Teairra Mari: Product vs. Promotion

Published: Wednesday 17th Aug 2011 by Rashad

Teairra Mari’s story went from fairy tale to forgotten tale in less than 12 months. Once upon a time heralded the ‘princess of the Roc’, 2005 saw Mari making her way onto the charts with ‘Make Her Feel Good’ – the thumping summer grown woman anthem. The then 17-year-old sang the commanding lyrics with a ‘Miss Thang’ conviction that would even make Monica proud. But even with all the promise and supposed support from then-mentor Jay-Z, Mari slowly found herself fading behind the chart success of wicked label-sister Rihanna. The latter, who was capitalizing off the then declining Caribbean craze sweeping the charts (see: Sean Paul, Elephant Man, etc), saw instant out-of-the-box success – interestingly with less visible support from shared mentor Jay-Z.

As both singer’s second singles from their debut albums failed to make much noise on charts, it seemed both were headed down the road to obscurity. That is, until 2006 saw a revamped Rihanna – more sex appeal, bigger budgets, stronger support. On the other hand, those who waited for a remixed Mari…waited.

…and waited. Mari finally reappeared in the late 2000s with the single ‘Hunt 4 U’, which failed to capture much attention the charts. Since then, Mari has become the mixtape queen; releasing song after song with no real response. Even when things appeared to look up after she scored high profile rapper assistance with singles ‘Cause a Scene’ (featuring Flo-rida) and ‘Sponsor’ (featuring Soulja Boy), Mari still failed to manage anything more than a briefly bated buzz.

Regardless of taste, one has to admit that all three singles from Mari’s unreleased sophomore album were quite commercially viable. Even in a musical landscape dominated by electro-Pop, the disregard of Mari’s music is surprising given the number of releases (visuals and audio) the singer has amassed over the last 2 years. However, this week Mari may have found her prince charming in label-head, producer Rico Love after word spread about the singer’s recent record label relocation to Love’s imprint ‘Division 1’ (Universal motown). Alas, we will all have to stay tuned to find out how that story ends.

So, That Grape Juice wants you to weigh in: Teairra Mari – Product vs. Promotion?

Is her product just not commercial enough for success (given the musical climate)? Or have Mari’s musical endeavors suffered marketing mishaps? Does she actually have a chance this go round?

Your thoughts?

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  1. DestinyBoston August 17, 2011

    Still A FAN… she need to get a pop song out first!! Pop sell!!!

  2. oggie August 17, 2011

    The fact she has been able to stay in our presence with no label support just her own videos and mixtapes is proof that she is viable, the whole piont of mixtapes is to create that buzz so that you get that support and thats what she’s done, she created enough of a buzz that Warner picked her up and then she created enough of a buzz that Rico has picked her up, this girl is a true music hustler she needs FAR more props than artist on major labels, her consistancy and hard shows that she is 100% serious about her music, if any labels support matched her will and determination she could fast become an international star, I’ve been following her movements and i think she is amazing, talented, beautiful and strong and she will be in this business for a longtime!

  3. KAT DELUNA FAN August 17, 2011

    She is a hardworking person and she has so much faith in life.She is riding her career solo and you cant help but admire the girl.

    She deserves the best and she’ll be there,sooner or later but she will


  4. bey’knight August 17, 2011

    maybe she needs to step away from music for a minute cus it looks liked she’s taking the trial &error approach. she’s taken some desperate moves in the past like those boob photos so im not sure if music is the passion or just the fame which is fine line between underrated and good riddance. over generations, many people who secured fame were lucky and benefited from the public’s tendency to buy into hype and facades. not nearly enough to talent to back up their crazy success

    pop music is not about talent, it’s about connecting with a fickle populace

  5. PARRIS BLACK August 17, 2011


  6. Freddie Mack August 17, 2011

    Promotion iz tha problem with her ! she has tha look, tha voice, the swag, its not her fault her record lable hasnt done there job! after that colab with pleasure and “sponsor” she should of been a big success ! along with nivea ! they let too many talented voices go to waste ! smh , PROMOTE HER DAMMiT !

  7. Jae August 17, 2011

    i agree with @bey’knight. i was a supporter of teairra mari, but since rihanna stole her thunder, she hasnt really been a standout act. it seems as if shes using her music as a trial and error method, as a way to stay relevant in the entertainment industry. he recent release have not been up to the standards beyonce, jennifer hudson, and many other r&b/pop artists… she definitely needs to step away from music for a while until she figures out what she needs to do and what her sound is because as of late, it has been nothing but a force that people can’t get into…i wish her luck xx

  8. nice_gurl August 17, 2011

    Promotion is the problem. The production is great: the music is solid, she’s good-looking etc. but promotion is lacking terribly. Hopefully Rico can do something for her to make her music heard.

  9. Dance August 17, 2011

    I could care less about her…..but all the best to her


  10. JJFAN1814 August 17, 2011

    What Beyonce did to Ashanti is what Rihanna did to this girl. LOL.

  11. NAYAH82 August 17, 2011

    Rihanna didn’t steal anything from Mari. Rih was the underdog until she made Unfaithful and SOS. I remember how it was all about Mari, until she couldn’t produce another hit single. At the end of the day it all came down to marketing, Rih distinctive tone of voice( accent) and her ability to change images without any problems, and the right management helped her move all the way to the top.



    H** Hush!

    Ashanti>>>>>>>>>THIEFonce,Tranet,Rihfund,and Tiara FLOPri 😀



    LACEFRONCE is finished being a fat flop 😉

  14. sugarwall August 17, 2011

    who is she?

  15. JJFAN1814 August 17, 2011

    @The Critically Acclaimed

    Ashanti > Rihanna??? Lol delusional much???

    Loud, GGGB and hell even Rated R dice and slice Ashanti’s entire discography.

  16. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 17, 2011

    I cannot predict how her career would be if the label hadn’t screwed up.However, she wouldn’t really get a mainstram career because of her image.Let’s not forget that Rihanna was an island girl, while Teairra is a straight up black girl.An island girl can crossover more easily imo, because of the culture and the skin tone.Teiarra was marketed wrong from the start.She was marketed as a hoodrat, so how was she supposed to catch a break and top the charts.And, as this year has taught us, being signed to Jay-Z is like not being signed at all.Just ask Melanie Fiona, Willow, Sugababes, even J Cole.He was expecting her to do much more than what he was setting her up for.
    Even as a Teairra supporter, though, I have to admit that the product is not fully there either.The debut was not that great and the mixtapes have some cool tracks, but nothing mindblowing and the direction is wrong.If she’s marketed right, then we’ll see, but at this point, we really have no idea about Teiarra’s full potential.

  17. Katrina Carter August 17, 2011

    She has a nasty attitude and doesn’t deserve any success. Take a bite of some humble pie heifer!

