Trapped In the Closet: Hiding In Hip-Hop (Part 1)

Published: Thursday 8th Sep 2011 by Rashad

‘How We Do’ rapper The Game may not be mostly remembered for insightfulness and thought-provoking statements, but his sentiments on closeted homosexual rappers in the industry did cause a firestorm this week. Blazing the blog-o-sphere, discussions on Game’s ‘insight’ (or maybe just plain sight) had tongues wagging. Agree or disagree, his disposition doesn’t delve into the unknown – just the unspoken.

Traipse the political terrene and anyone not living under a rock has seen the last couple of years spawn unprecedented progress in gay rights period, let alone in the Pop musical landscape. Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Ricky Martin, and Adam Lambert are just a few of the openly bi or gay stars who are pushing an envelope (arguably) signed and sealed by Melissa Etheridge, George Michael, and Boy George before them. But while Pop is busy pushing an envelope, hip hop maybe busy hiding it, sweeping it under the taboo throw rug. For while the male-dominated industry has embraced ‘openly’ bisexual rapstress Nicki Minaj, that embrace may border more on fantasy than respect. This, of course, would open up the argument that women who openly flaunt alternative lifestyles are more easily accepted than men.

Regardless, in a land where hyper-masculinity is often used to denote (and sometimes disguise) one’s ‘true’ hip hop identity, those who do not succumb to the stereotype are often branded ‘gay’. There are few R&B male singers who are relevant that haven’t had the title accompany their name at one period of time. So, we’ve already asked you:

‘Will Hip Hop ever accept an openly gay/bi male rapper or singer”. And we, as ever, appreciated your feedback. But now, let’s twist it. That Grape Juice wants to know:

Why, when other genres are beginning to embrace being ‘out’, does Hip-Hop not?

‘Would you still support your favorite rapper/singer if he or she came out of the closet’?


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  1. IS†ANN4GAGA September 8, 2011

    I have serious doubts that the Hip Hop community would embrace a Gay Rapper….

  2. ChilePleaseBitch September 8, 2011

    it will never happen! because so many ignorant peopl in the world wont accept one for who they really are… they will continue to glorify bisexual or lesbian women but being a Gay male in HIP HOP will NEVER BE accepted!

  3. MissImpartial September 8, 2011

    Why is it that the urban community that gets being called homophobic?I don’t see the Pop or any other music community embracing a gay artist.

  4. IS†ANN4GAGA September 8, 2011

    IDC if my fave is LGBTQ or not,If I like them,I like them…NO amount of Homosexuality can stop me from liking them,which brings me to another point….Just because you are a fan of (or stan for) a FEMALE pop star (Like Gaga or Bey) does NOT make you automatically Gay so some people should quit with the “Oh you like *insert female artist’s name here*,You’re a *Insert homophobic slur*,That gets on my nerves….

  5. Malakhi Eason September 8, 2011

    YES i will support them because .. what they do in there bedroom is none of my business.. and who cares we all know most of the music biz is GAY!!! get over it… its everywhere… i love everyone regardless. lets grow up..

  6. Rich September 8, 2011


  7. KD September 8, 2011

    Yes I would, it’s all about the music in the end. Whether the person munches down on the carpet or takes a ride down the s*** tunnel has nothing to do with me.

    This whole lesbianism/bisexual thing seems to be more of a marketing ploy more than anything (didn’t Pink and Christina A. claim @ some point during their careers that they are bisexual?)… most of these ladies claim to be bisexual so as to get tongues wagging ala (the most overrated VMA performance ever) the Britney/Christina/Madonna kiss/Katy Perry’s (I Kissed A Girl). They do this because they know that most guys dream about girl on girl action.

    Guys on the other hand will not have the same luck…I dare Ricky Martin to record a song titled I Kissed a Boy and I liked it.

