Has Lady GaGa Peaked Too Quickly?

Published: Saturday 6th Aug 2011 by David

The year is 2008.

Britney Spears‘ and co are still twiddling their fingers in delight over the critical and commercial success of her ‘Blackout‘ LP and the Popverse has just been introduced to wide eyed upstart Katy Perry.

Armed with her Pro Girl  smash ‘I Kissed A Girl’ and the Pop/Rock forward debut LP ‘One Of The Boys‘,  Ms. Perry was undeniably 2008’s breakout sensation.

Well, at least we thought she was….

From the belly of Interscope Records came Lady GaGa.  The younger, more avant garde but arguably  less original alternative to Gwen Stefani.

Initially finding it difficult to make major impact on domestic ground, the former underground sensation found her first commercial home in both the Canadian and Australian market with her debut single ‘Just Dance’.

Then the rest as they say is history.

In just  three years, Ms.’PokerFace’ has acquired an army of international fans who seemingly have enough disposable income to purchase whatever she releases when she releases it.

Surpassing the critical and commercial achievements of  artists that she herself was inspired by.

Scoring more Platinum and Gold singles than any artist to have debuted within the last six years.

Picking up where Madonna and Michael Jackson left off to have her music videos as celebrated and anticipated as the albums they are in support of.

As well as this, with over 12 million records sold by her first album ‘The Fame‘,  5 million records to date for ‘Born This Way’ as well as the gargantuan feats achieved by stand alone EP ‘The Fame Monster’, she is one of the fastest selling artists of all time.

Ever eager to know what’s on your mind, we here at That Grape Juice want to know…

Do you Lady GaGa has peaked too quickly?

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  1. The Perrylicious is taking over… ( A living legend on TGJ ) August 6, 2011

    she is the queen of copy-cat and fame-w****…

  2. The Perrylicious is taking over… ( A living legend on TGJ ) August 6, 2011

    Born This Way is a weak album…definitely like Beyonce’s 4..
    It’s funny when Britney’s singles doing so much better and her album Femme Fatale shits on Born This Way & 4 effortlessly.

    What a shame.. 🙂

  3. Nana Applehead (Nana Yaw) August 6, 2011

    Gaga is phenomenal!

  4. The Perrylicious is taking over… ( A living legend on TGJ ) August 6, 2011

    And…again?? Wrong sources?? LOL
    Born This Way still not exceed 3.5M worldwide…so please stop with that 5M. Hahaha
    TGJ will do anything to save their faves??
    Come on… the whole world knew that BTW sold 2M through Amazon deals WW. 😀

    Go listen to ‘Love The Way You Lie’.. 😀 lol

  5. THE ICONIC pop royalty (I’m a rude Boy) August 6, 2011

    some britney facts :
    Femme Fatale sold 1.1 worldwide and is already off the top 40 albums on mediatraffic !
    She ain’t nothing what she used to be !
    She has more bags under her eyes than Femme Fatale album sales !

    go get flop flopale


  6. Scott August 6, 2011

    The trouble with Gaga is that she is all image it has taken over delivering good music.She has turned her career into a freak show rather than just making music that is good.Born this Way was poor.

  7. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011

    The Fame and The Fame Monster was my s*** 😆

    GaGa was a bad b**** during that era!!

    Now it just looks like she tries too damn hard!!!

  8. Beyonce Knowles Supporter August 6, 2011


    Gaga is a garbage. She is overrated and people tired of her. All her gimmicks failed lately, IDK why, but all her circus-tricks and weird stuffs not working anymore. 12M for TFM is not a huge success. Lot of artists out there sold over than 20M for their first album.
    Born This Way is so boring and pathetic. She is just a one hit wonder. I bet none of her next singles going to top Hot 100.

    She is working with RedOne again and again.. RedOne’s irrelevant right now.

  9. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    Well, she’s just…


    …"think" that she's just such a great talented performer and all that…


  10. Tc23 August 6, 2011

    @The Perrylicious is taking over… u realize gaga and beys albums are both shittin on britneys sales wise .. they both debutted with higher first week sales as well as being certifed wayyyyy quicker than britney it took 2 MONTHS for her to even go gold so yeaaa britneys not even in this whole conversation she fits in with rihanna (successful singles no talent) .. anyway yess I think gagas peaked to fast and will only start to show lesser numbers cuz its only natural .. What goes up must come down but I dnt think she will go down very far .. Right now she’s sellin a million first week everyone wants a piece of her and of course that will die down but she doesn’t hav anything to wrry about cuz like beyonce under all the stage production and costumes they’re simply very good singers

  11. THE ICONIC pop royalty (I’m a rude Boy) August 6, 2011

    i’m going to be honest

    gaga reached her peak after bad romance ! after that she became like other artists !

    gaga after bad romance <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< 2008/2009 gaga !

  12. matt August 6, 2011

    perrylicious or whatever your name is, born this way has shipped 5mil worldwide, sold 3.5mil and easily outsold Katy Perry’s album in what, 2-3 months LOL gaga just isn’t blowing up the charts at the present because unlike the rest, gaga isn’t churning out tik toks and california gurls, which sound like a remix of one and other. she hasn’t peaked she just isn’t releasing dance pop anymore. Amazon USA was the only market to sell BTW at 99c and sold roughly 300-400k, which easily meant she sold 700k or more at the dearer price. Show the receipts for the claim that it sold 2mil at 99c, desperately putting down other artists, #fail!!

  13. Kate August 6, 2011

    Gaga’s Born This Way is nothing without Amazon deals.
    She needs to do new music. Her new album sucks!

    Femme Fatale may not sold as much as born this way, but britney’s album is solid and fresh.
    1.5M worldwide with limited promo is impressive for me. While Gaga promotes her album like crazy..CRAZY, but her singles and album not doing so well.

  14. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    Ha ha, who EDITED my comment…? It was:

    Well, she’s just…


    …"think" that she's just such a great talented performer and all that…


  15. Kate August 6, 2011

    You’re comparing Britney (15 years in industry) to someone like Gaga (3 years in industry).. Then you know you’re bull$hit. 😛 Even Mariah, Whitney, MJ, Madonna struggling to sell their albums. so shut the f*** up.
    We are talking about music here.
    Britney already sold over than 100M albums.

  16. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    Again? 🙂

    Well, she’s just…


    …"think" that she's just such a great talented performer and all that…


  17. The Naked Truth August 6, 2011

    Slow news day huh…..?

  18. Ronnie_Slim August 6, 2011

    Its funny how GaGa and Beyonce are all over the TV but yet Britney single continue to slay wit no promo wat so ever.
    Britney is badder then ever.

  19. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    Well, she’s just…


    Nothing is coincidental with her so called quick "success" and her so called big "sales"…

  20. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    Only the…


    …"think" that she's just such a great talented performer and all that…


  21. Jenny August 6, 2011

    She is facing backlashes.
    Blood+Corpses+Satan+Sheep Head+Illuminati symbols…all them is not people’s style.
    Leave her alone with Satanic things. People is tired of her.

  22. gio88 August 6, 2011

    few years and we will see her decline , even this era has showed that she has already finished ideas…

  23. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011



  24. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 6, 2011


  25. B**** Please August 6, 2011

    @Ronnie Slim

    To bad no one knows she has an album out. :sipstea:

  26. RealMusic August 6, 2011

    I used to really like Lady Gaga but now she just annoys me with her antics

  27. black August 6, 2011

    britney spears sold over 100 MILLION RECORDS…NOT ALBUMS BOOBOO

  28. Musicfan August 6, 2011

    I think she had a huge peak with Bad Romance. After Bad Romance she just stayed there. Not above not below. MJ had a peak with Thriller he was never able to top it sadly. Even he admits it. So honestly I think Gaga’s doing great. She’s coming coming for that Queen status. Not quite yet, but she’s getting there. I’m gonna need for Gaga to make sure she doesn’t let anyone sell her album on a discounted price because some of y’all just love to bring up that 99cents s***. Girl, she still would have sold in a week what your faves sell in a year. Sit down. I actually feel her fashion is great this era. She just looked cuter during The Fame era, but then again her philosophy rebukes the stereotypical pop star so I can see why she tries to look ugly at times.

    Gaga & Beyonce=Future legends.

  29. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 6, 2011

    So who were those three people in the previous post that saying I was delusional when I said lady gaga was one of the best entertainers of our time?? You don’t think so?? Hmmm…

  30. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 6, 2011

    You can’t compare gaga with someone like britney and mj who were only selling like they were cuz it was an era where music wasn’t leaked and downloaded illegally. Gaga is apart of the digital era where music can easily be posessed without purchasing. As for mj, he was talented so that’s reasonable but you should be comparing gaga to artists of today. She’s talented and for somene who has done as well as she has you need to give credit where it’s due. She has stood out from the typical pop star esp since she can actually sing and produces her own music.

  31. La-Q August 6, 2011

    Lady Gaga is s****n on all of em! and all you damn trolls! Especially that plucker lips kerry johnson.

  32. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 6, 2011


  33. La-Q August 6, 2011

    All you nigg*rs stay mad.

  34. KAT DELUNA FAN August 6, 2011

    No she didnt:
    I think visually this era is too dark for her past audience.They miss the Hair Bow gaga and colored and girly girl & weird paparazzi and bad romance.As soon as she started doing things more seriously (Telephone,Alejandro,BTW..)musically and visually the kids leaved.
    The same scheme as rihanna during Rated R era.She started taking herself too seriously but people are just not here for smart-message driven songs or music videos.
    She goes back to her colored and stupid style,the public will jump on her like for rihanna with Loud or Nicki post-Mixtape.

    Yes she peaked:
    I think she peaked because she showed musically and visually what she is able to do.We all know she is talented,cant play instruments.Talented people dont need to go gimmick route.No one will ask for talented stefani anymore SADLY

  35. bey’knight August 6, 2011

    its a resounding yes from me.. there’s nowhere else to go but down from here esp if she’s an actual musician and keeps pushing the envelope. artisitically though i think she earned her place…her musuc video premeieres are big deals for a reason even though they’ve all been shy of a dud this era.. nonetheless am sure she’ll still be successful and stick around for a while i jus wont bank on future 1mil plus first week sales …

  36. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 6, 2011

    @Musicfan I use to think beyonce would be a legend too but she seems more like a popular figure than a legend. Legends actually have work that’s memorable internationally. What stands out about beyonce besides her voice? Not hating just being honest and curious?

  37. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 6, 2011

    BEYONCE must be doing something RIGHT for her name to be the main topic in this b****’s mouth…..LMFAO!! STAY MAD!

    Everytime a post is not about BEYONCE you still shade her….I don’t like Rihanna but do you see me shade her in posts that have nothing to do with her? NO!



  38. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 6, 2011

    She might have “peaked” but I think she will manage to have stability during her peak!

  39. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 6, 2011

    @Kat deluna rihanna has different styles and sounds. That’s why I like her.

  40. SHESDUMB August 6, 2011



  41. Yellow Gorillah August 6, 2011

    I don’t know About Yall but

    Lady Gaga has ALREADY Peaked BAD ROMANCE <—-

    Now she will just keep on declining

    I loveeeeeeed Her in the Fame Era The video you just posted I used to watch it everyday! she was a breath of fresh air she was original.

    The After bad romance she just became some FREAK a media W**** I feel like she cared to much about the Videos and fashion then music. She takes herself Too seriously =|

    Personally The Fame is still her best effort. I think she has 2 more years left before the NEW It girl comes.

  42. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 6, 2011

    Look here you HO….I was not talking about LADY GAGA i was talking about a specific user on here


  43. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 6, 2011

    I Really think she will be at her peak for a long time…I would not be surprised if she sold 2 million first week next era

  44. bey’knight August 6, 2011


    very well said…pls clock in more often less of perrystalkers we could do with


    Britney hasnt sold 100m albums shes sold around 35m albums. its her records altogether that stand 100m

    @Rihanna is the best! You will deal

    rihanna is not the best at anything musically so u have no room to talk about anyone being overrated now go watch more naked rihanna performances on utube

  45. SHESDUMB August 6, 2011



  46. theman August 6, 2011

    Noooooooooooo, she’s just switching it up. People were pressed about the gimmick thing. Now she’s releasing music that shows that she can be the counter to that. She’s sold almost 2 million in the states, all of her singles have been hits. She’s sold nearly 4 million ww already. She is doing her damn thing. By the way “TFM”, has sold around 13 million ww. That is huge especially now. Not too many other artists can come close to her sales.

  47. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 6, 2011

    Once again you showcase your lack of knowledge and reading skills….In my previous comments where did I compare LADY GAGA and BEYONCE? SHOW ME! Until you can …sit and look stupid! Arent you tired of looking dumb for not reading correctly? Is that so hard to do?

    Hooked On Phonics!! HELLO?

  48. NICK August 6, 2011

    I am sorry, in a world of KE$HA & HATY PERRY dominating music charts & sells, that tells me music has died !! Gaga’s new album is just BLAH, her 1st was BOMB, she was killing it, BUT now she just does too much, BUT SHE IS TALENTED, so she will be around * sales to me just dont mean a thing anymore..it is all about fans who support & that is it! REAL MUSIC IS BEYONCE’s new album 4, which many can call garbage al lthey want. but the cd is beautiful, her JILL SCOTT, CHRISETE MICHELLE, MIGUEL are trying to bring REAL MUSIC back to radio, but it is sad it won’t happen, even Adele who’s album is beautiful won’t get all the paly it deserves (charts & all) ADELE is outsellign everyone, BUT only rolling the deep will peak anywhere & it didn’t touch HOTT 100 too high, so that shows u real music is dead, it is all about crap po poop!!!!

