New Song: Lil Kim – ‘6 Foot 7 Foot (Remix) (Ft. IRS)’

Published: Thursday 13th Jan 2011 by Trent

Another track from Lil Kim surfaced today. ‘6 Foot 7 Foot (Remix) (Ft. IRS)’ is the former top-selling rapper’s spin on Lil Wayne’s smash hit of the same name. Listen to the record below:

This song is a lot better than ‘Clap Clap’ but only because of the beat. How on sweet mother Earth has Kim gone from creating amazing records like ‘Queen Bitch‘ and ‘Lighter Up’ to material that is average at best? Such a decline makes the rumours concerning her use of ghostwriters quite believable. If Kim does indeed use such assistance then she needs to hire a new team because this filth is almost offensive.

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  1. Ethan January 13, 2011

    Nicki minaj>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  2. TIMMI January 13, 2011

    This better than the “Clap Clap” stuff.

  3. CRBB January 13, 2011



  4. TIMMI January 13, 2011


  5. TIMMI January 13, 2011


  6. KING TUT January 13, 2011

    The queen is back suckers

    tell that fake queen copy cat to fall back …….. I use to love nicki minaj
    then she put out a pop album

    Lil Kim always kept it real

  7. FUTURESTARdelux January 13, 2011

    *Scrolls down* oh it’s Trent, what a supprise.

    This is actually good so STFU you’re just a hater, if Kim was born in Trinidad you’d be up her p**** like your stuck up Nicki’s money maker. It’s so f***** funny how people say Kim has ghostwriters (usually said to be Biggie) when Biggie died before her second album even began to be recorded. Kim has the writing credits and i don’t recall anybody comming out and claiming to have written her songs so i guess you all must be pressed that a woman can come with the hotness, i mean i don’t see anybody calling Nicki out for her writing even though she probably has the same credits as Kim, then again i wouldn’t wanna claim to have written Nicki’s trash lol…

    #StayMad #StayPressed #StayInferior *YOUR NOW HUSTLIN WITH THE GODMOTHER!*

  8. Teairra January 13, 2011




  9. January 13, 2011

    sorry, but this is major whack too…Kim, get a couple of great ghostwriters, PLEASE! Nicki probably got ghostwriters too.

  10. HazBLaM I January 13, 2011

    Wether You Wanna Hate On Lil Kim Or Not But EVERYONE Has a #FavoriteLilKimSong even nicki… Lol… #clapclap #IRS family”

  11. Ethan January 13, 2011

    futuredelux? you should visit another blog if you don’t like trent. what the hell are you trying to do?

  12. ddeeee January 13, 2011

    Lil Kim needs to sit the f*** down. stupid s****. you had your time now let Nicki Have yours. you are old news. and this s*** is hella wack.

  13. ddeeee January 13, 2011

    * let Nicki Have HERS

  14. Jermaine Jackson January 13, 2011



  15. Mr-DeBonair2U January 13, 2011

    Okay so let get into the rap part, Kim gets an C for effort, but we kno she can do better she jus aint got the money to pay’em (Maino) the IRS team is Ok the get an D+ only `cause I like the bul who came on after Kim other than that. It an B- or a C+

  16. Jaa January 13, 2011

    All of you nicki stans can get a round of applause!!!!!!! CLAP CLAP!!!!!!!!!

  17. SMH January 13, 2011

    smh… to the people saying they liked Nicki Minaj until she went pop? f*** outta here. she’s still rapping she just knows how to make her money, unlike the kimmy blanco who thinks diss tracks will make her money.

  18. 212DON January 13, 2011

    They are called buzz records…same as What’s the word which was followed up by The Jump Off, Shut Up B****, which was followed by lighters up. These so called hip hop heads really be talking like they know history and stay on some backwards ish. Lil Kim has never NOT had a hit record or two or three for that fact off any album ever. This is her M.O., this is her approach and it has been her approach since Hardcore, buzz single was Diamonds and like two other tracks which titles slip my mind. Kim delivers ALWAYS stop fronting.

