Hot Shots: The Cast of Sparkle Spotted At Detroit Lions Game

Published: Monday 24th Oct 2011 by Rashad

Whitney Houston and crew (Jordin Sparks, Tika Sumpter, Omari Hardwick) took a break from the set of their reboot of the 1976 musical ‘Sparkle’ to enjoy a Detroit Lions game.  The movie, also set in Detroit, began production this month with Sparks assuming the lead role and famed actor Mike Epps filling out the cast.

As reported here, while Cee Lo Green and R. Kelly are both signed on to join Houston and Sparks’ contributions to the film’s soundtrack, the ‘Crazy’ crooner will also be lending his acting chops to the movie.

See more of the cast below (courtesy of TheYBF):

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  1. Mercifer October 24, 2011

    Wow! Whitney looks so good and young! Look like her life is back on track. I cannot believe this is the same woman I saw on Being Bobby Brown in 2005. What a priceless beauty…wow

  2. BeyonceStan October 24, 2011

    Yeah she does look real good. Cannot wait for this movie and soundtrack. Whitney is truly a diva and legend

  3. KNUCK October 24, 2011

    I come today to thank GOD for Omari!!!!!!

    But anyway, I wonder what Whitney soundin like these days.. and It’ll be nice to hear Jordin on some more urban songs hopefully.

  4. Army Of Queen /.\ (Aaliyah) & Queen Bee (Lil Kim) >>>>>>>> Your Fave ! October 24, 2011

    Aww, This Got Me Remembering Aaliyah Cause she Was Casted For Lead Role ;( But Everyone Looks GREAT !

  5. Stans4WhitneyHouston October 24, 2011

    Whitney is looking AMAZING!!! So glad she’s on the right track…what a blessed woman #GREATESTOFALL-TIME

  6. Jazlene October 24, 2011

    My QUEEN Miss Whitney is looking IMPECCABLE I tell ya…just STUNNING! Can’t wait to see Sparkle and hear some new material from THE QUEEN. Loves it times Infinity :):):):)

  7. Salem October 24, 2011

    Is that Whitney or a 25 year old Starlett? I’m hearing great things about her studio session with producer Harvey Mason. He tweeted she nailed her vocals

  8. Tru Voice October 24, 2011

    DIVAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! love Whitney. The cast looks great too. Can’t wait til we get a trailer and movie promo starts up. Whitney is gonna look great.

  9. Salem October 24, 2011

    From Twitter:

    WHFAN fan

    @HarveyMasonjr thanks for Whitney insight! Great to know she nailed it! How many songs? Does she sound like old self? Hope to hear it soon!
    1 minute ago

    Harvey Mason, Jr.
    HarveyMasonjr Harvey Mason, Jr.

    @WHFAN One song so far, one left to do. She sounds great! Fans will be happy.
    1 minute ago

  10. TheDimplePuppet October 24, 2011

    Awww I’m watching the Body Guard this very moment, looking good Whitney.

  11. scene October 25, 2011

    Whitney looks amazing. Her skin is just beautiful. can’t wait to see this movie and glad to see her and the cast about town.

  12. Clive Davis October 25, 2011

    That’s my girl. You go Whitney; The Greatest Voice To Ever Do It

  13. star October 25, 2011

    Only Nippy will show up at a football game wearing pearls! That’s my diva. Ms. Houston looking good. Jordin’s crazy in that shot, lol

  14. Tiburones5 October 25, 2011

    Whitney looks kinda thick in the face! B**** has not lost weight. I see she still got that belly of hers goin on. Isn’t that dress from the ILTY tour? Looks really familiar with those shoulder straps. SMH, she still recycling clothes from over a year ago — and that white watch too. For a normal non-rich middle class person that’s nothing unusual but when you’re worth nearly a 100 mil and a celeb, that’s pretty cheesy and cheap to recycle clothes from a year and a half ago. WTF??

  15. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) October 25, 2011

    Rest In Peace Aaliyah…

  16. gold October 25, 2011

    @Boogie Beeesh…That’s Omari Hardwick. He played Janet’s husband in the movie For Colored Girls.

  17. Subline October 25, 2011


  18. Chuck October 25, 2011

    Whitney looks absolutely stunning; young, vibrant, fresh and most of all… happy! Whitney’s voice, music and beauty has gotten me through the roughest times in life and for that she’ll always have my love, support and loyalty. She’s my Queen!

  19. Legend Kelendria Rowland October 25, 2011

    whys whitney part of the soudntrack? she cant sing


  20. del October 26, 2011

    well i hope they gave that crazy b**** a drug test and hair follicle sample before she entered that set who knows by the end of the shoot she may have jordin sparks rolling a blunt and taking the cast to the local crack dens

    can she still sing ? hey just asking

  21. Daniel October 26, 2011

    Whitney is still a fantastic singer, I actually saw her in Melbourne Australia last year and she blew the roof off the arena. If the film’s a hit, it’ll be down to Whitney as she’ll bring a million people into cinemas to watch it, including me.

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