Alicia Keys & Crew Visit Good Morning America

‘Superwoman’ singer Alicia Keys is definitely trying to live up to that title with her growing number of endeavors.  Already said to be working on the follow-up to 2009’s ‘The Element of Freedom’ and composing an original score for the upcoming Broadway play ‘Stick Fly’, Mrs. Beatz also recently brought her talents to the director’s chair for Lifetime’s ‘5’.

As reported here, joined by co-directors actresses Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore, Good Morning America caught up with Keys and crew as they chatted about the women’s network film and more.  Check out Keys in action after the jump:

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  1. therealest October 6, 2011

    What happened with that whole “famous people will stop using ‘twitter’ unless we pay money for charity” thing Alicia had going on?? OH YEAH. NOTHING. cos no one wants to be defrauded.

    What is it with Alicia Damn Keys that I find so grating? I enjoy her music, but as soon as she steps into other avenues it comes across as so……irritating? snide? grating? annoying? I dont know what word it is but I wish the woman would only release nice music and stay away from everything else.

    I find it difficult to understand how these films will do ANYTHING for cancer?

    They are a vanity project for these women. Maybe donate EVERY damn penny from this crap towards cancer charities and let cancer charities tell everyone how much money is being given and how great these women are……maybe then I could understand how they would be providing ‘hope’.

    Damn shrews.

  2. Beeyonced October 6, 2011

    Kute at Alicia’s speaking from da heart GF instead of BF -twice.

  3. 9 Lives October 6, 2011

    So Robin Robert’s didn’t grill Alicia Keys about her homewrecking ways? You mean it never came up? Oh thats right, Alicia is a female and probably her type.

  4. Lax October 6, 2011

    Look at all of that talent!

  5. Kim October 6, 2011

    LOL you haters just don’t get it and at this point you never will Singer, Songwriter, Author, Telivision Director, Broadway PRODUCER, broadway Scorer, Actress, Philanthropist and it keeps going on and on and you haters are stuck on a 4 year old black blog story that got absolutely no play in the mainstream media. Why? Because Alicia is the business and a media darling, Robin don’t have time to be getting in the mud with you N*ggas who don’t have anything better to do. Get a life since this wole mashonda bullsh*t Alicia has gotten married, had a baby directed a movie, produced a play is working on a new album, has written songs for other singers and raised millions for charity and you hoodrats are still stuck in the mud with gossip. SMDH!! Get a life it could be over tommorrow what will YOUR legacy be? Gossip? And bad talking celebs who are living their dreams on ghetto blogs? So sad.

  6. honeydip October 6, 2011


  7. God’s Love October 6, 2011

    Ms. Keys is the S***! She is an pianist, songwriter, composer, poet, singer,producer of both Broadway and Music. She is a f*****, “Superwoman and Philanthropist”.

    God loves her and so do I.

  8. SipDatBoyz October 6, 2011

    @TheRealest you are the most IGNORANT,clueless commentator I have EVER seen. The campaign Alicia hosted reached it’s goal YOU IDIOT.! and Alicia is the most humble and talented African American artist out there. We don’t have many..So unless you want there to be NONE I suggest you learn to be humble yourself, and not down or degrade people who are doing NOTHING but opening door for more African American’s to take charge.

  9. Karen October 7, 2011

    Can’t wait to watch these shows. They look like they’re going to be very good, but then why wouldn’t they? These women are all very talented, beautiful, and inspiring. Demi is a beautiful speaker, Alicia is amazing at whatever she does, and Jennifer seems alright too. I would think the people who are bringing up old rumors and gossip about Alicia would be moving on by now but oh well I guess they have nothing better to do. Anyway their opinions really mean nothing and it just makes them look very SAD.

  10. aisha aguilera keys October 7, 2011

    Yay Alicia!

  11. nice_gurl October 7, 2011

    She is so beautiful. She’s a nice, humble woman who loves to do whatever she feels is right.

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