Jennifer Hudson Reveals ‘I Remember Me’ Tracklist

Published: Saturday 12th Feb 2011 by Trent

Jennifer Hudson unveiled the official tracklist of her new studio album, ‘I Remember Me’, today. Available in stores on March 22nd, 10-song LP includes contributions from R. KellyRyan TedderAlicia KeysSwizz BeatzRich HarrisonNe-Yo and Stargate.

See the full lineup below:

1. No One Gonna Love You
2. Angel
3. Where You At
4. I Remember Me
5. Everybody Needs Love
6. Why Is It So Hard
7. Don’t Look Down
8. Feeling Good
9. I Got This
10. Believe {Source}


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  1. Traci Summers February 12, 2011

    10 tracks? whatever happened to 18-21 tracks,outros and interludes

  2. Refentse February 12, 2011

    Only 10 tracks? *bleh*

  3. The Truth February 12, 2011

    I thought she would have gotten at least 12 songs

  4. TIMMI February 12, 2011

    I hope this doesn’t sound the same as her first album.

    ARTIST PROGRESSION is important.

  5. carmello February 12, 2011

    Well ten songs are good enough for me. whatever happened to just buying music because its GOOD not because there’s only 10 tracks.

    What happen to J-hud is tragic and she deserves all the support she needs, especially since she can ACTUALLY sing.

  6. JT February 12, 2011


  7. Tori February 12, 2011

    @JT Hilarious!!

    I hope the other songs are better than her first single.

  8. LenyJAY February 12, 2011

    I really dont get whats with this trend of making short albums. Its either 10 or 11 songs. Whatever to the days of 13, 14, 16 and even 18 tracks. I think every artist is saving extra tracks for Deluxe, iTunes, Japanese version of the album.

  9. dboy February 12, 2011

    why do you guys want up to 16 tracks when you know there’ll obvioulsy be some obvious fillers on there , why would you wanna waste your time or torture your eardrums, 10 quality tracks can do it, how many tracks did thriller have? *my thoughts exactly*

  10. X_POSED99 February 12, 2011

    Only rappers do the 18-21 tracks anymore. It’s cause all this s*** with the $9.99 albums. If they put more tracks on then the price will have to rise like $14-15 bucks like the cd and physical albums back in the day. Anyway Jhud is never known to sell tons. She’s a good singer (not great) but not a high seller of cd’s or singles. The Where u at single bombed. Been released for 2 weeks and question is “Where u at??” cause no one has seen this s*** on the Billboard charts anywhere. Her first cd only sold like 650k in the US. This one gonna sell less. Lucky to hit gold shipped methinks. Her style of rnb musik just doesnt hit the top 10 on the hot 100, fact.

  11. brazio February 12, 2011

    thats just not enough songs…was she just in the studio for two weeks or sumthin

  12. loumorgan February 12, 2011

    that s*** is gonna be good i’m sure…
    i think it’s to avoid all those f**cking intros and outros
    and interludes and go straight to ,the point… not a bad idea..

    go jennifer…

    my first music video

  13. Royalkev February 12, 2011

    It is so disappointing to see fewer than 12 songs on an album. If you don’t like 5, you already wasted you money (half the album sucks). I hope she works with Ne-yo again. I would like something with that “Spotlight” feel.

    *NEW* Check out: (where there’s a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING has it’s place).

  14. CURLY SUE February 12, 2011


  15. jammm February 12, 2011

    Actually where u at debuted at 53 and is at 37 only 2 weeks and her album sold 826,000copies and was certified gold

  16. Wake Up Six February 12, 2011


    And Good points @X_POSED99 and JAMMM!

  17. Jasmine February 12, 2011

    This project is rushed and cheap. The reason it is only 10 tracks is because it costs labels less money to make and distribute a 10 track CD. That is why there is a trend now of only tracks per CD. Having more than 10 tracks means more money has to be spent by the label.

    I think this project is rushed and not well thought out. She needs to go back in the studio and record some hits. You cannot expect her CD to do well with no hit single. The albums tracklist will even deter people that might have wanted to buy it from buying it because it has only 10 tracks, and two of which we already heard: 1. Where You at and 2. Weight Watchers Song Feel Good = Boring & filler song.

  18. jmari February 12, 2011

    I hope it’s good i got her first one

  19. alexis carrington February 12, 2011

    I hope it’s better than her 1st album-Nice cover though.


