Nicole Scherzinger Bumps ‘Killer Love’ US Release Date To…

Published: Thursday 4th Aug 2011 by David

Many of her fans were expecting the US version of her LP ‘Killer Love‘ to hit stores in coming weeks, but in a recent interview Nicole Scherzinger has revealed that the album will instead be released later on this year.

Find out when below…

Whilst this is not the news some of her supports were hoping for, the album will be sure to benefit as a result of this pushback.

As with X Factor USA (which Nicole is of course a judge on) set to be in the midst of its first season around the same time, ‘Killer Love’ will be sure to receive maximum exposure and therefore generate higher sales figures for the performer.

British celebrity Cheryl Cole enjoyed chart success with her own LPs by releasing them during the airing of X Factor UK of which she was formerly a judge on and it seems that Team Nicole is hoping to score similar results in the US.

Here’s to hoping this strategy does for the ‘Right There‘ singer what she is hoping it will.

For if the response the album received in the United Kingdom is anything to by, this may just be the record that will elevate her to a place so many of her fans believe she should already be.

Your thoughts?

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  1. rihanna fan August 4, 2011


  2. Sam has a small ego (queenbey) August 4, 2011

    I wonder do her ass hurt from alllllllllllll that flopping…….

  3. TYLER August 4, 2011

    I Predict 1K the first week. and an over all sales to be 3k and thats reaching!

  4. HottieHellYeahh – Queen Of Dragging August 4, 2011

    Hahah she became such a h**..

    i MISS PCD!

    smh @ her

  5. Sam has a small ego (queenbey) August 4, 2011

    She keep doin……

  6. YOOSONDALOOSE August 4, 2011

    Good luck, the UK version was pretty decent!

  7. Gojira August 4, 2011

    Just like her last solo album – delayed until it was eventually cancelled. @ least this time she managed 1 hit (even tho it peaked @ #39 – it still counts as a Top 40 hit). She should just stick to the UK where she’s popular — kinda like Kylie Minogue.

  8. Linda Elroy August 4, 2011

    She isn’t even that successful in the UK really. Her singles have performed decently (DHYB in particular obviously) but the album still bombed. It went it at number 7 and dropped right down the next week. She has a long way to go to be considered a success.

    She also had no choice but to push back the album release and try to benefit from X Factor. The first single only charted in the 70s after all.

  9. Treyy August 4, 2011

    Linda Elroy,

    the f*** are you talking about. “Poison” reached #3 in the UK. “Don’t Hold Your Breath” was #1 and “Right There” reached #3 as well. How is she not that successful? Her singles have done better over there than people like Beyonce, Britney, etc.

  10. Daz August 4, 2011

    Some people do nothing but hate. The girl has had 1 No.1 single and 2 singles charted at No3. How is that not successful ? Give credit wheres it due. Would of thought girls would be giving praise where its due to fellow females but clearly not, All you girls that hate do nothing but b****. Id love to see you make an album get up and sing on stage and see how well you do 🙂

  11. Shawn152 August 4, 2011

    That’s not pushed up ! that’s pushed back. Her album was suppose to come out at the end of this month !!!

  12. d August 4, 2011

    What was with the random hair flip towards the end of the video?? Lmao

  13. Sam has a small ego (queenbey) August 4, 2011

    Anybody can get a #1 in the U.K….

    JSL anyone???

  14. MaZ August 4, 2011

    She will killed it! Haters fall back!

  15. BEYONSAY August 4, 2011

    I went to her show there, and she KILLED IT! Honestly guys, shes an amazing performer and the b**** can sing. so I dont understand the hate, she has no beef with no one…shes beautiful, she hasnt flopped…like really?

  16. TruthTella101 August 4, 2011

    No duh her wannabe “What’s My Name?” flopped! “Right There” is SUCH an annoying song.

    I liked her best with PCD. She is in NO position to be judging on X Factor-US. She has such a tiny amount of fame and success to her name as a solo act its not even funny!

    She is def a hit or miss artist. “Right There” was a huge MISS, adding 50, made it NO better. On to the next one.