  18. The G-List Society August 17, 2011

    I think Teairra is a cute girl, but a good music artist she is not. The problem with her started with “Make Her Feel Good.” When that song came out, hood R&B music was already played out. People don’t want to hear a pretty teenager singing a song saying “n*gga” many times. That’s why people didn’t buy into her. Quit blaming Rihanna for having better quality of music and not being hood like Ti-Error Mari. Ti-Error’s music has not improved since her first single.

  19. Kyle August 17, 2011

    This is a very good question Thatgrapejuice. Some people say she needs a pop song to hit it big but me personally, I feel like Teairra’s voice is only suited for urban/R&B songs. I don’t know what makes me say that; maybe it’s just the fact that I don’t see her being too successful as the Beyonce’s and Rihanna’s of the world. I love Teairra though. Since her downfall she has remained optimistic and she is grinding out songs one after another (whether there mixtape songs or original songs). I remember when her and Rihanna first dropped in 2005 I thought Teairra was going to be HUGE, while Rihanna was going to be a one-hit wonder. With that said, it goes to show that you NEVER KNOW WHAT CAN HAPPEN. Now with support from Rico Love (who knows how to make a hit) we might just see Teairra make a splash on the charts. I’m rooting for her!!!

  20. Mike August 17, 2011

    The reason this chick isn’t successful is because her music is mediocre, her debut single wasn’t even all that. She could have been successful just like Ciara, because rnb was still huge from 05 – 07. So with that said Tearria had atleast 2 to 3 years to make a name for herself. Plus you give her way too much credit, did she have hype yes. But it wasn’t anything out of this world. And stop with all this rihanna shade. Whether you like ri ri or not the reason she is so successful is because her music has great beats, catchy hooks and has overall better quality. I don’t know if tearria may be able to come back, but if she wants to she needs to step her game up. Cause that sponsor song is nothing to brag about, and that’s why the s*** flopped. Whereas cause a scene i will admit is underrated.

  21. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse) August 17, 2011

    “Let’s not forget that Rihanna was an island girl, while Teairra is a straight up black girl.An island girl can crossover more easily imo, because of the culture and the skin tone.”


    I see you, but what other island girls have smashed like Rihanna? I won’t say that colorism has nothing to do with it, because in some way, it probably does, but Rihanna’s like the only island girl to dominate like this. The other black singers to do so, have been US bread.

    “Teiarra was marketed wrong from the start.She was marketed as a hoodrat, so how was she supposed to catch a break and top the charts”

    Teiarra was marketed in the same way that Ashanti and Aaliyah were. That was the style for a lot of the R&B black girls. The reason why it didn’t take with Mari was probably because she got put on at the tail end of trend. R&B started to slump and a different sound and image became prevalent. Rihanna was able to evolve with the trends and times, but for whatever reason, Mari hasn’t. It could be because of a lack of promo, or colorism, like you suggested, or it could be something else. Has Mari tried recording a pop track?

  22. Dave August 17, 2011

    It could be both. I mean I guess she does have a product, but it’s like the female Trey Songz. & to me Trey Songz is annoying as he*l with the overexposed s** appeal. Promotion she definitely doesn’t have that. Some of her songs are pretty good & like you said are “commercially viable”, ex: “Body.” I think now that she has someone who LOVES her & will RIDE for her, she’ll be good. She may not enjoy uber success of bigger artist like her counterpart Rihanna, or like a Beyonce, but she’ll enjoy the most a “Teairra Mari” can enjoy. At least a gold every album, ex: Lupe Fiasco, B.o.B. (yeah he has 1 album, but he’s gold & doesn’t have mega success when you look at album numbers or whatever, but he does have success) & a brand/name for himself.

  23. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 17, 2011

    @MARI Rihanna had the image as an advantage but she was also marketed correctly.The other island girls are not launched properly.And no, Teiarra was not marketed like Aaliyah (hell no!) or Ashanti.Teairra’s debut was a song where she sang ‘n****’ 1,000 times.Aaliyah is an icon and her music was mindblowing, so no comparison and Ashanti was launched as the romantic urban sensation.Also, Ashanti found success off of the back of one million rap songs where she was the chorus girl.Jay-Z only got Teairra 1 collabo…with LL Cool J that was falling off at that time.

  24. X,Y,”and Z” August 17, 2011

    @Sam/TGJ staff –

    If you-all can throw your support behind (and give TGJ “Blog-shine” time-after-time) the likes of the “marginally talented” 30-something-year-old Kelly Rowland, then you SHOULD give equal measure to the FAR-more talented, and greatly under-appreciated, Teairra Mari!

    Let’s be real, shall we? It’s been 10-LONG-years since Kelly Rowland had a “chart performing” CD. Ever since that 2002 debut CD, that came on the heels of “DC’s break-up hysteria”, she’s suffered-since “diminishing” returns: 2-Million in 2002; 1.3-Million in 2007 and now( to date) “Here I Am” has returned WORLDWIDE less-than 120K (77K first week and 27K this its second week: http://www.mediatraffic.de/albums.htm)

    Something’s just horribly amiss here: Why has Kelly Rowland been granted “bite-after-bite” at the apple? She’s been granted MUCH, and returned so-little! Isn’t it time now for some…sanity?

    Teairra Mari is ONLY 24-years-old; as compared to 30-something-year-old “IRON FACED/HAIRLINE: IN RETREAT” Kelly Rowland! Sam, ENOUGH ALREADY..!!

    X,Y,”and Z: Warpath Motivation”

  25. Spaniard R&B Lover August 17, 2011

    I really think she has the potencial, but everytime I hear any of her mixtapes it’s just like “well, ok, more samey songs from her”. None song really catches my attention. She is just no innovative, she doesn’t get to surprise me. I think that has a lot to do with her non success.

  26. bey’knight August 17, 2011

    i also wan add i was in london in summer of 05, pon de replay was in constant rotation on music channels, not sure of teirra’s song was even released there i sure never saw it…maybe at a later date

  27. KD August 17, 2011

    All I want to is: Does X,Y,”and Z” have a blog? I love reading his comments, I think they are very funny 🙂

  28. Bey on TOp LsM August 17, 2011

    Jay Z f***** rihanna and teairra didn’t wanna give in so she got dropped #TrueStory

  29. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 17, 2011

    Btw, in her next era (hopefully it will start at some point) I want her to lose the t***** make up, the awful wigs and the slutty and unflattering clothes.She’s such a beautiful girl, but she needs to hire someone to fix the image a bit.

  30. bougiehippie August 17, 2011

    Her music is too hood…Blk ppl dont buy records. they steal them.

  31. STR8FACTS August 17, 2011

    I agree that she was marketed as a hood girl. Back then, I remember her speaking repeatedly about how she was from the streets of Detroit, also that she attended Aaliyah’s alma matter. But think about it, if her label was marketing her as a “hoodrat” per say then they weren’t aiming fr any mainstream success. What “Hoodrat” has really made it big besides Mary J. Blige? who by the way doesn’t even release material “hoodrat-ish” these days. I think the label knew that Teairra was more of an R&B girl and they tried to use her background in order to bring her to the forfront of music at the time, because honestly no one was putting music out like that. If you listen to the songs on her debut, it’s very hood-ish. That second single was destined for failure in my eyes, it was just too much. Needless to say I did buy Mari’s album back when it was released, being that this was not the itunes age and people were still buying ALBUMS even if they had only heard/liked one single.

