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Published: Friday 24th Jun 2011 by TGJ Staff

90’s R&B girl group SWV has experienced a minimal pop culture revival of sorts, thanks to Chris Brown’s current single ‘She Ain’t You’, which plays off of the lady’s Michael Jackson-sampling hit ‘Right Here/Human Nature’. After hopping on the remix, the Sisters With Voices have now announced an upcoming album and reality show.

Check below for details…

Talking to Billboard, the vocalist hinted toward the sound of the new music.

Cheryl “Coko” Gamble says their fourth non-seasonal studio album (excluding their 99′ holiday album, “A Special Christmas”) will have the “same SWV flavor” with a contemporary twist. “Same style just new millennium. Kick it up a notch, take it to the next level, but we’re still going to be ourselves.”

Production wise, the ladies aren’t looking to cut any corners.

“Whoever’s going to give us some hits, not any mediocre stuff,” Coko says. “We’re looking for some heat.”

Along with a deal with Mass Appeal Entertainment, they have already recorded with producers Bryan Michael-Cox (Mariah Carey, Usher), and Lamb (Jazmine Sullivan). The trio are preparing the album’s first single, and have plans on releasing their comeback effort later this year, in adittion to a reality show about the making of the LP.

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  1. CURLY SUE June 24, 2011


  2. Tru Voice June 24, 2011

    Good luck to them, it will be hard. But with the right material and promotion and right timing, they can come back.

  3. lady dee June 24, 2011

    FINALLY- Real ass music is coming!

  4. 2bad2bme June 24, 2011

    yeessss please go the same route Monica did and not be like this new mess because it is all garbage

  5. The Man June 24, 2011

    Go SWV, theya re extremely talented, and i think they’ll do well, with great music and promo, they should be able to do great things. These ladies are very talented.

  6. ChrisJ June 24, 2011

    who didnt see this coming!! i already knew it…but im glad

  7. KAT DELUNA FAN June 24, 2011

    Jill,Beyonce,SWV ………..I told yall,R&B music is back
    Cant wait for Missy elliot and Solange next albums

    *blasting ‘4’ cause we like to PARTAYYY YEAH yeah’

  8. BEYONCE>>>the music industry June 24, 2011

    OMG! I CANT WAIT! Before DC I use to stan hard for SWV. Coko vocals>>>>every female out! They are a classic female R&B group and im hoping they continue adding hits to their legacy.

  9. JJ June 24, 2011

    Argh, I have a bad feeling about this. Why can’t we just remember them for what they were? Reminisce, get all nostalgic and the rest? You cannot recreate the 90’s! I’d be interested to see what sound they’re gonna bring and how they’re gonna survive in this new climate…

  10. NIKKI AND MARY 2011 June 24, 2011


  11. The Man June 24, 2011

    Who said anything about recreating anything. They are a great group and people miss them, therefore they should record new great music. Thats what great artists do. You sound quite dumb.

  12. chucktown June 24, 2011

    Good luck ladies, it’s gonna be hard for them because TLC is releasing an album at the beginning of next year and TLC are signed to a major label. Even though Left eye won’t be with TLC i don’t think swv will be able to compete with TLC

  13. ANTHONY June 24, 2011


  14. TaTa June 24, 2011

    SWV stated this at their concert in the 02 ages ago. Not being on a major label gives an artist less pressure, so the expectation to sell high numbers are not expected where TLC will have to bring in the numbers.
    I’m looking forward to this

  15. MaZ June 24, 2011

    Great News! I wish EN VOGUE will follow the same path! They need a great come back too!

  16. The Man June 24, 2011

    En Vogue’ are on a label also, and they are supposed to record new music as well. TLC is on a major label really?

  17. MOBWIFE…..baa this goat fur itches…baa June 24, 2011

    Okay go head SWV! I can’t wait to hear new material from them!!

  18. MOBWIFE…..baa this goat fur itches…baa June 24, 2011


    Now that was a girl group who could SSSSS IIIIIIIII NNNNN GGGGG! 🙂

  19. Crew$ June 24, 2011

    been waiting for this!! they never lost a step….Coko’s solo and gospel albums were great but I missed them together. They are legendary so I’m sure producers are going to be lining up to give them hot s***! They can def do well, especially since there aren’t any r&b or girl groups really doing much right now.

  20. VA STAND UP!! June 24, 2011

    That’s great! I love them! People kept saying after they remixed ‘She Ain’t You’ that they were gonna make a comeback. I hadn’t heard them make an announcement so I didn’t want to get excited cause until they said something.

    It sounds very promosing especially with whom they have already worked with! I hope they work with Chris again. I did read an article about TLC getting back in the studio & they said they were working with Chris as well. I didn’t consider the two groups competition for each other so it’s stupid for people to say they can’t both come out with new albums!

    I’m dying to see if SWV are gonna join Breezy on stage at the BET Awards!

  21. The G-List Society June 24, 2011

    SWV are my GIRLS!!! It’s been tooooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn long for some new music from them, and that was bogus. I am glad that they have reuinted to finally put out their fourth album.

  22. Beyodel, twerking 4 dollars and wigs June 24, 2011

    I cannot freakin wait for this album to come out. I pray that it’s good quality like the old stuff

  23. A Nu day has come June 24, 2011

    Damn shame! It takes the older singers to teach you young ass punks what real talent is made of! It is so nice to see that real music is making a come back! I know that will do well because people my age that remember them from back in the day, will still purchase their music , if the bring the heat! People the movement is happening, and it is making real music come back!

    I’m wishing them much success to !!!

  24. The Man June 24, 2011

    Real r&b music is coming back with a big bang, so they can do really well. They are on Billboard.com as well. They are very talented.

  25. Jonathan Gardner June 25, 2011


    COKO’S VOICE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> YOUR FAVS

  26. Chocolate_Box777 June 25, 2011

    They need to get Missy & Timbaland on board. “Can We” was a banger. But I’m sure they can’t afford them now…

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