  49. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 6, 2011

    B****, I can shade whoever I want. You mad? Come over here and do something about it. I’m not going anywhere. Freedom of speech. Stay mad. 😀

  50. ITSVERYPERRY August 6, 2011


  51. theman August 6, 2011

    If she has peaked then i would hate to mention some of the other ladies that have peaked as well.

  52. theman August 6, 2011

    Do you even know what you’re talking about “Rolling In The Deep”, was #1 on the Hot100 for wks. You make no sense. Some people will just say that she has peaked because they are angry at all of her success.

  53. bey’knight August 6, 2011

    Am very pleased to see Beyonce’s name on this post. Did anyone else watch GAGA INSIDE THE OUTSIDE on MTV?

    when she was dropped from her initial label she was crying on her grandma’s couch, Beyonce came on tv and Gaga said to herself, “look at her, she’s a star…i want that” then she topped it with, “and now am in music videos with Beyonce”

    Needless to say Gaga is in major awe of Beyonce, and the feeling is mutual 🙂

  54. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 6, 2011

    Nobody cares but for someone who dislikes BEYONCE she sure is the HOT topic in your damn mouth huh? LMAO!!!

  55. theman August 6, 2011

    Katy’s album sales aren’t that great. They are okay. She might have been a breakout star as far as popularity goes, but certainly not album sales.

  56. Aryo August 6, 2011

    she really deserved the success with her first 2 records, but this last one ( born this way) is …. idk, not as half good as the previous ones

  57. THE ICONIC pop royalty (I’m a rude Boy) August 6, 2011

    @queen bey :

    hey ! 😉

    @music fan :

    i really waited for your comment !!!! u are a good little monster and always a truth teller 🙂 ! i’m totally agree with you ! but gaga is GAGA she has talent to back her up 😀 ! but i feel this era is kinda messy ! after “JUDAS” everything is not right for me ! I LOVE THIS SONG BTW !

  58. theman August 6, 2011

    The “BTW” album is actually a step up for her. It’s showing that she has artistic integrity. She went completely opposite from her first album. I think alot of people wanted the same sound from the last album. But she is growing as an artist. She’s doing a great job. Her next single “You And I”, is one of the best songs to come out in a while.

  59. JohnVidal August 6, 2011

    It´s clearly an unsure thing. We´ll see
    But great legends and talented artists also achieved this kind of succes in only 3 years and they still didn´t picked or declined cos of that (Mariah, Whitney. Madonna…) So stans of lesser b****** can stay pressed… LOL (yeah I´m talking about Katy, Rihanna, Britney…)

  60. theman August 6, 2011

    She’s actually opening the door for real music to shine again rather than the typical dance music that she has helped to conquer the world. “Edge Of Glory”, “You And I”, she knows what she’s doing. These are great songs..

  61. JohnVidal August 6, 2011

    I agree. BTW is better to me but surely is different to say the least. It shows she has lots of room to grow in coming years

  62. theman August 6, 2011

    Lol right John some people are just angry at all of her success altogether, because she sales on all levels, album sales, single sales, touring and the whole nine. She is a complete artist. Beyond the costumes Gaga is very talented and has a really good voice that carries a nice amount of soul.

  63. THE ICONIC pop royalty (I’m a rude Boy) August 6, 2011



  64. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 6, 2011

    GREAT article.So glad that you’re one of the few blogs that don’t kiss her ass!GO TGJ!

    Back on topic, when GaGa came out, the public was hungry for someone like her and in the beginning she handled it exceptionally.She gave them exactly what they wanted – up until the ‘Alejandro’ video.It was just so overdone and desperately trying to be ‘epic’ that it was after all a failure.
    Also, before BTW she had the most anticipation and buzz that ANY artist has had in the past decade!But she failed spectacularly!People expected something fresh, something that they had never seen before, something innovative and she gave them an ‘Express Yourself’ copy+paste product.The video and the first performance were truly underwhelming and she slowly became a caricature of her own personna, it was like she was a walking, lip-synching and talking parody of herself!She started trying so hard!!!
    Finally, her fans are one of the main reasons why she’s falling off now.They bigged her up so much and they were so cocky and disrespectful to icons like Madonna, Britney and Christina that GaGa had to deliver a true masterpiece to live up to the hype they had created, and she just served some re-heated 80’s songs (with a bad cover)
    She can still be relevant and she could actually get back to where she was in the beginning of the year (wow, she truly is disposable.It only took some months), but now she has to try harder!

  65. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 6, 2011

    LONG POST.Sorry

  66. THE ICONIC pop royalty (I’m a rude Boy) August 6, 2011

    SOME MILEY CYRUS FAN TRYING TO BE A BASIC B**** ! she’s so f*****’ annoying !

    b**** shut up ! u ain’t a celeb ! go get a cucumber and put it in you vajay jay !

    go get a banana and do it the S&M way 😉 !


  67. KAT DELUNA FAN August 6, 2011

    BTW is franly a better album.If she is confident enough she has to let the gimmick go and focus on the music and artistry.Respect is way better than fame in the industry.
    Gaga seems to be a ‘Fame w****’.Didnt she call her album “fame”??

    She want the attention (You and I cover latetly).So I am sure she will be back to kiddish colored stupid music a la rihanna instead of growing as an artist.

  68. Aaliyah August 6, 2011

    #Agree #Truth

  69. theman August 6, 2011

    “The Fame”, was the name of her album, that doesn’t make her a fame junky. She’s very artistic which is probably why she does things so out of the box.

  70. Laurie August 6, 2011

    Of course she did and so will be her fall !! I hope she saved up money from all her record sales to have a confortable life after she dissapears. There’s not way she’s going to last or have some longevity she’s the hot thing of the moment that’s it. Let’s face it she hasn’t bring anything new to music

  71. Those That Cannot Do, Stan August 6, 2011


    Gaga has peaked both in terms of success, talent, and actually producing good enjoyable music. Worse yet Gaga has now become a trend. She’s in commercials for computers, her paws up slogan is the facebook of our music generation (remember when facebook was exclusive and now everyone’s 12 yr old cousin is on it?) her music is being used for ‘Shark Week’ for craps sake. When you think of the stereotypical musician your parents think is somehow deep for being unusual Gaga comes to mind. She makes her money off pretending to be a little deeper, a little more thoughtful and meaningful off music that is as shallow as a puddle. She’s all looks with declining (more and more each day it seems) substance. For people who have no history in music before Britney Spears, Gaga’s r*** of the 80’s and so many talented stars and acts she’s ripped off seems original.

    Whatever Gaga originally started off as: as ASAP said something fresh and new in a pop industry that had become so atypical and expected, she is now frankly an insult to. She wears cooky outfits, sings terrible songs,is a hypocrite on so much of what she claims, and she has no sense of humor or joy which frankly made ‘Just Dance’ my jam. Remember that Gaga ‘Gonna be okay, dada doo doo, JUST DANCE’ now everything is a heavy beat, and a metaphor of gay unicorns and blah blah blah.

    I loved Gaga back in the day but now I’ve noticed a lot of people who were original fans of hers aren’t anymore. She really is famous now for WHO she is and HOW she looks, not her music…because her musics s*** these days and she REALLY needs to get off Madonna’s d***.

  72. JohnVidal August 6, 2011

    @Those That Cannot Do, Stan
    BTW album>>>>>>>>>>> Just Dance!!! I mean that of all songs? Are u even serious??? Don´t tell me, you stan for the likes of Britney

  73. KAT DELUNA FAN August 6, 2011

    I dont think Gaga was huge because of the gimmicks stuff.she was big just because she was brand New and her music is radiofriendly.A good marketing team and alot of promotion.
    When you are new,ppl dont download your s***.Once they know who you are,it’s all different.

    Adele is selling for the same reason
    JLO sold back then ‘On The 6’ for the same reason
    Rihanna sold GGGB for the same reason Ashanti etc etc
    The expensive vids or outfits have nothing to do with succes.Ask Adele,Norah Jones or Alicia Keys.

    Success happens to one ‘iT GIRL’ per girl.

  74. Mike August 6, 2011

    Hell No. The only thing that she has done too fast, is wearing all of that weird clothes. Rather than progress with time into more extravagant clothes, Gaga did this immediatly. And now instead of looking creative by wearing these clothes, now it’s looked at as just normal and not surprising at all.


  75. JER August 6, 2011

    Lady Gaga is a legend. She has 3 albums in 3 years and if she disappeared overnight her contribution is legendary. That’s like saying AMY WINEHOUSE peaked too early and now she’s dead so no one will care about her. OR that Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Holly, and Janis Joplin peaked too early and they died so no one will remember thme or care.. such f****** b*******. OR that Lauryn Hill only released one album so she won’t be remembered because it was JUST one album. I could go. Lady Gaga is a superstar and has pushed every boundary. While YOUR favs are doing the same tired s*** with a new weave and somebody’s stolen song AKA BeYAWNce. BTW Mariah Carey’s fatass called and wants her wedding dress back, BIONCI. Dumb b****.

  76. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 6, 2011

    @KAT DELUNA FAN I didn’t say that she got huge because of the gimmicks.I said that she used TOO MANY gimmicks THIS ERA.

  77. that_lala August 6, 2011

    other artist just need to step their game up.if you can’t live up to the hype,maybe they need to retire.I can’t wait to see what Lady GaGa has in store for the upcoming years.She has had nothing but success.Not one flop album or single.The sky isn’t the limit when there is an ENTIRE galaxy out there.She is very different and does not have to try like other people are doing.The number one spot is not guaranteed forever.She is just giving the other artists some fair competition.

  78. GangsterA August 6, 2011

    Yes she peaked with TFM era esp to the public since she released the alejandro video the puplic are not by her side like they use to and she’s getting alot of blacklash now (radios baning Judas,the video etc. etc.) and with her music now too if you asked anyone opinion who doesn’t stan for her on her music they will tell they liked it more before (you know Just Dance,Poker Face,Paparazzi,Bad Romance). Now gaga is losing steam it’s all up to her next album that will really make or break her #JustMo

  79. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    TBH,I think she is in a creative block right now

    I LOVED TF/TFM ERAS.But my problem with BTW isn’t the music….it’s how she’s going about it…The MASSIVE promo scheme,the overexposure,& wrong single choices,Inter-stan drama(Hausofnicole cough cough)..add that on top of speculations & rumors and people are indeed going to be dissappointed in her.

    All this aside….I still have faith that she should triumph this mess.

    SN.Gaga needs to fire BoomKack…She’s doing to Gaga what Dream & Tricky did to Ciara.

  80. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    Ignore PerryNOLife,LaceFLOP,and those SHEEP who believe the SHITluminati consist of Gaga.

  81. MissImpartial August 6, 2011

    How did Britney sell 35Mil albums????

    Baby one more time 26Mil
    Oops I did it again 20Mil
    Britney 12Mil
    In the Zone 10Mil
    Blackout 3.1Mil
    Circus 4Mil
    Femme Fatale 1.5Mil

    That would make 76.6Mil albums world wide.

    • deea September 7, 2012

      your wrong baby one more time _28 milions
      ops _24 milioons
      britney _15 milions
      in the zone _12 milions
      gratest hits _6 milions
      blackout _3 milions
      circus _4.500.000
      femme fatale _1.5 milions
      i cant belive how delusional are you gaga fans i mean you cant compare britney sales with the ones of gaga because shes not a debutant anymore if you really want tpo compare their sales then you should compare with britney first albums actually she mentained really well considering what
      shes been through over the years and the thing that the sales arent like then anymore isnt an excuse 21 adele sold like 23 milions worldwide oh and dont get me wrong i love gaga i really belive that shes the best from the new artists but you cant compare her with madonn ao
      r britney

  82. Xadax August 6, 2011

    Wear & Tear.
    Finally! I’m getting tired of this fake b****.
    She became famous because of the fast growth of technology (esp. on media).
    Perez & her will pay. 2012

  83. Yall Are Too Fake August 6, 2011

    Who Cares?? She will continue to make music until she dies. And she’s having fun & her fans love her. Who cares about that Peak s***??? Madonna has LONG Since Peaked. Releasing cheap videos every year, and she still has fun and makes good music. It’s music it’s here to Entertain us not prove that it’s Peaked and Faded. Enjoy the music, that’s why it’s here.

  84. Xadax August 6, 2011



    Genie In A Bottle – 7.508.000
    What a Girl Wants – 4.267.000
    Come On Over (All I Wants Is You) – 3.171.000
    I Turn To You – 1.490.000
    Lady Marmalade – 5.428.000
    Nobody Wants To Be Lonely – 3.857.000
    Beautiful – 4.626.000
    Fighter – 2.640.000
    Can’t Hold Us Down – 2.523.000
    Dirrty – 2.375.000
    The Voice Within – 1.300.000
    Car Wash – 1.167
    Ain’t No Other Man – 4.242.000
    Hurt – 3.484.000
    Slow Down Baby – 120.000
    Candyman – 1.623.000
    Keeps Gettin’ Better – 1.803.000
    Not Myself Tonight – 834.000
    WooHoo – 130.000
    You Lost Me – 250.000


    Christina Aguilera – 17.200.000
    Mi Reflejo – 5.000.000
    My Kind Of Christmas – 6.000.020 *
    Stripped – 13.300.201
    Back To Basics – 5.000.003
    Keeps Gettin’ Better – 1.003.000
    Bionic – 1.000.000 *
    Burlesque – 775.000 *

    * Shipments

    Album Sales: 50 Million
    Single Sales: 52 Million
    Record Sales: 102 Million

  85. Xadax August 6, 2011


    In March of 2010, Chicago radio programmers and deejays got an early listen to Christina’s new album Bionic. The response was very positive, but folks tied to Interscope Records (Lady Gaga’s record company) kept insisting that the record was a bomb.