  19. velli January 13, 2011

    nice to see Kim get back into it, Trent you sound like an idiot because if Biggie was her ghostwriter than he truly ghost up his spirit on Lighters Up.

  20. 212DON January 13, 2011

    and BTW, not a hit, it a mix tape, late night dj ish, but she went off on her verse, enough to be respected

  21. Wake Up Six January 13, 2011

    Reason 2325442442 Why TRENT doesn’t need to be writing articles on HIP-HOP which he knows nothing about….

    How are you going to hold MIXTAPE songs to the same standard as Studio album songs?

    Girl stick to writing reviews on RnB and Hip-POP cause you CLEARLY know nothing about Hip-Hop!

  22. ken January 13, 2011



  23. FUTURESTARdelux January 13, 2011

    @Ethan, Nobody (besides you apparently) likes Trent.

  24. ~aMaZiNG.Lee~ January 13, 2011

    Oh STFU about the ghostwriting b*******! People who constantly say that are dumb as f*** because ANY rapper could have ghostwriters, but it just seems the Kim is the only one who could ‘afford’ to hire some, right? GIRL, BYE!

    Anyway, don’t like the song.

  25. trucie b January 13, 2011

    “skin like cinamon” LOL b**** you f****** plastic white. sit the f*** down with this weak ass s***.

  26. little kimberly DAMNIT January 13, 2011

    Kim verse was bananas as always. But the irs boys , amateurs. She should leave them in the dust or let them come up on they own I mean they rap like middle schoolers. Still love some kim though . I don’t think she has ghostwriters I think these r freestyles I know Kim gets sick with a pen. I’m still anxious for that Kim I grew up lovin I’m gettin mediocre but this is Jus buzz she always deliver somethin realhot

  27. Casey January 13, 2011

    Kim is the QUEEN!
    This freestyle is better than anything on Minaj’s album!

    Kim >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Nik

  28. KeriStan January 13, 2011

    Casey you called this a freestyle? LOL clearly you’re just jumping on the bandwagon…you know nothing of hip-hop, please have a seat.

  29. MrIncredible January 13, 2011

    Umm, this was actually pretty damn good… Give credit where do. #imjustsayin

  30. KeriStan January 13, 2011

    This song is catchy but I still think Kim is hella wack now. She knows Nicky pretty much set her up yet she fell right into it. Atleast shes making music for her tired ass fans again. Anywho….I’ll wait for something that will blow me away.

  31. liljokerrr January 13, 2011

    ok you idiots.. this is MIX-TAPE MATERIAL this is for the IRD MIXTAPE, Mixtapes are not suppose to sound Double platinum material!

  32. little kimberly DAMNIT January 13, 2011

    This teamkim teamnicki s*** is foolish. I donno why Yall hate on Kim for there id room for 2 and more. The nicki train has run its course and almost at its last stop for this go round. What Yall don’t realize is she’s not releasing any new music so what’s the point of her soaking up the sun? She had had a really hot 2 year run which we have almost never seen in this business. But facts r facts and that is, when you’re done shitting, get off the pot . Nobody stays in the spotlight all year long without putting out new material and nobody deserves that. Even Beyonce gets told to sitchoassdown. After she releases 9 singles, promotes the hell out of an album, goes on a world tour, when u done shitting, make room for the next ‘it-girl’. But nicki is no queen she’s just the ‘it-girl’ promoting her album Jus like Rihanna. Rih had a nice 2 year run in the spotlight she is on demand but time is nearly up til they drop new material. So they can push those albums til all the juice is gone but this year the queen bee and the queen bey is back baby so B****** sit the f*** down and say thanks for taking a vacation lol.

  33. princejg January 13, 2011

    Nicki doesnt have ghostwriters hell she write for other artists pop stars at that

  34. Tisk January 13, 2011

    Trent, while I appreciate you defending MARIAH, I dont think Rap is your cup of Tea. Kim is leeps and miles better then Nicki. No acts no gimmicks just a real flow spittin chick. Kim is the Queen of Rap, now lil Nicki can be princess no problem with me.

