R. Kelly Soars On Netherlands ‘X-Factor’

Published: Friday 15th Apr 2011 by Trent

Who is the undisputed King of R&B? R. Kelly of course! The most successful R&B artist of the last 25 years recently graced the stage on Netherlands’ ‘X Factor’ and belted out ‘When A Woman Loves’ from his gold-certified ‘Love Letter’ LP as well as his classic ‘I Believe I Can Fly’.

Peep below to see what Trey Songz can’t do:

‘When A Woman Loves’

‘I Believe I Can Fly’


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  1. KAT DELUNA FAN April 15, 2011

    I MISS THE 90’S …

  2. Tha Phoenix April 15, 2011

    Bow. Just Bow.

    There isn’t a single R&B male artist out right now who can sing like this man.

    *raises Martini to Mr Kelly*

  3. sense April 15, 2011

    hahahahahahah…Trent this is why i love you!..you always speak the truth especially when you throw shade along with your truth!…hahahahah

  4. browngirl April 15, 2011

    no1 can come close 2 this!!

  5. Anthony The Great April 15, 2011

    R.Kelly >>>>>>>>> Usher>>>>>>>>>Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Bobby V, Lloyd, and every male r&v artist. And most male vocalist PERIOD.

    F*** the past and what he did in his personal life this man in capital T-A-L-E-N-T !!!!!!!!

    Whos Better than Kelz?


    That’s right, NOBODY!!!!!!!!

  6. Kyle April 15, 2011

    Trey Songz >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> This Hasbeen. #FACT

  7. UGh April 15, 2011

    Damn, every time he sings When a Woman Loves i’m like WOW!

  8. Juize April 15, 2011

    Hmm.. Was this live or pre-recorded?
    I Believe I Can Fly still stays the best, nothing from R can top this..

  9. Misty Jean April 15, 2011

    This gave me chills. I love it!

  10. Anthony The Great April 15, 2011


    You being a Britney Stan your opinion has no weight. #FAIL


    Don’t even try it. Kelz has always been able to sing and has never needed to pre-record unlike these bubblegum R&b dudes today who use heavy ass backing tracks.

  11. Topman April 15, 2011


  12. S*** April 15, 2011

    R.KELLY is the F***** KING OF R&B >>>> MJ

    He sets the bar HIGH for other Male-R&B singers, He makes USHER look like Child’s Play!!!

    NOONE is able to do some of the GENIUS things this man has done MUSICALLY, it remains UN-MATCHED (past or present).

    One of the SELECT-FEW worthy enough to collaborate with the Queen B. They should DUET. 🙂

  13. Anthony The Great April 15, 2011


    R.KELLY is the F***** KING OF R&B >>>> MJ


    That wasn’t even called for. State your opinion without bringing down other artists. Besides that I completely agree with everything you said.

  14. MOBWIFE (a.k.a. i’m a billy goat …..baa) April 15, 2011

    OMG this man can SING A DAMN SONG!!!

    Listen to how CLEAR, CRISP & STRONG his voice is! No aid of any kind just pure talent!

    GET IT R.


  15. S*** April 15, 2011


    & Im not even that big on R.Kelly to tell you the Truth, Its just the Truth.

    NO ARTIST deserves more respect than these 2 (or Well maybe Tina Turner & FEW others).

    SADE can have a Seat, ADELE can have a Seat, PRINCE can have a SEAT. 🙂

  16. S*** April 15, 2011

    ETTA can Have a Seat…

  17. MOBWIFE (a.k.a. i’m a billy goat …..baa) April 15, 2011



    R.KELLY is the KING OF R&B


    And I agree R. sets the bar a little too high for the wanna be R.Kelly’s of the world, *cough* Stray Thongz!

  18. MARGARITA April 15, 2011

    Just like there won’t be another MJ, same way there will never be another R. Kelly. All others can try but they can never top this.

  19. MOBWIFE (a.k.a. i’m a billy goat …..baa) April 15, 2011



    QUEEN o f R&B/POP is BEYONCE (in my opinion)

  20. He slayed April 15, 2011

    The one and only King of R&B! WOWWWW!!

    There’s NO other artist out now that can compete with him.


  21. MISHKA April 15, 2011

    Poor Tremaine lol. He’s trying though, Trent, don’t be so hard on him. Where he at anyway?