  20. music market February 12, 2011

    i would have thought atleast 12 also…………i think its because no one really buys music anymore it’s all about getting singles now….either that or getting it for free

  21. X_POSED99 February 12, 2011


    Where u at aint doing s***. You’re referring to RnB/Hip hop charts #37. Nowhere on the HOT 100 and only ranked #133 itunes (USA) charts. Which means it pretty much sucks and that’s after her appearance on Oprah. Like I said, this cd will do worse than her debut LP. She doesnt have the Idol factor or the family murders factor fueling the sales this time.

  22. rob February 12, 2011


  23. GangsterA February 12, 2011

    ten tracks sound good to me gettin this love where you at

  24. #Fact February 12, 2011

    J records should just throw their promo machine behind Monica, because she is clearly the only R/B female, aside from A Keys, that is able to push unites. She is also another on with a big voice, why not market her that way and make her a stable artist on the charts. J Hud will has never sold beyond a million and she will never will. She better stick to acting and ride that Oscar win till the wheels fall off.

  25. DION-ISH February 12, 2011

    Im ready to here this album…I wanna see what she has to offer…

    Her Cover is Beautiful and i have a feeling its going to be a beautiful album!

  26. tones February 12, 2011

    Um Where You At? is like #50 on the R&B Charts and her debut sold like 825,000 copies in the U.S and like 1.25 million WW, she headlined the Spotlight Tour in the Spring of 2009, it went to like 30+ cities. She hasn’t even started promoting the album yet, and I think 10 songs is good. Back in the day, albums only had like 8 – 11 songs anyways, artists just released every single one as a single. Only during the 90’s did artist start to put like 15+ songs on albums, and honestly, albums with like 16 songs can be very repetitive, dull and boring because they’re so damn long. All of the albums I’ve bought over the past 2 – 3 months that have had like 10 – 12 songs have been really good: Ciara, Keyshia Cole, Kandi, Keri Hilson, Jazmine Sullivan. I think this album is gonna be really good, but not great.

  27. IKNOWTHETRUTH February 12, 2011


  28. travus February 13, 2011


    Besides Alicia, out of all of Arista/JRecords female artists, it’s whitney and carrie underwood who moves units. Whitney’s i look to you sold 980k in us and is platinum and nearly 3mil WW

    Carrie underwood doesn’t seel much overseas but her latest cd is around 2.5mil

    Monica ‘still standing’ is less than 650k and probably less than 50k WW

    Jazmine Sullivan’s cd flopped- under 160k sold
    Fantasia’s cd sold around 390k

    Alicis is probably around 2.7-8mil WW

    J hud, they should have done the oprah promo the week of release or 2nd week, it’s too soon to do it 6wks out

  29. X_POSED99 February 13, 2011

    Yall are morons!! Jhud is not part of J records anymore. She’s moved over to Arista, sister unit under sony. She said she always wanted to be same label as her idol Whitney.

  30. steave clements February 13, 2011

    @X_POSED99 actually she is a great singer.idt ur ears are good hearers actually =)

  31. danielle February 20, 2011

    10 tracks r gud enough i love jennifer hudson….n people like give her a break not every artist is guna have 16 or more tracks on their album like c’mon now

  32. VLB February 22, 2011

    Only 10 tracks? I swear Alicia Keys is the only artist J records gives more than 10 tracks

  33. Deidra February 28, 2011

    can’t wait until this hits the stores. I love the single ” Where You At’ OMG

  34. Deidra February 28, 2011

    Why are you all so bothered about it only having 10 tracks. That is plenty and if she had more songs I am sure that they will end up on another CD. Boy oh Boy why would you want 16-18 songs on one CD split it in half and make it 2.

  35. Driamaria3 March 21, 2011

    Jennifer Hudson has a beautiful voice, the kind that only comes as a gift from God. I personally love her music and can’t wait to get her CD. It doesn’t matter that it only has 10 songs. I don’t buy a CD depending on the number of tracks it has, I buy a CD for the actual music. And I do mean music and not just noise. Jen looks good and I am glad to have her back. The music wold needs more voices like hers.

  36. Angel August 31, 2011

    This track list is wrong and she does have 12 songs on her track list and Believe is the last song. You are missing the best song ever Still Here originally dedicated to her grandmother. Some are misplaced like Angel and I Got ThIs. Then Gone is missing as well which is also a great song that everyone would like.


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