  35. THE BEST January 13, 2011

    Ah man, I guess I got another bone to pick with Ms. Jones who insists on riding this mindless Minaj bash campaign to the bitter end. Your plastic surgery-enhanced looks can kill and Onika already bodied you, b-b-bodied you. On “Roman’s Revenge” and in her sitdown with Angie Mar. It was a one-two punch as lethal as “Ether” with a good beat behind it. Ha! Deb Antney’s runaway’s not gonna respond to any of your Foxy Brown-esque theatrics. You’re a OG to these kids and you already got your boost. That’s right, the main point lost in all the fuckery is that Nikki truly paid homage by gettin’ you back in the 2011 hip-hop conversation. You danced with stars. Now write some bars. Or get someone to help you. Make a club joint that’s not got nothing to do with the Young Money Monster and maybe, just maybe, we can take you serious again. You are shittin’ on your own legacy. And I hate to watch. I had the poster on my wall in my office at The Source. Where’s the post-jail hit we’re still waiting for? Did I miss it? F*** that beef s***, that s*** is played out. MJB don’t want that wack juice on her royal robe. Don’t blow your chance for true redemption. Look what you made me do? C’mon boo.

  36. missy January 13, 2011

    Once again this is a fckin disgrace
    Is this the b******* she been gassin up??I don’t give damn if this was for a mixtape or not Kim is suppose to be spittin nothing but hot s*** right now and yet she continues to give out wack s*** just to say she got something new out
    First off her 2 second verse was average at best and like Trent said I think its the beat that saved her ass
    Second off her little fed affiliated sounding bummy ass irs crew need to sit they ass down
    That s*** damn sure ain’t going nowhere so once again why thee hell is she spending so much time and energy in promoting worthless s***
    Kim was spose to go straight ham on this record for a good 4 min straight and I ain’t talking about that same 90s newyork flow I mean metaphorically beastin it with punchlines that could shut any b**** down
    But yet she continues with weak verses and plain punchlines with 0 shock factor
    The only “buzz” she is gonna get from these plain Jane verses
    Is the fact that she fell off hard

  37. Wake Up Six January 13, 2011


    Reason 2325442442 Why TRENT doesn’t need to be writing articles on HIP-HOP which he knows nothing about….

    How are you going to hold MIXTAPE songs to the same standard as Studio album songs?

    Girl stick to writing reviews on RnB and Hip-Pop cause you CLEARLY know nothing about Hip-Hop!

  38. Jayhova27 January 13, 2011

    I personally think she went in on this one. She played with the delivery but not to the point of leaving the genre of hip hop or sounding like a gimick.Moreover, her punchlines were especially on point considering the size of the verse and the somewhat hard to ride beat. Lil Kim passes the grade but I am still on the fence when it comes to her neophite new crew.

  39. kurtz January 13, 2011

    the same b****** that be giving Kim s*** on here will
    be the same sayin she dope when her album drop

    i love Nicki but
    she no Kim and never will be

    its like saying Christina is better than Mariah

  40. TEAM SHUTDAFU.CKUP January 13, 2011


  41. yo January 13, 2011

    trent acts like a lil b**** jus like a p**** you nicki stans can get a round of applause!!!!!!! CLAP CLAP!!!!!!! if someone writes for kim someone writing for nicki point blink

    kim -> shits on nicki & all y’all haters are but hurt cuz THE CHAMP IS HERE !!!

  42. Tia January 13, 2011

    Her verse was so Mediocre that i’m really baffled as to how a Real kim fan could love this……its very blah, shes having a lil too much fun with it, the beat is meant to go hard on. Never make excuses for your fav, if it sucks it sucks…..but i guess thats just my opinion….. Still waiting for a bomb ass track from Kim.