    “I believe I can fly” was my sh%t !!! The song made me believe I could fly for real.

    Thank God I was fortunate enough to witness two decades of great music . During those days, there was no chance you would see professionnal cawers fighting for the #1 spot on Billboard. SMH. That light-skinned guy from Milli Vanilli (TT-ing now on twitter) should have never killed himself.

  22. S*** April 15, 2011


  23. MOBWIFE (a.k.a. i’m a billy goat …..baa) April 15, 2011

    “from his gold-certified ‘Love Letter’ LP”

    Now this is a GOODAMN TRAVESTY! It is so sad that actual talent struggles to sell a certified platinum CD while cheap GIMMICKS making noise receives nothing but positive press and promotion within the music industry!

  24. Judge & Jury April 15, 2011


  25. S*** April 15, 2011


    Yes that is very sad, Goes to show Success is no match for Talent/Quality/Greatness thats why if Beyonce were to Flop tomorrow she will STILL & ALWAYS s*** all over Lady Gaga & Rihanna. Same for R.kelly, he STILL shits all over Trey Songz. 😐

  26. True Blue April 15, 2011

    Say what you want about the dude, but he can blow, that’s for sure. I especially love that performance of IBICF.

  27. Teflon Boy April 15, 2011

    Damn, I could cry at those performances. I used to Loooooove R Kelly, truly missed his voice.

    …and all of you so quick to throw Legends under the bus. MJ for Chris Brown, R Kelly for Trey Songz, Madonna for Gaga, even Mariah Carey for Beyonce (even though they are nothing alike) etc. need to stop. If the Mini-me’s are truly deserving of eventual legend status of their own let them earn it by creating something that stands apart from their idols. Trashing, for example Madonna/Janet’s entire contribution because you prefer Gaga/Britney etc. is beyond juvenile. Be grateful that your fave had an Icon to take notes from.

  28. True Blue April 15, 2011

    @ S***:

    How about you have a seat instead, dummy!

  29. Tia April 15, 2011

    He slayed, I love it

  30. True Blue April 15, 2011

    @ Teflon Boy:

    Well said, thank you injecting some common sense on here.

  31. S*** April 15, 2011

    & lets not forget FIST FROWN 🙂

  32. GLENDA CARR April 15, 2011


  33. BEYYYYYYONCE April 15, 2011


  34. The Life Size Bobble Head Formally Known As Rhitard The Goat April 16, 2011

    Do u guys know he wrote Your Not Alone 4 KOP Micheal Jackson???? R. Kelly is a F***** musical GENUIS, I F***** love him!!!!!!!! I still listen 2 his classics: 12play, Slowdance, S** Me, Half on a Baby, Bump n Grind (ol school mix), You remind me- I could go on…………….

  35. Kavion April 16, 2011

    This is why R. Kelly is, and always will be my favorite make vocalist of all time. I love Luther & John Legend, but Kellz is king.

    I need to see Radio Message or Lost In Your Love as his next single, asap.
    The shade towards Trey was unecessary Trent. Even if it’s the truth.

    Out if curiosity, why do you have no respect for legends? Lmao

    Did you know you were impersonated?

    I think it’s safe to have a grav. now!
    I agree, you don’t need to tear others down to lift someone up. (Trent)

  36. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ S***:

    I swear, I if I could reach through the computer screen and bitchslap your ass, I would. You’re why some people don’t respect Beyoncé fans!

    @ Kavion:

    Nope, I know those tricky b****** are still lurking.

  37. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Lmfao, they’ve only been using our names noe though! They’re not using our gravatars, they’re using that nasty ass s*** picture!

  38. Texas Girl. Hollywood Dreams. April 16, 2011

    I live King Kelly. I live.

  39. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    I went back to that post and saw their gravatar. They’re as disgusting as that photo, ew!

    It’s still a little soon to be certain that they’re gone. They can be inactive for a few hours.

  40. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Lol they’re basically calling us s***!
    What the f*** do they have against us? We’re not even the malicious ones on this site. It’s whatever though.

    Maya said she’s contacting Trent & Sam!

  41. BoDiddy April 16, 2011

    Say what you want about him but, there’s one thing you can’t deny, is he has undeniable

  42. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion l:

    Whoever those people are, they’re extremely sad. Impersonating people? This is the lowest of the lows.

