Watch: Kreayshawn Celebrates 22nd Birthday Party

Published: Tuesday 27th Sep 2011 by David

Just hours ago, ‘Rich Whores‘ entertainer Kreayshawn celebrated her 22nd birthday party at Hollywood’s  Freak City.

Joined by her fellow White Girl Mobbers and a number of her closest friends, the party comes just days after the song bird shot an exclusive interview with That Grape Juice.Net.

Discussing everything from racial discrimination in Hip Hop to why she feels Nicki Minaj handled herself with class during her feud with fellow Rapper Lil Kim.

Watch both the party and the interview below…

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  1. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) September 27, 2011

    SHE IS 22???With those immature lyrics, I thought she would be like 18-19 with an old looking face!How can a 22-year old girl keep churning out such lyrics???Does she not have any life experience or education at all?Because that’s how she comes across…

  2. ashgino September 27, 2011

    man, i just got finished watching the news about a 10yr old killing his NeoNaziz father out in californial, and then watching this video of a bunch of white people singing the Stevie Wonder version of Happy B-day to Kreayshawn just felt off and kinda wierd, and normally i support Kreayshawn, but I would feel hella uncomfortable at that party.

  3. Joey Blanco September 27, 2011

    CRAYON!!! sit ur whack ass down!! u arent entitled to have an opinion about anything…Keep Kim’s name out your mouth no one cares what you think!!! You dont know anything about anything, Nicki does have a problem with Kim which is why she spent all of her mixtape career until now taking jabs at Kim….Kim just never responded….let someone take jabs at you and see how you respond

  4. Leina September 27, 2011

    I just listen to her last live performance in Philly @ the Popped Festival. It’s so bad. The woman can’t rap or sing live. I also was watching the reaction of the audience. Many people were quiet just a dozen of people scream. The medias and her record company are blowing up things out of proportion. I think Columbia record is pushing her to the max. I guess they want to promote the album. I am not very sure that she will sell big. After all, Gucci Gucci did not made to the top 10 in the Billboard chart. Only #63 (it’s bad for someone who with a MTV nomination and all that publicity.

  5. `iLoveYou` September 27, 2011

    There’s nothing classy about Krawfish or Nicki. Gosh, I can’t wait until this whack music era is over.

  6. OsO September 27, 2011

    I love her regardless!!!

    F off haters…

  7. Seira September 27, 2011

    Just read that she was booed at Popped Festival. It’s true that her live performances suck.

  8. Ted September 27, 2011

    “Gosh, I can’t wait until this whack music era is over.” – ILOVEYOU

    This is hands down the saddest comment I have ever read on a music blog. Nobody is forcing you to listen to certain types of music. You can go online and find ANY kind of music you want. Furthermore, there is no “era.” Access to diverse types of music has EVOLVED from obscure record stores to online downloads & streaming.

    I’m not going to tell you what to do with your free time, but I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you spend it listening to and commenting on music and artists you actually like. Don’t wait for somebody to tell you, go on and figure it out yourself!

  9. Jessie September 27, 2011

    Andy Milonakis :O

  10. army of queen bee & aaliyah ! September 27, 2011

    Really B**** !? You of ALL GIMMICKS saying That Ms.Gimmick Minaj Is CLASSY ? Why Does She Need To Hide Behind Fake Ass ALTER EGOs To Get Tough With KIM ?……….EXACTLY ! Lmfaoooo Baby Girl PLEASE Get It Together ! Like Why Are You Even RELEVENT ! Oh Because Your FAKE Ass Beef With Rick Ross & He Called You A DIRTY B**** ! Or You LEAKING Your N*** & Horrible N*** Photo ! Maybe Your Up Minajs Plastic Ass Cus She Opened The Door For Gimmicks Like YOU! Also You Shouldnt Be Talking Bout Kim Sideways So GIRLLLL BYE! & The ONLY RESPECT You Get From Me Is For Loving MY FAVE AALIYAH !

  11. nice_gurl September 27, 2011

    I don’t care if it’s her birthday. She sucks at rapping.

  12. Hey Barbs September 28, 2011

    “i want to heal these hip hop wounds”

    *sigh* just like any typical cracka thkinking they can save the helpless confused blacks

    when will this girl’s 15mins of fame be up? aint nobody checkin for her or vaginal nasty

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