    In fact, some of Lady Gaga’s handlers allegedly kept referring to Christina as “Floptina,” a name celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was allegedly told to use. When the first single arrived in April of 2010, initial response was positive. However, there were many people who called into radio stations to insult the song. “This was obviously the work of some anti-Christina street team doing this and not regular listeners. They concentrated on big markets like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Miami.”

    The video for “Not Myself Tonight” didn’t help the single. But it wasn’t as bad as Perez Hilton and Akon (another factor in the Christina Aguilera backlash) made it out to be. Apparently, Akon (Lady Gaga’s friend) was telling everybody it was a ripoff of Madonna’s “Express Yourself.” This occurred even after Akon heard an early demo of “Born This Way,” which some say sounded more like the Madonna hit than the final version released in February of 2011.

    “Perez Hilton was still angry at Christina Aguilera for making negative comments about his marketing partner Lady Gaga. He was out to get Christina from the very beginning. Unfortunately—then—Perez Hilton still had an influence on the music industry. Now, he is seen as an absolute joke and Lady Gaga’s career is going down faster than the atomic bomb. The fact that her album was practically given away for free proves this,” says a music industry insider.

    Bionic was released on June 24, 2010 to mixed reviews. However, reviewers had already been told by music industry “insiders” (a.k.a. ‘friends’ of Lady Gaga) that the album was a flop. There was no way the album could have received objective reviews.

    Program Director Jared Stelling believes the Christina Aguilera backlash was the absolute work of Lady Gaga and her friends. “You would not believe how the industry works and how much power one star has to bring another down. A couple years back, Mariah Carey hired a couple journalists to write negative things about Madonna and her tour. One of the writers worked for MSN and was fired when the truth came out. Luckily, that didn’t stop Madonna from selling tickets. Unfortunately, Christina couldn’t even launch a tour because of the backlash. It’s pretty pathetic. However, karma exists and right now, Lady Gaga is sinking faster than the Titanic.”

  86. Xadax August 6, 2011

    Part 2 Examiner.com

    Chicago’s B96 talked about my story about the conspiracy against Christina Aguilera’s album Bionic. Actually, the story has made news everywhere and I have received mostly positive feedback with many thanking me for exposing what has been going on in the music industry for years.

    Rick Sanchez from Data Analytics contacted me yesterday and informed me that “Not Myself Tonight” received excellent call-out research results in April of 2010. “She had a higher rating than just about any song on the radio at that time. It was a guaranteed hit. But something happened. And I don’t think it was something very ethical.” Mr. Sanchez noted that within one week, the call-out research scores suddenly dropped and that never happens with a single. “Usually, a song gains call-out research points or loses points very slowly.”

    Mr. Sanchez revealed that in the past, call-out research scores for songs such as “I Drove All Night” by Celine Dion and “It’s Like That” by Mariah Carey had been manipulated, but nobody knew until a couple years back. “Some people may not think this is important, but call-out research scores determine radio airplay.” So, why was Christina Aguilera’s song tampered with?

    “I have absolutely no direct proof, but definitely believe this is the work of Lady Gaga and her team. You would have no idea how much power Lady Gaga has (or had) in the industry. Many people I know refer to Lady Gaga as the Tanya Harding of the music industry. I hope I am wrong because I would like to think that nobody could be that vile.”

    Perez reacted & lied again. He even bothered tweeting to Legendtina.

  87. Yall Are Too Fake August 6, 2011

    I really think you queens need to stop complaining about Gimmicks. In my opinion, Gaga’s music and videos are Intensely Simple and easy to understand. Every Musical Artist on Earth has a Gimmick. The Wedding Dress in Beyonce’s new video, Girl Power in Run the World. Nerd Love in Katy Perry, Alien Love in Katy Perry, Ghetto ATL Hood Rat With Ciara….etc

    Everyone has gimmicks. Gtfo. You will deal. Its how they want to live.

  88. Fred August 6, 2011

    for ppl who say gaga isn’t big because of gimmicks r delusional of course her gimmicks bring her attention BUT at the same time I dnt care about her gimmicks or put her down because of it because she actually has the talent to back it up .. I went to her fame monster tour and at one point she was playin the piano with her heels!! She’s a talented b**** and all her gimmicks did was bring her to a larger audience so ppl need to get over that both the ppl who critize her for it and the ppl who say she doesn’t use them

  89. Yall Are Too Fake August 6, 2011


    You a pressed F**.
    Perez’s dislike for Christina Aguilera has nothing to do with Gaga.
    Gaga loves and looks up to Christina Aguilera. The silly shade is kinda played .

  90. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    @Y’all are too fake

    you betta tell ’em!

    They also need to stop bickering about Madonna.

  91. Crave12 August 6, 2011

    why are ppl comparing lady gaga to christina I really dnt get it .. I love gaga musically more than christina BUT christina is a VETERAN .. everyone from mariah to whiney to aretha all have had their low points commerically jus to rebound even stronger later .. And she’s had one bad album cycle and everyone like she’s done!! Like seriously!? Gaga is still in the VERY early stages of her superstardom and career and do I think she has the ability to hav longevity of course but some gaga stans r really jumping the gun cuz as much as gagas done so far she’s still a newbie and I agree with the person above yea she uses gimmicks soo what she can actually sing which is what matters

  92. Those That Cannot Do, Stan August 6, 2011

    @John Vidal –

    BTW is pure 80’s…and not the good kind. It’s the crappy, over-produced, 4 different songs all saying the same thing kind. I like the 80’s but what Gaga puts out is such humorless drivel. Unless of course you meant the song BTW in which case…Madonna’s Express Yourself. Don’t even make no sense.

    Just Dance was Gaga’s first acclaimed song and it was the one that launched her into the public. More than that it was a fresh take on the usual pop song that was just fun…I don’t stan for Britney Spears but at least she was smart enough to not pretend any of her songs was a deep examination of the human soul. Gaga puts on a meat dress and simple folk think some deep s*** is going down.

  93. Naomi August 6, 2011

    PERRYLICOUS, b****, you haven’t died yet? Please do so promptly. Your motherfucking ass is still raving about Kunty Perry & S****** as if they are the goddesses of music. You seemed so pressed.

    Let me tell you b****, Kunty is no more than tits and ass and S******…is nothing but a crazy, lethargic b****. In due years, both of their voices will be all smoked out from cigarettes and auto-tune WILL NOT SAVE THEM ANYMORE.

    Beyoncé’s album ‘4’ and Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ received critical acclamation while BOTH, S****** and Kunty received poor reviews from critics.

    How many Grammy’s does Beyoncé have? 16. Lady Gaga? 5. S******? ONE. Kunty? ZERO.

    Perrylicious, you need to step out of the realm of auto-tune b******* and step inside your casket.

    Good day, C***.

    • deea September 7, 2012

      critical acclamaisons doesnt mean anything maybe beyonce won 16 grammyes but she sold 30 milion albums with 4 albums and that doesn really sound like a legend to me

  94. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    “Gaga, I’ll bring you down, bring you down, down…”

    >>> THE ILLUMINATI <<<

  95. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 6, 2011

    @YALL ARE TOO FAKE The girl empowerment is a theme, the wedding dress is a nomral outfit that most women wear once or more times during their lives, the nerd-Katy was a personna and the mean thing you said about Ciara is a reputation.None of what you stated is a gimmick.However, having fire churned out from your b******, wearing a meat dress and walking around in an egg are all indeed gimmicks.

  96. Tia August 6, 2011

    Her fans are starting to get annoyed by her ONE by ONE, shes changed alot so alot of her earlier fans are over her, and shes in this dark “Rated R Rihanna” Period in her career that is scaring folks off, dont get me wrong, the girl STILL has MILLIONS and MILLIONS of fans, and is doing well, i just think that soon she’ll run out of tricks and shenanigans to selling her music, maybe thats when she’ll cut the b*******, sit and the piano, and just sing. She is really talented, but even her extraness has gone even more extra. I dont know how long it will take but i do believe her star will begin to decline as time goes on.

  97. Naomi August 6, 2011

    @Rihanna is the best!

    Sweetie pie, Queen Beyoncé is overrated? Hell, RIHANNA is overrated even with the little bit of credit she gets. She deserves zero. 4 Grammy’s, girl bye.

  98. Tia August 6, 2011

    @ASAP SAY DAT!!! lol

  99. Queen Beyonce Stann August 6, 2011

    Yes She Already Hit Her Peak With Bad Romance 🙁
    That Music Video Was Her Best To Date! & Her Music Back During The Fame Was Really Good Too!
    Now Her Music Is Just, SHEIßE! Pluse She OVERRATED & OVEREXPOSED!
    Not To Mention She’s Cocky As F*** & Believes She Has One Of The Best Voices In The Industry & Her Album Is “Album Of The Decade” Hahahaha 😀 No!
    She Has An Below-Avg Voice & That Album Is S***!


  100. Queen Beyonce Stann August 6, 2011

    *She Has A Below-Avg Voice & That Album Is S***!*


  101. Tia August 6, 2011

    To the person that mentioned Laurie Ann….ummmmm she is a DANCERRRRRR she has nothing to do with any other area in Gaga’s career, she is about the performance, not the material or the promotion, so how is she doing to Gaga what The Dream and Trickey did to Ciara??? they were PRODUCERS, you cant even compare that…..the f***?

  102. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    you ever wonder why people say Gaga is a horrible dancer????

    I LOVE GAGA BUT What LaurieAnn is giving to her doesn’t suit her the best(Hence the comparisons to Ciara).

  103. Tia August 6, 2011

    Also the person that said Beyonce isnt more talented to Gaga B**** BOOM BYE!! Beyonce is a better VOCALIST then Gaga by FAR……gaga can only play a piano, thats the only thing she has on beyonce, As far as dancing, stage presence they both have it, but Beyonce will slay gaga Vocally….please dont try it……… People love to try and slay beyonce but her VOICE proves time and time again that your shade means S***. This post is about GAGA….idk why Bey is even coming out of you peasents mouths anyfuckingway. You guys steadily come to somebody elses post to slay other artist. Beyonce isnt going anywhere so calm the f*** down and have a seat.

  104. LACEFRONCE FOR PRESIDENT 2012. August 6, 2011

    Caca= flop t*****

  105. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011

    @YALL ARE TOO FAKE- How is a wedding dress a gimmick????

    Seriously co u even kno wat a gimmick is????
    Ex. Nicki Minaj, Milli Vinille, some may say GaGa and the list goes on

  106. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011

    *do u even kno

  107. Naomi August 6, 2011

    @YALL ARE TOO FAKE — Have you made it past secondary education?

  108. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 6, 2011

    NONE OF THOSE Things you listed are gimmicks:

    Beyonce wore a wedding dress to go with the flow of a VIDEO

    Girl Power is Not a gimmick at all, Female empowerment needs to be put in the heads of today’s women who grew up under the “rule” that men are “better” than “women”, when women are capable of doing most things men can….

    Nerd Love? The video was not about Nerd Love it was about Partying

    Alien Love? Its to go with the flow of the song!

    Ciara was “hood” before she was even famous….that’s not a gimmick thats a personality

    Gimmicks are weird things people do to garner attention!!!

  109. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    >>> The TRUTH about Gaga <<>> SHEEP <<<

  110. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    >>> The TRUTH about Gaga <<<

    In short: It's just a manufactured product, a tool – introduced, managed and handled by THEM… All these awards, appearances everywhere, and most of the album sales are FAKE, just PROMO for the BLIND SHEEP…

    The aim: Total mind-control, desintegration and stupidification of the population while still making some money out of it… And when the crowd gets too bored this Gaga persona just disappears (cuz it's all just clown clothes and make-up) and nobody would ever recognize her in her normal looks…

  111. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    But the damage would be done… And after that THEY will just find a new fresh replacement for their upcoming agenda…

    I can see that some of the commenters here have already succumbed to that and have finally become what was needed of them to become –

    a herd of empty-minded grass-grazing mammals called…

    >>> SHEEP <<<

  112. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    gimmick (ˈɡɪmɪk)
    — n
    1.something designed to attract extra attention, interest, or publicity
    2.any clever device, gadget, or stratagem, esp one used to deceive
    3.chiefly ( US ) a device or trick of legerdemain that enables a magician to deceive
    the audience
    [C20: originally US slang, of unknown origin]
    — n
    — adj

    While I do know one of the definitions could be used against me,I am going to use the definition seen in bold.

    Crazy costumes or not,has your fave been known as a s** symbol????

    Has your fave been billed as a triple threat???

    Has your fave EVER changed hair color/style while they were relevant???

    Has your fave EVER fussed/cussed someone out via twitter/radio shows/etc.

    I thought so.Every MAINSTREAM artist has a gimmick!Some are more subtle than others.

  113. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    The truth about Bobby:he’s a mindless sheep who believes the Shitluminati exists. *Baa! Baa!*

  114. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    Who gave you permission to talk to me…?



  115. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 6, 2011

    @ISTANN4GAGA Artists also release promo singles for publicity and attention.Are promo singles gimmicks???

  116. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    August 6, 2011 at 4:56 pm
    But the damage would be done… And after that THEY will just find a new fresh
    replacement for their upcoming agenda…
    I can see that some of the commenters here have already succumbed to that
    and have finally become what was needed of them to become –
    a herd of empty-minded grass-grazing mammals called…
    >>> SHEEP <<<

    Kinda like how you & @Judas666 are.