    I hope Trent and Sam do something about this! I think they should redesign this site to require people to log in with a password to comment, in order to avoid trolls being able to impersonate others so easily.

  43. Blue Kid April 16, 2011

    R Kelly always could blow, he didn’t p*** on me and he still is king of R&B!

  44. Blue Kid April 16, 2011


    April 16, 2011 at 12:37 am

    Say what you want about him but, there’s one thing you can’t deny, is he has undeniable
    Yes, he does!!!

  45. Kavion April 16, 2011

    That could work, but would you need a different password for each grav? That would be too much.

    Btw, Daniel’s being impersonated now. Either that or he’s pretending he is to be included, Lol. Like you said be careful what you wish for.

  46. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 16, 2011

    Thats right Tremain just p*** on a child and people will repect u apparently.

    Talented yes. No one can deny that but I just cannot respect this man. As a mother I just cannot do it

  47. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Really? I understand, but it was never proven true. Just like with MJ’s situation..

  48. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @, Kavion:

    There would be another method for us to include pictures with our name.

    But it would be better for Sam and Trent to just block the IP addresses of the imposters.

    And I really hope Daniel isn’t desperate enough to fake it.

  49. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    There is a video tape of him doing it, though. Assuming it was identified to be him.

  50. BREEZYTHEBEST April 16, 2011


  51. Blanco Family April 16, 2011

    R’KELLY’S CLONE COULD NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Blanco Family April 16, 2011

    Lil Kim >>>> Nicki Minaj
    R’Kelly >>>>> Trey Songz
    clones cannot win.
    rookies always LOSE.

  53. are YOU serious? April 16, 2011

    NICKI MINAJ>>>>>> LIL K**!!!


  54. He slayed April 16, 2011


    F***, sit down!

    That billy goat will NEVER be respected by the industry. R. Kelly is a respected artist whether you like it or not. He sings, writes and produces classics like clockwork. Just look at the judges and audience’s reaction in the video. NO other artist can do that. Seriously, none.

  55. Leilani April 16, 2011

    The real King of R&B, my favorite singer of all time. Kellz is killing it, even in Europe. Love Letter should be at least platinum by now. It pisses me off that Jive Records is still sleeping on the job. There’s no reason that album shouldn’t be platinum by now. It’s been out since December. Kellz should have at least 3 singles out. I hate that damn label. I wish he’d leave Jive Records, they been slacking for a minute. They didn’t promote Untitled either. If it was Britney Spears or Justin Timberfake they’d over-promote the hell out of it.

  56. Kavion April 16, 2011

    I hope he’s not faking it! Maybe he’s the one f****** with us? I mean he has a reason, we’ve all budded heads with him the past.

    Yeah but the video had a man with/without a mole that R. Kelly has/doesn’t have.
    Don’t play with me True! I go just as hard for Kellz as I do for Bey!

    They ARE the R and B in R&B!

    Don’t you dare compare R. F****** Kelly to Lil Kim. Let’s not get crazy…

  57. are YOU serious? April 16, 2011



    JUST SAYIN. NO SHADE im sorry.


  58. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    I hope not, for his sake.

    Hey, I’m not a huge fan of R. Kelly, but I respect his talent, so you won’t ever have to worry about squaring off with me over him, lol.

  59. Kavion April 16, 2011

    I agree, it’s ridiculous. Lost In Your Love, Love Is & Radio Message should’ve all been singles by now. Live Letter is such an amazing heartfelt album, please tell me it’s at least Gold?

    Is Kellz still releasing Zodiac and his other album (I forget the title) this year? I remember him saying a while back that we can expect 3 albums. Love Letter was the first.

  60. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Really? You seem like you’d be a big fan! Do you pen any of his albums? I f****** love R. Kelly, Lol.

  61. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ R.Kelly:

    No, I haven’t listened to any of his albums, just mainly singles.

    My reason for not being a big fan of his has nothing to do with his personal drama, if that’s what you think. I’ve just not very into his music. But I love I Wish and Step In The Name Of Love.

  62. True Blue April 16, 2011

    I’m sorry, I meant @ Kavion.

  63. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 16, 2011

    I saw the tape. that was him PERIOD. people on jurys srew up everyday. they dropped the ball on this one.

    MJ was another story all together. Kelly is a talented guy but some of us r so star struck and think everybody is out to get the black man. We need to our head out of the clouds about these superstars and stop up holding the crap the do black or white.