    I don’t believe that she was marketed like Aaliyah or Ashanti at all. Aaliyah was never really “marketed” per say she was just herself. She wasn’t very mainstream back in the 90’s but she was extremely huge in hip-hop/r&B URBAN culture due to her “bad girl” image i guess, but that was never forced upon or drawn up. She didn’t become mainstream until her last release so teairra and Aaliyah are really no comparison in my eyes. and I agree That Ashanti’s fame was more Nicki Minaj .. Lil’ Wayne ish from all of her features on hooks and etc. She built a fanbase off of that alone and Teairra never had any features.

    I read an article or saw a video, I can’t remember but Mari was stating that the label saw disdain from her project as a whole after it came time to release her first single. They didn’t feel that it would be a hit as they thought and they considered shelving her long before her album was even released. She stated how Sean Garrett called the Label and begged them to give her a chance (being that he worked on the majority of the album) and they decided to give it a go. They didn’t expect “Make her feel good” to be the hit that it ultimately became. As far as her having success, I was one of those people who was more focused on Mari than Rihanna. I remember Mari being all over TV at one point (no bragging) as far as live performances go on TRL, 106, and other shows at the time of her release. I think that Rihanna just has an overall better team of people behind her that keep her up with the times and fads.

    As far as Mari’s own material, I feel that she has had songs from both her mixtapes and her EP that she released last year that would’ve put her at least on a “Motivation” ish level. If Kelly can get so much hype and “success” if you will from that one single, Teairra can DEFINITELY do the same. Lets just be mindful that every artist does not have to be mainstream to be successful, and the problem is that the world is always looking for the next Beyonce, Rihanna, Ciara, etc. Those woman are extremely lucky and in the case of mainstream R&B success its also rare.

    Point being that Teairra does not need to be anyone’s mainstream artist. She needs a good song, a bass thumping beat, and a catchy hook with maybe some assistance from a hip hop heavy weight and she will definitely get where she needs to be. She has done it before, I don’t see why she can’t do it now. Not saying she doesn’t have mainstream appeal, because her voice is extremely strong and if Jennifer Hudson can do it, so can she. She just needs a DEDICATED team behind her who have an ear for a hit or a miss and will guide her in the right direction as far as her career goes. I think she sells way to much s** and to be honest it doesn’t look sincere. Nobody is going to buy into that. S** doesn’t ALWAYS sell.

  32. truciebedford August 17, 2011

    ppl at the beginning thought Teirra was the real threat. That’s why Beyonce had her career squashed and had Jayz throw her off the Rockerfella label. Stop acting like you guys don’t know. LOL

  33. bey’knight August 17, 2011


    loved ur comment wish it went on longer lol

  34. diva August 17, 2011

    @XYZ always crying out for attention aren,t you dear?? stay focused on the post what do you think of Teari Mari?/ this kelly rants are becoming old and predictable don’t you think?

  35. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    the only reason she aint being backed is because she will slay rihanna and end her career.
    she is FAR more talented than rihanna and better looking.. this chick can SING. and ACT. AND SHE BEAUTIFUL. her music has more substance than most of rihanna’s songs. if she was given rihanna’s team rihanna would have been a distant memory .. jay z booted her out because the public aint lookin for a talented artist, they just want a pop gimmick and that means more $$$ for JAY that is the onli reason rihanna is slaying now, when rihanna’s looks fade what is she going to do? props to teairra for GRINDING and pushing for her dream..websites like this are the reason talented artists never make it. ur constant emphasis on flops and buzz overshadow everything. you dickride nicki minaj and she still aint paid y’all NO ATTENTION.

  36. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    i slay dummies like u everyday DONT TALK ABOUT AALIYAH LIKE U KNOW ABOUT HER LIKE THAT
    she was mainsteam as the next chick it was BRANDY – MONICA – AALIYAH the deadly trio. ppl always wna say that about Aaliyah .. just because shes HUMBLE and she didnt act like a s*** does not mean she was not sucessful
    Try Again no.1 in 21 countries. no.1 movie i could go on..
    AALIYAH WAS HUGE and has BANGERS for days and got plenty facetime and airplay. so have a seat. and dnt try and sideline aaliyah like that
    AALIYAH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> THE ARTISTS ON UR IPOD



    H** Hush!
    Khia>>>>>>>>>Foxy Brown>>>>>>>>>Lil Krim,Dicki Minaj,FLOPonce,Caca,Tranet,& Hagdonna

  38. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 17, 2011

    @MALIBU BARBIE Why are you coming for @STRAIGHTFACTS.He didn’t bash Aaliyah.I am a HARDCORE Aaliyah fan and he/she is right about her mainstream status.She took it to another level for her 3rd album (and she would have slayed the 4th one too…Sigh).
    @STR8 FACTS I agree with everything except for Aaliyah being a bad girl.She was a sweetheart with a lot of swagger; that was her image and her real self.And I didn’t know that the label never believed in Teairra.Thanks for posting that.

  39. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    B**** shut the f*** up and sleep.
    if u are a hardcore aaliyah fan, which i am, you would know aaliyah was mainstream..how can u seriously tell me Aaliyah wasnt mainsteam as Bran and Monica was those 3 gals were the bosses of female R&B so wat do u mean aaliyah wasnt mainstream. if Aaliyah wasnt mainsteam then wat was she??? an unknown artist??? have a seat. like i said just because Aaliyah wasnt IN UR FACE does not mean she wasnt mainstream she has FANS FOR DAYS. SALES FOR DAYS. record breaking accomplishments for dayzz. so come correct when u talk about Aaliyah’s CAREER.

  40. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 17, 2011

    @MALIBU BARBIE Aaliyah sold incredibly and she was HUGE and a force to be reckoned with.She had enormous hits and classics and most of her songs were slaying the mainstream radio.What I meant to say is that her image got more mainstream for her 3rd album.’Back And Forth’, ‘At Your Best’, ‘If Your Girl Only Knew’, ‘TOIGMHT’, ‘Are You That Somebody’ etc etc were all big mainstream hits (urban = mainstream back then).Sorry if I wasn’t clear enough…

    (And could you please not doubt that I’m a hardcore Aaliyah fan??)

  41. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    and yes i DID question you as an Aaliyah fan cuz u said she wasnt mainsteam, only an ignorant person wud say sumthing like that. KHIA is not mainsteam. TRINA is not mainstream. TEAIRRA MARI is not mainstream.
    when u wna throw around words look up the definition first. you and @str8facts.