  117. theman August 6, 2011

    Look at these Bey stans, Angry because Beyonce doesn’t have a hit lol. Gaga >>>>>>> All of them…….. Gaga is a huge superstar. She’s doing her thing. This era is about showing her growth as an artist. She’s doing that very well. Her voice is really good, she shows great musicianship, and she is a great visual. She thinks outside of the box. She is to be applauded. Leave Beyonce in the Beyonce post. F*ck off with the King B sh*t. Nobody gives adayum here.

  118. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011

    @ISTAN4GAGA- Umm so beimg a s** symbol is a gimmick???

    By da way should ask urself those set of questions.

    And how is a triple threat a gimmick???

  119. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    @ASAP TECHNICALLY they are BUT whether they actually count as gimmicks are in the eye of the beholder.

  120. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    Don’t even try to talk and convince IS†ANN4GAGA about anything…


  121. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011

    @ISTAN 4 GAGA-

    Goin by the list u provided Lady GaGa is THE QUEEN of gimmicks!!

  122. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011


    Bull s***…… promo pics are not GIMMICKS…..

    I dont kno wat type of s*** u been smokin but u better STOP

  123. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011


    My fave was in mind when I typed these so don’t think I’m showing favoritism towards one….

    I was speaking in terms of as JUST a musician,not an entertainer when I typed that.my bad.

  124. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011


    I guess u was right……

    GaGa promo single pics are GIMMICKS 🙄

  125. Queen Beyonce Stann August 6, 2011

    It’s Funny How People Who Claim That They Are “SANE” On TGJ (ISTAN4GAGA) Go On A Rampage When They’re Fav Is Attacked 🙂 & Get All Delusional When It Comes To Gaga (Claiming She Doesn’t Have Gimmicks & She Doesn’t Rip Off Madonna) Hahahaha
    No One Is “Sane”, So Please Those Stupid Chart’s You Made Up The Last Couple Of Weeks (“Sane & Delusional Chart” & “The Pressed Test”, The F***?) Are F****** Pathetic!


  126. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011


    Still, how is being a triple threat a gimmick??

  127. IMGUNNACHECKUBOO August 6, 2011

    I love how these posts always splinter into 8 different directions.

    ANYWHO: I’m the first to hate on Gaga for several reasons but I always like to think I give credit where it;s due.

    She became so large so quick because she was fun, seemingly “different” and her songs were hot(if not contrived).

    Lately though she seems to be getting on people’s nerves more often than making them dance.

    How much of this is her generally wearing out her welcome or just what comes along with all artists who gain fame and popularity, I do not yet know. It’s too early to say.

    But I’ll say this if she puts out another record as crappy as Born This Way than I think you shouldn’t look forward to her dominating anybodies charts for the time being.

  128. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 6, 2011

    @ISTAN4GAGA- Wow, I cant believe u finally admitted GaGa was is a gimmick……

    Do u agree GaGa’s gimmicks over shadow her talents????

  129. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011


    you meant to type

    Don’t even try to talk and convincae BOBBY BULGARIA about anything…A SHEEP KNOWS NOTHING…


    I’m not assuming a Gimmick is a bad thing every single time….(This may sound confusing) Hell,I don’t even think promo pics are gimmicks my damn self but going by the textbook definition,it technically follows the definition(or maybe I’m reading too hard.)

  130. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 6, 2011

    @ISTAN4GAGA Yes, but you have misunderstood the term ‘gimmick’.For example, everyday women wear jewelerry to grasp attention.Is jewelerry a gimmick???Aritsts perform at award shows to get exposure and coverage.Is performing a gimmick???Hell, even our nicknames are there to get some attention.Are nicknames considered gimmicks???A gimmick is something bigger and more over-exaggerated than that and the interpretation that you found and posted about grasping attention is old.The language evolves and develops and gimmick is something much more extravagant than just a little trick to get attention.

  131. . August 6, 2011

    I love the people who are sAying that Britney shits on gaga with her singles. B**** please. Is that whAt the industry has become, singles? Britney still hasn’t sold 600k of FF in the us and blackout And circus are still at the 4 million mark after years of being out…

    • deea September 7, 2012

      please are you retarded gaga is at the beggining of her career britney actually has done enough for music industry she doesnt need to prove anything

      • deea September 7, 2012

        oh and i really want to see if gag will be able to mentein for 15 years as britney did

  132. Bobby Bulgaria August 6, 2011

    Well, for a SHEEP everything apart from grass-grazing is GIMMICK so they find it ORDINARY and NATURAL and can NOT really distinguish REAL GIMMICK from anything else… 🙂

    Baaa… Baaa…. Gaaa… Gaaa…

  133. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    It’s Funny How People Who Claim That They Are “SANE” On TGJ (ISTAN4GAGA) Go
    On A Rampage When They’re Fav Is Attacked & Get All Delusional When It
    Comes To Gaga (Claiming She Doesn’t Have Gimmicks & She Doesn’t Rip Off
    Madonna) Hahahaha
    No One Is “Sane”, So Please Those Stupid Chart’s You Made Up The Last Couple
    Of Weeks (“Sane & Delusional Chart” & “The Pressed Test”, The F***?) Are
    F****** Pathetic!

    :greenman: :greenman: :greenman: :greenman:

    What’s REALLY funny is that you wrote this pathetic essay just for me.If I want to write Charts/Tests etc then leave me F****** be.

    and I said even the SANEST stan can still have their moments so miss me with all of that.

    What’s even worse is I take you as seriously as I do Laceflop(I DON’T)

  134. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    @ASAP well then,my bad…

  135. Lady Huge Troll is a dude now what’s next? a horse? a tree? an insect? a chicken nugget? August 6, 2011

    Lady Caca ignited her career by using Christina Aguilera’s name in paid advertisements. Lady Caca and her team are shameless, desperate f*cktards. Nobody knew of the existence of Lady Caca and her debut album for almost a whole year, before the sabotage of Christina Aguilera.

    Lady Caca is a plagiarist, a copycat, a lunatic, a newbie, a wannabe, a try-very-hard, a bad male-sounding singer, a very average piano player, a stupid lyricist, a horrific music maker, a clown, a fame-obsessed monster, a troll, a drug-lover, an overrated mess adored by ignorant delusional monsters and crazy, demented media, an opportunist, a liar, a hypocrite etc.

    Lady Caca likes to pretend like she’s paying tributes and homages 24/7 to obscure, unknown celebrities of the last century, when in REALITY she grew up listening to Britney/Christina/Madonna and is now stealing from them (amongst others).

  136. Lady Whatever should have never had fans in the first place, she is wack August 6, 2011

    Lady Caca herself said Christina Aguilera put her “on the map”.

    It’s hilarious how everyone wants to pretend like Christina can absolutely NOT be credited for Gaga’s initial rise to fame, AT ALL.

    Legentina Voicelera takes an epic, gigantic sh*t on Lady Caca’s shameless troll newbie @ss. That’s the bottom line, reality, fact of life.

  137. S*** August 6, 2011

    It was only gonna be a MATTER OF TIME B4 The GIMMICKS started catching up to her & ppl start seeing her as the No-Talent Flop Gag W**** that she really is, It also doesnt hurt that her Music is sucking worse & worse as well, shes runningout of ideas & ppl are getting tired of her. & im proud to say I Told you so!!

    Why go “gaga” when you can go TALENT, talent is WINNING right now (Beyonce, & that Overated Adele). Gaga is DISPOSABLE, only here till the Next Pop-Tart arrives… Charty Perry.

  138. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 6, 2011

    add bobby to the list of people that I don’t take seriously.

  139. onyx August 6, 2011

    She’s the best now, she’s the new icon, she’s gonna be in the same level of Madonna and Michael Jackson.

  140. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 6, 2011


  141. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 6, 2011

    She thinks outside of the box alright.She Suck and her. Gimmicks Have Played The F*** Out. That’s All.”Playing The Hell Out Of Adele” Love Her!!!!

  142. LTM August 6, 2011

    Shipping 5million and selling 3.5millionare to different things. For once Perrylicious said something intelligent.

  143. SHESDUMB August 6, 2011



  144. Gagalo!!!!(Aka African…) August 6, 2011

    LMFAO! Loook at the haters get pressed with their tired stupid b*******!!! Hahaha who cares if you hate Gagalo! She s*** and will always “scheibe” on your fav gimmicks or not, cause the girl IS TALENTED!! How bitter and dumb you mean pathetic b**** sound! You haters call her “Madonna copycat” when you stand for rihanna( who is the biggest copycat of Mdonna, M.I.A & Fefe Dobson, so what your point beside beging hypocrites and bitter?!! Gaga is here to stay and you’ll deal with it stupid haters!!!:-) I’ll always support you Momy-Monsters!!!!!!

  145. JDGAF August 6, 2011

    >> Lady Caca ignited her career by using Christina Aguilera’s name in paid advertisements. Lady Caca and her team are shameless, desperate f*cktards. Nobody knew of the existence of Lady Caca and her debut album for almost a whole year, before the sabotage of Christina Aguilera.

    Lady Caca is a plagiarist, a copycat, a lunatic, a newbie, a wannabe, a try-very-hard, a bad male-sounding singer, a very average piano player, a stupid lyricist, a horrific music maker, a clown, a fame-obsessed monster, a troll, a drug-lover, an overrated mess adored by ignorant delusional monsters and crazy, demented media, an opportunist, a liar, a hypocrite etc.

    Lady Caca likes to pretend like she’s paying tributes and homages 24/7 to obscure, unknown celebrities of the last century, when in REALITY she grew up listening to Britney/Christina/Madonna and is now stealing from them (amongst others). <<

    Best comment on this thread.

  146. honeydip August 6, 2011


  147. nice_gurl August 6, 2011

    She has peaked way too fast. After only 1 album and tour, she’s #1 on forbes list. It’s ridiculous. She does have some good music, but the only reason she’s peaked so fast is her outfits. She may decline in the next few years if she doesn’t keep producing good music.

  148. rob August 6, 2011

    Wow i did not know people were so mad at Beyonce LOL, I mean this was a question about Gaga ,Beyonce was not even mentioned in the summary

  149. JahmeriKKKa Fenty August 6, 2011

    I have read articles on this site and the comments for awhile now. I never thought I would be commenting but after smoking a blunt and reading this article and comments, I have to finally write something. The people writing these comments must be gay men and jealous females.
    Britney, Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and Kelly Rowlnad, make more money, look better and they are famous, who are you but internet haters and gangstas. Britney may not have gone platinum faster then others but she went platinum, have you? I am a big Britney fan, she may not be slaying like she used to but she is still selling tickets and moving units. Mother Britney has sold more perfume than I can imagine. SHE IS LIVING COMFORTABLY, are you? Another FAVE is RIHANNA. Call her a singles artist if you want but her album is PLATINUM and she has 3 NUMBER ONE singles from it, do you? I don’t care for BEY, KELLY or GAGA but I wish them well because I AM NOT A HATER!!!!!

  150. HEAVYMETALLOVER August 6, 2011

    Sorry but Beyonce use Gimmick like hell: to show your shacking ass, your scrotch, play the “I’m so a s*** woman” card everytime, everywhere, is gimmick pure and simple.
    But she’s not alone: all the pop tarts do the same.
    The only one who actually does not play the “s***/glamour/look at me how I’m attractive” is Gaga. Even Adele try too hard to be glamourous.
    Btw, her last album is less commercial than her previous effort. But she doesnt release already “Marry the night”, “Scheiße” or “Americano”. The single choice (included You and I) seems baffling. But the strategie is clear: she want to capture fans outside the mainstream. Mainstream public (t*** girls plus some young adults) decide what goes on in radio. But to fill stadium like U2 or ACDC you need some more “adult males”.

  151. rihanna is the best! You will deal August 6, 2011

    Perrylicious STFU. You just mad katy was around before gaga and gaga only been around for two years and STILL garners more attention than that nobody. Gaga>katy

  152. rihanna is the best! You will deal August 6, 2011

    @Gagaloo plz give me evidence how rihanna copies madonna and fefe dobson. Rihanna is one of the only black females in the entertainment business that has a unique style. Rihanna didn’t copy any of them. Be quiet.

  153. rihanna is the best! You will deal August 6, 2011

    @the iconic whatever ur name h** no one was talking to you. I wasn’t a stan before. I just recently became one. I was a small fan before. That’s not a fake one. Learn the difference b/w fan and stan then talk s*** basic h**.

  154. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 6, 2011

    Adele has A Voice Outta This World she doesn’t have to try to do anything.Even if Gaga were to try to be s*** like Beyonce her T***** looking hardfaced unattractive ass Would Fail Miserably Ass Has Nothing But Gimmicks and Everybody Knows It.I’ve heard her BTW album.It Sucks glad I heard it on bootleg from a friend that didn’t want it.I will never spend a dime on that Clown.I’m Sick Of Looking At Her.She’s More Overrated Than Anyone.

  155. Gagalo!!!!(Aka African…) August 6, 2011

    @rihanna is the best! You will deal
    August 6, 2011 at 9:57 pm
    @Gagaloo plz give me evidence how rihanna copies madonna and fefe dobson. Rihanna is one of the only black females in the entertainment business that has a unique style. Rihanna didn’t copy any of them. Be quiet

    _Euuh -S&M is pure Madonna, “Erotica” and “Human Nature”(don’t get me star with David Lachapelle)!
    -Her “Skin” from Loud is tooo much “Skin” from Madonna Ray Of Light. Daaah!
    -Her GGGB look is soooo Fefe Dobson,
    -Rude Boys video= M.I.A Boyz,
    -“Shut-up & Drive” is a remake,
    -Red haire= Janet Jackson, Eve even Britney!
    Girl please…………Next!!

