J. Cole Looks To Land First #1 Album

Published: Wednesday 28th Sep 2011 by Rashad

Looks like Jermaine Cole‘s aggressive promo push for his debut LP ‘Cole World: A Sideline Story’ is paying off.  For, while rumors have lit the Twitterverse ablaze that the North Carolina native knocked out 115k his first day, Hits Daily Double has provided their early projections for the project.

And, if their numbers are anything to go by, Cole is set to make an impressive splash on the charts.  How many units is the rap rookie set to move?  Find out after the jump:


It’s a Cole World after all.  But, though the officially tally will not be provided until next Wednesday after Billboard weighs in, time has proven HDD’s predictions are fairly credible.   Coupled with the fact that J. Cole’s singles are not exactly blockbusters on the Hot 100 and the album suffered a leak two weeks before its release, these numbers are more than solid.

Congrats to Cole.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Twista September 28, 2011

    even if he manages 200K his first week, that’s excellent for a debut artist.

  2. YEABEY is on your mind. September 28, 2011

    YASSS! Good for a debut rap artist! His fans are truly supporters. Imagine if Jay gave him the promo he deserved, 500k 1st week!!

  3. jovanna September 28, 2011

    im so happppy goo cole world

  4. NikNak September 28, 2011

    Good for him, I like j.cole his different from all this artists now or better all these soo called hip hop (hip pop) Artists now. and he is soo real aswell.

  5. KAT DELUNA FAN September 28, 2011

    congrats, that’s better than some ppl who are supposely big superstar

  6. Flashing Green September 28, 2011

    I don’t like him. He’s boring as hell

  7. Ms Lovely September 28, 2011


  8. nemo September 28, 2011

    haha the ‘great lacefront’ was predicting 100k and said he would FLOP
    What now oh mighty lacefront WHAT NOW?
    i bet the great perm gotcher ass.

  9. Cole World September 28, 2011

    Kelly could never. 🙂

  10. flawda September 28, 2011

    i wish ya’ll would get the f*** off that Jay-z promo nonsense. First of all it’s SONY’s job to promo, not Jay-z and second he is being promoted. I hope you didn’t think he got on the BP3, Loud,and Drake’s tour because of his good looks.

    If ya’ll are expecting labels to promo like they did in the 90s, then ya’ll are clueless to the business now. Fans aren’t buying albums so labels are cutting back on promo.

    Jay-z has put J Cole is the best position he could be in. He got “artist development” which artist don’t get anymore, he isn’t pressured to make pop singles, he gets to be on big tours and learn from bigger artist. That’s called winning imo. He grooms his artist like how came up and that’s building a strong fanbase, tour excessively, and put out quality music. Word of mouth will be the promotion he needs which he has.

  11. monica green September 28, 2011

    Shut the F*** up miss lovely what rihanna have to do with this why comparison just congratulate him leave her out of this C*** ass b****

  12. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 28, 2011

    CONGRATS TO HIM!!It’s a really great hip hop album, even if it’s not on the level that I would want it to be.The project has legs, that’s for sure.I’m hoping that Beyonce’s husband will take proper care of J Cole and release the right songs and promote him to make the final numbers solid.I also hope that J Cole is going to put this success under his belt and come back with something bigger and better than his debut…

  13. Ci’Yonce September 28, 2011

    YEEESSSS!! So proud of Cole. #COLEWORLD=)

  14. MISHKA September 28, 2011

    #ColeWorld !!!

    I’m so happy for him. Listening to his album, you can tell Jay-Z put his a%s at work lol He sounds “hungry” in an era where nobody sounds hungry no mo’.

    I understand his will to not sell out even though he has what it takes to become a mainstream act. He just needs to get the producers in the game to re-vamp his album for a global market and let his s*** light-skinned a%s do the rest. He’s hungry now but in a year or so, he’ll be a celebrity with money, endorsements, ColeHoes and all that stuff. We’ll see what will happen.

    Anyway, congrats Jermaine, keep it up.

  15. Bdaboss September 28, 2011

    Good stuff!

  16. `iLoveYou` September 28, 2011

    YAS, b******! 😀 It’s a #Coleworld

  17. The Naked Truth September 28, 2011

    Congrats!!! Cole World!

  18. MISHKA September 28, 2011

    No shade but:

    If Rihanna doesn’t hit the #1 spot with Untitled (or whatever that album’s name is) next November, Jay-Z needs to send her a%s to artist developpement bootcamp for at least three years, like he did with J. Cole.

    Trey Songz , love your P-Diddy looks and your vocals on “Can’t Get Enough” but your as% is next.

    Show me ’em #1 albums, young cats.

  19. VA STAND UP!!! September 28, 2011

    Yaaaasssss! Congrats Cole! I figured he was gonna come in at No. 1 cause he had like basically no competition but ain’t gonna lie I was a lil nervous about the his numbers! Some idiot on twitter was claiming he was gonna push a milli first week, I KNEW that wasn’t true he ain’t on that level yet but with the leaks and no hit singles these numbers are GREAT! He’s been working his ass off for years and he built up his fanbase and it’s so great to see people actually went out to cop the album and show support! I’m so happy for him! Talented artist are #Winning!

    Still haven’t gotten my physical yet but I will this weekend.