  64. Kavion April 16, 2011

    LOL @ you calling me R. Kelly!

    His albums aren’t amazing as a whole. his only amazing album is U Saved Me & possibly R., but he has SO many amazing songs. He’s the KING of inspirational, feel good music. You should check him out a little bit more. If you love Bey, I’m sure you’ll love Kellz!

    Damn you saw the tape? Nastyyyyy, Lol.
    I still don’t think it was him, if it was he’d be in prison right now. God has a special bond with R. Kelly, he wouldn’t do anything as vile as that!

  65. MichelleWFan April 16, 2011

    He litteraly KILLED IT ! I love the fact that an R&B Artist get on that kind of show ! It’s awesome, i hope MJB will do the same with My Life II

  66. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 16, 2011

    He slayed
    OK Honey. If simply stating how I feel gets you all heated thats just funny to me. You can call RiRi and Bey all the names u want. I dont loose sleep over it.

    Not being able to provide for and protect my daughter r the things that make me go off. This is a blog that I happen lo like because I love music and I also like reading some of ithe dumb s*** people post.

    sleep well doll face

  67. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    He’s like Beyoncé in the sense that his albums are inconsistent, but the individual tracks are great, right?

    I may check him out, but his output from the past decade have put me off from being curious enough to check him out.

  68. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 16, 2011


    It was him and it was Nasty. Jurys let guilty people go and innocent folks go jail. I know u feel how u feel and I respect that. and thanks by the way. Its so nice when folks can agree to disagree with some level of intelligence

  69. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    Are You Serious is impersonating you too! With your gravatar! I told you these b****** were just lying low, they’re not really gone!

  70. Kavion April 16, 2011

    S***, this is getting so f****** old!

    Yes, exactly like that. Bey’s albums are better than his though while he makes better music overall. If you have to choose a specific album to listen to, I think you’d love Chocolate Factory.

  71. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Same to you. I love that you always stay civil.
    I don’t know it’s just the judicial system is so damn corrupt I don’t even bother with it anymore.

  72. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    On the GaGa post. I think he’s the one that’s been impersonating everyone.

    Alright, I’ll check out Chocolate Factory. Any other albums of his I should look for?

  73. lihalee April 16, 2011

    great performance

  74. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Love Letter’s probably his best overall album & since you love ‘Step’ & ‘I Believe’ Happy People-U Saved Me should connect with you.

    You listen to Norah Jones, right?

  75. He slayed April 16, 2011


    Get a life, rodent! Stop trying to derail this topic and keep it moving.

  76. Keesha April 16, 2011

    “Say what you want about him but, there’s one thing you can’t deny, is he has undeniable

    So true!!!

  77. Diane April 16, 2011

    What U talkin about Willis?

  78. KAVION April 16, 2011



    #1 U.S.
    #1 Spain.
    #1 France.
    #1 Portugal.
    #1 Finland.
    #1 Sweden.
    #1 Mexico.
    #2 Canada.
    #2 Italy.
    #2 NZ.
    #3 U.K.
    #4 Netherlands


  79. Kavion April 16, 2011

    I can’t take these damn trolls any longer.

  80. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    Uhm…what’s with the “Judas” s***?

    What do you think of “Judas”?

    SN: What’s your favorite track on Rated R?

  81. Trucie April 16, 2011

    Love Letters is an amazing album.

  82. Kavion April 16, 2011

    You know that’s not me, it’s my damn evil avatar! I want my damn identity & BABY PICTURE back!

    I’m not feeling it AT ALL, I like BTW better & that’s saying something.

    I’d have to say Fire Bomb, then Photographs or Russian Roulette.

  83. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    I know; it’s really getting dumb, irritating, and old. Someone posted as me while I was at school, LOL, and wrote homophobic, unclear things that I would never say!

    I like it better than BTW, but I still don’t love it. It’s better, but still not great. Like a worse version of BR, which I still never liked.

    “Cold Case Love”. Hands down, it’s a masterpiece of a song.

  84. Kavion April 16, 2011

    I’m just praying Marry the Night is amazing! She’s really disappointing this era and it’s going to have a huge effect on her career. She needs to pick it up.

    CCL is a great song.I was wondering, what are your top 10 uptempo tracks from Bey? JUST uptempo!

  85. Kavion April 16, 2011

    The actual ALBUM cover?
    I like that one, but it’s not amazing..