  43. push January 13, 2011

    kim went in on this s*** its a freestyle tell nicki to step her bars up taking months to write a freestyle verse & Clap Clap is a mixtape single for the IRS C’mon son they all go in aOowwwwww

    teamKim all day brookyln stand da f*** up ..believe it

  44. JUSTBEINGHONEST January 13, 2011

    IDK at the end of the day i dont respect some who open there legs for another womens man and then whats to turn around and try to fight everyone smh im from brooklyn to and i myself wouldnt hang with her if mc lyte, salt and pepper and all the FIRST and yes i said FIRST female rappers arent running around startung unnessary beef with ppl and understand that there is a new generation coming in and its better to teach those coming up then fight and show them that hip hop isnt turning into a street brawl then why is she with time theres a change in things yes she will for every be the queen bee but sometimes even the queen needs to understand that with time theres a new generation and knows when its time to hand over the throne

  45. real talk January 13, 2011

    Ha do you really want lil kim to spit some s*** like Queen B****‘ and ‘Lighter Up well go listing to it den she already been there done that the music game changed and kim rite on the money with it

    Ok Ok i got the ball
    I’m coming down the court like Jordan with his tongue out
    Petite and all im steppin on y’all like im 20 foot tall
    _LiL Kim

  46. Dominique January 13, 2011

    Dat song is hott its a hit

  47. VFB January 13, 2011


  48. BOSS January 13, 2011


  49. Malachi January 13, 2011

    The irony… Lil Kim has ONE verse on the track! Its pratically “IRS – 6 Foot 7 (feat. Lil’ Kim)” I’M JUST SAYING!

  50. KaVion January 13, 2011

    1 question..
    How the f*** you gon diss an artist’s girl, then spit on his beat?
    & Kim HAS used ghostwriters..we pretty much know that for a fact
    Her quality of music def. went DOWN after big died..and to futurestardelux, big could have easily written enough rhymes to last for another album..
    It doesnt matter to me though..because her lyrics have rarely WOWED me anyway..

    & why would nicki have ghostwriters? when on her album some songs give CREDIT to other writers? if nicki had ghostwriters she wouldnt need to put any other writers in the credits..nicki writes her OWN music with little help from producers..

  51. Lolita January 13, 2011

    Okay why are ppl saying Nicki is no Kim? Why would she want to be like Lil Kim? Seems like Lil Kim doesn’t want to be herself. She keeps shaving off her nose and bleaching her skin.

  52. authentic19 January 14, 2011

    @ Grape Juice this sh*t is hard you must be a pop fan (nicki) smh not one classic

  53. ChEeRfUl CyNiC XD January 14, 2011

    The whole ‘beef’ is stupid but I am partial to Kim

  54. TheMan4U January 14, 2011

    i like Kim and i like Nicki but lets keep it 100, Kim has always been the better MC

  55. Des January 14, 2011



  56. C January 14, 2011

    Now this is better than that clap clap BS, but she needs to give me something Lil’ Kim without her lil IRS dudes …Kim, Nicki, and Missy need to do a song together and stop this faking beef bs

  57. esspee January 14, 2011

    love the tlc references haha

  58. TBanga January 14, 2011

    damn yall shitted on lil kim with that pic above! lmao…im just not feeling her these days though like really kim?..i mean she’s ok but just not doin it for me..step it up kim…im just mad that she talked all this s*** and then she delivers this b*******?…follow me on twitter @Dolo_malicious…I follow back!

  59. I Mean Seriously? January 14, 2011

    Putting all biases aside, Kim went hard on this. From reading the comments, I was expecting it to be garbage. I think people are so blinded (and deaf) by their “Team Whatever” that their opinions are already made regardless of the product.

  60. Amras January 14, 2011

    I never paid much attention to Lil Kim, but what the hell happened to her?!!! She looks like a t*****. Another prove that you can have to many surgeries. Geez!

  61. mannyman January 14, 2011

    This s*** is better than all this lil s*** she been putting out.

  62. LTM January 14, 2011

    lil kim>nicki minaj
    how is that fat ass t***** b**** the queen of rap when she aint even rap? nicki is a wannabe popstar

  63. Brandon33 January 14, 2011

    I actually thought Kim’s verse was pretty hot. It’s them IRS boys I could do without…

  64. ~BeySoBreezy~ January 14, 2011

    The Nicki fans made sure they!

    Anyways, this was hotness. The end..

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