim Jonsin / Rico Love produced cut earned the title of Most Added Song, with a total of 45 adds (27 Urban and 18 Rhythmic). What’s more, the track – the 4th to be lifted from Nelly’s ‘5.0’ LP, stands as the 3rd most added on Top 40 radio – behind only Avril Lavigne and the seemingly unstoppable Britney Spears. {Source} {Source 2}

While it’s too early to definitively call, should ‘Gone’ become the hit it looks set to be, the benefits for Nelly and Kelly will be major. For, in Nelly’s case, it provides him another successful slant for an otherwise a poor selling project. (By ‘another’, I refer to the triple Platinum ‘Just a Dream’ (which has apparently sold enough to recoup any losses the label had with the album!) With Kelly set to release an album (presumably in the next few months), going into the ‘era’ with a smash single isn’t a bad way to start at all. More power to them both.

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  1. ncvfg January 21, 2011

    “Mocha & Milk” is a perfect match like “black & white” people

    😛 ____ Bla c k ‘w h it e ‘F li rts. C” 0- M _____ 😛

    The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still /// waiting for your sweet “milk” or “mocha”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  2. I can’t January 21, 2011

    Sure it will be the most added, but will it be the most played? Anything to big up Kelly Rowland, huh? She went into the “Simply Deep” era with Dilemma and flopped…she went into the “Ms. Kelly” era with Bump Like This and flopped…so she’s going into the (what’s the name of her album again?) era and will flop yet again.

  3. eHarris January 21, 2011

    Kelly shouldve released an album in 2010 when Beyonce was on a break! I still bet Beyonce will still release an album before her smh. I still wish Kelly the best

  4. Tanya January 21, 2011

    I hope so Kelly sounds amazing on the song. it would be good for them because they have such great chemistry and maybe that’ll speed up the process of kelly releasing this album that everyone awaiting.

  5. Yellow Gorillah January 21, 2011

    Awwww sam still has hope in his FAV

    How cute

  6. SMH January 21, 2011

    @ I can’t ..

    I love how you mention her failures instead of bigging up her great accomplishments like how about after 13/14 years in the game its amazing how she still has this much support and how successful and relevant shes made HERSELF over the last couple of years
    Why dont you find something better to do. it’s comical when people show up on a kelly rowland news post acting like they dislike her and wising her to fail. sorry but you couldnt look more like an undercover fan . with so much hate from bloggers and having a weak as team behind her for years she’s still out there making tons of money and having success thats strangely goes unnoticed by the public. no one mention how she touring the world doing some of the biggest gigs and how successful her recent songs have been with little to no promotion. but its ok because your little comment aint worth a damn it want hault any plans kelly has and in the inside your just as thirsty for her project as hers fans are.

  7. lola January 21, 2011

    I can’t
    Kelly Rowland’s “Simply Deep” did not flop! It sold 2 million copies worldwide! “Ms Kelly” sold low numbers in the US but managed to sell over 1.4 copies worldwide.

    This song sucks ass but if radios are adding it like crazy, then it’ll most likely get a good amount of airplay. It just depends on requests from radio listeners and downloads on iTunes. Even though I think this song is lame, I would love if it did well because Kelly needs the mainstream people in the Us to remember who she is and get interested in her solo project. Her label foolishly let “Commander” and “Forever and a Day” bomb. She should ahve released her album last summer and she needs to release a hot track fast before Beyonce comes out because people are predicting she will come after Gaga which will be in like June or July.

  8. superman January 21, 2011

    yesss! kelly is coming yall b****** better be ready for her! she is here to play in the big league this time around!!!!!!!! she aint here to flop

  9. superman January 21, 2011


  10. KD January 21, 2011

    These two are well past their expiry date. I do not see this song doing anything for either of them.

  11. Aubrey Beyince Harper January 21, 2011

    I still have hope in my girl kels I love her and she going to do big can’t wait for her and beyonce’s album both are going a blowup I wish both girls the best of luck

  12. TEAM KELLY!!! ToTheTop January 21, 2011

    You better watch out because Miss Kelly is coming…


  13. I can’t January 21, 2011


    If she had so much support, then where was that support when Commander was released? Where was her R&B fanbase when Grown Woman was released? What about when Rose Colored Glasses was released? What about Forever and a Day? Since y’all like to talk about worldwide numbers, how come Commander is her only hit and everything else flopped? Now her only chance at not flopping is playing the background to Nelly, who’s on life support as it is? Where are all the artists eager to work with her? Nelly is the only one who wants to help her out? David Guetta couldn’t even throw her another bone? Why is she working with 179 different producers and nobody can give her a hit song? I need answers!

    You want me to focus on something better to do? How about telling your girl Kelly to focus on something more important, like keeping the IRS off her back!

  14. KD January 21, 2011

    @ I CAN’T


  15. jay January 21, 2011

    u show em kelly, she already got a hit single out in the uk with tinie tempah and now she gonna get a smash in the US!


