Breaking: Rihanna Hospitalized In Sweden

Published: Monday 31st Oct 2011 by David

Moments ago, it emerged that Battleship star Rihanna is currently receiving care in a Swedish hospital after landing in the country to deliver a performance this evening.

The news comes just hours after she caused alarm by uploading this image to her Twitter page.

Full story below…

According to a Live Nation representative:

“Rihanna is not in the right condition to conduct the concert”

With TMZ putting the singer’s  hospitalization down to a case of the common flu, it is yet to be confirmed whether fans who had paid to see her ‘Loud‘ show in Malmo this evening will be compensated for the cancellation.

Keep it locked on That Grape Juice for more on this developing story.

Get well soon.

Your thoughts?

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  1. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 31, 2011

    OMGGG!!!!!!!!!!! GET WELL RIHANNA!!! 😕

    I wish it was BLEACHonce instead 😕 🙂

  2. truciebedford October 31, 2011

    Hopefully she’s fine. I know TGJ would probably love it if were something more severe seeing as that they can’t stand to see the child make a living.

  3. JJFAN1814 October 31, 2011

    ARE YOU F****** SERIOUS?


    COME ON RIH-RIH!! :[

  4. I’ma have to send her to her maker October 31, 2011

    *shrug* Whatever. I can already seeing this getting 100 comments tho.

  5. truciebedford October 31, 2011

    @THE GREAT LACEFRONCE that’s a horrible thing to say about Beyonce. I poke fun at her and what not, but I wouldn’t wish ill on anyone. Just hope you are never on the receiving end of those words. TGJ be spiteful with their comments about Rihanna because of their allegiance to Beyonce and now look at how your bloggers are responding. Just wreckless!

  6. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. October 31, 2011

    Rihanna>>>>>>>>>>>.BLEACHonce, TRANNY Caca, Nicki GARBAJ, GIMMICK perry & OBESEdele 😉

  7. Gilberto October 31, 2011

    I hope she’s okay.

  8. LAX October 31, 2011

    Okay now don’t be playing around when some one is ill people, RIH you or in our prayers. Please don;t wish ill will on another that is scary and uncalled for LACE!!

  9. hi rihanna October 31, 2011


  10. White girl mob October 31, 2011

    Even tho my white ass can’t stand Rihanna I don’t play around with stuff like this near death s*** no! No! no! I’m going to lay off on this post get well soon.. And when you do tha war is back on

  11. LAX October 31, 2011

    i knew this and i saw a smart ass on the other post make a smart remark, but that is okay, because what goes around really do come around , folks. People can poke fun and make it a joke if they want too.

  12. James227 October 31, 2011

    You have to be very careful with the flu because you can die. I going to say this Rihanna need to take a break and that’s real. She cannot keep trying to please people so they can get paid. Her health comes first

  13. LAX October 31, 2011


  14. Survivor October 31, 2011

    Hope she can perform rest of the dates though. And after this new era, this b**** has to REST!! she’s clearly exhausted and her label must back off! They only want to make money out of her pushing her to the next project before the current is over. B******.
    Get better Rihanna, I hope you are okay!

  15. LAX October 31, 2011

    @JAMES ,,,,You or right about that.
    none of us or above the law when it
    comes to our health.

  16. MissImpartial October 31, 2011

    Talk about over dramatising they way you wrote the headline I thought she is in critical condition.

  17. mhud October 31, 2011

    it was queen kelly rowland before,now rihanna is bn sick too.i wish both beauties quick recovery.

  18. IT’S ALL GOOD!!! October 31, 2011

    Get well soon Rihanna! The navy loves you!!!!!!!!

  19. raw October 31, 2011

    Some of you people have some nerve. I remember when you fans wish death on CB and his family. WOW!! how soon we forget. Oh well I don’t wish harm on anyone I hope she isok


    OMG! What’s with the headline I thought she had collapsed or is in a criticial condition. Nearly put me to tears. I think it’s exhaustion she travelling from country to country and performing most nights of last six months and it seems to be talking a toll on her. After this album I want her to just take a break and embraced what she has achieved so far. Get well soon RiRi!

  21. FREIDA ( THE VOICE ) October 31, 2011

    F****** dead @LACEFRONCE. I am in tears lmfao

  22. MissImpartial October 31, 2011

    I thought that she is in serious condition after reading the headline. A bit insensitive towards Rihanna fans.

  23. TruthTeller October 31, 2011



    Then when u’re ready COME BACK TO SLAY & SNATCH SOME MORE




    The headline Sam used is just too upsetting and strong it really play with people’s emotions. I really though something bad happened to Rihanna.

  25. theresa October 31, 2011

    Reading thses comments, you fans are something else. You want Rihanna to get well so she can work on her CD then take a break SMH. Rihanna is doing fine her LOUD cd is still selling and is pretty high on the chartts & singles. She has her magazine cover going on etc. I really love Rihanna myself but I wish she take it easy

  26. theresa October 31, 2011

    You guys used to think when Lace was talking s*** about Beyonce that it was funny. Now look at the b**** she wishing ill on Beyonce. That was a cruel thing to say and she love saying it. She really need help

  27. RDK October 31, 2011

    hopefully she is ok.