  86. kavion April 16, 2011



    #1. U.S.
    #1. Spain
    #1. France
    #1. Portugal
    #1. Finland
    #1. Sweden
    #1. Mexico
    #1. Canada
    #2. New Zealand
    #2. Ireland
    #2. Italy
    #3. U.K.
    #4. Netherlands
    #6. Australia
    #9. Norway
    #12. Belgium
    #21. Switzerland
    #31. Germany

  87. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    I don’t like Norah Jones.

    @ RF:

    Another piece of s***. It’s like “It’s A Beautiful Life” and “Bad Romance” had a handicapped baby (no offense to handicapped people)

    Cold Case Love, Firebomb And Russian Roulette have a three-way tie with me.

  88. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Lol, I’m in love with her. Come Away With Me is one of the greatest albums of all time!

    God, did you see the cover for Born This Way? A mess.

  89. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    That chick has lost the f****** plot. I’m done.

  90. Kavion April 16, 2011

    I sadly cosign. Everyone was rooting for her, shes getting all these number ones, but she’s not delivering!

    I’m done. Bey’s back. & Gaga was just the sprinkles on my sundae. It was a good bonus, but what I really wanted was the sundae.

  91. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    The sprinkles have gone stale now. VERY stale. They’re practically ruining the sundae.

  92. True Blue April 16, 2011

    LOL, even some of her fans on Twitter are bitching about the cover.

  93. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Part of me thinks that maybe there’s a couple if great sprinkles at the bottom of the can, but I don’t know if I have the patience, or tolerance, to go through all these stale ass sprinkles before I get there!

  94. Kavion April 16, 2011

    The stans are clowning on her big time! They’re putting pictures of Christina & Bey on bikes & someone combined Madonna with a wheelchair!

    LMFAO, I can’t!

  95. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    LOL, for real? I must see them!

  96. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Lol, I’m waiting for None Ya to send me the links!

  97. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    I’m starting to like “Judas”, but it pales in comparison to her previous work. The cover of the album is just horrible, though. I used to stan for her, and she’s never disappointed me, so this is just a difficult era for me to watch.

    My Top 10 Favorite Beyonce Uptempos:
    1. Creole
    2. Deja Vu
    3. Radio
    4. Green Light
    5. Sweet Dreams
    6. Freakum Dress
    7. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)
    8. Lost Yo Mind
    9. Baby Boy
    10. Check On It

    This was such a difficult list to compile since Beyonce has so few true uptempos! What are your guys’ favorite 5 Beyonce uptempos, 5 Beyonce midtempos, and 5 Beyonce ballads?

  98. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    Call a doctor, cause I’m going into cardiac arrest right now…

    … I CAAAAAAN’T!!!

  99. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    I HATE TGJ! I had to set up a new e-mail because they blocked my old one. AGAIN!

  100. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ RF
    It’s gonna take me a while to compile my list.

  101. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ RF:

    Oh, they could block your ass, but they can’t block the trolls pretending to be everyone else?

    As soon as I get my computer running, I will find a middle finger GIF to give to Sam and Trent!

  102. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    Beyonce Uptempos:
    1. “Creole”
    2. “Deja Vu” (featuring Jay-Z)
    3. “Radio”
    4. “Beautiful Liar” (with Shakira) [“Green Light” actually belongs on the midtempo list and I forgot this amazing song]
    5. “Sweet Dreams”

    1. “Green Light”
    2. “Irreplaceable”
    3. “Upgrade U” (featuring Jay-Z)
    4. “Crazy In Love” (featuring Jay-Z)
    5. “Get Me Bodied” (I prefer the Extended Mix over the original, however)

    1. “Save the Hero”
    2. “Halo”
    3. “Broken-Hearted Girl”
    5. “If I Were a Boy”
    5. “Listen”

  103. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    Exactly! Those asshole trolls are impersonating tons of the regular users on this site and giving wrong impressions of us, but I of all people get blocked while their actions go unpunished!

  104. Kavion April 16, 2011

    I like your list!