  156. angel kisses August 6, 2011

    Speaking as a little monster AND a katycat I can’t believe you are all comparing all other artists with Gaga. They all have a different target audience and also want to do their own thing. Yes, it does seem that they copy each other, but its really difficult to be able to be completely original in the music industry. If you do something simple, you still get ridiculed for copying someone, but then if you do something ridiculous you get accused for being blasphemous or just being plain desperate. Anything you do, the critics will always be there trying to push you down.

    Lady Gaga and other artists do a great job by ignoring any antics, just trying to do their own thing. I don’t think any artist can really peak with their music, its mainly just growth. Yes, Gaga gets a lot of attention for her videos and her outfits, but its because no one else does it like her. Before she came along, the performance was different. But she has said a few times that if she just had her fans, she’d still be happy. She doesn’t care about the success, and spends all the money she makes on her performances. She doesn’t want to let them down. If you are seriously let down, then I guess you really aren’t a true fan. You aren’t someone who sticks by someone because you truly care for them. Thats what a true fan does, they stick by their icon no matter what, because you truly care for them, like they are your best friend.
    I don’t like it when other people try to b******* another artist, because they could be throwing out the door the message that their icon is trying to convey, just like Gaga, who some of her little monsters try to attack other fan army’s just being something happens to Gaga. This is completely going against Gaga’s message of love, not hate. She works her b*** off to please her fans. Most people don’t see this, as they are only reading what the media are posting. Many fan’s have been swepted away by what the media is saying, not really paying attention to what really happens.

    Even though I am a little monster and katycat, i still enjoy Britney Rihanna and beyonce and a whole range of other artists. Just because your a fan, doesn’t mean you can’t listen to other music. In fact, because of Lady Gaga, I can explore and enjoy other genres of music.

    Anyways, you can make up your own opinions on this.

  157. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 6, 2011

    F*** GaGa and Her Post.Its Always Alright For You Hating Mother Fuckers To Say Beyonce Has No Talent and She’s This And That.Bringing her damn name up in Everyones Posts.F*** All Of You Jealous Sack Of Shits.Noone Gives A Damn about you shits or your Hating Ass Opinions.GaGa stole everything from Madonna and others,she’s Not Original.That’s why she parades around looking like a Hideous Idiot because she’s an Attention W****.So F*** All Of You Shits.

  158. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 6, 2011

    @Gagaloo that’s not a copy tho. I don’t get ur reasoning. Fefe dobson and rihanna look nothing alike. And madonna and rihanna? NOTHING alike. OH I heard that song skin by madonna SOUNDS nothing like Rihanna’s skin. You’re delusional. Rihanna has her own style! plz stop false claiming. If anything beyonce is a tina turner, jlo, and shakira wannabe!

  159. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 6, 2011

    beyonce is gorgeous no one cares what your hatin ass thinks. Who said beyonce had no talent? Get ur head right.

  160. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 6, 2011

    @Gagaloo. B**** QUIET just cuz britney wore redhair in her toxic video ONCE and janet….hardly remember that s*** wearing red hair. I guess they would be copycats of the wendy’s girl and ariel from the lil mermaid? PLZ. Rihanna dyed her hair red cuz she said the color meant “LOUD” like the name of her album. Not becuz it was similar britney and janet.

  161. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 6, 2011

    They can say whatever they want about Rihanna I Love Her she’s A Beast.She versatile and she’s going to be around for a while too.Mandown shows just how much she’s mastered her craft.I Love Madonna too .Theirs Only One Madonna She’s A Phenomenal Entertainer,Legend and Icon.Love Her too.

  162. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 6, 2011

    Rihanna ———Shes Dumb said it and I’m Not Hating I Don’t Like Gaga and I Never Will.

  163. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 6, 2011

    My head is F***** Right,before you Charge Your Ass My Damn Way,read the others comments.I wasn’t talking to you any Damn Way.

  164. Sherry August 6, 2011

    Unless her next cd is all out bad, I don’t think she’s peaked. She is experiencing a backlash which is usually the case. But she has a massive, devoted fanbase she’s loyal, friendly to. Also, whether you hate or love her you have to admit she ‘s very smart. I remember people said Madonna peaked with True Blue, then out came Like A Prayer a couple of years later. Gaga may be around for decades later. You never know when an artist will peak or who will be around. Why it’s called show business.

  165. angel kisses August 7, 2011

    i completely agree with @sherry because the only ones who will stay by Gaga are her true loyal fans. There are some fans out there who will only like specific parts of her. When i something happens, they ditch her. Its basically a cycle, she’s only human, and she can’t always climb up on her success, Besides I like Born this Way, its a lot better than some of the albums out recently but I think she isn’t trying to be better, I think she is trying to be herself for her fans. She is very smart and also a business woman. She has even faced scutiny for the way she acts, but she knows whats shes doing, and we should respect that

  166. PEOPLE LISTEN UP August 7, 2011

    1st of all FEMME FATALE have sold over 600,000 in the U.S.A, also Britney’s singles are doing wayyy better than BOTH BEYONCE AND GAGA! YES we all know Britney’s album isnt selling as before, and if u notice on iTunes and other music sites, FEMME FATALE is still more expensive than “4” and “Born this way” dont believe me, check iTunes! FEMME FATALE price is still $14.99 while the others are at $10.99 and 11.99!

    BRITNEY IS STILL DOING INCREDIBLY WELL AND SHE ISNT PROMOTING LIKE SHE USE TO AND BEYONCE AND GAGA ARE ON MY TV 24/7! unlike Britney……….she is just touring and yet no PROMOTION AND “I Wanna Go” has entered the top 10 on billboards…….i wonder why this site didnt write a post about it! and it was a main stream news on billboard! TRY AND FIGHT DOWN BRITNEY, but she will never fade! yall been beating her down since 1999!

  167. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 7, 2011

    beyonce is gorgeous, well that’s you. I like gaga. Don’t love her but she’s talented. Sorry beyonce is too ghetto for my taste! She has good songs but that’s about it.

  168. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 7, 2011

    I agree w/ angel kisses. Ppl call her work gimmicks which may be true but they are gimmicks that are closer to her personality. She wants to be an “outsider” that’s why she calls herself and fans monsters cuz she once had low self esteem and felt ugly in high school. She wants her fans to turn their insecurities into beautiful flaws.

  169. Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 7, 2011

    @Beyonce is gorgeous yes, that person is crazy comparing madonna and rihanna. See no resemblence. Rihanna is versatile. She’s an entertainer and she’s not the best singer but her music shows her versatility. And who doesn’t love her style? Haters will hate. But oh well.

  170. Gagalo!!!!(Aka African…) August 7, 2011

    @Rihanna is the best! You will deal!
    August 6, 2011 at 11:02 pm
    @Gagaloo. B**** QUIET just cuz britney wore redhair in her toxic video ONCE and janet….hardly remember that s*** wearing red hair. I guess they would be copycats of the wendy’s girl and ariel from the lil mermaid? PLZ. Rihanna dyed her hair red cuz she said the color meant “LOUD” like the name of her album. Not becuz it was similar britney and janet.

    _Dumb h** riho aka Milly-Vanilly reincarnation IS A DAMN COPYCAT! Point! You’ll EAT it b****! ok?!!! You Mad? Pfff…. Stay pressed!:-) Don’t talk to me “Blondasse”, i don’t like r******, i will never and either her stans so back off and stay on rih cliiiit! Deal!

    # Talent for Ever B******!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. NICKY August 7, 2011



  172. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Rihanna Is The Best!!!! Some of the people that hate Beyonce and Rihanna have been running their ass to every post talking s*** for months.Talking about they don’t have any talent.That’s B*******.Noone has to bring their names up then.Boom here they come running in talking s*** about them.I Hate Gaga fans just like they hate Beyonce and Rihanna.It can be Kelly or anyone else,then here their ass come,talking s***.I love all kinds of artist. OneRepublic,Christinna Perri,Coldplay,Lenny Kravitz,Demi Lovatto,Sade,Al Green,Marvin Gay,Teddy P,Gerald Levert,Johnny Gill,Chris Brown,and many many more.But I probably wouldn’t say much about the artist that I don’t like,if it wasn’t for some of these f***** fleas talking s*** about the artists that are iconic and talented.I looked up top a lot of people agreed and voted the same thing.If people don’t like an artist woopty do,its their damn money they don’t have to buy their music.But some of these fleas run to every post just to hate on Beyonce and others.Like I said F*** Em.I hope both women continue to rock shows and make more millions,make their fleabag ass madder than what they already are.Like I’ve Said Some Of The Gimmicky Artist Will Last 15yrs like Beyonce,people are already sick of their ass.Walking. Around Looking Like A Drugged Up Kiss Member.It don’t take all of that,award shows don’t want to see a damn fool being carried in inside a damn egg.That S*** Has Played Out.

  173. Gagalo!!!!(Aka African…) August 7, 2011

    @Rihanna is the best! You will deal!

    _LMFAO calling me “crazy” when you think that Ritard is better than Beyoncé! And when you re the one who create many names to hate on Bee with your Bitter Fake ASS STAN?!!? Hahahaha!!! Don’t get me wrong nobody can match Madge dumb b****! i was talking about(Skin) the song, not the lyric!

  174. Gagalo!!!!(Aka African…) August 7, 2011

    @Rihanna is the best! You will deal!

    _Ouuupa should i say “Myleyfabulous……”?!!!

    Lllol What a phony b****!!!!!

  175. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Some Want Last I Meant Like Beyonce Their Fake And Will Soon Play Out.

  176. MusicFan August 7, 2011

    I actually agree with @KATDELUNAFAN’s first post along with @RIHANNAISTHEBEST.., She had a huge peak with Bad Romance. The reason she’s been receiving backlash is because it was just too much change in a small amount of time. She went from Bad Romance to Alejandro which are two totally different videos, and now this Born This Way era which is great, but it doesn’t have that same magic as the the Bad Romance/Telephone era. I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing because it happens to all artists. MJ never topped Thriller era, and etc. It’s normal. I remember this site two years ago before I use to post everyone was saying Gaga is an icon and Bad Romance killed everything in sight, etc. It was just a cultural shitstorm and that’s what I want back from her… That hype, that magic she brought with that. Now people just love to throw stones at her.. As @RIHANNAISTHEBEST said, credit needs to be given where it is due. This 99 cents thing just got out of hand. People act like the only reason she sold the album was thanks to that when all that did was help her with 400K copies. At the end of the day it was fair because what Amazon essentially did was buy 400K copies of Born This Way, so it counted.. Also this whole comparing Gaga to Britney’s early sales, you just can’t do that because that was a different time, I’m sure if Gaga was around in that time she would have slayed…

    All in all, I love Gaga, I’ll never stop being a fan, but I want that magic back. She’s a future icon and when the history of the music industry of today is written, she will definitely be a prime jewel within it..


  177. MusicFan August 7, 2011

    @NICKY, they may be talking worldwide.

  178. MusicFan August 7, 2011

    @RihannaIsTheBest, your posts (at least the ones I’ve been reading) have been on point. I have never agreed with a RiRi stan this much before. LOL. It’s true what you say about her and her “gimmicks”.

  179. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Noone has to like Beyonce.She will be remembered forever and she has more talent than a lot of the artist who are out now.She has paid her do’s call her whatever you want to she’s a phenomenal entertainer.I hope she keeps up the good work,for the next 20yrs,before she dropped 4 people were looking for good r and b again.They’re tired of B******* Artists.

  180. MusicFan August 7, 2011

    @AngelKisses, Agreed completely.. She’s a smart woman. She was always criticized for her cockiness but the thing is that people say things like: She’s ugly, she’s weird, she’s a gimmick, she’s full of herself, etc, and if they’re gonna say things like that, then music is all she has left, let her have that then.

  181. MusicFan August 7, 2011

    When it comes to Beyonce, she’s another great talented woman who is although completely different from Gaga, almost like her sister. This is because Gaga and Beyonce are what I think the real driving forces for this era in the music industry, and those are the ones who will most likely be regarded as icons/legends/queens.

  182. O o p s August 7, 2011

    Sad To Say She Has Risen Too Quickly & Really Soon Other Pop Stars Will Start Shitting On her Music & She Will Disappear But I Give Her Props For Not Doing The Last Minute Remix S*** To Get #1 Songs !

  183. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    @JDGAF!!!! Co-Sign 100% Oh I Love Christina Aguillera too.Her voice is Beautiful and Mariah Carey.Soon as this clown came in the game she targeted Christina.Perez Hilton practically helped her ruin Christinas career.A lot of the companies,ItUnes,amazon etc; are racist as f*** selling her album for 99cent to make it look like she’s so better than other artists.The whole industry knows its true.Got the nerve to call Beyonce guetto,she has more class than their ass will ever have.Atleast she’s not a drughead.

  184. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    I’ve never liked Gaga but after I saw her ass standing on stage singing with The Legendary Pattie LaBelle practically naked I really hated her ass after that.She walks around as if she gets a free pass to do whatever in the hell she wants to,what about the kids.Parents have to cover their kids eyes.Its ridiculous.All of that B*******,For What? Anyway F*** It.I was browsing I usually bypass her blogs but I decided to read it today and the s*** some of these hating mother fuckers said about Beyonce caught my attention.So I joined in.