  42. xedos August 17, 2011

    being a pop start has many element. You got to have a story. You got to have the right personality, you have to be marketable and you have tp act like a pop star.Rihanna started to act and live like a pop star very early. she dress’s like one. she has a bodyguard. the crowd she hangs with. Tearria just act like a hoodrat from the begining. She was on a hip hop label Rock afella so she thinks she has to act like a rapper.
    Secondly, She did not put in the time.When she had that song she did not captialize on it
    rihanna captialize on “pon de replay” she tour malls and fairgrounds all over north america building a fanbase. Tearria did nothing .

  43. xedos August 17, 2011

    Aaliyah was about to go mainstream but she was not their yet. Beside janet, whitney and Mariah I don’t think they were any black female who was mainstream at the time. A mainstream artist can sell out arena all over the world. headline their own tour. Aaliyah never had a world tour not even a national tour on her own. she never sold out an arena. never headline her own world tour. She was just an RNB artist with 1 hit from crossing over. Even today , Its beyonce, Rihanna and Alicia Keys who are the only black females who can sell out arenas on every continent .

  44. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    SHE DID TOUR U BIG DUMMY! there u go.. ur another person who goes around talking S*** about an artist u know NOTHING ABOUT.
    there is even footage on YOUTUBE of Aaliyah on TOUR.

  45. Aurelius August 17, 2011

    The giant pink elephant in the room that nobody ever acknowledges is that R&B is no longer the dominant form of music! To keep comparing these girls to Brandy, Monica or any other R&B singer from the 90’s/early 2000s is ridiculous. Back then, R&B was played on pop stations….hell, it was pop. Urban songs no longer top the Hot 100. Urban albums no longer sell 4-5 million copies. Hardly anyone does. The industry as a whole is smaller, and R&B is virtually non-existent from a sales standpoint. The only things that even keeps R&B around is radio. All of these artists keep trying to “save R&B” when it just isnt possible right now. Everyone is constantly clowning Kelly Rowland for her 77k first week, when the reality is, that is a tremendous opening for a song/album that currently only exists in a urban world. If u happen to check out the R&B/SOUL section of Itunes, you will see that she dominates…because nobody is moving big units doing R&B. It just doesnt happen anymore. Look at Jennifer Hudson. Nobody has a higher profile or as much visibility. She can barely get on the radio, and she is basically a household name. And to mention Alicia Keys, Beyonce or RIhanna or even Usher is pointless because they are not strictly R&B artist. Even Queen B is suffering this time because she failed to present music that matches the current climate. Has nothing to do with her management change. This album would have suffered no mattter what. If she was any other artist, the label would have simply pushed it back and continued to drop singles until one caught on. She is selling the units she is because she has a fanbase, and for no other reason. Usher’s return to relevance was due to his move towards commercially relevant music. He was dead in the water with Daddy’s Home and Little Freak, but then OMG and DJ got us falling in love and he’s relevant again. It’s almost like the disco era. Even the greats did disco songs to remain relevant…until it passed. Right now, dance/electro pop is the dominant form of music. As much is one may hate it, those who dont llke it must suffer through it as the rock/pop fans did when R&B/Hip Hop dominated throughout the 90s. Popular music is a cycle, and at some point in the future R&B will return.

  46. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    yes i know r&b is dead…
    sadly. but i blame the artists within R&B instead of them to keep it consistent they all followed the dance trends and euro pop/david guetta flow

  47. MISHKA August 17, 2011


    We are in 2011, promotion is no longer a big deal (Rebecca Black- don’t diss me, that’s all I got right now). If the product is worth it, promotion will follow.

    First of all, I’m tired of people saying Rihanna stole her thunder ( and I’m not a fan). But let’s keep it real: Rihanna’s voice , accent and image are catchy. That’s all. She will never be a songstress so she’s building her brand on what she got. And she’s winning.

    Looking @ this picture, Teairra Mari does nothing to me; She’s just NOT interesting. She’s a basic chick. There’s nothing wrong with that but in the show business, that means everything. I’ve seen her in ‘Lottery Ticket’ , I think she’s pretty but in the end, Naturi and Brandon T are the ones who stood out and who I want to hear about. Obviously, I ‘m not the only one.

    Lady Gaga and Katy Perry had to (steal) change their image before their big break. Kelly Rowland and Nicki Minaj went under the knife to switch it up. The Black Eyed Peas enrolled white girl Fergie to gain their mainstream success. There is always something to do if she’s ready for it.

    As a black female artist, she needs to find her own spot other than becoming an uber-impressive performer and soon-to-be legend (Beyoncé), a catchy island chick (Rihanna), an urban athletic dancer/performer (Ciara), a mixed soul/R’n’B singer and pianist (Alicia Keys), a female rapper (Nicki Minaj), a beautiful dark R’n’B singer (Kelly Rowland) and a posh R&B singer/songwriter (Keri Hilson)

    And let me add this before I leave, I dont’ understand why TGJ throws shade on a daily basis @ artists like Trey Songz or Jason Derulo (who figured out what they needed to do to hit it big without that so-called and overrated x-factor ) and in the meantime, they keep praising Teairra Mari or Aubrey O’day and some other whocares-listers.

    Anywho, Best of luck to Teairra. I’m out.

  48. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    i agreee with u.. id love to know ur thoughts on some of the male artists in the game tho

  49. Live, Love, Party August 17, 2011

    @Str8facts what hoodrat has made it as big beside mary j? Uhhh Fantasia, beyonce, jennifer hudson….lots. They all from the hood and all sing that tired r&b. Teairra one of them but not as relevant. Rihanna got big cuz her skin color, image, music that was crossover, etc. Yep, she was sure used as a product. They looked at her and listened to her voice and realized how big that girl was gonna be and it happened. Teairra never had that appeal and probably never will. Her music just doesn’t stand out. Hell, even keri hilson more popular than her.

  50. diegobestan August 17, 2011

    i love her and i hope she finally gets her chance.. she can outsing half theses broads

  51. Live, Love, Party August 17, 2011

    @Malibu barbie. Her voice is nothing special. And saying her songs have more substance than rihanna that’s a lie. Rihanna songs are written for her so it wouldn’t matter anyway about lyrics. It’s about the music and lyrics. Teairra is generic and boring. Sorry that’s the truth. She got stuck with dead r&b music no one except hoodrats and r&b supporters wanna listen to which is a very small percentage compared to years ago. Even taking her clothes off and showing her cleavage like she’s been doing to gain attention is not getting her anywhere. If that doesn’t help then you know she’s a non factor. Bye.

  52. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 17, 2011

    @MALIBU BARBIE I talked about her image.I said I’m sorry for not making that clear, but I never doubted her as a hitmaker because she was slaying (and that’s why that fake BET network is doing a 25-tribute special.She wasn’t just anybody.)All I said was that her IMAGE during the ‘Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number’ was more hood influenced and not for the mainstream media.One In A Million era was a little more mainstream IN THE IMAGE ASPECT and then Aaliyah was her take-over moment for the mainstream.And there are so many people out there today that listen to the electro crap and question Aaliyah’s legacy so yes I was insulted when you said that I’m not really a Babygirl fan.

