Hot Shots: Aguilera Shines At ‘The Voice’ Season 2 Launch

Published: Saturday 29th Oct 2011 by Sam

After turning heads for all the wrong reasons recently, Christina Aguilera looked quite the stunner last night.

The singer, 30, re-joined her ‘The Voice’ cast mates for the press launch of season 2 of the hit talent-search in Culver City, California.

Set to kick off February 5th 2012, immediately following the Superbowl, analysts predict the show to command an even bigger weekly audience. (An audience Aguilera would be well-advised to use to her advantage in re-launching her music career.)

Peep more pics below…

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  1. Miss frappe October 29, 2011

    Beautiful and talented! pretty good combination! 🙂

  2. Theman October 29, 2011

    She’s beautiful.

  3. mark ginnnis October 29, 2011

    How can she go from the MJ tribute to this so fast! massive weight loss

  4. Lenny October 29, 2011

    Good choice for clothes.

  5. October 29, 2011

    She looks good. 😀

  6. Legendtina4Life October 29, 2011

    Christina looks stunning!!! New season of The Voice + a new album, Chrissy is going to slay.

  7. Legendtina4Life October 29, 2011

    She looks so short in the picture with the whole cast lol

  8. Queentina>Your Fave October 29, 2011

    Yess!!! Sexytina has your faves wishing they could be that flawless!! Im ready for Round 2 of The Voice especially because it means more tweets from @TheRealXtina. I want her to use and abuse Twitter this time around. And she needs to use and abuse The Voice to PROMOTE this new album. She better perform the lead single on The Voice, it will easily debute in the top 20. I wouldnt mind another #1 from Xtina either just to show the lessors how its done 😉

    Queentina>>>>Your fave. Always and forever

  9. Queentina>Your Fave October 29, 2011

    *waits for bum b****** & dusty queens to start hating*

  10. skintightjeans October 29, 2011

    Work bytch work!!

  11. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 29, 2011

    Oh, my GIRL!!She looks thinner.It’s probably just the right choice of clothes, but she’s definetely losing some weight as well.I’ve heard she’s exercising.The wig looks great too 😯 Such a pleasant surprise.

    Seeing her sitting on that chair reminds me of how ‘The Voice’ slayed this year.That’s the chair of ratings! 😛 The chemistry with the other coaches seems amazing as always!

    Can’t wait for the 2011 AMA’S!! 😀

  12. Jamir21: I LOVE BEYONCE, BRITNEY, RIHANNA, MARIAH, AND NICKI ! October 29, 2011

    She looks good….she`s getting that MULLAH !

  13. Dollar$ign$kills October 29, 2011

    Damn she lost alot of weight quick, especially in the face!! No suprise though, she could probabl buy a gym and higher her own staff of personal trainers. I envy her

  14. crazy October 29, 2011

    my bae looks amazing.

  15. Gucci Gucci October 29, 2011

    F****** love Xtina!! She looks great!!

  16. LaLa October 29, 2011

    YASH!!! NO bloody RED LIPS!!! This type of make up suited her more. & I cannot wait for the Voice. Esp. the 1st round… & Thank God now the coaches could pick 12 singers! 😀

  17. TR October 29, 2011

    Feb…that’s WAY to soon, wasn’t it just on this past summer??? I hate shows like these: the min it becomes popular, they’re turned out like tricks!! At least give the contestants a chance to live up to thir title..Idol-same thing!!

    BTW…u guys can’t be that damn..losing weight?!! How about her ‘weight gain’ is just being exaggerated because we’re so use to seeing her rail-thin.f She’s just filling out. On top pf that she’s more than likely wearing spanx, or some kind of ‘body-former’. Also the face is the same, just wearing makeup, and more than likely having sporadic ‘blaots’, which are common for women as they age!!

  18. pop royalty ( RUDE BOY) a rihannanavy member who respect beyonce October 29, 2011

    she looks good !

    and i don’t see the weight loss u are all talking about !! 😡 , she’s using tricks to hide it ! but i hope she get more serious about losing weight though !

    go xtina !