  8. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 8, 2011

    i think i will stay away from that post too …..

    but if i have to give my opinion :

    rappers supposed be tough and hard ! #stereotype 1
    a lot of ppl when they hear the word “gay” , a feminine guy image is the first thing comes to mind #stereotype 2
    and adding to that most ppl know what gays do in bedrooms ! so i don’t think they will still support the rapper if he’s gay ! it will be hard ! how he will have the “tough guy” image they wanted him to be if he’s gay ‘ with their definition of being gay” ?!

    it’s a mix of lots of stereotypes and that will make it a very difficult ! but it will happen eventually i think ……..

    hope a lot of ppl understand my opinion ! i don’t judge anybody based on his sexuality ! i like RICKY MARTIN music for example ! i could care less if he’s gay ! i keep it about the music honestly !

    now i will stay away from this post ……….

  9. MissImpartial September 8, 2011

    The fact is Katy Perry is not Gay. Have you guys heard of a successful lesbian female. No me neither.

  10. Imgunnacheckuboo September 8, 2011

    FIRST, Gaga isn’t Bi she just claims to be to sell records.

    SECOND, Hip Hop is indistinguishably wrapped up in the black community which remains ardently homophobic till this day. Until our community can rise above this petty bigotry I don’t see hip hop doing it anytime soon.

  11. KD September 8, 2011


    September 8, 2011 at 9:22 am

    The fact is Katy Perry is not Gay. Have you guys heard of a successful lesbian female. No me neither.

    I never said Katy or any of those females are gay. I was simply indicating that whenever a female decides to go all bisexual (be it by actually kissing a female or releasing a sexually suggestive song such as Katy Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”) the main aim is to generate buzz around themselves as well as their projects. I do not think that any of the above listed females are even remotely gay.

  12. MissImpartial September 8, 2011

    Hollywood stars are closet gays. They do not like to be seen as gay at the same time. Read an article where the actor Rupert Everett said that he does not get any more scripts since he came out. And that Hollywood turned against him. The like to portray homosexuality in movies but do not want to be seen as homosexual. It is considered a career s****** whether the public likes you or not Hollywood is not ready for this either.

  13. ANNONYMOUS September 8, 2011

    I would still support them. However if you are a hip hop artist your worries are losing your fan base, threats, etc. Even though times are changing people are still ignorant. And from my perspective some of us are less open than others when it comes to acceptance.

    I just wish Queen Latifah would take a stand and come out, hell we all know she’s gay or bi anyways. Just come out!!! And its funny how no one tells, its hard keeping secrets but they dam sure keep them in the “Celebrity World.”

  14. bey’knight September 8, 2011

    lol i thought RKelly brought the trapped in the closet series back to life lol

    well my answer is simple, no they wont! theres not even the slightest glimpse of a hiphop cultural turning point in sight. perhaps this is a good time to say hiphop is the most stagnant genre of music. they’ve been rapping about the same crap in same style for decades now because their too “cool” to lend wing to their “swag” and fly into a haven of liberty especially the masculine sect

  15. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 8, 2011

    First question
    You pretty much said it yourself; it’s all about the lyrical content.If a male hip hop artist doesn’t sing about how he makes the bed rock or about how big his penis is or about how many drunk tottering b****s he gets “in da club” then it would be acceptable, I suppose.The thing is that to make it on Urban radio you need to talk about all that, so it’s all about the lyrics.

    Second question
    It depends on the way that the artist launches himself and his overall reputation.In most cases, I would still be a fan of the artist and I would admire him for his courage.However, if this specific artist comes out of the closet, but then he keeps making out with chicks in his videos and talking about having s** or flerting with a woman then I’ll stop being a fan, but not because the artist is gay.Just because the artist is a hypocrite.

  16. bey’knight September 8, 2011

    ooh i thought the question would hiphop support them

    as for me, im here for the music, if i dont like an artist it wont have much to do with his sexuality

  17. TYLER September 8, 2011

    Lil’ Wayne, Lil’ B, Bow Wow, Migual, Jermaine Dupri, Diddy <<<<<< All Gay, just never admit it, but it's obivious.

    Am I the only one who wants to just sniff the dudes boxers in the picture?