  28. LAX October 31, 2011

    We all have to take it easy you can fall ill at home watching television, yes i want her well first and then,,, i want her to mop the floor with her work, i mean why not.
    KELLY ROWLAND FELL ILL & WAS HER ILLINESS DUE TO WORKING TO HARD???WORK Does not kill you when you or doing something you love doing. And RIHANNA LOVES her work very much, shes driven just like the next artist and many was saying that she needed a break before she fell ill. But the ones who want her to CHILL OR ALSO HATERS,,,, SOooooooo MAKE UP your mind you want her to calm down for her health sake or you want her out of action completely???
    RIHANNA Take care of yourself and then bring it right on back, awaiting your return….And yes we all do bleed when we or cut and we all do get SICK, ITS HUMAN AND HUMANS GET SICK ALL OF US FROM TIME TO TIME….

  29. LAX October 31, 2011


  30. ummm hello ppl October 31, 2011

    She can’t be too hurt she found time to upload a picture to twitter

  31. Yalllow October 31, 2011

    umm and lacefronce f***** hilarious comments! LOve it


    Y’all KNOW I’m the first to bash on Ms Fenty. But I wish her the best. Those who are still throwing shade at Fenty, grow up. NONE of our faves are above this.

  33. S*** (U MAD?) October 31, 2011

    Chile, this is just a common case of BEYONCE-ITIS!!

    Nothing a little Benadryl & Laceront glue wont Fix…

    Shell Be fine guys, dont worry… 🙂

  34. Beyoncé Lover October 31, 2011

    I Dont like her, but hopefully she is ok! Stop Hating on Beyoncé! She has nothing to do with this

  35. Bey’knight October 31, 2011

    I wish Rihanna speedy recovery, when push comes to shove, i’d never wish harm onto someone who’s personally never wronged me.
    But she needs to be more health-conscious and im not taking about exhaustion, if she’s consuming toxic narcotics or #rockstarsh*t as she likes to put it, i hope this makes her think twice

  36. pinkpop October 31, 2011

    seriously, how bad could this be!?…not hating….but she was able to post that picture to twitter so I’ll guess she’s gonna survive. some people act like she injured near death, just so exaggerated

  37. X,Y,”and Z” November 1, 2011

    False Alarm/PR Stunt!!


    ..After the..”fiasco” that was the “build-up” to ‘Rated-R’, can ANYONE now believe ANYTHING this ‘ZERO-TALENT HACK’ says/does?!?! If she’s not “incessantly” talking bout CBreezy, she’s “faking injuries” and doing whatever for press, and/or to garner public sympathy.

    But there’s “method to her madness”: she’s ’bout to get sued – AGAIN – for even BIGGER bucks, by that OTHER photographer she ripped-off: Phillip Paulus!!

    You’re transparent, Riri!! I see RIGHT though you. Your “PR STUNTS” are now stale and faded. You’d ‘cried wolf’ FAR-too often for MUCH-too long for ANYONE to now take you seriously!!

    X,Y,”and Z” — OUT..!!

  38. Love on top November 1, 2011

    That grape juice gives cred where its due They loved the We found love video! But rihanna can’t sing They not lieng bout that! That’s a fact

  39. Pop royalty (RUDE BOY) November 1, 2011

    get well Rihanna , the navy is SAD rightnow

    and I really thank every BEYONCE STAN
    who said great things about RIRI , it’s good when we act like humans ! THANK YOU !

    and thanks to other ppl too. I’m thankful 🙂

    @SAM :
    1- SMDH at that TITLE ! I thought the b**** died or in a critical condition for hepatitis or something liver-related diseases in particular ” due to her drinking , drugs and her wrongly -scheduled- tiring lifestyle !!
    2- the mobile version SUCK DONKEY BALLS ! why there’s different an E-mail and username everytime I try/reload the page !! I know now IT’s ALL GOOD’s E-mail ! do u think it is a good thing @SAM ?!!
    FIX THAT S*** ASAP please !!

    SMH @ u SAM !! 😡 😡

  40. MISHKA November 1, 2011

    What’s up with the overdramatic title, TGJ?

    Geez, I thought she got another a$$ whoo…okay let me get out of here.

    Anyway, get well soon Rih-Rih, it’s not like we have another successful non-singing artist we can play with.

  41. Dane November 1, 2011

    Aww…as much as we dont really like Rihanna, hearing that she’s not feeling well, struck the ‘care nerve’ inside of me. I hope she recovers well. *hugs for her*

  42. jill November 1, 2011

    Rihanna needs to take some time off like a year or two for her health. If her “fans” truly cared for her they would tell her this. Maybe she will come back with fresh music or something, fresh ideas. Spend time with her family, enjoy life before its too late, she’s going on 24.

  43. Blue Kid November 1, 2011

    X,Y, and Z

    Forever! You go bro.

  44. Blue Kid November 1, 2011

    Rihanna can’t go away for two years, she would be done, her career would be over. Rihanna is killing her self trying to be relevant. I doubt if she has the flu, more like a drug over dose.

  45. ANNONYMOUS November 1, 2011

    Drugs and partying will do that to you………get better soon!

  46. Jamir21: I LOVE BEYONCE, BRITNEY, RIHANNA, MARIAH, AND NICKI ! November 1, 2011

    You people are ignorant and sick and needs help….YOU BASTARDS !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway….get some rest Rihanna I am praying for you <3

  47. mel November 1, 2011

    I’m with XY and Z this could be a PR stunt or a case of over doing drug. The media had pics of her coming out a known popular weed spot in Sweden. Everyone knows Rihanna loves getting high. I think her fans are right she needs to leave the spot light and reconnect herself to life like Beyonce did. Even if it was an overdose or whatever I don’t wish ill on her.

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