  19. ChristinasCOMING October 29, 2011

    I went to a taping of the voice on Thursday and ill say that the camera really does add on extra weight. Christina looks really thin in person.

    By the way…I said I love you xtina and she turned around smiled at Me and blew me a kiss.

  20. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 29, 2011

    @TR What do you mean?’The Voice’ started in winter 2010 and the 2nd season will premiere in winter 2011.It is MORE than normal… 😐 I don’t get your point.By the time that it will premiere, there will be an 8-month gap from the time the 1st season finished…

    @TR and @POP ROYALTY As I said in my post, in this PARTICULAR picture, it’s more about the proper choice of clothes rather than vast weight loss, but that doesn’t mean she’s not losing any weight 😉 Her shape looks different to her MLJ body, so, regardless of the few tricks she’s using, there is some weight loss.And besides, everything is about tricks with all the pop females.This is how they manage to look a certain way, so why can’t Christina play around with make up and clothes a little bit to look better… 😀

  21. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 29, 2011


    (Christina is such a misunderstood person…So sweet.All her fans that have met her in person have told me that she is a sweetheart 🙂 )

  22. Imgunnacheckuboo October 29, 2011

    She’d be a damn fool to NOT use this show to plug the hell out of her album!

  23. Erika October 29, 2011

    She looks stunning. Now that’s what I’m talking about, a more mature lookin xtina w/o all that heavy make up and crazy looking outfits. She looks so pretty in that picture, I just hope she keeps that style up w/o that red lipstick!

  24. linker nippel October 29, 2011

    she is amazing
    she is really a fighter
    i love this women
    and i wish the best for her
    i hope she slays…
    goo xtinaa

  25. dang October 29, 2011

    She needs to lose just a little bit more weight… you go gurl!!!
    Can’t wait for your new album!

  26. ChristinaCOMING October 29, 2011

    @ ASAP

    She is honey! She’s a lot thinner in person. The camera DOES add on extra weight!

    But yeah I can’t say anything about the show but I will say that Christina’s vocals have really improved and she sounds amazing! That vocal coach has done wonders for her; but not like she needed it anyway, just a little sprucing up!

    All I will say is, judging from how fabulous Christina looks now, her vocals improving and gaining her exceptional reputation back, Christina will definitely slay with her comeback in 2012!

    Y’all going to be saying “Rihanna who” “Gaga what?” “Beyonce not!” “Katy when?”

  27. irene46 October 29, 2011

    @ asap…

    why can’t you say christina’s HAIR looks great . everyone knows most all the female artists wear ‘HAIR EXTENSIONS’. saying her WIG looks great sounds a little on the shady side for a fan.

    isn’t the 2nd season of the voice premiere feb 2012? that long delay makes no sense.
    i’m sure christina is smart enough to know to use ‘the voice’ as a start engine if they let her.

    i may be alone in this but i still like christina’s red lipstick. it’s a color many show females are wearing and she looks as good in it as any of them. she does need to keep the blush toned down. it made her look clownish.

  28. ChristinaCOMING October 29, 2011

    @ Irene 46-

    The premiere of the Voice 2 is perfect timing. They had to film the auditions, which just recently wrapped up this past Thursday (the one that I went to), they now have to film the rest of the show which will proceed to probably the end of the year which will allow Christina more time to finish her new album and release the new single hopefully by February and have the album out by April or May which will be perfect timing for the finale of the show so that she can actually use part of the show to promote it and then after it’s finished, be able to fully promote it, then tour with it!

    I know Christina like the back of my hand!

  29. Onyx October 29, 2011

    She looks beautiful as always, people are never happy, when she was skinny it’s was wrong and when she looks much more curvaceous it is wrong too. Go Christina.

  30. irene46 October 29, 2011

    @ christinaiscoming…

    thanx for the info.

    can’t wait for the return of ‘the voice’ and her new cd. cisc, i just hope the media and tgj drop the hatefest and judge her on the merits of her talent instead of whatever they’ve been beating her down about for years.

  31. jesse lopez October 30, 2011

    about time! looks like the xtina i used to know is coming through. now hopefully she has toned down on the drinking and messiness she gets into.

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