Hot Shot: Mary J. Blige’s Regal ‘My Life II’ Album Cover (HQ)

Published: Tuesday 4th Oct 2011 by Sam

Mary J. Blige appears queenly regal on the HQ cover for her hotly anticipated ‘My Life II’ LP. Apt as the Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul is set to do battle with the Queen of the Singles Chart – Rihanna come the album’s release on November 21st.

Indeed, ‘Life’ goes head-to-head with the nasal sensation’s latest effort ‘Talk That Talk’ – a move many industry analysts believe will deny RiRi the ever-elusive #1 debut for the 6th consecutive time.

Still, in being the fair and unbias site we are, it’s important to point out the relative success of Talk’s lead single ‘We Found Love’ – success which has, thus far, escaped all of Blige’s releases this go round. What’s more, the 23 year old’s effort is inevitably set to be backed by a mammoth marketing push; one which Blige – at this point in her career – can’t command.

Still, with the masses often needing to be force-fed Fenty’s material before buying into it, and Mary J. being able to scan at least 300,000 first week with ease, it’s Ms.J’s battle to lose.

Your thoughts?

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  1. YEABEY is on your mind. October 4, 2011

    Rihanna better move her album week up…

    She’s competing with
    Mary J Blige
    Taylor Swift
    And some other big first week seller…. 😯

    And That’s Sincerely, YeaBey

  2. Jess October 4, 2011

    Nice cover 🙂

  3. Flashing Green October 4, 2011


  4. KIMBERLY October 4, 2011

    Empress Mary I love the cover.

    @yeabey I guess they will change the date nothing passes her team.

  5. YEABEY is on your mind. October 4, 2011

    hmmm….We’ll see

  6. Jay Jay October 4, 2011

    Mary J will sell. Not sure if she will sell high like her previous albums due to lack of promo and the fact its a Pop dominating era right now HOWEVER her fan base are pretty much older people and they don’t download music, they actually go out and buy music.

  7. MISHKA October 4, 2011

    The Queen of Hip-Hop/Soul is gonna walk that walk on that ‘Talk That BS” .

  8. Truth Seeker October 4, 2011

    Beautiful Cover.

  9. MISHKA October 4, 2011

    Btw, The cover is THE TRUTH.

  10. monica green October 4, 2011

    Ok rihanna will fail anything more people what else will rihanna fail to do haters blah blah blah keep hating rihanna

  11. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 4, 2011

    I don’t get why people always mention November 21st as the Mary J Blige vs. Rihanna battle…It is a competition between Daughtry, Mary J Blige, Michael Jackson, Monica, Nickelback and Rihanna.Why choose to only name 2 of the “contestants” for the no.1??

    Anyway, my prediction for Rihanna is 220k and debut at No.4.

  12. nikki October 4, 2011

    The QUEEN

  13. RihannaStan October 4, 2011

    Rihanna is the hottest right now she will most definitely come out on top.

    1 Rihanna- Talk that talk
    2. Mary J Blige- My Life II
    3. Daughtry
    4. Nickelback
    5. Micheal Jackson
    6. Monica

  14. talk that weave October 4, 2011

    Dear that grape juice

    YOU ARE PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    YOU hate rihanna a lot..more than any celeb in the world…but u post a lot of stuff on her. dayum!! you post and repost and repost and repost. You hate rihanna to a point u wish she were dead but you stalk her every move on the net and post everything on her….even when she visits the toilet and takes a poop you are posting (to those slow to read figures of speech, it called exaggeration [grade 5 English].

    you are sad TGJ. VERY SAD. u go all the way tryina bring her down but u post more on her than your god beyonce

    sad sad sad

    *by the way i dont stan for stars or singers, i stan for education, politics and democracy* i was just makin a sightful observation

  15. talk that weave October 4, 2011

    admit u are obsessed with rihanna. this is an MJB article but becoz ri is in ur head all day, u always tok about her. not even her stan posts this much . dayum


    MJB is going to SLAUGHTER Rihanna.

  17. The One October 4, 2011

    I don’t think Sam hates Rihanna, just because he is pointing out the truth about her voice or lack of for the matter. It saddens me to see what this current generation my generation to be exact thinks what real music is. If you like Rihanna music that is your choice, but if you think she has real or any vocal ability than you are musically ignornat!! When did telling the truth about someone or something become hating? Rihanna will still make her money with no skills and most of her fans will spend their hard earned money to ensure that she does.. I give her major props for milking the game without any real talent or effort.. It’s great to be Rihanna!!

  18. James227 October 4, 2011

    Mary J looks so damn good on Dancing With The Stars on now

  19. James227 October 4, 2011

    Mary don’t have to be naked she has a beautiful voice. She sings her ass of and so does Monica

  20. James227 October 4, 2011


  21. Mari (RIP Dwayne McDuffie + Amy Winehouse) October 4, 2011

    I think Mary will get #1 that week. A lot of R&B releases have really strong first week sales.

  22. RDK October 4, 2011

    beautiful a real african queen.

  23. >Y.U.Mad? October 4, 2011

    i see you Mary looking good,keep doing you.

  24. Pinkcookiegoodies October 4, 2011

    Mary J. Blige Honnay!!! Yaaas!