    (I wish more unreleased tracks surfaced.I need something by her right now.If only she could have made that 4th album…)

  53. STR8FACTS August 17, 2011


    it’s sad that because I said something you might not want to hear, your questioning my status as an Aaliyah fan. I will have you know that I have been an Aaliyah STAN FROM JUMP, own ALL three of her albums (which are now discontinued btw) not the itunes copies or what have you the actual PHYSICAL copies including her posthumous release “I Care 4 U”. My love for Aaliyah is something you would never know or understand, and from what your saying I can tell you are a bandwagon fan because you don’t know much of anything about her a career.

    I did not bash her or say anything derogatory about her in my statement at all. Aaliyah was slightly mainstream when she first came on the scene, being that all three of her singles charted on the top 100 (two of them being in the top 10). For her second album she was not mainstream. If she was “so mainstream” you give me a list of songs from that album that have topped the Billboard Hot 100 besides “the One I Gave My Heart To” & If Your Girl Only Knew”? She only had ONE top 10 hit from ‘One In A Million’ which was ‘The One I Gave My Heart To’ which sounded nothing like any of the songs she had on the album at the time. your comparing her to Brandy & Monica which is fine, but those two women were mainstream (at the time) the music they released was more “pop” per say than what Aaliyah was delivering at the time (WHICH AGAIN I WILL REPEAT IS NOT A BAD THING). Yes, though Aaliyah opened the door for Brandy and Monica, those two women had AT LEAST Three top 10 singles on the billboard hot 100 from their sophomore albums and were riding on success from a so called “rivalry” which Aaliyah never fed into. Aaliyah’s music was not pop at all, it was 100% R&B and R&B is NOT mainstream it is URBAN. Aaliyah was lucky enough to build a platform where her URBAN success led to MAINSTREAM success when she released singles like “Are You That Somebody” and “Try Again”. “The One I Gave My Heart To” wasn’t even a pop friendly single when it was recorded, it was on the album and it was originally an R&B song, they re-recorded it so it could introduce her to pop audiences.
    you put your foot in your mouth saying i don’t know what im talking about, then going on to say Aaliyah was mainstream when she released “try Again” when I SPECIFICALLY SAID she was not mainstream until around the time she released her last album, WHICH WOULD INCLUDE her singles from the Romeo Must Die Soundtrack.

    Now In no way am I saying she wasn’t mainstream because of her chart success on The Billboard Hot 100, But if you look at where her singles charted from that album ALONE, you will see that she was constantly BURNING up the urban airwave charts and R&b charts at the time. She was a true R&B Artist in every sense of the word and R&B does not sell as well as pop, but in rare cases R&B artists achieve pop-like success and that’s what Aaliyah did around 2000. She is not known as a “pop princess” or a “pop diva” she is known as the “princess of R&B” and “princess of URBAN pop” that alone says it all. Aaliyah is/was no Katy Perry, Britney Spears, or Ke$ha.

    Furthermore, me saying that Aaliyah was not mainstream and you thinking that that’s a derogatory statement further proves your ignorance about the music industry PERIOD. Sounds like your a bandwagon fan who is just looking for anything that may not sound like what you want to hear and complain about it. like my name says i spit “STR8FACTS” there has been nothing in this statement as well as my previous one that you can deny because NUMBERS/FACTS DO NOT LIE. I rest my case.

  54. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    whatever.. im over it. i said what i had to say.
    WOW. i understand where ur coming from ive taken it all in.. but isnt rihanna generic and boring also..
    Rihanna on stage = BLAND
    Rihanna’s vocals/singing ability = Decent but not mind blowing
    Rihanna’s style = different colored hair for each album,minimal clothing or sexually suggestive outfits.
    Rihanna’s music = Generic , everyone else sings about the same ish.
    Teairra on stage = GOOD
    Teairra’s vocals = GOOD
    Teairra’s style = S*** but Classy
    Teairra’s Music = Generic but keeps it R&B
    i dont see how u can say shes boring when Rihanna isnt that exciting herself that’s all, i think shes a non muthafucking factor to you because shes not as overhyped as Rihanna

  55. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    please sit down. im HARDCORE AALIYAH FAN. ask me a question right NOW. tht only an Aaliyah fan would know and i will tell you. i own all her albums all editions, all dvd’s and have 1000s of pics of her on my desktop so about you SIT DOWN with the ” your a bandwagon aaliyah fan” B**** PLEASE.
    and i will stand by what i said AALIYAH WAS A MAINSTREAM ARTIST with countless hits,exposure,broken records and movies.

  56. STR8FACTS August 17, 2011


    Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson are not hoodrats, nor do they portray that image. Maybe Beyonce could’ve given that a little in her EARLY Destiny’s Child Days with songs like “Bug-A-Boo” and “No, No, No”, but you need to remember she was not a solo artist at the time, people will not take that into consideration when considering her image as a solo artist.

    Jennifer Hudson may be from the streets of Chicago, but since day one on American Idol she never gave that image to her viewers, nor sung songs that where “a bit ghetto” or what have you. She has always had a very pop like sound with R&B in there. (Pop because she is big for her Pop Ballads).

    Hoodrats? I guess we could say Keyshia Cole, Monica, Mary J. Blige .. but those woman have come a long way and honestly, if you listen to music from their first releases and listen to their music now you will see what I mean when I say they don’t sing the same songs, Besides Keyshia i guess. Monica would not be singing “Love All Over Me” and Mary J. wouldn’t be singing songs for ‘The Help’ soundtrack. It’s all apart of their maturity as artist and fortunately they were able to emerge when such things we cool to sing about, but unfortunately in Ms. Mari’s case nobody was really checking for that around that time, maybe from Keyshia Cole but not from such a young girls prospective. Needless to say a lot of those songs on her Debut album were too grown for her age anyway, and around 2005-06 teenage girls are checking for the pop singers, not the girls from around the way.

    She still has potential to be a huge urban success in my eyes anyway regardless to her “hits & misses” or what have you. Her talent is undeniable and now a days its all about image. Which is why you see so many of these celebrities hiring different stylists and showing up on every red carpet there is. Keep it a little more classy, less s***, and realistic .. her audience will build in no time.

  57. STR8FACTS August 17, 2011


    you just put your foot in your mouth once again., bunching her entire career into ONE and acting as if the success she achieved when her last album & movie dropped was the same success she had back in 94′ CHILLLEEEE PLEASE. Just because you own a couple pictures, bought a couple albums, and think highly of her does not make you a fan with facts. You did not object to anything that I said with a RATIONAL statement that included FACTS because YOU DONT HAVE ANY. You might as well be speaking out your damn ass (royce voice). Next time you come on a comment section and start running your mouth make sure you have evidence, proof, facts to prove all the b******* you talk about.


