Hot Shots: X Factor USA Cast At Fox Upfronts

Published: Tuesday 17th May 2011 by Sam

The hosts and judges of the X Factor USA were all smiles last night at the Fox Upfronts. And with good reason too.

For, the network announced at the high profile event that the talent search will form the centre-piece of its Fall schedule when it launches in September.

Also, much like its rival American Idol, the show will air on Wednesdays at 8pm for 90 minutes, and Thursdays at 8pm for an hour.

Check out shots below of hosts Nicole Scherzinger and Steve Jones, as well judges Cheryl Cole, LA Reid, Simon Cowell, and Paula Abdul.

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  1. deejaybaps May 17, 2011

    anti climax @ the judges for xfactor …. i might be wrong but cheryl shouldnt be a judge nicole should be & paula & simon together ZZZzzzzzz

  2. #1QueenGaga May 17, 2011


  3. LaLa May 17, 2011

    I wanna know how X-Factor will go.
    I never follow it before.. so i hope this version gonna be interesting.
    but yeah… the judges is veryyyyy American Idol 2.0

  4. Jill May 17, 2011

    I can’t wait to watch Simon and Paula back together on TV. They’re great together. I think LA Reid is going to be an awesome judge he has a lot of experience creating stars. Then there Cheryl which I don’t know why she should be a judge in the US she has no success in the US and she’s not so talented. She also just looks out of place around the rest of the cast kind of like a deer in headlights.

  5. kanishita May 17, 2011

    you see you can’t be perfect…cheryl’s legs are UGLY. Nobody’s perfect and thats why we’re all beautiful


  6. lol May 17, 2011

    THE VOICE >>>>>>>IDOL>>>>>>>>> X Factor US & UK

    Simon finally allowed his ego and his balls to lead him down the wrong path. Apart from Paula A there is no wow factor or interest here what. So. Ever. And the UK version is suffering from his determination and focus on taking Cheryl to the US.

    Simon. tut tut tut. He went so many years staying somewhat humble but the second Cheryl came along he got starry eyed and started believing he had the Power and could do not wrong.

  7. Aryo May 17, 2011

    aww, my gurl nicole looks GORGEOUS!!

  8. MISHKA May 17, 2011

    The only reason why many people will tune in and why Cheryl and Paula got in there is Sir Simon Cowell. I watched American Idol only once this season and I never felt the need to go back. It’s just so boring with him.

  9. MelyB May 17, 2011

    Honestly I will check out the first show out of curiosity. I liked Simon on Idol because although harsh @ times, I felt he told the contestants the truth. I don’t know anything about Cheryl Cole and am not a fan of Nicole or Paula so them being judges doesn’t hold any interest to me. I wish they had asked Patti LaBelle or Gladys Knight to be on – they are true divas who I believe would be able to tell contestants the truth, help them vocally and not hurt the feelings of those who aren’t talented.

    I like shows like this because I like seeing people get a shot at their dream but if there’s no contestant that I “feel for”, I won’t continue to watch.

  10. sabrina May 17, 2011


  11. Scott May 17, 2011

    This show will flop it has no big stars and Simon should not have hired talentless Cheryl.

  12. Bruno King May 17, 2011

    how is x factor doing in terms of ratings comapred to A idol???….
    …my girl and I going on vacation…air line gave away $1000 Gift card for anywhere in world..just for giving them our puttin the fam on it..

  13. lol May 17, 2011

    Simon Fuller holding Cowell back from launching X US for 5 yrs allowed The Voice to steal the basic concept to the point it could now completely upstage X Factor US. The Voice makes X look superficial and bogus and that’s just the judging panel. The setup, so far, is much better than anything done on the UK version but I guess if X can come with a better crop of talent they could pull it back.

  14. TaTa May 17, 2011

    A mess,……. just a mess

  15. skintightjeans May 17, 2011

    That girl Cheryl’s legs looked like two sausages….

  16. Leila May 17, 2011

    Yeah, Nice to know that the show will be on tv on wednesday and thursday! That’s going to create an addiction lol.. because once you have watch it, you want to watch more.. there’s nothing to to with The Voices or American Idol. You just have to go see on you tube the uk version to see. ItS way Bigger!! and moree excitingg!! I meen all the audience, so many peoples assist there at all the auditions.. thats give a good mood for the atmosphere. I watch the Voice, but honestly I don’t think anyone the choose it’s the Next big star.. because the one have to bring entertainement at the same time that he have a great voice. And X Factor will find it! 5 million contracts, thats unbelievable!

    Theses photos are nice, but I know how Cheryl poses, and on theses photos she looks for me a lil bit tired. Which it’s normal, I meen all the works, the meetings, she work for L’Oreal Paris for the movie.. also she flyed to Cannes than come back in us… this is a lot of works!! and Also, Will.I.Am organize a party for her.. and soon she going with Rihanna in the south to meet the family of RhiRhi!! Soo busy week!!! but she look gorgous no matter what! We don’t see on these photos yet.. but she haves many beautifuls tatoos 🙂 Cheryl have many sides of her … you will see.

    And all the others judges with sublime Nicole are cools together, great team!

  17. Mahogany May 18, 2011


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