J. Lo Joins Will.I.Am For New Video

Published: Saturday 29th Oct 2011 by Rashad

While one diva sang about moving like Jagger, another is preparing to move with him.  For, as reported here, comeback queen Jennifer Lopez has joined forces with legendary rocker Mick Jagger and producer/Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am for quite the unexpected musical mixture.  The result?  ‘Hard’ – the futuristic club banger that has been making its rounds across many an outlet.

While fans awaited the fate of the track, J. Lo (speaking with Extra) confirms that a video is indeed in the works for the song and explained how the collab came about.  Fans are undoubtedly in a frenzy as the news comes on the heels of Lopez’s own musical venture, ‘Papi’, hitting #1 on U.S. Dance charts this week.

Find out what J. Lo said and give the song a go below:

Via BBJ:

‘Hard’Will.I.Am ft. J. Lo

As ever, keep it locked to That Grape Juice for your first look at the finished product.

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  1. Onyx October 29, 2011

    Amazing woman, Go J.Lo.

  2. Beyoncefan October 29, 2011



  3. therealest October 29, 2011

    JLO Flawless ageless goddess.

    go home beyonce. You are not needed. You provide nothing to the musical landscape. Jenny has snatched your wig and drowned it in your garage sale pool ‘party’

  4. pilin October 29, 2011

    itś BBJLo!
    Go Hard Jlo
    beyonce who?
    Gaga who?

  5. LAX October 29, 2011

    She is showing people how its done, and she is not showing no signs
    of slowing down. Shes representing very well and like i always say theres
    room enough for them all, especially those whos willing to burn the mid night oil and keep things going.

  6. LAX October 29, 2011

    cute pictures of jlo and nicole and no one has called them a s*** or bytch as of yet and i find that amazing and so good. But we shall just see, right?

  7. KingBeyFan October 29, 2011

    FLOP!! 🙂

  8. irene46 October 29, 2011

    @ therealest…

    obviously, from the way bey has more than doubled jlo in record sales plenty of people think bey adds more than twice what jlo contributes to the music landscape. only in your dreams has “jenny snatched beyonce’s wig”. when jlo sells 265,000 in a week like bey instead of 63,000, then talk.

    btw, i like jlo as much as bey but as jlo once sang “i’m real”.

  9. irene46 October 29, 2011

    oh! jlo’s ‘love?’ cd has sold even less than christina’s ‘bionic’ but instead putting a permanent flop label on jlo like they did christina tgj is calling her a “comeback queen”?

    bionic 1st week 110,000k
    to date over 280,000 u s

    love? 1st week 63,000
    to date approx 265,000 u s

    even christina’s ‘burlesque’ soundtrack has outsold jlo at 450,000k in the us to date.

  10. Frank October 29, 2011

    F*** whag anyone says jlo is amazing!!!!!she is perfect her first comeback cd didnt sell well but she aint stopping n she will get better

  11. jesse lopez October 29, 2011

    yeeees! jenny says i don’t sing about people I sing with people hunty! lol #no shade

    i ain’t trying to hear haters mumble lies.yall can go hard or yall can go the F*** home!!

    cuz JLO surely did and continues to. :()

  12. I AM ME October 30, 2011


  13. jono October 30, 2011

    can’t wait for this video. Jenny will slayyyyyyyyyy

  14. jono October 30, 2011

    when your first single goes 4 times platinum worldwide and is one of the biggest songs of the year, you don’t need to sell no records. Have a seat somewhere biache

  15. Love on top October 30, 2011

    I hate jlo for making my jam papi flop I just can’t stand her no more how can she do that? Ugh I’m into you has done better

  16. YOOSONDALOOSE October 30, 2011

    Oh wow, like it so far!

  17. Pop Royalty (RUDE BOY) October 30, 2011


    Oh well …

  18. KCNY October 30, 2011

    .. ok

    Ladies check out http://www.KarensClosetNY.com for fierce blazers, hot tops, leggings, shoes, jewelry, plus sizes and of course DRESSES!