    … bandwagon ass.

  58. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) August 17, 2011

    @MALIBU BARBIE Now that somebody is doubting you as an Aaliyah fan, I see you’re getting mad…Hmm…
    @STR8FACTS She was indeed an 100% urban artist, but at the time it was very easy for urban artists to cross over, so practically urban was mainstream.That makes Aaliyah a mainstream artist and I don’t think you can look at single sales right now because the market was different then.People were buying the album, not the singles.However, her singles excelled in more than one radio format; not just on urban radio.Therefore, she was indeed mainstream (I’m not attacking you by any means, just pointing out some facts, don’t take it the wrong way).

  59. STR8FACTS August 17, 2011


    I agree, which is why I said her urban success was a platform for her to reach mainstream success. It wasn’t until she sung on the Oscars and released ‘The One I Gave My Heart To’ that she was actually introduced to Mainstream audiences as “AALIYAH” and not just “the girl who sings that song” I feel like a lot of people look at the 90’s and say that because this artist sold this amount of records they were mainstream and that’s not the case. You have to remember one hit wonders were going gold and platinum off of one song back then.

    What I’m saying is, Aaliyah was not a mainstream artist when One In a Million was first released. She became mainstream as time went on. And I agree with your statement about the countless amount of charts she appeared on, but that is also why I said she achieved success on both the Hot 100, Urban Airwave Charts, R&B Charts .. s*** the song ‘One In A Million’ went to number one of the Dance Charts. But as far as her as a whole, she was more urban than anything. You say that people bought albums more than singles back in the day which is true, but if thats the case then look at the positions where the album charted. “One In A Million” peaked at number #18 on the Billboard 200 and Peaked at #2 on the R&B/Hip Hop Charts. Not to mention it stayed in the Top 10 of the R&B/Hip-Hop charts for two months and some change at the top of 1997. (See Billboard Archive.)

    Selling records back in the day doesn’t make you mainstream. I mean mainstream audiences i would say 35-45% of them knew who Aaliyah was at the time, being that she was all over MTV from one in a million to the time of her death, but that doesn’t necessarily make her a mainstream artist. By the time her last album was released, she had conquered about 75% of the mainstream audience. (You have to remember a lot of people still didn’t know who she was when she died)

    Which is why her legacy is that she was an R&B sensation literally on the brink of becoming a MEGA STAR. She already gained crossover appeal with Are You That Somebody and Try Again. One In A Million sold well worldwide as well BEFORE her death.

  60. YEABEY WON’T DANCE 4 U August 17, 2011


    No offense If I’m incorrect but are you that Rihanna fan called “@RIHANNA IS THE BEST! YOU WILL DEAL” ?

    Just wondering…..you two have similar perceptions of Beyonce…

  61. Madonnalover August 17, 2011

    She’s not marketable. She dosent bring anything new to the table, thats why shes not succesful. Dosent matter how much promotion she gets.

  62. Commander of the RihannaNavy August 17, 2011

    I was thinking the same thing….

  63. E11 August 17, 2011

    RnB is very dead at the moment and Mari is doing this. Also she is competing with the likes of Beyonce when she doing urban rnb music. Even though Beyonce is doing her commercial pop music, she still in the urban world. Then we have alicia keys. These are the women Mari is competiting with. She does not have the vocal talent to go ahead against them, or even be on par. Then to come out with mediocre ish…?

    Its the survival of the fittest (Darwin, 1890). Cant swim, you will drown.

    Rihanna on the other hand, lacking in vocal talent, yes. However she is not the run of the mill usual rnb chick ala Mari. She has that West Indian Flavour that is her niche. We here Nicole Scherzinger’s song “right there” and JLO’s “I’m Into You” and we say, o, that sounds a bit like Rihanna. Love her or hate rihanna, she got her ish on lock down. She coming out with hit after hit. Yes she is competing with Beyonce in the pop world, however because she has the hits she is selling singles. She is not competing with Beyonce on vocals. Rihanna is not even on Alicia Key’s radar. Alicia is classic. Alicia is RnB. SOmething that Mari is against and not Rihanna.

    Rihanna’s comp is the likes of Britney, Katy P, Kesha, basically most of the white chicks that cant sing.

    Mari is up against the Beyonce’s, Mariah;s, Alicia’s of this world. To put it bluntly, Mari needs her own niche. Fact still remains, she just is not cutting it for the mass market…

    why wud u want a burger when u can have steak? This is why the Ciara’s and Ashanti’s are struggling…

  64. kim shits on sicki garbarj tgj.com stay pressed on kim ! o o p ! August 17, 2011

    Lmaoooo this b**** Is Getting Outshined By Other H*** With NO TALENT But A Lot Of Hype ! & Whoever Brought Up Aaliyah B**** Please Take a Seat ! Aaliyah weave Was Always In Check, She was Always Flawless & Her Music STILL SLAYING THESE H*** !

  65. Levi Loves Ciara August 17, 2011

    I think if she took the Nicki Minaj/Dev/Skylar Grey approach, she can make it. Skylar Grey released an album years ago that flopped. Now shes hopped on songs like I Need A Docter, Coming Home, and Words I Never Said. Now she has hype and intrest built around her, she performed at Lollapalooza a week ago. Her new album will probably do well. Dev hopped on Like A G6 and Backseat, and her song Bass Down Low peaked at #61. Her new song In The Dark is climbing the charts. I think we all know how Nicki blew up.

    I think if Teairra gets featured on some hot tracks targeted by her audience, people will gain intrest in her. Then she should do what Skylar & Dev are doing, releasing hot buzz tracks and performing at as many venues as possible. And whens shes ready, release new material that people will listen to. She’ll have to sell out a little, but once she makes it, she can return to her. Hot good songs will get reconized.

    And to anyone saying she is boring, please. Especially when your a Rihanna fan, who is the most boring performer out, worse than Nicki.

  66. kim shits on sicki garbarj tgj.com stay pressed on kim ! o o p ! August 17, 2011

    @Levi Teiairra Should Take A Nicki Approach & Become a Feature w**** & Gimnmick !

  67. KAT DELUNA FAN August 17, 2011

    I love ciara too,she is so humble and positive

    I think she need a more POP APPROACH w/o losing her R&B roots cause she’s been R&B from the longest,even her mixtapes are heavily R&B influenced.She need more hype and a Kat Deluna Featuring 😀 😆

  68. Bitter b****** make me sick…. Throw up (queenbey) August 17, 2011

    These are some long ass comments……

  69. Dan August 17, 2011

    HA! Ummmm, WHOO? Why bother posting articles on never-was-beens and making them sound as if they were ever successful? No one knows who this is!

  70. RIHANNASPOWERFUL NAVY August 17, 2011

    Okay shes still flopping….so is it Rihanna and JAY Z fault that 6 years later , this child still has no hits??????……..lets face it some people dont have IT, no matter how talented you are!

