Hot Shots: Guess Who?

Published: Sunday 22nd May 2011 by Sam

Can you guess whose silhouette lit up the stage at an Austrian event last night? Find out below…

Hint: She’s set to rock London in June.

It’s Janet Jackson!

The icon, 45, graced the stage at the 19th Annual Life Ball in Vienna, Austria last night (May 21st), continuing her support of the fight against AIDS/HIV.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Beyonce Slays May 22, 2011

    I knew that was Janet.I kn her body anywhere. She looks beautifulas always.

  2. kelly May 22, 2011

    she’s looking very freakish there, i don’t like how her face looks

  3. mobwife May 22, 2011

    Funny via her silhouette Iknew it was Ms. Janet! She looked amazing go JJ! 🙂

  4. Part Of The Blanco Family May 22, 2011

    So i guess Janet doesnt want kids.. cuz im sure she wudda had one by now

  5. Thedimplepuppet May 22, 2011


  6. Anthony_JCRM May 22, 2011

    Oooo so Gorgeous..

  7. theman May 22, 2011

    Amazing i knew this was her.

  8. Fantasy Ride May 22, 2011

    I knew it was Janet!! You can tell by her silhouette

  9. NICK May 22, 2011


  10. Nicole May 22, 2011

    Wow, looking good Ms. Jackson!!!!!

  11. I see May 22, 2011

    knew it was her

  12. Stoney-Brie May 22, 2011

    Janet Jackson’s beauty is just breath taking.

  13. pop May 22, 2011

    God Bless Janet Jackson.

  14. MISHKA May 22, 2011

    Damita Jo!

  15. Mr. T May 22, 2011

    We all knew it was Miss Jackson. I dont like that second pic, but she looks good…hell f****** good to be 45.

    I heard her concert was sooooo good. That woman can put on a show.

    SN: I often here ppl talking about Bee needs to sit down and have kids, but I never hear ppl say that about Janet and Mary J….I wonder why???

  16. B Lamont May 22, 2011

    She is breathtaking!!!!!

  17. Big Ro May 22, 2011

    Flawless forever! Love you Janet!

    The concert here in New York in on March 22, 2011 was – Fantastic! Incredible! Jacksons forever!

  18. Heh May 23, 2011

    As I suspected, it was a plastic studio-singer t***** hasbeen whose career died in 2004 and is now playing shopping mall openings.

  19. musik_lover May 23, 2011

    She really looks like ursula from the little mermaid in that dress!!! (0_o)

  20. Aaron May 23, 2011

    Beautiful…Go head Mama!!!

  21. Ayon Voxx May 23, 2011

    @Heh and at the end of the day that plastic studio-singer t***** hasbeen whose career never died is living large dont want for nothing has money out the ass has seen the world has many homes and still looks good to be her age so hate on she dont care I bet Heh cares more than she does b**** are you jealous lol yeah you are lol and b**** you sound stupid because you cant have concerts at shopping malls and janet shows always sale out!

  22. Ayon Voxx May 23, 2011

    Some of u haters need to be thanking Janet at least she is trying to raise money to support a cause for a disease that is killing you.

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