  20. Elle September 28, 2011

    So proud of mr Cole, been riding with him since the warm up and like many a fan feel like we won. He may not have millions of fans on Twitter or facebook like Nicki, a hit record like wiz or constant shout outs from his mentor like drake and big Sean. But what he does have is a passion that makes people feel conected to his music and in the end that us what is more important. So happy to see real artist like him and Adele do well.
    Cole world no haters!

  21. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE RETURNS. September 28, 2011

    September 28, 2011 at 4:57 pm

    haha the ‘great lacefront’ was predicting 100k and said he would FLOP
    What now oh mighty lacefront WHAT NOW?
    i bet the great perm gotcher ass.

    H** HUSH!!!!!

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE speaks nothing but the truth! 😕

    J.Cole will FLOP because The H** ain’t even that known and he is in Camel and BLEACHonce’s camp so that means he will be STRUGGLING

    Yes H**,I said it.STRUGGLING.And THE GREAT LACEFRONCE’s predictions are very accurate.

    Oh and BLEACHonce and Caca are FLOP gimmicks.

    THE GREAT LACEFRONCE has spoken.

  22. Yellow Gorillah September 28, 2011


    B**** Shut UP!

    Loud Did NOT Debut at #1 YET it is about to sell nearly 6MILLION WW do you really think anybody in rihanna’s camp is worried about what she sales in her FIRST WEEK Loool I just can’t with some o you why do you think artist FIRST week sales are so important when they can have longevity and sale millions.

    Please sit with your none logical ass somewhere at the back.

    Other notes CONGRATS to J Cole on his number #1 album I’m HAPPY for him really like him and his music let’s just hope it goes platinum.

  23. Cole World September 28, 2011

    @The Great Lacefronyonce is S***

    It has the same writing style and everything.

    B**** You is Caught.

    I knew S*** was a troll all along.

    S*** is the only other person who says H** HUSH and capitalizes a whole part of a world.

  24. richnblack11 September 28, 2011

    ummmmmm…..where is rihanna #1 lol I had to throw that shade….cheers drink to that…

  25. AuntieJackie September 28, 2011

    That’s excellent! I’m not a huge fan but I’m happy to see him to succeed without having to spew nonsense and use auto-tune. Rihanna’s debuts always suck, but she sells more overtime than a lot of people who debut with higher numbers. That’s just real, even if I think she’s talentless. Her album sales generally are floppish for what she’s supposed to be, but her debut numbers aren’t what measures her as an artist.

  26. vicious vixen September 28, 2011

    Congrats to J. Cole!!! I’ll be going to get my copy tomorrow night & I can’t wait!!! I am so damned proud of him!!!


    Nobody cares ?

  28. …baa, president of the itty bitty titty committee September 28, 2011

    I mean …DUH isn’t he one of Illuminati Jayz’s little proteges? Of course he will sell well regardless of what the CD actually sounds like. Mr. Nice Watch ft Gayz is HORRIBLE but I’m sure it will be placed at the #1 spot because the music industry and fake ass media kisses Jay’s hind parts every chance they get!!

    Oh please why is R******’s name being mentioned on this post? We all know Rihanna doesn’t need talent when you are willing to stoop as low as she will. Just drop those pants and shed that bra young lady…LOL! That will sell a horrible song quicker than anything!!

  29. zania September 28, 2011

    I wonder why his album isn’t on itunes or Jason Derulo. It should #1 on itunes, do anyone know why? Hitsdailydouble didn’t even list Jason first day sales.

  30. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 28, 2011

    @JAMIR21 :

    Exactly !!!

  31. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 28, 2011


    if you are a stan of fist down then your ass is not allowed to s*** ! Your fav leak spaghetti d*** pics to create hype and buzz !!!

    Hush C*** !

  32. THEMAN September 28, 2011

    People stop saying that people aren’t buying albums anymore because they are people are still selling millions, and going gold and platinum. It’s the artists that don’t get the right promo or mainstream attention that need the extra push. He’s gonna sale close to a quarter mil that is awesome for a new artist in any era.

  33. THEMAN September 28, 2011

    Adele > 352k
    Lady Antebellum > 350 to 365k
    Beyonce > 310k
    Lady Gaga > 1.1 mil
    Lil Wayne > Almost 1 mil
    Jill Scott > 135k
    Tony Bennett > 180k
    Chris Brown > 290k
    JHud > 165k
    Red Hot Chilli Peppers > Nearly 240k
    Taylor Swift > 1 mil
    Britney Spears > 280k
    Jay/Ye > 482k

    Lots of these numbers are numbers that used to look like albums sales previously. It’s just about the album having legs. Album sales have been up so far. So that can’t always be an excuse.

    Those are just to name a few, and many of them are still selling quite well.


    @ Pop Royalty LOL !

  35. YEABEY is on your mind. September 28, 2011

    Look at you coming at Chris Brown’s flaccid d***. What a man….

  36. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) September 28, 2011



  37. why you mad? September 29, 2011

    So what are Jason Derulo’s numbers looking like?

  38. nice_gurl September 29, 2011

    That’s good for a debut album. The album is great, my 2nd fave hip hop album of this year. My fave song is Breakdown. J.Cole will be the next big rap star.

  39. YOOSONDALOOSE September 29, 2011

    That is good! If he gets that he should be v. happy!

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