  71. Levi Loves Ciara August 17, 2011

    @Bitter B****** Make Me Sick

    @Kat Deluna Fan
    I like Kat’s song Push Push with Akon. Agreed, a more Pop influenced R&B approach would definately work. Like what Beyonce did with Best Thing I Never Had, or like Ushers Hey Daddy.

    A featured w**** artist is a great way to get noticed. She doesnt have to get a gimmick like Nicki though

  72. KWEENBEY4 August 17, 2011

    Rihanna is not a dynamic live performer. But she herself is not boring at all. I mean the girl Robyn Rihanna Fenty that b**** has me in the kikis on twitter. How the f*** can you say she boring? Mari comes across as basic and regular. She seems like the pretty girl in school not the bad b**** who will kill your family screw you over twice and still get you to hit that ass again like Rihanna can. I hate but Love Rihanna.

  73. KAT DELUNA FAN August 17, 2011

    yeah,I love push push too.Kat deluna had the same problem as Teiarra.She was the big thing for Akon before Gaga(beef with Xtina,hermaphrodit etc.) came along.
    Teairra Mari and Kat deluna stories are very similar 😥

    Waow such a great read,Hope you post more often on here
    I agree with every point you made

    You also makes a point that I didnt realese before.Teairra being a R&B singer,she has to compete with singers like B,MJB,Monica who had already longevity,respect and a fanbase when R&B was hot.It’s also easier for them to have radio and stans support.
    Yeah good point really 😉

    Today you need to sell singles in order for your album to sell (Katy,rihanna…) but because the R&B songs are not successful anymore,you cant sell an album unless you are a Beyonce.She need to sell out and go the Nicki root ie add some R&B verses on hot mainstream pop artists then releases her own real quick with good promotion.

    Teairra is not a flop because a mixtape cant flop,it’s free DUH
    Nicki said “which b**** you know made a million of a mixtape” so she is making her money

    A rihanna stan mentions something really interesting also.Rihanna was marketed as a celebs since day one (bodyguard,paparazzis,red carpet …).It makes the public under the impression that you are big already so ppl trust you and are even more intersting in you.Teairra wasnt …………..
    Nicki was managed the same way;she became a big star not because she was onebut because Slim & Baby persuasion was to make us believe that she will be one anyway

    Teairra’s team need to use the same publicity stunts like the Lil Kim/nicki beef or “Rihanna stealing Jay from B” ,”Lady gaga’s penis or beef with gaga” if they want her to be interesting to the media and create some buzz.


  74. Levi Loves Ciara August 17, 2011

    @Kat Deluna Fan
    Kat D>>>>>GaGa IMO 😀

  75. TJ August 17, 2011

    Ok, this chick sucks.. I was front row when Monica sold out BB Kings in NY… She opened for Monica, and the has zero stage presence, and lack luster vocals… Anyone who knows NY knows that New Yorkers keep it real and can be harsh. The crowd booed her, for her botched lap dance she tried to give to a dude, and they (the crowd) actually began chanting “Monica, Monica, Monica..”

    She needs to do back up, record demos, and try to write music.. She should be behind the scenes.

  76. Malibu Barbie August 17, 2011

    the kim nicki beef is not a publicity stunt. but u made some very good points

  77. BitchPlease August 17, 2011

    First off let me say this..I don’t care what anyone says CIARA is still a heavy threat..She just needs promotion..Promotion is a problem in the music industry in general..As for TEAIRRA MARI she just doesn’t have anything but there’s room for her especially in rnb..but u take BROOKE VALENTINE and OLIVIA. which or the singers who never got a second album that where shining at time she appeared in the business..She doesn’t have it..not even comparing to them..

  78. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) August 17, 2011

    she just doesnt have the it factor…..maybe rihanna licked the camel balls better, I dont know..

    but all I is she aint gonna make it…

    at this day and age, talent aint got s*** to do with how famous u become..

  79. Who Got Games August 17, 2011

    I personnally feel like Teairra got more exposure than Rihanna at the begining. + being called “the princess of the Roc” everybody wanted to know about that girl. BUT the product never was up to the promotion.
    And even if Beyonce was not in the game (nor some of the artists i saw you think she has to compete) do you sincerely think Teairra would be extra relevant? Do you really feel like listening to her songs when you wake up? Ok she has a voice, but so what? How many people on your neighborhood have a voice too? and it’s not like she has Jazmine Sullivan vocal skills either… so let’s be honest fame is not for whoever wants it.
    And we should not blame labels for not burning more money where even viral marketing didn’t work.
    As for the future, I would not bet on a huge success, new comers that have more to offer are already working hard!

  80. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) August 17, 2011

    I do remember when she first came out, and I hated that damn song, make her feel good..

    I was living in NY back then, oh my gosh they used to play that song on repeat on the radio..

    I actually thought she would go farther than rihanna, cause I hated pon de replay more, than make her feel good..

    but what people fail to realize is that, rihanna didnt become famous till after good girl gone bad..after her peoples jacked fefe dobson looks and everything..

    but I agree with some people on here, rihanna got this big because she had the right people behind her..

    but sometimes even if u have the right people, if ur not meant to be, ur not meant to be..look at cassie..

  81. RATEDXXX(AKARATEDX) August 17, 2011

    some people see this as light skin vs dark skin..that the reason rihanna made it and teairra didnt, because rihanna is lighter than her..

    umm..no..rihanna got lucky, she was at the right place, at the right time..

    and all jokes aside, I do think she let joe camel tap that ass, and he got hooked…

    sometimes good p**** makes u do f*** up s***, like giving the girl who cant sing, dance for s*** more shine, than the girl who can actually sing..

    notice how rihanna is the only one that joe camel give all the shine to? he has alot of other artists..but u never really hear from them..

  82. jamir21: bey,rih,gaga,brit SHITS on janet & keri ! August 17, 2011

    Because Jay-Z loves rihanna more thats why….tierra is a HOODRAT !!!
    Jay-Z said that Rihanna`s p**** is more better !!!!
    teirra is ugly and infected !!!

  83. Observer August 17, 2011

    What people fail to realise is when Rihanna first came in Ti was the “Itr” girl and thumbed her nose down at the little girl from the Islands and gave her the haughty “Head B**** In charge attitude”. Rihanna was not even given the push at the time like “Ti”. However Rihanna had the “Fame” factor from the beginning– Looks etc. yet she was the “Underdog’ ‘”one hit Wonder Girl” and the label put everything behind “Ti BUT regardless of that Rihanna proved to be the one the audience preferred. She held the interest more with the Caribbean flavour and she has remained popular by being able to switch it up by doing different genres ( Not Much Singers can do that) Pop, Rock,R&B, Reggae and now with Songs like “California King Bed” she is tapping into and appealing to the Country Music fans as well. You may not see her as a Beyonce but she has that relevant appeal even in the Fashion Industry where Girls and Women want to dress like her , have her hair styles, nails and makeup. ‘ Ti” does not have that “IT” appeal. Pretty but bland. She needs revamp her look and music in order to compete in this even more aggressive market. She has to come better than just “Good”, she has to be “GREAT”!