  16. I hope she cheats on you (with a basketball player) January 21, 2011

    So im guessing this means Kelly cant get a hit w/o Nelly 😆

  17. Nichole January 21, 2011

    The most added songs does NOT mean the most spins, nor does it mean the song will get many spins.

    I can see now that Nelly is desperate for another hit song since his album tanked, so he teamed up with Kelly to try to repeat the success of Dilemma. Perhaps if this song is a success, his album sales would pick up because that is what usually happens.

    Good luck to them both.

  18. SMH January 21, 2011

    @ I can’t

    First thing you need to know is Kelly wasnt eben promoting those singles. their wasnt many outlets that showcased those songs there are people out there who havent heard or seen rose colored glasses or forever and a day. people are descovering those songs for the first time on youtube as we type. but what I mean by support is that this is the most attention she has gotten since she’s been solo and as a long time fan Im proud of her. as someone who have been listening to her as long as I have its amazing to see the stuff shes accomplishing yea shes not doing ladyga ga and them numbers and no shes not all over the place like nicki minaj but for someone that could be just another r&b singer struggling to make the 106 and park countdown shes made it to a level wheres created/creating her own little lane how about the props to her for rising above the average r&b level and making it to the point where her music has reached a wider audience where she can learn and grown and see things in a wider realm she has made many accomplishments like growing as a woman and finding out what shes capable of and to me as a fan those accomplishments mean more than number 1 singles knowing that she can do shows and different countries performing songs that make people smile/dance coming from that space she was in all these years it feels like people are finally starting to give her chance thats where im coming from with my comment im coming from a place where Ive watched her struggle over the years to get this type of attention and to it finally happen all I want to do is appreciate it maybe you were never a fan of an underrated artist who was slowly transitioning into an underground favorite into something bigger..

  19. badaboss January 21, 2011

    @smh I agree with you. @ I can’t. “when love takes over” is one of the biggest dance records worldwide. Yeah it’s David Guetta’s record but everybody knows that it was her who did all of the hard work on the track. It was also nominated for song of the year at the world music awards alongside Gaga and Beyonce. Kelly doesn’t seem like she’s doing too bad to me. I just hope her label doesn’t try to pull her away from dance music where she has most recently been successful with.

  20. Dave January 21, 2011

    Yay for Kelly & Nelly. Anyone notice that they have the same name except for N & K, lol

  21. I can’t January 21, 2011


    Waaaaiiiittt a dayum minute…if she wasn’t promoting those singles, why was she making videos and shooting single covers and all that for each one of those? You mean to tell me she made all those singles and videos just for fun? Record labels don’t have time to be bullsh*ttin’ like that and record labels sure as hayle don’t have time and money for somebody to “grow into their own”…by the time Kelly figures herself out it’ll be too late and the public will have moved on. If they haven’t done so already.

  22. VA STAND UP!! January 21, 2011

    @I Can’t: *DEAD*

    Well….this song still has yet to grow on me. It just doesn’t recapture the magic of ‘Dilemma’. Its just so bland. He has better singles choices in my opinion. *shrugs*

    Congrats to them though this is somewhat of an accomplishment! I still don’t think it’s going to be a big hit though. *shrugs*

    This is Nelly’s forth single?? What was the third one??

    As for Miss Kelly, I am not really checking for her anymore. I have just given up hope on her. I haven’t been impressed with anything that she has released and apparently no one eles has either. *shrugs*

    The only song that I look forward to hearing from Kelly is ‘Geronimo’. Other than that…blah.

  23. little kimberly DAMNIT January 21, 2011

    As a fan of them both, the song does not move me the way dilemma did. They should have really put in work for a part 2. that song was huge, this I could easily pass on.

  24. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 21, 2011


    This song is outdated and sounds like a dried up version of “Dilemma.” And how about make a post about most PLAYED song, instead of most ADDED because adding a song doesn’t mean s*** if they don’t play, hun. I guess there was nothing else good to say about Kelly and this “era” that started over a year ago, yet at the same time it never started AT ALL, considering no album or release date has been set. CHILD PLEASE!

  25. Gucci January 21, 2011

    She gonna flop girl. I know you’re still optimistic but it was over before it began. And if by some miracle she does produce a hit with any song, her album sales will be laughable.

    Give up.

  26. muni January 21, 2011

    This song will reach top 10 on billboard 100.
    For anyone saying KELLY should release her album when Beyonce was on break how ignorant!!

    KELLY is doing her and she has no need to worry about sombody else album OK!

    KELLY puts better music than Beyonce the only things is the lack of promotion and is still less popuplar than other top female artists

    KELLY is one of the BEST out there!!

  27. SMH January 21, 2011

    yall keep yall opinions but at the end of the day as long as you all are reading updates about kelly that means she still has your attention.