  19. bey’knight October 30, 2011


    um yeah u do, singles are put out to promote the album, if u know anything about the business side of things, u’d know labels barely make money off singles. dont records cost at least 5 times more than singles mmkay

    smh, somebody just had to bring up Beyonce, comparing her to a dancer that cant even break 100k in a week despite hit single, why not compare Jlo to Shakira for a change pls, keep Beyonce out your mouth

  20. bey’knight October 30, 2011


    u mean besides the fact that she can actually hold a note and sell records? it’s not a coincidence that the last time Jlo last commercially successful record was released in 2002. i dont like to get nasty but Beyoncecitis ended your babe’s career, sorry

  21. Slaydele Slay$ha & R.I.P Amy Slayhouse October 30, 2011

    Bless her heart, shes still trying

  22. JohnVidal October 30, 2011

    I know! It´s a huge flop, and she has has several flop albums in a row. If she had talent I wouldn´t care. But damm it girl can´t sing or songwrite. She has contributed exactly nothing to music. She is J. No., need I say more? All her fans (I´m shocked she still has any) only talk about how great she always look. I mean, come on, I never knew that was talent

    Leave them. They are crazy. I mean, people saying singles are more important than albums… that says it all. People stanning for J.Lo, Rihanna or Britney… that says it all. Impossible to be more basic

  23. Casual October 30, 2011

    Too underground to be a hit in the USA.

  24. irene46 October 30, 2011

    @ jono…

    evidently, from your crazy off the wall thought that ‘we don’t need no stinking record sales’, you won’t be going into the financial part of the record industry when you grow up.

  25. jesse lopez October 30, 2011

    @john vidal
    who is your fave?

    girl please,nobody ended jlo’s career hunty,she got more family oriented,then cameback and snatched a certain someone’s(some people’s) wig.beyonce released at least 5 videos and nobody cared about niether of them….you just better hope beyonce can bounce back like this bad b**** after she “haves her baby”.

  26. JohnVidal October 30, 2011

    @jesse lopez
    I only consider myself a fan of Mariah, Whitney and Celine. My first idol was Tina Turner when I was 4. And from the nowadays slayers my favorites are Adele and Gaga. I think that says it all. Thanks but we people who love music don´t need J. No

    And also I don´t have to defend @bey´knight but really are you serious? So Beyonce needs a comeback like J. Lo´s one???? How is that when Beyonce sold 800,000 copies in the USA and JNo is at 250,000 even with that generic single everywhere that you consider so great?

  27. jesse lopez October 30, 2011

    okay good choices,but how the hell do you go from whitney,celine,mariah,tina to…..to…gaga???? really gurl,

    and yes jlo is doing better than bey,beyonce may have sold more albums and that’s because she she is promoting like a m*********** while jlo is worrying about building up,she is doing collabs,and endorsments so that people get famialar with her again,she isn’t stressed about this album cuz she knew it was a toss up with all the drama it took to even release it.but jlo has a new sucessful clothing line,a new hit perfume,two tv shows coming next year,three big movies next year,and doing collabs.gurl where beyonce gonna be 3 years from now??

  28. JohnVidal October 31, 2011

    Girl we are here for the music you know! haha
    Adele and Gaga being my favorites at the moment is just cos there is nothing better are the moment, of course my big favorites are better and bigger, but music during the 00´s has gone downhill compared to the 80´s or 90´s so yeah Adele is really amazing and Gaga is the best star emerged in the 00´s in my opinion (can sing, is a complete songwriter, can perform, play piano, and I don´t know her music is her life and it shows). Alicia Keys would be the other one among the best of the last years. And then Beyonce but I don´t like her (too fake, she doesn´t songwrite a thing when she made us belive she did, her voice can´t compare to the big ones, etc)
    But yeah J. Lo, Britney, Kesha, Rihanna, etc are pure trash. They simply aren´t artists. At least JLo can dance though

  29. jesse lopez October 31, 2011

    j.lo isn’t a singer she is an entertainer/performer, she performs like nobody’s bizness. and yes jlo’s love album is auto-tuned and dancey generic, but maybe because last time she tried putting out a decent ballady album (brave) no one wanted to hear, and she actually was sounding amazing, see brave…..that song is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo f****** underrated and brilliant. that brings me to my agreement with you,todays music is a f****** disaster but heading a lil in a better direction thanks to the likes of adele and bruno mars.

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