    She better hope X Factor can sell her wannabe Beyonce/Jennifer Lopez/_______(insert multiple celeb names in here) self to sell records. Because who really would pay big bucks to see her on tour without her DOLLS!

  17. Tiff August 4, 2011

    I have to admit, I LOVE that song “Right There” I have it as my ringtone.

    But I really don’t see this album doing well.

  18. YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life August 4, 2011

    I like Right There but to be honest, even though I’m NOT a fan of Rihanna, the song would have done way better if she sang it because it has an island vibe…

    Why is that all of Ester Dean’s songs either have an island vibe or a repetitive chorus with lots of ohs, and ah’s and na na’s

  19. Aryo August 4, 2011

    yess, this is so great, she needs x factor to show americans that how talented she is, so that ppl are gonna buy her album, oh and F*** YOU hater, lol

  20. nice_gurl August 4, 2011

    This is a great decision. The fans may not like it but by releasing it when on X Factor will make sales higher.

  21. nicole should just give it up! August 5, 2011

    high sales to 30,000.

    I predict a CIARA sales figures!!!

  22. Just Sayin’ August 5, 2011

    @HottieHellYeahh – Queen Of Dragging: Became? I don’t see anything different about her, so if you think she’s a h** then shouldn’t you have always thought that?

    @Gojira This one looks pretty certain to still come out though. And good point. I’ve often thought the same thing. If she chooses better (US) singles though I think she might start doing well, and X Factor will probably help a lot like it did with J-LO.

    I do want to say something about Kylie though. I actually think Kylie would do really well here (especially given the current dance-pop popularity in the US) if Kylie actually released more than one single per album (if even that here) and actually didn’t change around her singles for the US audiences and chose actual dance ones. It’d also help if she’d promote her songs, music videos and cds more here as well. And it’d really help if she released her albums at the same time in the US as everywhere else.

    @Linda Elroy You obviously haven’t been keeping up with the charts. “Right There” managed to peak at #39 in the US here recently, becoming her first Top 40 hit.

    @Shawn152 Yeah the title’s kind of misleading. It would be better to say she “pushed back” her album than “bumps” it because usually “bump” means “bumped up”.

    @Sam has a small ego (queenbey): Don’t you mean JLS? Lol.

    @MaZ “She will killed it”? Not to nitpick, but don’t you mean “She will kill it” or “She killed it!”?

    @TruthTella101 “wannabe “What’s My Name?”” I wouldn’t call it a wannabe any song, but if I was I’d call it more of a wannabe “Rude Boy” than what’s my name. (since the same person is behind Right There/Rude Boy”

    And “Right There” didn’t flop. It actually managed to peak at #39, so you can technically consider it a “Top 40” hit. It just took a while to reach that point, for some reason.

    And why does fame and success matter regarding his judging/mentor position on US X Factor? I don’t see why how popular or successful someone is affects how good of a judge/mentor they are. I’ve seen some very popular and successful artists who make sucky judges/mentors and some unpopular/unsuccessful artists who make great judges /mentors so that doesn’t necessarily mean anything.

    And wannabe Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez? I wouldn’t really say she’s trying to be like those artists either.

    @YeaBey Is Schoolin’ Life: But Nicole is an island baby herself (born in Hawaii and part Hawaiian) so I don’t see why her singing a song with an island vibe doesn’t work…

    @nice_gurl: Agreed. Seeing her on X Factor will help make the sales higher, she can promote it on X Factor too (with a live performance on one of the Results Shows and possibly say when it comes out on the show too), and plus it’ll give her time to release another single or two which could help hype the album if they do good as well. And personally I don’t mind the decision. I wouldn’t say I’m a Nicole fan per say but I wouldn’t say I hate her either. I kind of like her but for the most part I’m just indifferent as of now.

  23. Dustin Black August 19, 2011

    Well this FLOPPING has a GOOD SIDE it only PROVES that she isn’t behind the magic of the PCD which means the BITCHING issue is not true she doesn’t decide WHO TO SING or not.

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