Britney Spears Comes Under Fire For ‘Criminal’ Video Shoot

Recent months have seen Camp Britney Spears successfully avoid or deal with a number of minor controversies.

Much to the delight of her fan base who have managed to enjoy this era of her music without the media hoo ha that plagued her career circa 2006/2007.

However, in which will be sure to serve as bad news for Team Brit, her recent video shoot for the single ‘Criminal‘ which was shot in London days ago, has now found both she and the video’s production team in scorching political water.

Find out why below…

According to London’s Hackney Council which covers the area in which Spears’ filmed the video, they did not agree for guns of any kind to be used in the video when approached by its production team.

Speaking to London Tonight, the council explained:

We did not agree that a replica gun could be used at Stoke Newington Town Hall and we are disappointed… We will be raising this matter with the production company.

Going onto state:

I think she should apologise and make a sizeable donation to a Hackney charity that deals with young people… for the rudeness and damage she’s done to this community.

It is only a music video but it’s images like this, with popstars glamorising gangs, which means that some young people… get drawn in. Britney should really know better.


It is unfortunate that Britney has found herself at the center of such a controversial issue, in a city where the over half of teen deaths are gun/knife related.

Whilst some will put the decision to use a fire arm in the video down to ignorance, it is worth wondering how much research actually goes into the location’s of these videos when these locations are chosen to be used for filming purposes.

For with her LP ‘Femme Fatale‘ under performing in most markets, the last thing she needs if for ‘Criminal‘s video to face a ban in a country where so many of her closest rivals continue to thrive.


Your thoughts?

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  1. FOX September 23, 2011


    I suppose we should ban all images of guns from movies/books too? GET REAL PEOPLE.

  2. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 23, 2011

    PERFECT!Controversy is exactly what she needs!!There’s no bigger hype-maker than a banned video.This is actually a good solution to save her album.A banned video will make her interesting and appealing again!!I predict 15,000,000 YouTube views in 1 week 😎

  3. Beyonce love on top September 23, 2011


  4. MusicMe September 23, 2011

    I mean, come on… Hackney Council had the cheek… Why dont you go and deal with the ACTUAL CRIMINALS who are devaluing Hackney as opposed to musicians who use Music videos to tell a story. And to ask her to make a ‘Sizeable Donation’, basically you saw money so you thought you would make a big deal out of it… The joke is Brit’s team will not back track on what they have done, if anything the music video will be a reflection on REAL LIFE in Hackney… They shoudl praise her for highlighting it…

  5. YASHIEYA September 23, 2011


  6. naijaystans September 23, 2011

    Sorry Brit,i know Rihanna will be super excited about this creepy news. My red wig ain’t gud enough.

  7. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 23, 2011

    Here we go again !

    Ms . Another day , another drama !!

    but laughably , this will work for her like RIHANNA’s S&M vid 😆

  8. KIMBERLY September 23, 2011

    @ YASHIEYA you are such an idiot!!! what is the purpose of your comment? Grow up. There are so many fans and stans on this site, why tackle one. You are so lame it is not funny. Controversy has hit every single artist in this business. what is your point? go read a book jackass.

  9. Kyl September 23, 2011

    shut up sam u dickhead

  10. Nichole September 23, 2011

    Britney is used to having controversy surrounding her career, therefore, TGJ should not be surprised. Controversy for Brit is actually good publicity.

    If You Seek Amy, anyone?

    Follow me on Twitter @music_me84. I follow back.
    Follow me on Twitter @music_me84. I follow back.
    Follow me on Twitter @music_me84. I follow back.

  11. me September 23, 2011

    “in a city where the majority of t*** deaths are gun related.”
    the majority of t*** deaths are not gun related in london, illness traffic accidents yes, but do not say the the majority of t*** deaths are murders. even the majority of t*** murders are not gun related as according to the b**, there were a total of 29 t*** murders in london this year and the majority of them were stabbings.
    instead of spending time on rihanna daily please proof read your stories and verify your so called facts.

  12. bow down to the perrylicious… (the queen of tgj) September 23, 2011

    i think this site is getting so lame.
    low-sales album??
    with limited promo,.. 1.2M worldwide is impressive. LOL

  13. Faye September 23, 2011

    How did she cause damage to their community? what a load of rubbish its already damage and I know that because my nan used to live in Stoke Newington and its a shitt y area most of Hackney is damage to be honest, I highly doubt a bunch of teenagers are gonna carry around guns because Britney Spears did for a music video, they need to deal with the problems in that area instead of moaning about a pop star shooting a video with a gun.

  14. MissImpartial September 23, 2011


  15. TomUK September 23, 2011

    A bit over dramatised, but even I thought the idea a little icky of having a music video shot in London a month after rioting and looting – in bad taste to certain extent, but I bet she didn’t even know about it, she’s so far in the f**cking clouds these days…

  16. MK September 23, 2011

    ‘make a sizeable donation’

    What a dickhead, someone else just after her money.

  17. lolax September 23, 2011

    SAD 🙁

  18. tweetypiebabe1 September 23, 2011

    The song is called ‘Criminal’. What the hell did they think she would be depicting?!

    And then asking her for a ‘sizable donation’! Ha! What a bunch of jokers #notintrested

  19. nice_gurl September 23, 2011

    That is ridiculous. It’s just a music video and kids that listen to Britney wouldn’t get a gun anyway.

  20. GODNEY September 24, 2011

    Who cares if Femme Fatale is underperforming? It’s a GREAT album with masterpieces like Inside Out,Criminal and Seal with A Kiss. It’s a very powerful album and thats what we need.

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