  18. TALENT + SOUL = KING BEY & QUEEN ADELE September 8, 2011





  19. Kingam September 8, 2011

    i don’t think there ready for a gay rapper…
    Dell giving free laptops because of a defect on 10,000 computers.. 4 next 24 hours only..s*** i got

  20. B Lamont September 8, 2011

    I ABSOLUTELY would support if the music is good. But it will take a LONG time for the Hip-Hop community to embrace this simply based off the homophobic issues in the African-American Community. Since the genre is rooted in the Black Community (although clearly embraced by non-blacks in order to be so successful), true validation starts within the community, so it will have to take more established artists heterosexual and closeted gays to come out and begin the process. That’s how it started in the POP world, so it’s going to take the same bravery in the Hip-Hop/R&B world as well. The question now is: Which of your favs will make the first move? Support from heavyweights like Janet, Kanye, Beyonce and few others is already there. The first artist just needs to step to the plate and admit it.

  21. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 8, 2011

    Seriously, even the most hardcore rapper can be gay, but he just has to be strong, ruthless and devoted enough to get the hip hop community to accept him.In the 80’s they probably thought that there would never be a female rapper, but then in the 90’s there were many femcees making it big.Kim’s ‘Hardcore’ was probably the first hip hop classic coming from a female and it was so influential because it was shameless and she found a clever way to make the guys listen to her too.So, if a gay man is clever enough to find a lane and cement a great image, then nobody will mind.

  22. fearlless September 8, 2011

    The first comment says it all – We’ve moved a lot further then where we began, hell even ten years ago, but lets be honest, the Hip-Hop community will NOT accept an openly gay, bisexual MALE rapper. Yes, pop artist but not a rapper. Maybe in 30 years….. Lol. Sad but true.

  23. jmoore September 8, 2011

    No, i dont think its gonna change. What is amazing to me is that you got so many of these rappers talk bad about gays but in this industry gay people run it! Also if you dont like gay people why is it that most of them have had their careers elavated by the artistic talents of gay people. From designers, Mark Jacobs, Tom Ford, Versace, YSL some of these dudes whole wardrobes are compliments of these guys. And i am not gonna get started on the many DL Male rappers who front!

  24. YEAKELLY September 8, 2011

    TGJ i am soooo elated that this issue has been bought up. Ya know, i dont think it has much to do with hip-hop as much as it does with the black community as a whole. Everything from the time that we were born was about gender stratification and what boys do and what girls do. u dont see that alot in the white community because when it comes to more alternative lifestyles, they are more accepting.

    its sad but. Black Communities are more church oriented also, and i think that church upbringing has alot to do with it also

  25. An0thrDream September 8, 2011

    There are a few Reasons why being Gay in the hip hop community is unnaccepted

    1.) It’s such an extraordinary risk to take.
    The chances of making it as a hip hop artist while openly gay could hurt your chances as crossing over to the masses thus jeopardizing sales . We all know the fellow hip hop artists would stray at first and see how his success plays out before they start endorsing, embracing, and featuring with that artist. Music Industry labels im sure discourage it too.

    I would DEFINITELY support my favorite artist(s) if they came out of the closet! *looks at Neyo*
    Without a doubt we all know there are some A List artists out there who are Gay. We just dont know which ones. I WISH some of them would come out of the closet and go down in history as attempting to break the barrier. Use your High profile for the better of society, not just for yourself! There’s billions of gay people out there who need your help!

  26. Bobby Bulgaria September 8, 2011

    All Gaga fans and stans that are male are surely GAY… 🙂

  27. …. Nick …. September 8, 2011

    What she want to be??? Is this new mic cover?

  28. …. Nick …. September 8, 2011

    Sorry for my comment i mean for rihanna this comment.

  29. Latin Lover September 8, 2011

    A person sexuality shouldnt be an issue,if youre a fan of their work.
    Respect their right to be who they are.As the game stated, we are
    already listening to a lot of gay rappers,who are not openly gay.

  30. TheFreshestGuyAlive September 8, 2011

    I find it interesting that this Post hardly has any comments.
    Point being…Many people hide from this subject. No one wants to face this issue BECAUSE people are afraid to look at the FACT that yes some of our fave Artists (and some of the biggest) are in fact Gay or BISEXUAL.