    1. Radio
    2. Get Me Bodied
    3. Sweet Dreams
    4. Ring The Alarm
    5. Green Light

    1. Hello
    2. Irreplaceable
    3. Beautiful Liar
    4. That’s How You Like It
    5. Signs

    1. Save the Hero
    2. Halo (I Am Yours)
    3. Sweet Dreams Acoustic
    4. Listen
    5. Smash Into You

  105. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    You consider GL and GMB uptempo? And RTL is really up there? Otherwise, great list! My list is the way it is mostly because I ADORE B’Day but felt that the ballads on IASF were just amazing. DIL is too basic for me.

  106. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Lol. I put BL Midtempo & GMB in uptempo while you did the opposite. I guess those songs are disputable? Lol

    All I know is Never Let You Go will be in my top 10 Bey songs!

    Right? They can’t block the trolls though..?

    DEAD @ this one:


    Lmao they made her car all rundown!

  107. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    That’s true; Beyonce has a lot of songs that are difficult to categorize. They aren’t really ballads, or midtempos, or uptempos. They’re just themselves. It’s very interesting; I like it.

    Really? Why?

  108. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Child, I was all flustered. I forgot about GMB completely in the beginning! I love RTA for the video & live performances alone.

    I agree. If IASF had the uptempos of B’Day, along with Single Ladies & Radio & the midtempos/ballads of I Am… She’d have THAT album right now.

  109. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ RF:


    1. Green Light
    2. Get Me Bodied
    3. Radio
    4. Suga Mama (is it considered uptempo?)
    5. Crazy In Love (overplayed to the point of annoyance, but still great)


    1. Scared of Lonely
    2. If I Were A Boy
    3. Yes
    4. Me, Myself and I


    1. Dangerously In Love
    2. Smash Into You
    3. Listen
    4. Halo
    5. Ave Maria

  110. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Gave you heard it??
    1. Those drums are IT.
    2. That African vibe makes me feel like I’m apart if the Lion King
    3. Amazing MJ influence
    4. NOTHING like the mainstream music of today
    5. So complex
    6. Beautiful lyrics
    7. Amazing harmonies

    That is all.

  111. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    OMG, that one’s even funnier than the Madonna one!

  112. Kavion April 16, 2011

    I was wondering if Scared of Lonely was condmsudered midtempo! I trade Signs for SOL then!

    Save the Hero isn’t in your top?

  113. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    Well, she said top 5…

  114. Kavion April 16, 2011

    True, it’s usually way up there in hardcore Bey stans, lists. That’s why I was wondering.

    LOL, there’s so many & they’re so damn shady!

  115. MayaForever April 16, 2011


    I see you are far more fond of DIL than I am.

  116. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ RF:

    LOL, do you hate DIL? Cause it’s actually tied with IASF for my least favorite Bey album.

  117. Kavion April 16, 2011

    I Am…Sasha Fierce >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  118. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    Oh, I know IASF is superior to DIL, but IASF still has too many flaws for me to love it.

  119. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    Of course not! I don’t hate any of Beyonce’s albums; but it’s definitely my least favorite of hers. B’Day>>>>IASF>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>DIL. DIL was far too basic, boring, motonous, and generic for her. Anyone could’ve made that album. B’Day was AMAZING, and IASF’s only flaw was that it wasn’t cohesive at all.

    Oh. My. Lord. I need that song on the album.

  120. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ RF:

    I completely agree with you regarding DIL’s flaws. But the songs I picked out from it are the best songs on the album, and are still listeneable to this day.

  121. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    You picked the best songs on DIL!

  122. ANTHONY April 16, 2011


  123. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Right? It’s amazing! If it’s not on the album me & Bey are gonna have some issues!

    I agree that anyone could of made DIL, discarding CIL. DIL could’ve definabtly been a Brandy album! B’DAY had many flaws to. I don’t understand why it’s so hickey praised. I think I Am is full of timeless music. The only bad songs on that album are VP, Diva & Broken Hearted Girl. Ego is bad lyrically, but the melodies in that song are beautiful. I Am… was very creative, raw & honest. the only problem I have with that album is the single choices.

  124. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    I like to think of B’Day as a girls’ night out album, very fun and loose and a little unpredictable. So not having deep songs on it (with the exception of Irreplaceable and Listen) doesn’t bother me.

    IASF is inconsistent, and has some truly mediocre tracks on it. And it lacks lyrical diversity. Like @The Kind said, if they’d shaved off a few songs on it and made it one album instead of a double album, it would’ve been a great album, perhaps superseding B’Day in quality as well.