  185. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 7, 2011

    One,Many Gaga stans love Beyonce

    Two,it’s the parents’ job (NOT the TV’s) to raise your kids.

    I wish I never said the comment with all the questions.Everyone has a gimmick if they are mainstream.

  186. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Her fans on this blog don’t seem to be a Beyonce fan.Everyone has a Gimmick but she Overdo her Gimmicks.Noone wants to turn on their tv and see her naked ass.

  187. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Take up for her all you want to.That’s What Fans Do!!! I don’t see you saying anything to the Gaga fans who disrespect Beyonce on a regular .

  188. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Some artists really do have Talent and don’t have to have A Gimmick

  189. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    I hope Jill Scott,Melanie Fiona,Jazmine Sullivan,Keisha Cole,Monica,Fantasia,Chrisette Michelle,Lloyd,Tyrese,Case,Tank,Music Soul Child,Anthony Hamilton and many of my other faves make it Big too.I Love Them

  190. SelenaFabulousGomezFan August 7, 2011

    I do think she has peaked to early and that she will burn out quickly. I like GaGa, but her fans will be her down fall. They manage to eject her name into anything and everything. It pisses other fans off, creating more haters. Eventually people will get tired of hearing and seeing her name. She needs a break, to kick back and relax.

  191. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Some have already made it.I wish them all the best.

  192. SelenaFabulousGomezFan August 7, 2011

    @Beyonce Is Gorgeous
    I agree with your list, minus Keyshia Cole and Jazemine Sullivan. I dont like their vocals.

  193. Jenny August 7, 2011

    8-10 months ago..when Britney & Gaga decided to release new album in 2011, Monsters were hoping Gaga will kill Britney’s career. In other words.. Christina Aguilera 2011. Haha

    But..look at Britney now.. She is just amazing and doing so well. 😀

  194. Penelope August 7, 2011

    I’ve to agree that Britney Spears is doing so well this era. Her most basic single (I Wanna Go) just cracked Top 10 on Hot 100 and still selling strong on iTunes. I’m eager to see what’s going to happen on her smash songs like Inside Out, He About To Lose Me and Criminal on charts. To me, Gaga is just a girl who wears costume to attract attentions. She’s fine,..I can say she is talented.. but lot of people out there more talented than her and ended to be like..mmmm..Look at Aguilera, Clarkson and Lewis.

    Last night Gaga went to Spears femme fatale tour. It was amazing!

  195. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Oh I have been to Britneys concerts in the past.I crack jokes about her to Kyle but I bought her cd yesterday and I Love It,so I want call her S****** anymore.Her fan knows how to get us heated up,that’s why I lashed back at him in the past.But I like Britney too.

  196. Bobby Bulgaria August 7, 2011

    For The Record:

    IS†ANN4GAGA is just another one of my list of…

    >>> S** CONTACTS <<<


  197. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    I also love Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim,Justin Timberlake-cant wait until he drops a new album and Missy Elliot.I love Silk too.Keith Sweat,Morris Day,Prince,Tamia,Howard Hewitt,P Diddy,Jay-Z,Tupac,Rick Ross,50 Cent,The Game,Nas,Wiz Khalifa,Lupe Fiasco,Pharrell-Love Him To Death,Snoop,UGK,36 Mafia,Jeezy,Fabulous,LL Cool J,Lil Boosie,Nelly,Ashanti,and many many more.But they Can Keep Gaga!!!!

  198. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 7, 2011

    Me & @Musicfan love Beyonce.and we’re Gaga stans…

    @Gagaislove used to frequent this blog & they loved Beyonce…

    When I first came onto this blog,I tried/attempted to reason with MONSTER (who keeps professing his/her hate for Beyonce) & #1QueenGaga as well.

    TBH,There aren’t really that many Gaga stans on this blog to begin with.

  199. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    I Love King Adele too,I listen to her all of the time.Beautiful Beautiful Voice.Love Her!!!!

  200. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 7, 2011

    btw,I don’t think most of the really delusional stans are even stans…those are asslickers.

  201. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    @Selena Demi Lavotto Is So Deep ,I must get her album too.Right now I just can’t take Adele out of my cd player.

  202. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Demi killed it on “Skyscraper” Love It.I love deep songs,guess that’s why I love “I Miss You and I Was Here”,off of 4.Love It.Let me go to sleep my husbands snores loud enough to wake the dead up and clear out a funeral home and cemetery.”Geesh”.

  203. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011

    Typo meant to say my husbands snoring

  204. SelenaFabulousGomezFan August 7, 2011

    Demi did great with Skyscraper. Im disapointed it fell down the charts so quickly. It really is a great song. I will definately be buying her new album.

  205. Remey August 7, 2011

    Lady Gaga….as much as I hate to say this…is not going anywhere for a minute. Her steam will eventually blow off, but not so soon. While she will continue to dwindle as she overhypes herself and her music through tireless gimmicks, the masses will sadly fuel her . I always say that if you can capture the gays (no offense) and the gullible teens as a fan base, then you are going to stay around for a minute….whether it be commercially or on a Las Vegas stage. For example, look at Britney. Gays are her biggest supporters along with the teenagers (now full grown adults) that grew up with her music in the late 90s. They are keeping her alive like they will Gaga.

  206. aisha aguilera keys August 7, 2011

    Yes, she has def risen too quickly! How she handles her career is all up to her however, we’ll see if she lasts, she seems to be determined to. I’m REALLY impressed w/ the numbers she’s made! 5 million for BTW in such a short time?! Wow!

  207. REALTALK 101 August 7, 2011

    First of all ANYONE comparing this GaGa sh!t (or any of today’s artist) to the great MJ is a complete idiot and definitely not a real music fan. The only reason GaGa getts compared to Beyonce is because of Beyonce’s greed cause talent for talent theres no comparison. GaGa is a screamer but Beyonce is a singer. MJ is the greatest entertainer that ever did it and Brittany is a manufactured product of white america. GaGa aint far from that. Lets be real people, “TODAY’S MUSIC SCENE SUCKS” and GaGa being near the top says it all.

  208. Madonnalovet August 7, 2011

    @MusicFan you are really quite…….delusional. Gaga will never reach madonnas status. Not for awhile. What you said about MJ not peaking after thriller, can not be the same said about Madonna. Up until “Hard Candy” , Madonna continued to sell her albums. Ray Of Light sold over 20 million albums, and after that, she released “Music” which sold over 4 million albums in the first seven days. What gaga is doing now, Madonna has done before, but BETTER. Gaga has had three albums, the fame, fame monster, and born this way. Madonnas first three mainstream albums, had far more success than those three put together. I’m not saying gaga isnt talented. You’re actually a sane monster. But I get tired monsters saying she’ll be the queen soon. I’m afraid, she won’t. Madonnas has released over 10 studio albums and gaga has only released three so far. Madonnas mark on history is far too deep for her crown to be taken away and given to gaga. I’d give gaga atleast another 5 years before she can even catch up, and even then, she probably won’t be seen as the queen, depending on how well this upcoming album will do, Madonna might even set new records……

    I love Rihanna. That’s my b****. She even said she cited Madonna as on of her major influences so…….she’s copied her more than you think. Her rude boy video actually had influences from the borderline video if you watch a particular scene it’s exactly the same. Also in umbrella she copied/was inspired from a scene in madonnas fever where she was covered on silver body paint. Also in te amo she wore similar clothing that Madonna did in take a bow.

  209. Madonnalover August 7, 2011

    My name is supposed to be Madonna LOVER. F***.

    Now on to this topic. Gaga has peaked way too f****** fast. I’m sorry.. And it’s not for me. Ill admit, I purchased born this way, only because it reminded me so much of my idols music. when you listen to born this way, you get everyones style; queen, Madonna, bon jovi, prince, Whitney Houston……you get everyone under the blue moon except for gaga herself. The album really in it’s entirety is an identity crisis for gaga. When gaga first came out she was not about the whole “we are all born this way,” and making songs with religious references and basically making message music. She just wanted to have fun. Now, she just wants to be Madonna. I’m not hating, it’s true. this is what Madonna did in the BA era. It’s like she wants to make history too fast. She wants to be a legend too fast. Her “art” is really half of the time outrageous b*******. If gaga went back to what she did best instead of trying to be this history making revolutionary artist, people BESIDES her “monsters” would appreciate her more. I’m tired of the antics, I’m tired of the copying most of all. Gaga needs to be herself. If she dosent she will crash. Very soon.

  210. REALTALK 101 August 7, 2011

    @so called MUSICFAN: I think it’s cool to not be able to outdo yourself as MJ did with the most successful album of all times (Thriller) but Bad and Dangerous werent too bad as follow-ups and Off The Wall wasnt too bad as a prelim, the result is The G.O.A.T. MJ. Sorry peeps Im a MaDonna fan also but She wasnt in MJ’s league and GaGa will never be in hers. The sad thing about today’s music scene is people attribute manipulated sales figures to greatness. Today’s music is more political and manipulated than ever before. Stars and Grammys are bought and made in board rooms not earned like back in the day.

  211. boop August 7, 2011


    Too bad Born This WAY already outsold Teenage S*** in less than 3 months ahah

  212. MadonnaLover August 7, 2011

    I have to agree madonna didnt reach MJ’s success tour and album wise. he sold way more. But she was just as talented (I know youre gonna disagree that she is so Ill just ignore your response)

  213. REALTALK 101 August 7, 2011

    @MaDonnaLover: I ove MaDonna too but she’s more on Janet’s level never MJ’s. Proof in the pudding is how many artist are tryna be like MaDonna right now (besides GaGa) and how many are tryna be like MJ both when he was 9 or 39? I rest my case. MJ was the greatest child performer and adult hands down. No comp!!!!!!!!!!!

  214. isabella! August 7, 2011

    i miss the old lady gaga so much, i just wish she would go back to how she was in the fame era, bad romance was her last biggest song. i like her new album born this way but it is nothing compared to her last album. i think for me the imagery of this album is too much, i like the gaga that looked normal and wasn’t trying so hard to stand out. please gaga go back to how you originally were and stop trying so hard to be something outrageous.

  215. B****** please August 7, 2011

    is that a joke? She has brought nothing new to music? Every single artist, pop or otherwise, is influenced by her. Katy, Rhianna, Britney, Xtina… ALL changed their fashion and music styles to compete. Hell, Kesha wouldn’t exist without gaga. No one would have put up with her craziness if gaga hadn’t already been there and done it. I’m not calling her a legend, but what she has accomplished in her career already is incredible. And I’m not talking about unbeatable album sales, I’m talking about her influence. No other artist in recent memory has so drastically changed the music landscape as GaGa. For better or worse, and whether it’s quality music or not, do you think songs as dance heavy as party rock anthem would have ever made it on the radio. She ushered in a new era of dance driven pop. Not basic pop, like Britney. BTW, continues that trend and evolves even further. No, this album won’t do as well in radio as her others, because it’s less basic. There are some truly quality sings on there that will be remembered. And you can be sure that in some way or another, people will copy her again. If I had to guess, with her 80’s/ early 90’s influenced sound, I’d expect more people to do that as well. Gaga is talented, and while she can’t possibly grow much bigger, she won’t fall. Why? Because she is ahead of all these other basic b******. She leads music in a new direction with every album. Other artists look to her and try to compete.
    She is the making of a legend.

  216. Madonnalover August 7, 2011

    Girl STAWP. I love gaga; but Rihanna and britney influenced by her? That’s really a joke: britney has been making the same type of music for years, fun harmless pop. If anything gaga was influenced by BRITNEY. Same goes for Rihanna, she had the dark look and edgy pop before gaga was even heard of. Youre giving gaga too much credit…..WAY too much. The only person she might have had influence on was kesha, and even she has her own little lane in the industry as far as her songwriting goes. She also had been writing and recording music before gaga came out. It’s on YouTube.

  217. Lady Newbie August 7, 2011

    LOL How the f*ck has Lady Caca influenced Aguilera????

    Christina Aguilera said she’d be making FUTURISTIC MUSIC next, back in 2006-2007!!!!!!!!!!! During the “Back To Basics” days.

    Britney Spears, Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake were making electro-ish pop type of music already!!! WHERE THE F*CK WAS LADY CACA, back then??????????????

    When Christina Aguilera released “Keeps Gettin’ Better”, back in 2008, MOST OF THE WORLD, INCLUDING ME, DID NOT NO OF THE EXISTENCE OF LADY CACA!!!!!!!!!! Christina Aguilera herself didn’t know who the f*k Lady Caca was? WAS IT A MAN??? A WOMAN??? A BAND?????????? A DRAG??????????????????

    Christina’s “Keeps Getting Better” was influenced by Goldfrapp’s 2005 “Ooh La La”!!! NOt Lady Sh*t! Never Lady Poop.

    Christina’s hair was always white and she always abused of red lipstick!!!!!!!!!!! HOW THE F*CK WAS THAT A COPY OF LADY CACA??????????????????????

    If anythihg, it is Lady Caca that’s copying Christina. GET IT IN YOUR HEADS!! Lady Caca is influenced by all the veterans! IT’S NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND!!!

    Get the fwok out of here, you insane Lady Caca fans!!!!
    You WISH Aguilera was influenced by Lady POOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a sick joke.
    You idiots and the media are all extremely nuts for those comparisons.