    It’s evident that the Hip-Hop industry isn’t ready for a Gay or BI male Rapper. In fact, I don’t think their even ready for a ‘Out’ Actor or anything of that sort. Let’s face it, WE’RE still living in a ‘Dark Ages’ sort of time. Sure, things have changed BUT we still have a long way to go. I would support any artist who came out of the closet. First-of-all, it’s not notably about their S** or Sexual Preferance but all about their Musical Talent. This topic is Exhausting BECAUSE you would think that in the year 2011 (with 2012 approaching soon) people would be a little more open-minded but their not. African Americans (especially) are some of the most closed-minded people when it comes to Homosexuals (even though there are plenty of openly gay ones), a lot of AAs don’t want anything to do with it simply because they feel it’s a Sin. Regardless, what baffles my mind is HOW black people out of all people in the US should know how it feels to be discriminated against BUT discriminate the most. -_-

    I am a Gay ‘Masculine’ Male who works in the entertainment industry AND I tell you ALL right now, that what goes on behind closed doors w/ these people who pride themselves as Celebrities, Hip-Hop Artists, etc. is absolutely shocking & dreadful. It’s even been noted that nearly 80% of the Hip-Hop industry is DL. I am a Discreet gay male (I keep my business to myself) but have been approached by quite a couple of ‘leading’ people in the industry. Some w/ girlfriends & even wives & all of the above. It’s sad because this will continue to go on UNTIL someone decides to break the cycle.

    In this industry it’s easier for Women to pride themselves as Lesbians or Bisexuals (Nicki Minaj, Queen Latifah, Ellen DeGeneres, etc..) because people are not threatened by them. However, w/ men, ones Masculinity is questioned and Society has extreme expectations of Men (ESPECIALLY African American men).

    REGARDLESS, I am a supporter AND I hope to God that one day WE can overcome THESE prejudices of the world.

  31. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 8, 2011


    i guess this says a lot ❗ ❗ ❗

  32. i’m a billy goat…..baa, “i was robbed” :- September 8, 2011

    This is an interesting topic. Given the number of homosexuals that no one realized were gay who have finally fallin out of the closet, chances are we have all been fans of a closeted gay rapper/singer. Hell, I like a few old Barry Manilow tunes (don’t judge me 🙂 ) and he’s been out!!

    If the person is actually gay and living his/her life, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. People seem to have a problem with homosexuality when it appears to be forced upon them particularly via the media (i.e. Glee, Ellen etc). Then you have obnoxious gays such as Pez Hilton, Sandra Rose, Vlad tv host, Anderson Cooper etc. which really hurt the image of gay ppl!

  33. i’m a billy goat…..baa, “i was robbed” :- September 8, 2011


    Sure, there are some in the Hip Hop/Rap community who speak against homosexuality! This community does however, address important issues they find more representative of their community such as: the CONSTANT SCOURAGE of RACISM in all forms from police butality to the flawed criminal justice system to the inequities in the hiring process to the BS media portrayal of them! No this like all other communities within music (Country, Blue Grass, Jazz, Pop etc) may not fully embrace homosexuality (and frankly I doubt it every well) but it does take some powerful stances on other important issues!!

  34. Teflon Boy September 8, 2011

    @I’m a Billy Goat…., I think you hit the nail on the head, as aside from Hiphop’s roots within the black community, the bulk of the world’s perception of gay people is still very limited to the most cliched of examples i.e. loud, camp, obnoxious, bitchy, promiscuous and effeminate. Therefore no, while this continues to be the most ‘sold’ mainstream example of gayness promoted by all factions of the media inc. pop, white and mainstream (‘Four Poofs and a Piano’ anybody? Prime Time BBC1) then Hiphop will not catch up because the rest of us haven’t. Only when the perception of gayness has shifted to something decent and more balanced and not synonymous with DRAMA, man obsession and gossip will Hiphop and it’s collective community feel ready to embrace said artists who although gay are coming with talent and relateable lyrics first.

    Case in Point; I check for Game but the fact his first question when asked about the likelihood of a gay MC was ‘What would he talkin’ about?!’ like it was so far fetched to imagine he might be talking about the same things as him spoke volumes.

