Lady Gaga Spotted At Britney Spears Concert

Published: Sunday 7th Aug 2011 by Rashad

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Whilst the media and stans alike have pitted the pop princesses against each other, Lady Gaga‘s guesting of Britney Spears‘ concert this weekend might help silence the rumors.

The ‘Poker Face’ singer (who has written quite a bit for Spears) was spotted in the crowd and, when acknowledged by Britney, was greeted with a thunderous applause from concert attendees.  See the action below:

Whether there for support or comedy, it appears Gaga poker face came in handy was entertained

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  1. BEYONCE fan August 7, 2011


  2. Nana Applehead (Nana Yaw) August 7, 2011

    At least she was normal this time.

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN August 7, 2011


  4. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 7, 2011

    These girls are giving me more than I want right now!!!YAAAAAAASSSSSSSS Brit…talking to the crowd, shouting out GaGa, being confident, looking HOT.GOOOOOOOOO.And GaGa, you had better stan girl.I love how she bowed down to Britney

  5. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 7, 2011

    @BEYONCE FAN lol.You almost made me believe that you’re serious.Your sarcasm is out of this world

  6. Nana Applehead (Nana Yaw) August 7, 2011

    Lmfao Sam is now advertising condoms on his site. I bet the next thing will be d***** and s** v********!

  7. SelenaFabulousGomezFan August 7, 2011

    I like GaGa but does she have to dress like a slore all the time?

  8. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 7, 2011

    @TGJ Comic Relief???What are you talking about???This wasn’t even good shade, if you were going for shade.Comic relief is a humorous/funny part before a tragedy or a work of drama.What is the tragedy that GaGa’s presence precedes???

  9. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 7, 2011

    It seem like ppl were more happy to see GaGa instead of Britney

  10. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 7, 2011

    So much for comments like “F*** Caca! She always throw shade at GODney.She hate GODney.”

    Sam,you are late with this post.I already knew Gaga went to Britney’s concert this morning….

  11. YeaBey Got the True Tea August 7, 2011

    Critics said that this show was the best one out of her whole Femme Fatale Tour, good for her

  12. SHESDUMB August 7, 2011

    [email protected] POKER FACE CAME IN HANDY!!!!


  13. SHESDUMB August 7, 2011



  14. HereIAm August 7, 2011

    gaga’s outfit is very Christina Aguilera’s Tough Lover from Burlesque….just sayin

  15. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 7, 2011

    Britney looked a f***** mess….. 😥

    Wat happend to her epic costumes and dance moves??? 😥

  16. Kellymotivation August 7, 2011

    LADY GAGA must have had a good laugh…….

  17. bey’knight August 7, 2011


    How can they tell? would they have been to every stop?

  18. Malibu Barbie August 7, 2011

    GaGa came to see her competition or she came to support britney… not sure which 1

  19. YeaBey Got the True Tea August 7, 2011

    Honestly I don’t know, I read it somewhere on ATRL

  20. Malibu Barbie August 7, 2011

    DEAD at her concert going HAM for GAGA … its sweet but then it was mad shade to britney… Britney is the QUEEN of POP … her and Gaga share that crown Madonna is like the godmother…
    but brit is LEGEND tho..all pop star girls follow her path

  21. Malibu Barbie August 7, 2011

    but wudnt that make brit nervous tho>>. performing while gaga is in the room.. imagine rihanna performing knowing beyonce is front row.. PRESSURE

  22. hd live August 7, 2011

    gaga is so lucky

  23. JohnVidal August 7, 2011

    Gaga was there to have a laugh!!! LOL Only seeing Britney dancing when that song started at the end is enough to make you laugh
    Anyway, now serious, I have to say the 2 of them are good people when they talk about other artists

  24. bey’knight August 7, 2011

    i doubt it’s true, it doesnt make sense for anyone critic to make a statement like. once they give their review, that’s it.. prolly came from a random hyped Britney/Gaga fan

  25. Skin. August 7, 2011

    @U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey)

    Britney looked a f***** mess….. 😥

    Wat happend to her epic costumes and dance moves??? 😥


    YES! You right, where are the EPIC costumes and her s*** dance ? 😥
    Britney is not what it was..but,I LOVE HER!
    Is my idol, I have nothing to do!!! 🙁
    ..and, GaGa look awesome.
    Britney and GaGa seem HAPPY!

    #For My Idol, BRITNEY SPEARS! Love you Britney!

  26. Skin. August 7, 2011

    ..and, I love you HATERS!