  84. NICK August 17, 2011

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED her 1st cd!!!! I still bump it!! BUT she is thru! HER TALENT IS GREAT, but she messed up, once u mess up, that is it ya’ll…WOULD I SUPPORT HER??? yes, but I support, MOST people now today, NO NO NO–her time is done, so sorry boo boo, RIHANNA SLAYED IT!

  85. jamir21: bey,rih,gaga,brit SHITS on janet & keri ! August 17, 2011

    Rihanna is the best….Tiara will have to deal !!!
    I heard her first song Make Her Feel Good and that song is ghetto and stupid !!
    Rihanna`s songs are always good !!!

  86. lola August 17, 2011

    TGJ I just really hate it when you guys create posts about washed up artists or never wases! TERROR MARI is not underrated and she sure as hell doesn’t work as hard as everyone says she does. I mean, there’s nothing spectacular about her. All she is, is a ghetto, black girl with an average voice and no star power! People say she can sing, but she’s not that great of a singer. What pisses me off is that there are thousands of singers who are cute or can appear to be cute, have a nice body and can’t sing or just have an okay voice and people want to act like they need to succeed in the music industry. NOT EVERYONE IS MADE OUT TO BE A STAR!

    I want to see new singers who have amazing voices and bring something fresh and new to the table and are different, but not a gimmick! These Ciara’s, Keri Hilson’s, and Teairra Mari’s aren’t cutting it. They’re all basic females who sell s** and create mediocre music! Plus, I heard when she first came out she was a b****… acting up just because she was rolling with Jay. That’s why karma came her way and she can’t have a successful career. Anybody can be a damn pop star. Rihanna, Kesha, Britney, Selena, and JLO proved that you don’t need to know how to sing at all to have a successful music career. All you need is a s*** image, hot beats, and catchy melodies. Jay only kept Rihanna because she’s LIGHT SKINNED with GREEN EYES and had an “exotic” look to her and that’s why mainstream liked her. TERROR doesn’t need to go pop and pop wouldn’t fit her voice, but she would need to create R&B music that has substance! Keri Hilson tried that contemporary R&B/Hip-Hop poppish mess with NBA and that album flopped hard as hell!

  87. lola August 18, 2011

    And just another thing…. even though I can’t stand TERROR and feel like she doesn’t have what it takes to be a singer, I think it’s real f***** up that Jay dropped her ass without giving her a chance. If Rihanna could be successful, so could have Teairra! That was really mean of him. He didn’t even allow her to drop a second album! How are you going to drop an artist after just one album when you didn’t even lose that much money to get rid of him/her? It’s disgusting and sad that he put all of his time and money in Rihanna and made her as big as she is today. He also hooked Ne-Yo up, but he had to because Ne-Yo was writing songs for everybody. It’s just f***** up how the industry can be. He has a few other light skinned chicks on his label and where the f*** are they? Bridget Kelly has leaked some material but no promos, not major interviews, no tours, no nothing! Not even a damn big feature with a hot rapper!

  88. jamir21: bey,rih,brit,gaga,nicki # 1 FAN !!!! August 18, 2011

    @ Lola I agreed with you on your last comment about Jay !!!
    He only admires Rihanna and thats it…..where is Jay Cole`s debut album, where is Willow Smith`s debut album NOWHERE AND WHERE IS THIS HUGO PERSON AT !!!
    Roc Nation only admires Rihanna
    Columbia only admires Beyonce

  89. My View Is… August 18, 2011

    I think X Y and Z real issue with Kelly Rowland is the fact that she has been seen with White dudes in photos,now mind you no one knows what the deal was but that is his real issue with the woman.Black men like X Y and Z puzzle me because he has nothing to say about Black men with other races of women.Now don’t get me wrong,I don’t think any of it is my business but I do find it odd.

    Kelly is doing her thing X Y and Z,we get that you hate the woman but the hate you have for her is kind of crazy at this point.

    And,That is My View…

  90. My View Is… August 18, 2011

    I have heard Tierra Marie sing and I was not impress but I don’t doubt that her getting dropped by Jay Z has affected her but she needs to stop crying about it because no one is hearing her cries.It’s obvious to me that she was the one that didn’t f*** him so she got dropped because of it.Rihanna was the one that f***** him and everyone else on the roster that mattered which is why she is all over the airways because it can not be about talent.

    And,That is My View…

  91. Graham August 18, 2011


  92. TiffanyRayne August 18, 2011

    To be honest, it’s not even about commercial success anymore. Because even a lot of the established superstars aren’t getting that in today’s music industry. Not to mention, their albums aren’t selling either, and they have the attention and promotion. It all boils down to this, quality doesn’t always sell or get the attention it deserves. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen, just because it hasn’t happened right now. Nothing is an overnight success. And people shoudn’t confuse hasn’t been yet with can’t be done. Teairra’s hard work will pay off in the long run.

    For the record, Teairra does not talk about Jay Z or the Roc @ all. Everybody else keeps bringing up what happened in 2005, and Rihanna. Def Jam is falling apart anyway. Anyway, with that being said, why diss Teairra because she’s an unpopular artist by the masses? Let me rephrase that. She’s not liked by you guys because the industry says she’s isn’t hot right now. That’s all it is.You guys say Teairra Mari is nothing special. Well, neither are the celebs that get shoved down our throats every 5 minutes.They aren’t nothing but a strung out on drugs suicidal mess. And who wants to follow that example?

    Either way, R&B isn’t dead to me. There are still plenty of people that release great R&B music. Like Hip Hop, it just isn’t getting the spotlight right now. I’m kind of glad R&B and Hip hop, black music in general has went underground or on a low raidar. It gives me something different to search for. I don’t have to see or hear the same 2 singers everyday. There is other stuff out there besides what you’re brainwashed like or pay attention to. But hey, more great and classic music for me. I could care less about the trend or who’s super famous/popular or not.

  93. Truth August 18, 2011

    Rihanna is lightskin that’s why she’s big….then Cassie, Amarie, Leona Lewis, Chris milian etc should be big too right

    Rihanna Slept her way up…..Cassie sleeping with Diddy, Chris Milian slept with Dream where are their hits

    Rihanna team stylist etc is what helps her………….everyone in the industry have a team, change their style, hair etc… Ciara, keri, Kelly R. all these women have a team and have access to the same designers, styles that rihanna is privy too…. so where is their success.

    Give credit when it’s due, some try to take credit from RIRI but their reasoning is S***!!!! This girl was blessed with presense (swag) and an ora that i’ve yet to witness. Am I saying she’s the greatest singer, dancer etc…no but she’s Amazing at what she brings and keep the attention of millions #BadBitchStatus

  94. Meeeeeuuuuuu December 27, 2011


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