  125. MayaForever April 16, 2011

    DIL could’ve been a Brandy record, a Monica record, an Aaliyah record…the list goes on. B’Day was flawless! From start to finish; it was such a different record for anyone at the time, before it, and after it. It’s a stand out record.

    I Am… had some great songs, some bad ones, but the singles were so poorly chosen and the cohesiveness was nonexistent. I dislike “Ego”, “Video Phone”, and “Diva”, too, but ch…BHG is fantastic.

  126. True Blue April 16, 2011

    Whoops, I meant @The Kiddz.

  127. Kavion April 16, 2011

    I can respect that. B’day was executed extremely well and Bey knew exactly what she wanted from the album. It came out perfectly. IASF did have some fillers, but what album doesn’t? I think they were trying to be artistic, clearly conveying Beyonce’s two sides, but it backfired.

    This is why Beyonce doesn’t have THAT album. You could argue a strong point for each album. DIL was pure R&B, B’Day was the most cohesive, I Am… had the most substance. It’s harder than just labeling one her “Thriller”.

  128. KAVION April 16, 2011

    @True Blue/Maya
    B’day was flawless, but fame was even better. In fact, fame was so epic it puts any of queen b’s work to shame. Just dance murders irreplaceable in any aspect possible. Sorry, its just what i feel.

  129. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Kavion:

    Uh, I’d argue that there are quite a few albums that are flawless.

  130. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ FAKE Kavion:


  131. Kavion April 16, 2011

    That’s true! They all have strong & weak points.
    God, it followed us here?

    I’ve just decided to ignore him, he always impersonates the person who pays him the most attention, I’m done with it.

  132. Mandy April 16, 2011


    I don’t know what crap you’re smoking, but ISAF clearly didn’t back fire. Without the ego gimmick, her career would have ended in a coffin already with you tasteless drones crying at her mantelpiece. But don’t worry, her career will surely go in to oblivion from Lady gaga this time.

  133. Kavion April 16, 2011

    Okay 😀
    Goodnight now 🙂

  134. True Blue April 16, 2011

    @ Mandy:

    Keep hoping. And keep wishing. If Beyoncé could survive 14 years in the biz and kick everybody’s asses while at it, then surely she won’t be going anywhere now.

    20 years later when she’s getting inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, you’re still gonna swear that she’ll fade into oblivion.

  135. MARGARITA April 16, 2011

    Lol.. @True blue and @Kavion. This post is about R. Kelly’s amazing performance not about beyonce….lol
    To the folks that think R. Kelly is guilty of a crime he was not convicted, how about doing away with the justice
    system that found him not guilty. Life would be so much better that way.
    Love Letter is a gold album, with just one single and a video out, with little or no promotion. How many cats can achieve that in today’s
    music industry? Think about it.

  136. MARGARITA April 16, 2011

    Lol.. @True blue and @Kavion. This post is about R. Kelly’s amazing performance not about beyonce….lol
    To the folks that think R. Kelly is guilty of a crime he was not convicted, how about doing away with our justice
    system that found him not guilty. Life would be so much better that way.
    Love Letter is a gold album, with just one single and a video out, with little or no promotion. How many cats can achieve that in today’s
    music industry? Think about it.

  137. KaVion April 16, 2011

    Lol, we always end up off topic!

  138. Laurie April 16, 2011


  139. KingBreezy April 16, 2011

    but this is wonderful

  140. KingBreezy April 16, 2011


  141. Brighteyeshazel April 16, 2011

    God is good. I needed those performances in my spirit today R Kelly especially “I believe I can fly”. I am tearful. You are truely talented and the undisputed king of R&B and a MUSICAL GENUIS. People this is REAL talent and not that watered down bubble gum mess out today. Not all but most. TO you JUDGMENTAL people that are bringing up his past, it is just that the past. GOD forgives (not that he was guilty of anything) but who are you to keep judging him, you are no better. Say what you want about this man, but NOBODY can deny his talent and he proves it over and over again. The people that stated he is the only one worthy of dueting with Beyonce, I do not agree because granted I like Beyonce, she is not on R Kelly level, not yet. Also, it want happen anyway due to the bad blood between R Kelly and Jay-Z. I do believe R Kelly have let it go because he appears more thankful and humble than Jay-Z. R Kelly I have been a huge fan since you stepped on the scence and I will continue to support you to the fulliest. Also just because “LoveLetter” is not platinum yet , does not mean anything. The album is an instance classic, the entire album and numbers will not deny that, it is still the best album I have heard in years. Thanks you sooo much for posting these videos.