  27. Tc23 August 7, 2011

    okay I need to speak on this britney legend crap britney is NO LEGEND not even in the making.. legends are madonna, janet, prince, or legends in the makin are ppl like beyonce, usher I can’t say gaga yet cuz she hasn’t been around long enough but legends are ppl doin as well if not better 20 and 30 years in the game .. Britney was “good” the first 7 years of her career and completely lost all spark that’s no legend .. Britney should be at the top of her game now or not hav even peaked yet at all .. Being good for not even a decade then completely fallin off ur makes u a tragedy not a a legend .. .. Britney and legend should not be in the same sentence jus cheapens the whole meaning a of a true LEGEND

  28. Musicfan August 7, 2011

    Lol. Gaga better stan!!! Bowing down to Britney! Haha I f****** love her.

    Gaga=#BritneyStan, #BeyStan

  29. FEMME FATALE: ALBUM OF THE YEAR August 7, 2011

    @BEYONCEFAN U idiot, Beyonce’s songs are following and Britney’s songs are all entering TOP 10.. Britney is strong enough to rock and still very successful whereas Floponce is a HAS BEEN monkey.Rihanna kicks Floponce’s ass lol

  30. Skin. August 7, 2011


    You finished?!
    Okay, THAT is your opinion!
    EVERYONE have a opinion be GOOD or BAD !
    So, thancks for your opinion. Love ya`!!

  31. S*** August 7, 2011


    H** HUSH!!

    Your favs can Not See Beyonce.


  32. Crave12 August 7, 2011

    @femmefatale .. Yeah britneys songs are entering top 10 but her album is coming on its 6th month and hasn’t even hit platinum in the US (stuck around 700000) and that’s coming from a woman whose last album debutted with over 500000 so yeah beys singles may only be slowly goin up the charts but beyonces album is eating up britneys and that’s jus the facts

  33. Skin. August 7, 2011


    STOP IT! Beyonce is Beyonce and Britney is Britney!

    and @Beyonce FAN/STAN : Do NOT listen !

  34. Brendan August 7, 2011


  35. Skin. August 7, 2011



  36. MusicFan August 7, 2011

    I think it was a great gesture to come to Britney’s concert on behalf of Gaga.

  37. Skin. August 7, 2011

    You will be watching to Teen Choice Awards 2011 ? 😀

  38. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 7, 2011

    Even if the stans don’t get along,I LOVE how the book of trinity at Stan for (or at least keep cool with) each other.

  39. Skin. August 7, 2011



  40. DD August 7, 2011

    @TC23 PREACH!!

  41. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 7, 2011

    @QUEENBEY Who gave you the right to call me a ‘b****’.First of all, I’m guy so the word is incorrect and secondly you don’t know me so you better keep it cute and polite.And what you said doesn’t make sense.If GaGa wanted to do something for the audience, she would take a bow, not bow down.Brit sent her a kiss, GaGa sent Britney a kiss and then she bowed down to Britney.

  42. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 7, 2011

    I love how Britney,Beyonce,& Gaga Stan for each other(or just keep cool.)


  43. whimsicalfire August 7, 2011

    Its soooooooooo cool to see two females in the industry showing each other support!!
    Lets stop the popstars army wars and support them all.
    Whether you fav is Britney, (Go Britneys B******!!!) , Beyonce, Gaga, Rihanna. Keysha, Katy, or any other female force!!!
    Girls do run the world!

  44. Ayo_ronnnie August 7, 2011

    Idk why ppl pay to see Britney smh

  45. MusicFan August 7, 2011

    While I like how Gaga is doing everything herself, I personally would find it cool if she collaborated with Britney. Madonna passed on her Queen powers to Britney through a kiss, maybe Britney can pass some on to Gaga through a performance at the VMA’s? :O


  46. MusicFan August 7, 2011

    I would much rather it be Madonna and Gaga though. It’d be nice to have the Queen of Pop meet the current princess. It’d be so epic to see them perform at the VMA’s this year. MTV has been saying they have a lot of surprises for us. Imagine having Madonna perform one of her new tracks for her album at the start of the show and toward the end of the song, we see Gaga pop up from under the stage with her pyro-bra on and starts singing Scheiße with Madonna and then they kill the choreography. OMG, that’d be epic.

  47. La-Q August 7, 2011

    Shitting on your stans. Gaga and brit. Especially on that thirsty ass Rihana.

  48. Gilberto August 7, 2011

    Lady Gaga went there thinking it was a stand-up comedy show. And she was right.

  49. Reach August 7, 2011

    and she still cudn’t find any clothes to put on.

  50. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 7, 2011


    Wat da hell are u talkin about???

    U have me confused with someone else………thats how s*** get started wen ppl read without comprehened.

  51. U wanna rumble with the bees huh??? (queenbey) August 7, 2011


  52. aisha aguilera keys August 7, 2011

    Well, good for both of them. Guess it would be too much to hope that something like this happens for her and Aguilera.

  53. DC3 FOREVER August 7, 2011

    @AISHA AGUILERA KEYS Like Christina would even have a concert LMAO!