  35. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 8, 2011

    Well the “URBAN” community will never accept homosexuality !
    These rappers out here are to worried about f****** these h***, doing drugs etc., !!!!
    I bet some of these rappers “Soulja Boy, Drake” are gay…..but we will have to find out !

  36. commanderofthedancefloor September 8, 2011

    i think that if there is a gay rapper who can make music like jay-z or eminem then gay guys will start to be excepted. i am pretty sure there are closet gays in rap but we probably won’t know until they retire.

  37. IS†ANN4GAGA September 8, 2011

    Bobby Bulgaria

    September 8, 2011 at 12:49 pm

    All Gaga fans and stans that are male are surely GAY…

    The Folks at ISTANN4GAGA and Co. finds this quote rubbish and orders you to find proof immediately.If this proof is not made immeddiately,ISTANN4GAGA and Co. will immediately rebuke your fraudulent findings and send you a bill for utilizing thwe services at ISTANN4GAGA and Co.

  38. S*** (U MAD?) September 8, 2011

    As long as they’re 100% Real & 100% Masculine & NOT trying to shove it down PPL’s throats (NO PUN) then they will STILL be 100% supported. 🙂

  39. Heavy Metal Lover September 8, 2011

    Personally, I don’t think being Gay, Straight, Bi, Transsexual or whatever other sexuality should have nothing to do with a person’s music at all. The Hip-Hop community is so male oriented. It’s about dudes getting money, smoking weed and f****** large amounts of women on a daily basis and that’s what hip-hop has become now days. Back in the day, hip-hop was still very masculine but it focused more on the lyrical content and the message the MCs said. Now days it only focuses on: money/weed/s**/big houses/fancy cars. You can literally put out a song about nothing but smoking bud or getting head in a Hummer and have the #1 song on 106 & Park, MTV Jams or the Urban radio stations, but real MCs who rap about s*** affecting society like homophobia, racism, police brutality, socio-economic status, black on black crime, education never get any shine at all. But If I was pick a group of MCs who I think are gay, I’d pick: Drake, Wayne, Soulja Boy, Lil’ B and possibly KiD CuDi and Kanye. Even though Kanye and CuDi rap about real world issues, they do seem “down low” to me. I am a gay man and it’s very easy to tell who’s on “down low” because I was for about a year before I finally came out and when I say, there are so many dudes(really like 3-4) who I saw on the block in the hood I grew up in at gay bars and clubs is crazy, there are a lot of men, Black and White, on the “down low” and probably never will come out because of homophobia within the Urban community

  40. NikNak September 8, 2011

    hmm, not surprised with this post since those that run this are gay themselves…..

    honestly, i think it’s wrong….and it shudn’t be forced on our faces….but i don’t agree with the fact that people are saying only hip hop genre is anti-gay.

    tell me one superstar who was gay from the start and still became huge….I can’t think of any.

    But they are people like ricky martin who I like even though his gay….i saw his oprah interview and I felt for him. Queen latifah you just love her and jessie j even though she’s bi…i like her music…

    I think if ur gay u are gay but don’t make it all that is about you….Maybe these hip hop or pop artists don’t want to come out because then all people will see of them if them being gay not their music. I know some of yall said i don’t care it’s all about the music but most people will be like “oh yeah, thats that gay dude/girl or he’s gay you know instead of did you hear his new song.”

  41. Bobby Bulgaria September 8, 2011

    No, you DIDN’T just post this!

    Ha ha ha… 🙂

  42. Bobby Bulgaria September 8, 2011

    *@ S*** (U MAD?)

  43. Bobby Bulgaria September 8, 2011

    @ some Gaga obsessed person:

    Gaga said that, not me… 🙂

    And why are you still trying to get my attention…? Are you gay or something? 🙂

  44. Percy September 8, 2011

    I believe some day the hip-hop landscape will accept a gay rapper, but know, I doubt it because hip-hop has an appeal to black people and as far as percentages show, blacks are the most homophobic despite ancestors that have been tortured and enslaved.

  45. Robier September 8, 2011

    Some would support but many will not.