  28. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 21, 2011

    ^^^^^OH PLEASE! Whatever, don’t start getting all furious when someone says that Kelly should release her album while Beyonce is on break, because you Kelly stans ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS accuse Beyonce of trying to overshadow Kelly whenever Beyonce wants to release something the same time Kelly does, when in actuality, Beyonce doesn’t have to TRY to overshadow her, Kelly just happens to get looked over ANYWAY.


  29. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 21, 2011


  30. remmy January 21, 2011

    @ I can’t

    Stop going back and forth with these people…they are clearly stans (no disrespect to the stans) but they don’t see clearly cuz they are in love with Kelly…no shade but they are and your wasting your time typing the truth…

  31. lostonez January 21, 2011

    it’s gonna be a hit

  32. Terry January 21, 2011


    You have to know your facts before you speak! COMMANDER was released OVERSEAS! Not in the U.S!!!!!!! It reached #1 on the dance charts without any promo! They pulled the plug on Grown Woman and Rose Colored Glasses! When a label does that! That means the singles cant reach its full potential! ANYWAY


  33. T Dunte’ January 21, 2011

    ALL NELLY AND KELLY FANS CALL RADIO! HEAD OVER TO for radio info!! ALL (DOWN LOW) KELLY FANS YOU’re welcome to! We know you’ll visit the site anyway ! LOL

  34. T Dunte’ January 21, 2011

    And you’re waisting time on a post you dont like @REMMY!!!!!!!!!!


  35. T Dunte’ January 21, 2011

    @GUCCI Its funny how after a year you are still posting on Kelly!


  36. T Dunte’ January 21, 2011

    I dont care for Cassie! Now would i take 5 minutes out of my day to comment on her post? HELL NO! Its called having a LIFE!!!!!!!! Get yours over at 😉

  37. S*** bucket! January 21, 2011

    I didn’t know kelly had so many HATERS! Go Gurl!

  38. KaVion January 21, 2011

    Why is everyone being so rude..

  39. NikkiIsChillin January 21, 2011

    I love nelly and kelly. Gone is a hit.

  40. LOL January 21, 2011

    Y’all b****** are still pressed?! For what though? He has his favorite just like you have yours. Get over yourself!

  41. GangsterA January 21, 2011

    i love the song (well kelly parts nelly singing 0_o) it may be a hit but radio may not help with out digtalsells anyway good luck to them and kelly album (still waiting) BTW MS. Kelly sold more than 3 million not 1.4 simply deep yeah i think it sold 2 million not an epic flop

  42. loso January 22, 2011

    I love this song I hope it goes #1 like Dilemma.

  43. badaboss January 22, 2011

    As for the haters, dilemma was picked up just as fast back in the day just like this song. This song shows the vocal growth from kelly.

  44. dblog January 22, 2011

    Why does everyone think Beyonce is going to guaranteed to be the hotness when she comes out? Lets not forget the Deja Vu and Ring the Alarm which may i say where complete FLOPS. She was very lucky with Irreplaceable as that was the only song that saved that album.

    I dont think its matters if Beyonce and Kelly r out the same time. Kelly is just yet to have a song that really sticks to people. Has nothing to do with the Bees, and Gagas. Lets not forget her World wide smash “When Love Takes Over”.

  45. KELENDRIA ROWLAND January 22, 2011

    Queen KELLY gon save him and give him anoder #1 agaainn

    Support Ms Kelly!

  46. Baron January 22, 2011

    @Dblog Um lets not get carried away Deja Vu was top 4 on Billboard Hot 100 and ring the alarm was top 11! Her BDAY album debuted over Gold first week sales, and went on to sell millions! Here in America thats not called a FLOP! (Since you brought it up) 😉

  47. Kingsly January 22, 2011

    It’s a way better choice than ‘Move That Body’

  48. dboy January 22, 2011

    ireally love kelly’s voice on the song and i hope it does well, am not a huge fan of artistes tryna recapture past glory but this song can stand well on its own

    ppl feel the need to smack down jus cause it’s another nelly ft kelly, i doubt all of them fell i love with dilemma when it came out but thank God this blog does not ever reflect on the hot 100

  49. Muni January 22, 2011

    KELLY is not even on top yet and look the amount of HATERS that she has OMG, I can imagine whe is on TOP only GOD knows, please keep these people called HATERS away from her.


  50. KAKA January 23, 2011

    There you go all haters standing there ……………..I rather prefer by far listening to this instead of those eleectro-pop s*** that everybody is singing now I cant believe R&B is dying now… this is a good track its fresh and different from everything out now …and diserve to be on the top. of the charts….

  51. Angela Wesley January 23, 2011

    If gone is a hit will be because Kelly. Nelly can’t sing is a better rapper that a singer. Someone said that her song were not played on the radio.that is why her songs flop.
    Buy your are wrong I never heard When loves Takes on the radio but it was a success
    because she won a Grammy for that songs. Kelly just need one R& B hit put
    back on top and too shut up those haters for good.

  52. steph January 24, 2011

    Go Kelly!!! It’ll be another hit! More power to YOU!

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