  54. Queen Beyonce Stann August 7, 2011

    O.O @ Her Bowing To Britney, Really B****.


  55. sotrue August 7, 2011

    Britney respects Gaga and Gaga has been doing a lot lately to so the ‘I’m a regular’ girl side…Britney is one of the nicest people in music and no matter what folks think of her talent, she’s still around and getting hits..

  56. Dumpy August 7, 2011

    I bet gaga was there to find “Inspirations” to steal 🙂

  57. JER August 7, 2011

    flawless the 2 of them together!

  58. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 7, 2011

    @QUEENBEY Look, I REALLY apologise.I was talking to SHESDUMB but you both have Beyonce as your gravatars, so I made a mistake.I’m TRULY SORRY…

  59. lol August 7, 2011

    so can we call a cease fire on the britney vs Gaga stan wars im just saying (im talking too you to sam)

  60. coolkidd08 August 7, 2011


  61. SMH AT SOME PEOPLE HERE (IS†ANN4GAGA) August 7, 2011

    Dead at someone saying Gaga came to steal…

    Take several seats for that comment.

  62. jamir21: I STAN 4 THE BEEHIVE&THE NAVY !!!! August 7, 2011

    Yay two of my faves in the same building !

  63. HereIAm August 7, 2011

    Ok for those of you making negative comments about Christina, (mostly teens between 13-17 years of age)…Christina hasn’t been on tour in over 4 years so you have no idea how much of an amazing concert Christina can put on. Have you seen Stripped and Back to Basics tour?

    All you delusional Gaga, Rihanna and Britney stans better prepare yourself for Christina’s 2012 comeback! She’s really going to sink them back in to the ground and remind the world why we fell in love with her!

    Your favs could never compare to Christina’s talent because they all rely on gimmicks, antics and s** to sell! All we have to do is hear Christina’s voice on a beautiful song and we’re hooked. Christina doesn’t need to wear a lobster on her head, put in red tracks or rely on stage theatrics just to put on a good show.

  64. onyx August 7, 2011

    I love Britney and Gaga

  65. kerron August 7, 2011

    the only people that pins stans against either other is u SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Gagalo!!!!(Aka African…) August 7, 2011

    August 7, 2011 at 5:38 pm
    I would much rather it be Madonna and Gaga though. It’d be nice to have the Queen of Pop meet the current princess. It’d be so epic to see them perform at the VMA’s this year. MTV has been saying they have a lot of surprises for us. Imagine having Madonna perform one of her new tracks for her album at the start of the show and toward the end of the song, we see Gaga pop up from under the stage with her pyro-bra on and starts singing Scheiße with Madonna and then they kill the choreography. OMG, that’d be epic.

    _Lllol that would be sooo niiiice! Madge, GrandMom-pop & Momy-Monster(and maybe with Grace Jones too?!!):-)

    I will always love Bri-bri, cause she’s such a nice person and she uses to blow my mind in the Zone era! But this Brit just… i don’t need the same brit, cause it’s normal people change, it’s just she lost the fever&passion!!

  67. Mike August 7, 2011

    Love it. There really will never be anything that she can do right tje haters are always gonna hate. Shame.

  68. Rihanna hard candy/ Rihanna is the best! You will deal! August 7, 2011

    That was nice!!!! But we all know know celebrities get in other’s concerts free or they don’t mind blowin money cuz they so rich. Omg! Ppl stop throwin shade at gaga! She rly isn’t that bad. And she can perform a lot better than britney nowadays. Haha.

  69. ARE YOU SERIOUS? August 8, 2011





  70. Emmi3 August 8, 2011

    so happy to see this…haters go eat your own s*** youve been spreading around ..the hate you shared…now bite it ..

  71. Emmi3 August 8, 2011

    as a beyonce fan i call out to those beyonce fans here on thatgrape juice….beyonce has always been a humble sweet person…and professional need to hate…and she has only been positief about both artist…bout how she loved them as person …so for yall to be ugly in here and hating…Queen Be wouldnt have liked that at all…you become a queen cause your giving your humble your lovely your @top of your game and you run it ! not because of hating…or what ever…thats why she is almost never in the magazines about her private life…she aint no gossip no drama no hate….so shouldnt yall be …love the respect tha artist show for each other…music should be fun and be inspiring and bounding people…and not to hate or spread the hate …if you have a miserable life …find something positieve to do ..dont stick and give in to your misery….

  72. nice_gurl August 8, 2011

    Nice to see Gaga’s support for Britney and Britney’s support for Gaga.