  218. B****** please August 7, 2011

    Oh, and to all you delusional Brit fans: since when is she “doing so well?” I don’t know what standards you’re holding her to, but she certainly is not slaying anything. Pathetic first week sales ( her lowest since her debut) and only one #1? B****** please. Sit. If anyone is in the conversation of peaking, it’s her, and like… 5 years ago. Her songs are basic, with the exception of a few that will surly not be released as singles. Especially since drop dead beautiful( EXTREMELY BASIC) looks like it will be released next. I’m not hating, I loved her in the past. But now, she is a flop…. And no, to whoever said monsters were hoping she’d flop like Christina. Most of us don’t concern ourselves with washed up basic b******. Btw, bionic was a far better album than anything Brit has ever released, it was quality, and I’m still pissed it flopped.

    Beyonce: here new album is by far her best. It is true quality, and while you may say it’s boring, it still is doing better than brit’s.

    And to whoever referred to Adele as queen, go somewhere. She won’t have another US hit in her entire career, she is the definition of a one hit wonder. She will continue to do well overseas, but not here. Ive listened to her whole album ( I loved it) and none are suited for radio. She has a good singing voice, somewhat shallow in her range and abilities, but a nice tone. I wouldn’t compare her to Amy though. So to everyone calling her voice godly, gtfo. She has the great honor of having the most overplayed single of the year. Congrats, basic b****.

    Oh, and if anyone will die out soon…. Hint hint: KATY f****** PERRY. why? Talentless manufactured w**** whose singles are designed for radio. They aren’t quality, they are…. BASIC. she brings nothing good to music, and even though Ive bashed a lot of people above, i can say that they all have brought something. Even Adele has made her mark, as well as Brit. Katy? the definition of basic.

    • deea September 7, 2012

      ok so you really have some seriouse problemes britney sings from 15 years so for someone whos been through so much to even know that shes still makin music and still debutiung at nr. 1 even if her sales arent like use to be anymore and all the artist happen that even madonna tryies hard t sell her new album

  219. Those That Cannot Do, Stan August 7, 2011

    @BitchesPlease –

    You’re really overestimating Gaga. Katy, Rihanna, Britney Spears, and Ke$ha were influenced by her? You must be joking. Katy was clowning with her music before Gaga and her style is nothing like Gaga’s. She’s bubblegum pop and thrives in it, she knows who she is and doesn’t pretend to be a musical messiah. Ke$ha was clowning long before Gaga and was musically always like that, look up some of her song writing credits before Tik Tok. Britney and Christina? Please, they birthed Gaga. Rihanna been in the driver’s seat since her 3rd album and consistently reinvents herself.

    As for the rest of what you said you’re a stan so there’s no point in debating that.

  220. B****** please August 7, 2011


    no, I don’t mean to say that she shaped their careers in any way. I know very well that most of what gaga is doing has been tried or been done differently before. Xtina for example, was dirrty while gaga was still in high school about. So no, I dint mean to diminish what any artist has done prior to Gagas career. All I’m saying is that their fashion, and music changed, at least to an extent, after gaga became huge. Just look at the fashion from before and after gagas arrival. And when I say dance music, I mean heavy club, almost European style of dance music. Yes Britney AND Rhianna had dance music before Gagas existence, but the styles changed a bit. Rhiannas style changed heavily from umbrella to only girl on the world. I contribute that, in part, to gaga. Not only gaga, other artists as well, but you can’t deny that the radio has never been filled with so much dance music as it is today. And yes, I contribute THAT to gaga. While you may disagree, if you can show me another artist who has been able to influence all surronding artists,even if it’s only pushing that artist to work harder so they can COMPETE with her, than please, point him or her out. Brit and Rhianna, have their own careers, yes, and don’t need GaGa. And yes, I know gaga was influenced by them, and many other artists. Yet if gaga were to have never existed, do you think music would be the same right now? Maybe so, but maybe not.

    Oh and to this other random b****: The fact that youre calling her lady caca has lost you all credibility. I will say though, that I have, and always will be a xtina fan FIRST. I only said that she may have been influenced by gaga, which is not an insult. I KNOW gaga was influenced by xtina, as well as many other artists. As I said, bionic is a fantastic stand alone album. Sit.

  221. Lady Germ August 7, 2011

    “”Britney and Christina? Please, they birthed Gaga.””

    EXACTLY. Period, bottom line.

    Only blind, delusional, insane wackos would think that Lady Caca invented dance music and made VETERANS like Britney and Christina copy her, with something they’ve been doing for a decade already! I mean WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OF COURSE pop music was naturally, eventually doing to evolve into ELECTRO-POP.
    Lady Caca did not invent electro-pop and can not be credited for staring the trend, specially when it’s been going on in Europe for a while before, already!

    GET EDUCATED, you ignorant imbecile troll monsters.

  222. B****** please August 7, 2011

    @those that cannot do, Stan

    First off, I’m not a Stan. Secondly, Katy is absolute s*** and is the worst artist on the radio today.

    now that that’s out of the way….

    Youre not listening to me…. OBVIOUSLY GAGA DID NOT CREATE THESE ARTISTS. I never said anyone was completely copying her or anything along those lines. Yes, I know Kesha was writing for years before Gaga, and Katy had her whole Christian s*** period. Yes. I get it. I am saying that AFTER gaga came out, many artists were influenced by her sound and look and implemented parts of that, while changing it to fit them, into their own career. I never said gaga was godly. But I ask again, what would the music landscape look like today if Gaga never existed?

    And Katy does thrive in bubblegum s***. Otherwise known as BASIC s***. She IS the worst thing on radio IMO and I dont give a f*** what you have to say about that. She is the ONLY artist I have a problem with. And it kills me inside that she’s as moderately successful as she is.

  223. Lady Germ August 7, 2011

    Lady Caca was not popular in 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lady Caca was not known at all by 99% of the world’s population.

    And somehow, Lady Newbie fans want to try and convince us that Christina copied with Lady UNKNOWN, back in 2008, with the blond bangs and dance music????????

    Christina wanted to compete with an unknown???????????????????? REALLY??????????? Christina was copying someone she didn’t even know?????
    Yeah ok. That makes sense. Christina definitely went to bed thinking and dreaming about Lady Newbie and wanting to copy her. It’s very logical.

    Christina is Lady Newbie’s child. She copies Lady Newbie. Lady Newbie invented Christina and her hair. Why not? Let’s go with that.

  224. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 7, 2011

    It’s funny that someone said monsters should get out of this post.Last I checked,this is a post about Lady Gaga and Not an anti-Gaga forum.

    and to the person who keeps calling Gaga “Lady Poop Sh*t”,”Lady Newbie”,etc….two things.

    1-We all know you are the same person…why the different emails & Avatars????

    2-The way you type makes you seem no better than people like @Are You Serious???

  225. Madonnalover August 7, 2011

    Again hun, you’re losing me. Gaga is just a factor that plays into the music industry as a whole right now. Dance music/hard-hitting beats is what’s HOT right now. Everyones doing it. It’s like your putting gaga on a pedestal. Rihanna and britneys music as I stated before did not change just to compete against gaga. Britney especially. Femme fatale was just a step up from black out. Also, rihannas first single from loud, the one you named, was the only club hitting song besides s&m. The rest of it sounded nothing like gaga. It was more of a step up from GGGB. As I said before, you are giving gaga too much credit. It’s as if you’re acting like she’s the cause of a movement that was beginning before she even really got hot. R&B artists were even changing their sound to heavy hitting pop synths and they weren’t even counterparts of gaga. Stop trying to make gaga out to be more than she is.

  226. B****** please August 7, 2011

    @lady germ

    No. Brit and xtina NEVER did anything electro pop prior to gaga. They did pop, yes, but not gaga pop. I do, however, credit Gaga with successfully bringing over that style from Europe. Something many other artists have tried but failed to do.

    I am educated. Very, in fact.

    I also never said any “veterans” copied her. I said they were influenced. I suppose you only see hate though. I never bashed xtina, and while I did bash Brit, I only insulted her latest effort. Which to me, was basic. She was better before she tried to compete with gaga and had her own style that no one could compete with. Again, I’m not saying that Brit copied anyone, only that her new album is awful in comparison to her older works. I contribute that to her trying to compete with not only gaga, but Katy, Rihanna, and kesha (who you can hear had an obvious influence on her album).

    Stop looking to hate. This is a simple conversation.

  227. Lady Germ August 7, 2011

    Stop complaining about the way people type or the name “Lady Newbie”.

    Bottom line is that Lady Newbie is a newbie! It’s not a lie!

    Stop being trolls, you stupid monsters.

    Lady Newbie thinks she invented electro-pop and started that trend when in fact, pop music has been NATURALLY evolving into more dance-ish music.

    Lady Caca did NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!! Lady Caca is only good at copying Madonna and Roisin Murphy and Christina Aguilera.

    These are truths. Stay mad, monsters.

  228. Lady Germ August 7, 2011

    Again, how the F*CK was Christina wanting to compete with an UNKNOWN, back in 2008, when Christina came out with her electro pop music???????????????


    A joke.

  229. B****** please August 7, 2011

    I ask once more, since you all are avoiding this question: what would music be like today if gaga hadn’t released music?

    It’s a simple question. If you think I’m giving her to much credit, fine. Once more I tell you, I’m not a gaga Stan or little monster, but I can recognize the effect that she’s had on music in just 3 short years. Something you all seem so quick to deny. I’m not saying she altered music forever, or what she is doing is entirely original. Every time I post something the response I get is : well this artist already did that sort of thing before her! Bleh!

    Okay. My point remains that she has had an obvious effect on music, and if your answer to my first question is: it would be exactly the same, you’re retarded. You can cite any counterexample you want, but the truth is, Gaga HAS changed music. Not forever, and not in a way that other artist weren’t trying to do at the same time or already tried to do. But she did change it.

  230. Lady Germ August 7, 2011

    You’re all a bunch of brainwashed fools, easily influenced. You’ve all been successfully manipulated by the media and blogs. They managed to convince you all that Lady Caca invented everything from electro-pop music to blond wigs and shoulder pads and whatnot.

    If you want to play stupid IF ANYTHING, Christina started the elctro-pop trend in 2008. People KNEW who Christina was. NOBODY KNEW who Lady CACA was! LMAO. Excuse me while I leave and roll my eyes.

    This discussion is over.

  231. B****** please August 7, 2011

    @lady germ

    Calm yourself. Bionic wasn’t finished till 2010. You act as if it was made in a day. Regardless, for xtina anyway, I was talking mostly about her fashion. which was obviously not created till long after gaga hit the scene. Though I don’t agree with all of it, you know full well how harshly xtina was criticized for her bionic look, a lot of which, was similar to gaga. ONCE AGAIN, I’m not saying she copied. Since gaga is obviously not the creator of everything, but it just proves my point that gaga has had far reaching effects on music, fashion, and society. Xtina wasn’t the only one attacked for “copying” Gagas style, and all I’ve been trying to say is that gaga has had an undeniable effect on the music world today. Yes, I know xtina said she would make a electronic album long ago, but I’m saying that you can find a number of things, mostly stylistically in xtinas case, that were partly influenced by gaga.

  232. Keeps Getting Better August 7, 2011

    Christina started the electro-pop trend with her Keeps Getting Better song + Dynamite + Genie 2.0 + You Are What You Are

    + the blond hair + super heroine outfits

    Lady Gaga was a nobody. Her “The Fame album was flopping, ignored for several months, up to a year.


  233. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 7, 2011

    The thing is…
    I wasn’t complaining,just making an observation.

  234. Keeps Getting Better August 7, 2011

    Keeps Getting Better is from 2008. Not 2010.

    I didn’t even know Lady Gag at the time. She’s such a spammer and a clown. Her and Interscope.

  235. MadonnaLover August 7, 2011

    HOW. name ONE way she’s changed music.
    And honestly, if gaga wasnt here today music would be the SAME. point blank period!!!

  236. TOo many troublemaking newbies August 7, 2011

    You guys can talk all the sh*t you want about Lady Poop, Katy Sh*t, Justina Bieberere, Keshhai, Nickyy, Rihanete, and all those newbies.

    But you better leave Christina Voicelera alone.

    Christina never copied any of those embarrassing fools, and never will. Those claims are absolutely insane and nuts.

    And you could in fact say that Christina was the one to start the electro-pop music trend (if a single pop artist from North America must be credited for such a thing) but I actually think pop music was going there INEVITABLY anyways, so…. it’s been slowly getting more and more electro since the early 2000s…

  237. B****** please August 7, 2011

    You are right about the xtina keeps getting better thing. I forgot about that whole album lol. But honestly,cmosteople hadn’t heard that at all. And to this Madonna b****, I’ve named several ways. You have denied all, but with no facts to bring it up. If you honestly believe that music would be the same right now if she never existed, you are delusional. I never called gaga as big as Madonna or any other legend, I just said she was the making of one. I could give a f*** about your unknown reasoning for trying to convince yourself otherwise. I tried to have a nice discussion about my thoughts on this article and all you want to do is argue and ignore my points and questions. Without an open mind you are irrelevant. Goodbye,

  238. B****** please August 7, 2011

    BUT if I see one more person say I insulted xtina. I WILL go off. I said before that I and Godtina fan FIRST. It’s like I’m talking to a bunch of half deaf twits. God.

  239. corrie August 7, 2011

    Most of these artiste u guys mention are illuminati slaves nd yes the illuminati is real,the benefits it make u successful famous nd all so I don’t reali suprise @ there success sometimes,gaga born this way album was fuckry,she feel like she can be a britney spears by not doin too much nd sell which happened for born this way album but how long can it last for,fame era was the best for her..gaga will never be a britney madonna whitney nd mj interms sales.madonna is the quuen of pop she sold over 300m album brithney sold over 150m album,gaga have a next 10 to do that..anyways I mostly like underrated artistes gaga is a copy cat beyonce is the biggest copy cat in music,nd its fuuny how ppl don’t realize how there are bein brainwashed..