  142. JR April 16, 2011

    This is just what I needed this morning. R. Kelly is and will always be a true talent, and an outstanding vocalist. I miss his music so much. He is a musical genius. There is not one male artist that can compare. This new generation of artist are good too, but R. Kelly is great. He is versatile in his style of music, doesn’t need all that extra s*** to entertain. His concerts are the s*** too. He has hit after hit after hit. Damn I so miss the 90’s.

  143. kavion April 16, 2011


  144. RIRI BEY STAN AKA GROW UP PLEASE!!!!! April 16, 2011

    He slayed


    Get a life, rodent! Stop trying to derail this topic and keep it moving


  145. littlemonsters April 16, 2011


    LMFAO what number is those non-singing bytches at? I told ya’ll GaGa was going to push them out #1.

    Anyhow R-Kelly can really blow. He really has the voice of thunder where as Trey can’t even touch him. Why I said Trey because it was once said that Trey was the next R-Kelly lol so as you can see it will never happen. Great Job R-Kelly

  146. Anthony April 16, 2011

    Yeah, it was a good performance, R Kelly has still got it. but this song was a little bit too mature to reach and touch the younger crowds

  147. Musiclover00 April 16, 2011

    R.Kelly is King and Mariah is Queen FWUH.

  148. DeShaun April 16, 2011

    R.Kelly is the mothafuckin undisputed King of R&B STRAIGHT UP. This dude can cover every genre, I Believe I can Fly is 15 years old and it still playin worldwide today! Tell me who else do that? Kellz never made a whack track in his life, these other clowns ain’t even close to his level, all you young kids recognize this is real music, this is wut its all about, this is R Kelly. Respect.

  149. MOBWIFE (i’m a billy goat …..baa) April 17, 2011

    @Teflon Boy
    April 15, 2011 at 11:46 pm
    …and all of you so quick to throw Legends under the bus. MJ for Chris Brown, R Kelly for Trey Songz, Madonna for Gaga, even Mariah Carey for Beyonce (even though they are nothing alike) etc.

    I don’t know who youv’e been quoting but no on in their right mind would throw MJ under the bus fro anyone! MJ is the King of POP/R&B and Chris Brown is the Prince period!

    Trey Songz couldn’t touch R.Klly and this performance with his finger and every song in his limited catelog!

    I’ll let those that stan for the others to add comment about them!!

  150. WTF?? April 17, 2011

    Why do you stans come on non-gaga & non-beyonce post just to talk about numbers? All of you are a bunch of broke THIRSTY groupies that have nothing better to do…

    As far R.Kelly, you put on a amazing show. Im sadden by the fact that it appears that overseas artist celebrate American talent more that we do. Good job R.Kelly.

  151. beestan April 17, 2011

    i used to love robert kelly…..i believe i can fly used to be my anthem
    i cant believe romeo miller went to dance rehearsals without wearing boxers , view the uncensored image at http://kelsnetwork.blogspot.com/

  152. Kay Tee April 18, 2011

    Hands down. Kellz the King of R&B.

  153. Leilani April 18, 2011

    I’m sick of these damn Beyonce stans always hijacking conversations and trying to turn every subject to her overrated ass. If I gave a damn about Beyonce I’d go to an article about her. This is about Kellz, stay on topic.

    @ Are You Serious

    First of all, I’m talking about his album, not some bullsh*t charges that he was acquitted of over 2 years ago. Try to keep up, no shade.

    @ Kavion

    The album is gold, but it usually don’t take his album this long to go platinum.Chocolate Factory went platinum in 3 weeks, TP-3 Reloaded and Double Up were both platinum in about a month. Jive is slipping. Love Is, Taxi Cab, Number 1 Hit all could have been singles. Jive has a classic record on their hands and they’re just sitting on it. Real talk, I hope he leave Jive Records for good. IDK if he was supposed to drop 3 albums this year, but I know he’s writing a book that’s supposed to be out later this year. I’ll be the first one in the store to get his autobiography when it drops.

  154. ICEY814 April 19, 2011

    Before Trey there was R Kelly and before Kelly there was Aaron Hall. Let’s stop comparing and judge each artist for there own work.

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