  73. lola August 8, 2011

    LOL at that picture of Gaga. She looks like an old hooker just enjoying Britney’s lame show. I’m sorry but this is so damn embarassing. Gaga is bigger than Britney and Britney is supposed to be some type of “legend.” That’s nice of them to support each other instead of Britney tearing Gaga apart and saying she stole her style like how Lil Kim’s stank, ghetto, black ass does to Nicki, but let’s face it, Britney is pathetic. She can’t dance anymore, never could sing, doesn’t even bother to sing live, and doesn’t have any stage presence. Plus, her body aint what it used to be. The only time her fans at that show heard her live is when she announced that Gaga was there! Gaga is a gimmick and doesn’t have that great of a voice, but at least she can actually sing and sings live. Gaga is inspired more by Madonna/copies Madonna, Grace Jones, and Bjork.

  74. Bobby Bulgaria August 8, 2011

    Well, on this pic Gaga looks like some kind of a DOG…

    And she just went there to get some IDEAS, you know… 🙂

  75. JohnVidal August 8, 2011

    I think that too! LOL

  76. The Perrylicious is taking over… ( A living legend on TGJ ) August 8, 2011

    Done talking s***??
    Britney’s Femme Fatale tours sold out why mad??
    Gaga is just a stupid s*** there. 😀

  77. AndySaysSmile August 8, 2011

    That awkward moment when people think it’s impossible for GaGa to like Britney…Listen, if GaGa didn’t want to see her live she wouldn’t have gone, simple as that. Do you really think people tell GaGa what to do? Bitter ass b****** on this site wind the f*** outta me.

  78. YOOSONDALOOSE August 8, 2011

    Glad to see artists supporting each other!

  79. Truth Seeker August 8, 2011

    Aww…That’s really sweet. Girl Power (lol, so corny I know). 🙂

  80. Lady Caca insists on keeping the Aguilera wig anyone with two eyes can see the resemblance August 8, 2011

    Lady Caca makes of Britney’s non-live singing and now this?

    It’s just more proof that Lady Caca is a liar and demented, deranged person.

  81. Lady merde August 8, 2011

    Lady Excrement is superbly annoying. The biggest Halloween motherfwaker I’ve seen.
    The biggest rarara-roma-roma-juda-juda-parazzi-parazzi-poker-poker-face-face-tele-tele-telephone-gaga-gaga-oh-la-la-ra-ra-ro-ro-reh-reh-judas idiotic lyricist on Earth.

    This overwhelmingly huge fwaktard needs to vanish. How is her fwakery allowed and tolerated?

    I can’t wait for her extermination, banning from the music industry in the year 2015.

  82. Lady wtf August 8, 2011

    This wacko makes fun and disrespects Britney and then goes to see Britney on tour?

    Lady Crazy is a troll.

    Period. A fwacking joke. A mockery of a insane clown.

    Why does this b****** have fans? Her fans are LITERALLY monsters and trolls. LITERALLY, CLEARLY.

    A MESS. 100%.

  83. Lady eww August 8, 2011

    How cute. Lady Caca in a Britney concert. Why? TO STEAL BRITNEY’S WIGS AND DANCE MOVES??????????

    MOST DEFINITELY PROBABLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lady I-became-famous-when-my-team-sabotaged-Christina-Aguilera, Lady I-cannot-riff-do-runs-or-adlib-properly-I-sound-like-a-try-hard-wannabe-at-all-times would NEVER DARE SHOW HER FACE to one of LEGENDTINA VOICELERA shows!!!!!!!!

    Lady Caca would p*** her pants and cry in fear and envy.

  84. Christina Aguilera August 8, 2011



    Lady Caca watched Christina’s Burlesque movie and started to cry when she realized she’d never be pretty like normal Xtina, instead of ugly like a deformed alien. She also cried when she understood that she’d NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS HAVE CHRISTINA’S INCREDIBLY OUTSTANDING, LEGENDARY AND EPIC VOCAL ABILITIES AND STYLE.

    Lady Caca would get so angry, jealous and have seizures if she saw Christina Aguilera live, instead of Britney Spears. HAHAHAHAHA!!!

    Lame Lady newbie plagiarist wannabe is soooooooo LAME to me.

  85. Lady Horse Teeth August 8, 2011

    Lady Horse looks like a d*mn quadruped mammal. With her horse dentition and jaw.

    Look at the horse smiling, while watching a lip-syncing person. Didn’t Lady Chimpanzee repeat many times that she didn’t approve of lip-syncinness?

    What the fok. If this is not trolling, I don’t know what it is.

  86. Gerard August 8, 2011

    Love Britney, I was there she sang live. The crowd cheered for Gaga but of course Britney got the biggest applause when she came in.

  87. Tracey August 8, 2011

    Lady Gaga looks pretty happy. Must have been a good show.

  88. ME August 10, 2011

    For all of those that think Bey went platinum…she shipped Platinum…a big difference. He actual sales are under 600,000. They released that statement because they didn;t want the CD to appear to be a FLOP. Gaga and Katy Perry the only chicks shutting all these girls down.

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