  46. ㄕѺㄕ 尺Ѻㄚムしイㄚ ( 尺ŲÐ乇 乃Ѻㄚ ) September 8, 2011

    @S*** :

    no u did not …. 😆


  47. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 8, 2011

    @ S*** We all know you gay !
    @ Bobby Bulgaria HOMOPHOBIC !

  48. hesings September 8, 2011

    Coming from a gay person himself. I depends on how you present yourself to the world as a gay artist can be accepted. Say what ever you want but there are different levels of “gay” that str8 ppl see and that even the gay culture uses (few a being “trades”, “fem” or “masculine gay”). I believe if a masculine gay hip hop artists presents himself that’s not “trying to go hard” but music then yeah he’ll be acepted

  49. Speaks Truth September 8, 2011

    It doesn’t matter becuz when I make it and take that first step to success we will be accepted, can’t wait to move to new York the end of next year, GAY BLACK MEN Rapper/SINGER 2012……

    *drops mic & bops off stage, blowing kisses to Lil Wayne Drake Trey Songz Chris Brown”

  50. PopCulture King aka Jamir21: IStan4 Mike,Madge,Rih,Brit,Bey,Gaga,Mimi & Nicki !!! September 8, 2011

    Speaking Of…Gaga I already have the concept for 9 music videos for “Born this Way” !
    Marry the Night- A new york theme…at the beginning of the song gaga is in her apartment and when the song starts to break with that electronic noise she will then walk out into the new york scene !
    Government Hooker- A 60s-retro video with her dressed as a Blonde Bimbo with John F. Kennedy !
    Heavy Metal Lover- A very sexual video but with art…and with a very sexual dancing scene !!
    Maybe it can be like a burlesque number !
    Bloody Mary- Just type in “Lady Gaga Bloody Mary” video on Youtube and click on the second thing right under neath her audio song of the song ! And thats my concept for the video !
    The Queen- Something like the royal wedding type-theme with a dancing scene of course !
    Scheibe- Still thinking of a video !
    Black Jesus+ Amen Fashion- Somewhere in a dark area….my concept for the video is like Madonna vogue-ish type of video ! But i was thinking they can shoot in romania !
    Americano- Mexico THAT IS ALL !
    Well these are just some of my concepts !

  51. LTM September 8, 2011

    oh please, Jessie J and Nicki only say theyre bi to be accepted by the gay community to sell records. they are both fake as hell.

    i dont think their will ever be an openly gay male rapper. hip-hop fans are mainly males, and i highly doubt guys are going to buy and support gay rap. it wont matter how good he is, they wont support him. its the same with country, it just wont happen.

  52. stewie September 8, 2011

    Since when was gaga bi ? She just says that gaypeople should be accepted by other people. We have never actually seen her with a female same with nicki she has said she wasnst gay or bi she just loves her gay fan base go on youtube & look up the video

  53. lol September 8, 2011

    hmmm i thought rnb singer rasaan patterson and tevin cambell already came out as gay

    anyway their is an openly gay hip hop producer Mr. C(who produced one of BIGGIE SMALLS CLASSIC ALBUMS,and was recently caught having s** with a t***** ) and people to some extent have embraced him, an openly gay rapper probably is gonna come out soon, maybe.

    And yes i would support an artist if he was gay(depending on his extent of talent) if soulja boy came out as gay… i still wouldnt give hima dime of my money

    for example if nas came out as gay(which is not EVER gonna happen) he would still have my support

  54. LookyLuu September 8, 2011

    Hip-Hop is dominated by Blacks and Blacks tend to not celebrate homosexuality in their culture and the only other culture that’s as anti gay are the Arabs.

    I’ve always found it funny that rappers glorify prison but we all know that the majority of men in prison seek male companionship.

  55. Eric September 9, 2011

    1- Because Rap and Hip-Hop has been going from misogynistic to homophobic in a way that it seems cool and that people in general embrace. Also because those are music styles that are very ‘rough’ in terms of delivery and composition, based in stereotypes, gay males are not masculine enough to represent that ‘roughness’ as it has been established to be since this genres’ underground roots. If we where to use an analogy of colors for (1) Hip-Hop/Rap and (2)Pop/Dance/Electronic and (3)Rock/Folk/Country music, 1 would be Black&White, 2 is able to embrace every color and 3 goes from B&W to Gray & Brown.

