Watch: Behind the Scenes – Lloyd’s ‘Dedication To My Ex’

Published: Thursday 29th Sep 2011 by Rashad

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Over two weeks have passed since the visual for ‘South Side’ singer Lloyd‘s ode to a special lady’s ‘south side’ made its debut.  Much to the acclaim of fans and critics alike, the Andre 3000-assisted number ‘Dedication To My Ex’ has been garnering Young Goldie a bit of buzz since its premiere.  That buzz, unfortunately, has not shifted the single much in the upward direction.

Seemingly in an attempt to bring the kitty-packed clip back into play, fans have now been invited to go behind the scenes of the video to peep more on Mr. Polite’s pussycat pop…song.  See it all after the jump:

Regardless of the subject matter of the anatomical ode, the video is awesome and the song is certainly standouts as ‘King of Hearts’ most impressive demonstration of Lloyd’s vocal ability.  However, in Lloyd’s (and seemingly every other male R&b singer’s) apparent need to turn up the raunch in their R&B presentations, they tend to all sound the same and thusly unfairly (in Lloyd’s case) be grouped together.

Granted, everyone doesn’t have to have the lyrical depth of a Maxwell or Eric Benet, but jeez, how can one expected to be taken seriously saying the P-word (or any explitive) 100 times in one 4-minute song?

Your thoughts?

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  1. TYLER September 29, 2011

    OMFG!!!!!!!! this dude has a great album. like why did they even put cupid out and why does his deluxe version songs sound better than the main songs on the cd.

    he should put out stay next

  2. MISHKA September 29, 2011

    How can one expected to be taken seriously saying the P-word (or any explitive) 100 times in one 4-minute song


    They prolly thought the song would be Ceelo’s ” F*ck You” Part two.

    And what is 3-Stacks doing on this one? Come on Andre if you have time to guest star, you have time to record a new album.

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