  25. Heh October 4, 2011

    Mary is going to definitely sell more than Rihanna. No one buys Rihanna albums, because no one trusts her enough. They just buy her singles.

  26. Robier October 4, 2011

    I hope U know who gets slaughtered again

  27. De_Weav October 4, 2011

    You’re dirty SAM. You mention Mary J so much yet you fail to mention that Michael Jackson is also releasing that day


    We Mary fans don’t play with all that corny kiddy pop crap, because we know better. Unlike Rihanna’s dumbass 16 year old fans, we go out and buy CDs…not cherry pick tracklistings and singles to download at iTunes on mommy and daddy’s credit card. Rihanna doesn’t have a prayer here.

  29. NEW_LIFE_2011 October 4, 2011

    Monica’s New Life will be released on the 29th i believe!

  30. Kyle October 4, 2011

    I thought the cover was nice when this site posted the low quality version, and the HQ makes it that much more wonderful. She seriously looks drop dead gorgeous, elegant, and classy all in one. In terms of sales, Rihanna doesn’t stand a chance but obviously both will post big #’s. MJB has such a huge fanbase that always goes out and buys her albums. Think of it too, she came out in the 90’s and her fans have grown with her and are ‘USED’ to buying CD’s. Rihanna’s fans are young so probably all they know is to illegaly download her tracks or just buy her singles on Itunes. It’s so early to tell but I’m sure MJB will do 400K and Rihanna will do the standard 190-210K.

  31. Jay Jay October 4, 2011

    I don’t know if this Rihanna album will do all that great first week. Loud had a better approach, a stronger first single, and much more anticipation and it did 205k? (something like that) I don’t think We found Love is as strong as Only girl and so far everything seems a bit to disorganized and both era’s are overlapping. Hell I am just cranking to Loud lol

  32. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) October 4, 2011

    We will see … 

    But no one care about R&B anymore ! 

    If the supposedly queen of R&B BEYONCE latest effort sold only 1 million WW , why anyone will do better than that ?! 

    And no one care about #1 albums already ! 

    Who wants to be #1 in US  while you are a flop WW ?! 
    Who ?! 

    W H O ?! 

    only local acts like T-pain I think 😆

    And BEYONCE joined him too ! 
    1 million WW < ===== 😆 

    she did the job : 
    Being #1 in US 
    A WW flop !! 

    didn't she ?! 

    I guess MJB will do the same hopefully !!! For her sake , she need to get that #1 album ! 
    Cuz the navy dont care already !! 
    Go get it MJB 
    Hope she's relevant enough and not only relevant in TGJ ! cuz R&B is dead ! 

  33. NaQu October 4, 2011

    ^ The US is the worlds LARGEST and MOST SIGNIFICANT music market, you dunce. lol

    I love how Rihanna fans try to act like #1 albums don’t matter, simply because they know that when it comes to album sales, no one is ever in enough of a hurry to buy hers, thus why she never tops the charts. I guess if my favorite failed to deliver, I’d be making excuses and playing the s*** down too. Still hilarious though.

    Don’t try to spin and make excuses; you and I both know that against MJB, Rihanna is going to bomb — hard.

  34. Dustin October 4, 2011

    “in being the fair and unbias site we are” hahah that’s a laugh….Whoever writes this crap is delusional.. I used to love this site until the CONSTANT hating on Rihanna…. WE GET IT.. You don’t like her…

  35. DTG October 5, 2011

    Rihanna can’t f*** with Mary.

  36. Ms Lovely October 5, 2011

    Rihanna’s ass is about to get whooped again for the 6th time. Dead @ Rihanna stans thinking the American music market isn’t important. You dummies better asked Adele, who`s kicking ass domestically(the biggest music market in the world) and internationally.

  37. Yellow Gorillah October 5, 2011

    What the none fans need to understand is that Rihanna and her Team DONT Care for her debuting at number one. Think about it people If they wanted her to debut at number #1 do yall really think they would put her against the likes of Mary and MJ!!!! Like come on.

    This is what I have been trying to say DEF JAM Would rather her go platinum and sell millions in the long run then just her debut at #1 and her album to flop after. Rihanna has NEVER been a big week first week seller she always does 200,000+ but don’t forget her first week sales are getting bigger and bigger each year so this year she might even shift 300,000 we never know unlike some people rihanna’s album sells are increasing as the years go by.

    Talk That Talk will NOT Debut at ‘1 but it will OUTSELL Everyone on that List in the long run. That is all rihanna her team and fans care about. I Hope this album sales more then 3million.

  38. Blue October 5, 2011

    funny how this haters trying to put down rihanna when we all know that when world sales come out that week regardless of how the bb 200 looks like rihanna will be sitting pretty with sales of 400-600k on the ww chart.

  39. nice_gurl October 5, 2011

    We’ve already seen the cover a few weeks ago. Mary will probably sell more that Rihanna. Rihanna’s mainly a singles artist.

  40. ThatN October 9, 2011

    Mary will kill em’

  41. Darianna Jones October 10, 2011

    Mary J. Blige is not even in Rihanna’s category. Rihanna is a pop singer. And it doesn’t matter how much which one of them sells. Mary J. Blige is on her tenth album, while Rihanna is on her 6th. I mean really? Rihanna has to come out with an album every year to stay relevant. #haveacoke

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