American Idol Producer “All Three Judges Back For Next Season”

Published: Thursday 11th Aug 2011 by TGJ Staff

Jennifer Lopez may be dragging her feet with her official announcement about returning to the Idol judging panel, but the show’s executive producer, Nigel Lythgoe, confirmed On Air With Ryan Seacrest that in fact, Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson, and Jennifer Lopez will return for the next installment of American Idol.

Check out the details below…

Though Jennifer Lopez has yet to make it official, ‘American Idol’ executive producer Nigel Lythgoe went ahead and confirmed Wednesday (Aug. 10) that “all three judges” will be returning to the top-rated talent show for season 11.

“Do you want to do the Jennifer announcement here or are we still waiting?” Ryan Seacrest asked on his radio show, “On Air With Ryan Secrest.”

“I believe we are still waiting for the official announcement,” Lythgoe responded. “But I am delighted to say that all three judges, along with the brilliant host of ‘American Idol,’ is back for the next season.”

He is referring to Lopez, whose contract for the show has been the source of much speculation, along with Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler and longtime judge Randy Jackson.

Fox has issued a “no comment” response to Lythgoe’s bean-spilling.

Lythgoe told “On Air With Ryan Secrest” listeners that the “AI” machine will soon be bringing audition sessions to Denver, Houston, Pittsburgh, Portland, OR, San Diego and St. Louis.

It was reported in recent weeks that Lopez negotiated a large pay raise — from $12-20 million — in return for another season.


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  1. Dance August 11, 2011

    J.LO has no music career so I’m not surprised to her back…..she better hang on to that

  2. DC Thats Me August 11, 2011

    I think everyone is over Jennifer Lopez and the rest of American Idol now. Simon’s show X Factor USA starts next month!!

  3. Them other chicks are superficial (queenbey) August 11, 2011

    JLo should be paying American Idol for reviving her coma induce career…..

  4. YOOSONDALOOSE August 11, 2011

    Yes, that will be great for her!

  5. YEABEY and the lessors don’t mix August 11, 2011

    Why do they let non-singers judge? No wonder so many flops get through because she doesn’t recognize talent…

    Her stans have the audacity to shade my fave…tuh

  6. lola August 11, 2011

    WTF has this world come to? It’s clear that JNO/JHO can’t sing worth a lick! She even sings worse than Rihanna/RiHOna! You know how hypocritical that is to tell someone he/she can’t sing when you clearly can’t sing yourself and became a singer? JNO/JHO got by on booty, beats, and beauty. Also, she was a publicity w****! It’s okay though because A.I. is so over. I didn’t even watch it this season! XFactor is here to slay and A.I. will be like Myspace!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Chris J August 11, 2011

    im not surprised

  8. Harvey August 11, 2011


    J.Lo voice my not be powerhouse but she sure can belt aspecially when she sings let’s get loud and hits that E7.

  9. honeydip August 11, 2011


  10. onyx August 11, 2011

    20 millions dollars no need to say more, Haters stay mad. I’m happy that she’s everywhere since you don’t want 2 see her hahaahaha. You’ll just have to deal with it.

  11. KAT DELUNA FAN August 11, 2011

    They tried to make me have a singing career,the public say:
    J NO NO NO………….

    J “NO vocal chords” is pathetic……….Shakira could never

  12. IMGUNNACHECKUBOO August 11, 2011

    Ofcourse she gonna come back. What the hell else she got going on?

  13. JohnVidal August 11, 2011

    She has nothing else to do in music world cos she has no talent so this is a good thing for her lol

  14. A Nu day has come August 11, 2011

    So sad that Idol has become an opportunist runway to revive these celebs careers! Why the f*** even have this show, if all they care about is J.Ho returning! Damn people why do we allow talnet to be over looked! I can’t wait til the New World Order happens, then maybe we may start to finally hear good music! I know that is way out there, but really I am so f****** tired of hearing runny ass diarrhea music!

  15. hotnews August 11, 2011

    im a jlo fan but im mad at her right now cause it lookes like we r not goin to have a 3rd single off love album papi would have don realy good for her trust me on that one ,,,,she is great but no 1 expect her to be so good with this album . so realease another single an let people know about papi, hypnatico ,what is love ,run the world …..come on singles do push more album sales ,,,,,,,,,,,singles made me buy beyonce im sasha f cd

  16. pop royalty (RUDE BOY) August 11, 2011


    J.lo is a decent singer ! but for real ! she’s kinda fading ! like did she forget she had an album out ?! where are “good hit” and “papi” ?!
    but J.lO knows how to make some $ ! 😆

    she’s cool though ! i like her !

  17. pop royalty (RUDE BOY) August 11, 2011

    @kat deluna :

    J.lo paved the way for a lot of latin girls ! u really have to deal with this fact !

    including kat deluna , nelly furtado , etc…. ! do not put shakira with them plz ! shakira is SHAKIRA ! she can do nothing and the whole world will go crazy for her ! so do not put her with the other latin girls ! she’s on another level ! HER HIPS DON’T LIE !

    but J.lo is a diva ! her voice is not what she’s known for ! her booty is what she’s known for 😆 !

  18. J to the L O, Hello! August 11, 2011

    This means the ratings are gonna be even higher now JLO IS SUCH A BEAST

  19. nice_gurl August 11, 2011

    Good for her…I know I would’ve taken the deal if I was offered 20 million. But I don’t think JLo is going to be boosting the ratings of AI.

  20. jesse lopez August 11, 2011

    well 12-20 million is what makes her smile and you frown so go find something to turn your frown upside down or atleast get a life!! and xfactor is not going to shut s*** down,we heard the same comments last season but guess what the show was still numero uno!!and will be again

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