Lady GaGa Shows Mariah Carey Love In New Interview

Published: Wednesday 20th Jul 2011 by David

They are two artists whose names are rarely ever brought up in the same sentence, but in a recent interview Pop deity Lady GaGa has revealed her love for Pop legend Mariah Carey on Ms.Carey’s husband’s radio show.

Check out what GaGa had to say about Mimi below:

To be a fly on the wall during a conversation between these two, for we all know they both shared a common nemesis in powerhouse singer Christina Aguilera at one time or another.

Your thoughts?

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  1. KellyGotTheLastLaugh July 20, 2011


  2. Johannes Hutagalung July 20, 2011

    Oh wow… Awesome interview…

  3. Ayo_ronnnie July 20, 2011

    Why was Xtina’s name even mentioned here? Stop trying to start s***.

  4. Courtney July 20, 2011

    Now I Like her more than I did before because of what she said of Mariah most newer artists would never admit that on radio maybe in print. that’s like if a young star was asked who their favorite classic actress was they’d say Marilyn Monroe Natalie Wood or Elizabeth Taylor and never Joanne Woodward Patricia Neal or Vanessa Redgrave and for clasic actor it would be John Wayne James Dean or Rock Hudson and never Clark Gable Marcello Mastorijjani or Paul Newman yet if they were asked what hollwyood marriage they wanted to emulate most would say Newman & Woodward’s as they were married nearly 51 years when he passed away September 26th 2008

  5. YeaBey Slay Em With The Facts! July 20, 2011

    She probably said that because she was being interviewed my Mariah’s husband? hello! Lmao…j/k….

  6. mike July 20, 2011

    can someone type what she said…i cant opent he link

  7. Badd July 20, 2011

    @ mike she aid that she wasnt getting in the line of mariah and she said that a couple times..then she said that she had been listening to her since she was a little girl
    and she wasn’t stepping into her line.

  8. JohnVidal July 20, 2011

    I knew Gaga respects Mariah. I mean musicianship loves musicianship. And despite being very very different I´ve been getting Mariah hints in some of Gaga´s interviews. They are similar when it comes to cretain things. Gaga is the only one with the potential to achieve something a little bit similar to what those females TGJ has made a post about today (Mariah, Whitney, Madonna, etc)

  9. TheMan4u July 20, 2011

    would she have said that if she was not being interviewed by Nick?

  10. Trairra July 20, 2011

    Haters fall back, Mariah Is Queen! New album
    this year!

  11. The Naked Truth July 20, 2011

    I am GLAD Gaga has showed love to Mariah….She is a LEGEND! I think sooo many people forget that.

  12. Truth Seeker July 20, 2011

    That’s cute. Mariah has inspired so many people and even though some may not like to admit it but she is a true living legend.

    As for the Christina mention, um what the hell? *smh*

  13. Christina Voicelera July 20, 2011

    Christina Aguilera is one of the best vocalists of all time.

    That’s just how it is, not to step on anyone’s toes but this is FACT!

    So many fellow legendary people and/or great singers have publicly praised Aguilera’s ridiculously epic vocal talent :

    Etta James
    Aretha Franklin
    Whitney Houston
    Celine Dion, more than once
    Andrea Bocelli
    Stevie Nicks
    Mick Jagger
    Justin Timberlake
    Ricky Martin
    Backstreet Boys
    Blake Shelton
    Amy Lee

    etc, etc so many other people in the industry have absolutely praised Aguilera’s voice but I can’t even remember them all.

    I wonder what Mariah really thinks of Christina’s voice. She never said anything about her voice.

    Last time Mariah said anything about Aguilera… she just said she’d watch Burlesque on DVD after she gives birth to her babies or something like that…

    About Lady Newbie Wannabe Caca Lunatic : she’s just terribly embarrassing, lame and sh*tty , nothing else to say about this big-@ss clown. lol

  14. Auntie Jackie July 20, 2011

    She better praise true talent. She’s talented herself, so nothing wrong with this video. Next.


    Mariah>>>Father Monster

  16. King B July 20, 2011

    Shouldn’t this site try a different tactic for getting site hits besides unoriginal and pointless shade?

  17. Nichole July 20, 2011

    Had GaGa mentioned Whitney at the Grammys had it not been for the controversy she received over completely ripping off Madonna’s ‘Express Yourself?” Probably not lol.

    Anyway. It’s good to know GaGa’s opinion on Mariah, because I have always wondered what GaGa thinks of Mariah since praising Whitney earlier this year.

    Now, all someone has to do is ask her about Celine Dion.:-)

  18. linker nippel July 20, 2011

    xtina is a amazing
    mariah is amazing
    and lady gaga is amazing
    but they 3 are all amazing talents and DIVAS
    they cant like each other
    xtina has the best voice of the 3
    and many many big legendary celebs are love xtina
    etta james
    mich jagger
    celine dione
    and many others
    so stop comparing lady gaga and xtina
    its soo 2000 and late
    they are both amazing and have success

  19. Queen Beyonce Stann July 20, 2011

    July 20, 2011 at 12:56 pm

    would she have said that if she was not being interviewed by Nick?


  20. ratedxxx(akaratedx) July 20, 2011

    it would be epic, having mimi and gaga on a song together..

    both are very talented women…and mimi is a legend not many people have achieved all the things mimi has..

    and if gaga keeps it up pretty soon shell be on legend status..

    Thats why I love me some gaga, she keeps it real, and she doesnt need to bash other artists to make herself look better..

  21. istan4goodmusic July 20, 2011

    Yes, TALENT always appreciates other TALENT!!


    didn’t gaga say that she admired Britney & Xtina???

    anyway I was wondering What gaga thought of Mariah & vice versa.


    AWWW Gaga respected Mariah because Mariah is a legend just like Michael !!!

  24. theman July 20, 2011

    Christina has a great voice, but Mariah is in a league of her own. Mariah is “One Of A Kind”.

  25. Masoud July 20, 2011

    Best recognize the Queen!

  26. Stella720 July 20, 2011

    Mariah still thinks of herself as young so why would she take that remark as a complment – makes Mariah sound like an old has been.

  27. Careerender July 20, 2011

    No voice can be compared to Mariah Carey’s , not on earth!!! The sweet screams she does on Angel’s cry (prelude) are beyond explanation!

  28. Bobby Bulgaria July 20, 2011

    Every female singer wishes she could sing like MARIAH…

    But only MARIAH has achieved it… 🙂

  29. Jloration July 21, 2011

    @NICHOLE: love the profile’s pic 😉 “My heart goes boom boom boom(*8?)”
    “Now, all someone has to do is ask her about Celine Dion.:-)” Agreed.

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