    2 – If that does not affects their style drastically (that means, becoming flamboyant and loud all out of the sudden just because he/she came out of the closet) and their artistic and musical integrity as they have been portraying it since the start, I would not care if they are gay or not.


  56. Bobby Bulgaria September 9, 2011

    @ Jamir21:

    Yeah, I am homophobic but I don’t mind doing some things with men… 🙂

  57. nice_gurl September 9, 2011

    Of course there would be people in hip-hop that won’t come out of the closet, because of the fact that it will become a huge media subject. I wouldn’t care if a rapper/singer said they were gay, because it doesn’t change who they are. I don’t think they will have as many fans if they said they were gay though.

  58. …. Nick …. September 9, 2011

    What he try?

  59. SHESDUMB (GAGA,JANET, AND PRINCE STAN) 19/F/FL September 9, 2011



  60. NikNak September 9, 2011


    the bible says man should not lay with man as he lays with woman and other verses aswell that I don’t feel like going into on here…..I am a christian and I believe it is wrong but i will not be horrible to a gay person because of that because only God will judge them. But we can still have our opinions.

    So please don’t go around saying most christians do this or do that because you don’t know what most christians do and don’t and also it’s not only christians who believe that being gay is wrong.


  61. onyx September 9, 2011

    Hey! Whatever Floast the Boat

  62. bylaw99 September 9, 2011

    The people on here saying its only music who cares about your personal life…well thats the problem it didnt used to be just music it was a reflection of their lives, there has never been so many gay and bisexual people ever like there is now…media and television has made being gay acceptable and thats not normal.. if we were meant to be with the same s** god wouldnt have wasted his time on eve he would have just made adam and anthony.

  63. jess September 9, 2011

    i seriously doubt that the hop community would ever accept openly gay rappers even though its very evident that some rappers are gay.For example i saw some gay pics of a rapper at http://www.kelsnetwork.b*******.com/ in my opinion , we shouldnt judge gay people because only God has the right to charge us

  64. La’Tonya September 9, 2011

    i honestly believe that the hip hop community would embrace a homosexual rapper dependin on his image. if he’s super girly then it might b a struggle…but if he has a flow like wayne or drizzy or the game himself && opens 2 liking men, then it might b a different story…i would approve of a gay rapper, as long as they make good music…&& i think it a time for change anyways..things r getting old..&& y in the hell is it so hard 4 yall 2 accept a gay male rapper but 4 female it’s kay..for example my fav rapptrest nicki minaj is bisexual but yall cool..but if a gay DUDE comes in the pic, its world war 7… not a i support gay’s..not 2 mention some of music’s male artist may already b on the downlow (im jst sayin)…but i aint gonna point out my suspicions yet!!

  65. La’Tonya September 9, 2011

    @Jmoore…so true..most of the music artist in the hiphop/r&b music industry have a TRRREEEMEENNDOUS support 4rm gay fans..for example..lets say ummmm Trey Songz, lets say he has 1 million gays fans..kool rite..but lets say 1 in that million wants 2 b a rapper the cime up, he’s being put down because he’s gay…thats so f***** up, like 4 real…i’ve beat up people 4 bein dirty twards gays…being gay is a sin, BUT god said love evrybody..not 2 mention, god created us, so if we cant be gay, y did he make us (well them) this way….everybody disevers love && if u think rong, u literally have no life..if they not hittin then get over it..not 2 mention at leats 51% of suicides r bekus of gay comming out the tellin u, this world is a f***** up place && needs 2 appreciate everybody….smmfh!!

  66. La’Tonya September 9, 2011

    @@ HEELLL YEAH i’ll support chris brown when he tell people he bi or gay or

  67. jesus September 11, 2011

    hello! most rappers are gay! most can ride a d*** better than females. lol. lil wayne made being gay cool and popular.

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