  240. Gagalo!!!!(Aka African…) August 7, 2011

    Lllloool It’s just too much funny how people are saying that Gaga’s stan hate on Bee and troll the others artists post!!! Excuse me how the hell you have rih stans on every Gaga’s post saying: ” Lady caca, lady blah blah, lady… she’s ugly, weid, not-s***, gimmick, she will died…” How many times rih’s stans blast Gaga’s success with their stupid 10#1???? Rih’s stans are the most mean toward Gaga, they always make pollution on Gaga’s post with their hate! And Many Gaga’s stans(include me) are Bee’s stans or fans, i only see “ARE YOU SERIOUS” trash Bee! Seriously i just can’t with hypocritical people and most of delusional rih’s stans are arrogant, bitter and hypocrit exactly like their fave when it’s came to Gaga!!!!! i’m done! bye!!!!

  241. 4FlopStayInYourLaneBiotch(Beehive B****** Got Me Laughing) August 7, 2011

    Gaga needs to remove her head from her own ass and begin making fun dance music again, BTW was horrible because she takes herself and her music too seriously and the music has now taken a backseat to the gimmicks.

  242. Gagalo!!!!(Aka African…) August 7, 2011

    And Stop this nosense b******* about Gaga want to bee Madge! She did not, she way too smart and know, that NO-F*****-BODY WILL BE THE NEXT MADGE!( MJ, Queen, Prince, Madge, Janis, Jimy, Jim, Pink-Floyd….) are Hystoric, no-one gonna match them!! Gaga is trying diffent think, like your god rih( does rih from Music of the sun is the same rih from RR & Loud?) Ohhh Nooo!!! Does that mean shy’s trying to be someone else???? Llllool you just f***** blind and hypocrit when Is Gaga!!!

  243. MusicFan August 7, 2011

    @MadonnaLover, wait… first I’m delusional, but in the middle of the post I’m a sane monster..? I don’t get it… #NoHostility, but I do agree with you, she won’t be queen anytime soon. I’d give it 15-20years. To be honest, while Madonna had great success with recent albums, she still had to peak somewhere in her career and that was probably Like A Prayer. I do however understand completely that Gaga has only had 3 albums. She’s got a long way to go I’ve always said. She needs to continue to reinvent. I personally think Gaga is one of the artists that I think will have a lot of longevity. I’m sure Madonna was overexposed back in the 80s/early 90s as well, but she is still fairly relevant. Again, I just think it was too much change in a small amount of time, so people just couldn’t take all this “Born This Way, Judas” stuff. It just hit people to quickly how she went from songs like Poker Face and Bad Romance to Judas and Born This Way.

    @RihannaIsTheBest, well.. I think Beyonce is this generation’s Donna Summer or Diana Ross. She reminds me of them SO much. She’s a great performer, singer, and entertainer in general. Of course, she’s not at the legendary level yet, but I do think she will get there one day. She just needs to continue to prove her longevity, and her album sales have done just that. The fact that she had NO number one singles, leaked album, and sold in a week what takes others to sell in longer time proves she has potential. That’s just what I think though..

    @IStan4Gaga, Hey! Are we the only Monsters left here? Haha.

    I also wanna say that there is an IMMENSE amount of racism up in this blog. I mean what does race have anything to do with anything? Beyonce is black, Rihanna is black, etc and they have great success, so what’s the deal people? Just stop trying to put race into everything…

  244. lady messy August 7, 2011

    Lady Excrement is superbly annoying. The biggest Halloween motherfwaker I’ve seen.
    The biggest rarara-roma-roma-juda-juda-parazzi-parazzi-poker-poker-face-face-tele-tele-telephone-gaga-gaga-oh-la-la-ra-ra-ro-ro-reh-reh-judas idiotic lyricist on Earth.

    This overwhelmingly huge fwaktard needs to vanish. How is her fwakery allowed and tolerated?

    I can’t wait for her extermination, banning from the music industry in the year 2015.

  245. Heavy Metal Lover August 7, 2011

    I cannot believe people are saying Gaga needs to go back to The Fame era. Why? That whole era was just typical Pop/Dance music like Britney, Ke$ha and Katy Perry which is why that album sold 12-13 million WW. The songs on The Fame Monster were much more dark and had actual meanings such as Speechless, Bad Romance, Dance in the Dark, Teeth and Monster. Born This Way has songs that are much deeper and dark such as Bloody Mary, Electric Chapel, Judas, Heavy Metal Lover, Government Hooker and songs with real meanings like Schiebe, Hair, Americano, Black Jesus, The Edge of Glory and You and I. The reason why Gaga is constantly promoting this album is because she wants this album to be bought based on it’s own merit. She doesn’t want to release a bunch of bubbly Pop/Dance songs like Britney, Rihanna, Katy and Ke$ha just to get a #1 single. Born This Way, musically, shits on Rihanna’s, Britney’s, Katy’s and Ke$ha’s enitre discographies without a doubt because it’s a real body of work and not a bunch of dance songs compiled together. Gaga is an artist who doesn’t have to worry about her singles always going to #1 on the Hot 100. Born This Way is approaching 4 million in WW in just 2 months while Teenage Dream is only at 3.75 million WW with 4 #1s, Loud has 3 #1s and is only at 4.6 million WW and Femme Fatale is only at 1.5 million WW after 5 months. Yes Britney has sold over 100 million records, but her music is the most generic Pop ever created which is why she sold that much. Britney, Rihanna, Katy and Ke$ha will never ever have albums comparable to Born This Way and especially The Fame Monster. Lady Gaga is a true recording artist = vocalist, performer, writer, producer, arranger, those are things the other Pop girls no nothing about. She’s a trained pianist and vocalist, she knows the art of performing because she went to NYU theater school, so she knows to give people that WOW factor when she’s performing. Gaga has not peaked IMHO. Gaga will have peaked when she’s literally on every magazine cover, TV show, radio station, awards show, celebrity red carpet event, movie premiere in Hollywood and the general topic of everyone’s competition. Yeah, she a lot of places now, but she’s far from her peak. At least Gaga’s music speaks for itself.

  246. Bobby Bulgaria August 7, 2011


    Yeah, Gaga came up and became famous with that typical Pop/Dance music exactly and it’s not a coincidence…

    That’s what people wanted and what they still want now… I liked her previous songs too… No need for her “evolution”…

    If it’s not broken, don’t fix it…

  247. Beyonce Is Gorgeous August 7, 2011


  248. jojo August 7, 2011

    @Gagalo!!!!(Aka African…)
    um skin from ray of light sounds nothingggg at all like skin from loud……f***** r*****
    S&m is is nowhere close to the freakiness of erotica or as artistic and simple as human naturre sooooooooo were done…………um fefe dobson was like wannabe rockstar and gggb had a more s*** pop star image and who the f*** copies fefe…i mean music of the sun has sold more than all fefe albums so why would rihanna want to copy that……and janet didnt wear her red hair is as many different ways as rihanna, janet just wore it curly and britney and that no time in toxic is foolishness

    @heavy metal lover

    um all i have to say is rated r had better reviews than born this way sooo yea and born this way has sold 3 million w.w while loud has sold 5(yes 5 b**** 5, get it right) and the only reason why it sold that much was because of amazon.f***** com…………600,000 from amazon is basically cheating…..so yea she got to that million in the u.s quick and that 2 million first week worlwide quick cause of amazon but if BTW was sellin like that first week it would be way pass 3.5 million……

    im done

  249. jojo August 7, 2011

    and no i dont think she peaked too quickly i think this is just her rated r phase and people just dont like that dark s*** for the most part but i dont think her music is epic……cause you can rarely get any emotion out of gagas songs…..cause you never know what she is talkin about…..its just a bunch of words tthat rhyme mashed together and called pop music(example..papperatzi.bad romance.alejandro.poker face.edge of glory) and jsut cuz she writes it and gives it a great video and says it represents……. you dumb people say its art and she is a artist…….now im not a hater or stupid……..i respect the fact that she writes it and it sounds very original and not pop radio(though it is dance music) like loud or parts of teenge dream and kesha and britney but u people act like she is the only person to ever do that………when gggb came out the radio was not all pop but gggb kind of was the leader in that trend and also rated r was very bold and different and nothin like pop radio at all but rated r had emotion and the lyrics made sense and where poetic and rihanna co – wrote 9 of the 12 songs so yea…………….rated r was the s*** and born this way is nowhere near as great…..and rated r gt better reviews but the fame and fame monster are better thaan loud but gggb and the fame are equally good when it comes to pop(though i like gggb better)

    anyways no i dont think gaga peaked i think katy has peaked and you will seee either gaga and rihanna battleing it out for our generations pop queen for years to come


  250. Those That Cannot Do, Stan August 7, 2011

    @B****** Please –

    “But I ask again, what would the music landscape look like today if Gaga never existed?”

    A further evolution of pop music as if she never existed, and that’s the reality. No one artist has ever significantly changed the music scene so you can say other artists adapted to them in the span of 1 YEAR. Pop music was always going to end up becoming electro-pop/dance/b******* because music as a whole evolves. I can’t give Gaga credit for that because it makes no sense.

    “And Katy does thrive in bubblegum s***. Otherwise known as BASIC s***.”

    No offense but even with all the heavy symbolism and unicorns Gaga’s music is still basic s***…that’s why she’s a pop singer…because if she was really aiming for deep music with a true meaning she’d go for a harder genre where she isn’t marketed to 12 yr olds. She’s a pop singer because its easy money and she can easily fool people into thinking she’s a true lyrical intellectual when she’s’ still pretty basic.

    “She IS the worst thing on radio IMO and I dont give a f*** what you have to say about that.”

    Nothing to say because I don’t give a f***.

    “She is the ONLY artist I have a problem with. And it kills me inside that she’s as moderately successful as she is.”

    A lot more than moderately, honestly I don’t give a f***. She’s a pop singer and a pop singer is a pop singer is a pop singer.I only respect her for embracing what she is and thriving off that. She’s been smart enough to switch up her image with each video and what people expect from her but still give them enough familiarity that she’s expected to produce some good (fun) music and she still has room to grow. I believe Gaga has peaked partially because she has little room to go where she’ll still shock people. She can never don a new meat dress, can never emerge from an egg, she can’t top the shocking s*** she’s already done and thats where her music on this album will bite her in her ass because her singles beyond Born This Way and Edge of Glory haven’t really charted as successfully and in terms of sound…unless she really just strips all the excessive down to barely anything and presents an essentially naked normal not hiding behind anything Gaga folks will get tired. Unfortunately I think she’s scared to do that so we’ll see where she goes from here.

  251. lola August 8, 2011

    Okay so…. this is my problem with Gaga, she tries too hard! She has a decent voice and a bunch of creative ideas, but she copies Madonna, Bjork, Grace Jones, David Bowie, and Boy George to a T. Plus, her music videos are really retarded. Her dancing is so damn ridiculous and she humiliates herself in every one of her performances. To be honest, I’ve never been impressed or entertained by any of her performances. She has this gaudy, grand set, with flamboyant costumes and does some outrageous stunt, and yet, her performances are very boring. She’s a damn fool and needs to stay off of that crack! She’s in the same boat with Rihanna, Katy, and Kesha. Her music has no substance and makes no sense. Her songs now-a-days have more “meaning” than the last ones, but the music sucks and is tacky. It pisses me off that the majority of people in this world are so stupid and superficial. They see something wild and flashy and are intrigued by it. Then, after all the hype is gone, they no longer want to support it and move on to the next big thing. I was shocked to read that Gaga has sold 5 million copies of BTW so far. Huh? Her album is declining on all the charts worldwide. I would say she has sold 3 million so far. But if she has sold 5 million so far, she’ll only sell another 1 million worldwide and selling 6 million, half of what you sold before is a huge disappointment! I bet with her next album, hardly anyone is going to be interested. Yeah she’ll go platinum, but she will only sell like 3-4 million which is sad for someone of her status. She’s made millions and broke records, but she doesn’t have longevity.

  252. Jlos#1 Fan August 8, 2011


  253. Tracey August 9, 2011

    Britney was doing electropop way before anyone knew who Gaga was. Gaga’s biggest influence in the music world is popstars with no pants.

  254. Tracey August 9, 2011

    I read all these comments and the only thing I can think about is that I CAN’T BELIEVE LADY GAGA IS YOUNGER THAN KATY PERRY! Is that true bc sometimes Sam just writes crap that isn’t true.

  255. Alison March 3, 2014

    You’re f****** irrelevant now – a nobody, and never likely to be anybody! RedOne is the top producer in the world, along with Dr Luke. Max Martin is just an irrelevant nobody now, latching onto new talent. F*** off!

  256. Alison March 3, 2014

    Actually the figures you quote are a f****** joke! Britney has done 45 million at best. Stop quoting random wikipedia s*** and do some proper research!

  257. Alison March 3, 2014

    Stop comparing Madonna to Lady Gaga! Madonna had years and years to develop. She started in the 80s which was a totlally different time and market. The music industry was still growing and artists were not threatened with the axe if they didn’t debut in the top 10! Had Madonna started in this century and had the kind of showing she had in the 80s, the record label would have dropped her like a bad habit and no one would know who she was now. Artists are no longer given time to develop – the record companies want instant success. Sadly when you peak straight away there’s nowhere else to go but that’s not Lady Gaga’s fault.

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